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Harvey Dent Recap

Jim takes Selina to Barbara's apartment and discovers that his fiancée is gone and has left him a note. Barbara has written that she can't handle the pressure of Jim's job and is leaving for a while. Jim tells Selina that he'll find her somewhere to stay just as a sketch artist arrives, and Jim tells Selina that she's staying at Wayne Manor.

At Blackgate Penitentiary, three guards escort prisoner Ian Hargrove to a transfer van. Ian is an explosives expert, and is being taken for a psychiatric evaluation. Before they can put the confinement sleeves on Ian, he secretly slips a piece of paper out of his mouth and up his overall sleeve.

Jim takes Selina to the manor and shows Bruce the sketch of the killer she described. Bruce doesn't recognize the man and wonders if Selina is telling the truth. Jim is confident that she is, and needs her to stay at the manor for her own safety. Alfred refuses, noting that her presence will put Bruce in danger. However, Bruce overrides Alfred since Selina is their best chance of finding the Waynes' killers. The boy leaves and Jim tells Alfred that he along with Renee and Crispus are meeting with an ADA who they trust isn't corrupt.

Bruce finds Selina in the hallway checking a vase. He introduces himself and they shake hands.

As the transfer van heads across the city, the guard notices Ian doing something with his hands. He removes the confinement sleeve and discovers that Ian is merely making an origami sculpture. Three Russian men ambush the van and kill the guards, and their leader tells Ian that it's time to go.

ADA Harvey Dent is meeting with a teenager outside the courthouse and tells him that he screwed up. He offers him the chance to go free on a coin flip, but makes him promise that if the boy wins then he'll go back to school. The boy calls heads and the coin comes up the same way, and Dent sends the boy on his way. Jim and the MCU officers witness the whole thing, and Jim introduces himself. He wonders what would have happened if the coin toss came up tails, and Dent shows him that it's a two-headed coin.

The group goes inside and Jim admits that they don't have an ID on the killer. Dent doesn't care and figures that he can use the threat of a witness to get to his prime suspect, billionaire Dick Lovecraft. Lovecraft is corrupt and has ties to every criminal organization in Gotham, and was feuding with Thomas Wayne. The ADA plans to show Lovecraft the sketch to prove that they have an eyewitness who can then tie Lovecraft to the Wayne murders. Jim is reluctant to endanger Selina, but Dent assures him that she'll never be identified or have to testify. Renee and Crispus agree with the plan and Jim finally gives in.

Later at the station, Harvey tells Jim about Ian's escape. Ian blew up old buildings but the last one had two janitors in it and they died. A compulsive, Ian never worked with anyone so the detectives wonder who rescued him. The only visitor Ian had was his brother John and they have him brought in for questioning. As they wait, Harvey points out that Jim was out of touch and figures that he was with Barbara.

At the manor, Selina watches as Alfred shows Bruce how to box. He explains that he wants to be prepared for something bad happening, and Selina warns him that people in Gotham don't fight with gloves on. She complains that she's hungry and Bruce eagerly agrees to have Alfred make her breakfast. Selina goes to make her own breakfast and Alfred teases Bruce, saying that the boy fancies their new guest, and warns that she's trouble.

Oswald breaks into Liza's apartment and searches the place. He finally locates a scarf that smells of lilac perfume, and takes it with him. Oswald slips out just before Liza comes in. By the time she realizes that her scarf is gone and goes outside to look, Oswald has made his escape.

At the station, John tells the partners that Ian was close to him but he didn't know who rescued him. He insists that Ian didn't intend to kill the two janitors, and was just trying to send a message by targeting munitions factories. When he learned that he had killed someone, Ian turned himself in and plead guilty.

At an abandoned metal factory, Ian makes a shrapnel bomb inside of a picnic basket.

John says that Ian had mental problems and wasn't getting help at Blackgate, and begs Jim and Harvey to find his brother.

Ian removes a nameplate from the table and puts in the basket. The leader of the Russians, Gregory Kasyanov, comes in and loads the basket up with gift food. He then delivers it to the guards at a munition factory. Once Kasyanov leaves, the bomb goes off.

The next morning, Selina finds Bruce in the study reading a paper about the bomb explosion. He tries to question her about life on the streets, but she asks Bruce why he isn't going to school. When the boy says that he's preparing his own curriculum, Selina wonders why he needs education when he's a billionaire. Bruce thinks that it's a strange question and asks about her parents, and Selina angrily insists that she's not an orphan like Bruce and storms out.

At the station, Jim and Harvey tell Essen that Ian and his rescuers stole military-grade HMX explosives from the factory. They figure that Ian needs explosives for an even tougher vault, and Essen tells them to bring Ian in. Alfred calls to tell Jim that Selina isn't working out, but Jim convinces the butler to let her stay a little longer.

Butch goes to the club and shows Fish two cell phones. She wonders if he's getting cold feet and Butch assures her that he's in. Oswald come in and tells Fish that he's just being friendly, and then sniffs at her. He declares that he can smell lilacs and then limps out. Puzzled, Fish dismisses Oswald as nothing and tells Butch to forget him.

At the station, Jim finally tells Harvey that Barbara left him. Nygma comes in and says that he found the nameplate among the bomb debris, and it came from an abandoned metal factory. Harvey congratulates Nygma on his work and the detectives leave to check the factory out. They find Ian working on another bomb, and he immediately asks them to rescue him. He explains that his rescuers are planning something against Falcone and want Ian to make a bomb. The Russians arrive and open fire, and the detectives are forced to take cover as the mobsters grab Ian and drive away before they can stop them.

Selina goes to the study window to sneak out, but Bruce interrupts her to offer to call a taxi. He apologizes for upsetting her earlier by asking about her parents, and Selina insists that she wasn't upset. She examines a photo of Bruce's mother and says that the woman looks nice, and tells the boy that she was there the night that his parents were killed. Bruce blames himself for not doing anything to stop the killer, and a surprised Selina says that there was nothing he could have done. She claims that her mother is in show business and making millions, but that she actually works as a spy. When she's done, she's going to come back for Selina. A skeptical Bruce agrees and Selina asks if he wants to kiss a girl. Before Bruce can do more than stutter in response, Alfred interrupts them to tell Bruce that it's time for his studies.

Mayor James comes to see Essen and complain about how people are up in arms about his letting a terrorist escape. He notices Jim scowling and asks what he thinks, and Jim says that Blackgate has no facilities for mentally ill prisoners, leaving a vulnerability for when they're sent out as Ian was. Mayor James glares at him and then tells Essen to find Ian and leaves. Essen tells Jim and Harvey that she's had Ian's family put in protective custody so the Russians can't use them as leverage, but Jim points out that Ian won't know that.

Dent calls Lovecraft in and says that he's bringing charges against him, insisting that he has an eyewitness that can tie the billionaire to the Waynes' murders. Lovecraft doesn't believe him and threatens to end his career. Dent shows him Selina's sketch, and then grabs Lovecraft and tells him never to threaten him again. Surprised at his own display of temper, Dent calms down and steps back.

Harvey confirms that Kasyanov is one of Nikolai's lieutenants. They figure that he's working for someone with a lot of money who is out to get Falcone.

That night, Fish and Butch secretly meet with Kasyanov and Fish assures him that the money is where she said it was. She then gives Kasyanov the keys to the truck he asked for and wishes him luck.

The next day, Selina watches as Bruce tests himself in the pool to see how long he can stay underwater. When he gets out, Bruce explains that he's developing self-discipline. Selina warns him that in Gotham someone needs to be ruthless, not strong or self-disciplined, and walks away.

After testing the explosive that Ian used, Nygma informs Jim and Harvey that it's difficult to manufacture and can only penetrate iron. However, no one has used iron for secure construction in over a hundred years. The detectives realize that the old Gotham Armory has an iron vault... and that Falcone owns it through a shell company.

At the armory, Kasyanov and his men take out Falcone's guards and Ian blasts the vault door open. Once they take out Falcone's money, they go to the waiting truck only to find Jim and Harvey there, guns drawn. More police pull up and surround the Russians while Jim tells Ian that his family is safe. Ian starts to step forward, just as Butch's cell phone rings beneath the truck. Realizing that it's an explosive, Jim grabs Ian and drags him forward, just as the truck blows up, killing the Russians and throwing money everywhere. On a hill overlooking the armory, Butch hangs up the cell phone and leaves.

Later, Bruce and Selina are having breakfast in the study and she throws a bagel at him. She dares him to hit her back, saying that if she does then she'll let him kiss her. Bruce stares at her, confused, and Selina throws another bagel at his head. They get into a fight, throwing bagels back and forth. Alfred quietly watches from the door, and then steps away. Jim calls and asks if he should pick up Selina. Much to his surprise, Alfred tells him that Selina is a breath of fresh air at the manor and will be staying for the time being.

Liza returns home and finds Oswald waiting for her. He makes it clear that knows she's working for Fish and threatens to tell Falcone. When she says that he doesn't have any proof, Oswald starts to call Falcone and Liza hastily stops him. Smiling, Oswald tells her that her secret is safe with him.

Dent and Jim meet and the ADA tells Jim that Lovecraft is scared. Jim insists that they have to work together going forward and Dent agrees, and then congratulates him on saving Ian. Harvey returns from arraigning Ian and Jim tells his partner that Mayor James has given a new directive that mentally ill patients will now be kept at Arkham rather than Blackgate. He complains that Arkham is two hundred years out of date and isn't set up to treat the mentally ill. Harvey doesn't care, and tells Jim that Ian said that the bomb on the truck wasn't his.

At the club, Butch tells Fish that he had to make the call to keep the Russians from testifying to the police about her involvement in the robbery. Fish assures her henchman that they succeeded because her goal was to hurt Falcone, not take his money.

Mayor James holds a press conference announcing his new policy to deal with the criminally insane. He promises that they will get the help that they need.

Ian and the other prisoners arrive at Arkham.

That night, Jim calls Barbara and gets her voice mail. He asks for her to come back... unaware that she's in bed with Renee.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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