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LoveCraft Recap

At Wayne Manor, the gardener finds a woman on the property and asks if she's lost. The woman, Larissa Diaz, confirms where she is and then leaps on the gardener and crushes him to death with her arms and legs. Her two men come over and cut the gardener's body, and Larissa dabs the blood on her forehead.

Bruce is balancing on a railing in the manor and following Selina's instructions to keep his balance. He finally steadies himself and they jump down, and Selina wonders why he's researching his parents' death. Bruce says that he's trying to learn what happened to them, and Selina off-handedly says that bad things happen all the time and Bruce has to learn to get over it. She then asks if he wants to kiss her, catching him off-guard. Bruce figures that she has an ulterior motive for doing it. When Selina insists that she's just trying to be nice, Bruce points out that she isn't a nice person and Selina, taking offense, walks away.

When the doorbell rings, Alfred answers it and Larissa claims that she was in a car accident. He ushers her in but when she sees Selina, Larissa reacts and Alfred realizes that it's a trick. He punches Larissa and tells the teenagers to run. They run upstairs and duck through the servant's hallway, while Larissa's two men come in. One of them fights Alfred while the other one accompanies Larissa upstairs to find their target. Meanwhile, Bruce wants to go back for Alfred but Selina tells him that there's no time and gets him outside. They go over the wall just as Larissa and her men run out. One of them turns and shoots Alfred, hitting him in the shoulder. The butler returns fire, killing the man, but Larissa and the other assassin go after Bruce and Selina.

When Jim arrives at Wayne Manor with the EMTs, Alfred describes Larissa and prepares to go out to find Bruce. Jim holds him back, saying that they need to get a full description of the killer. Harvey arrives and figures that something is up since Jim helped Selina before when she was abducted with the other children. Jim reluctantly explains about ADA Dent's plan to force Lovecraft into doing something rash, and Harvey is furious that Jim kept him in the dark. Alfred finally tells them to focus on finding Bruce, and Jim figures that Selina went to ground in Gotham. Harvey agrees to head out with Alfred and check his street contacts, while Jim finds Lovecraft and convinces him to lift the contract on Selina.

As Selina leads Bruce to Gotham, she warns him that they can't trust anyone, including the police. She claims that Larissa was there to kill Bruce even though she knows better. As they get to the Midtown Bridge, Selina tells Bruce that she'll find him a phone so that he can call Alfred, once they're safe. Bruce thanks her and the girl sarcastically says that she's just being nice.

Falcone has his men bring Oswald to his manor and demands to know how Maroni found out about his money at the armory. He suspects that Oswald has turned double-agent, just as Liza comes in. She looks at Oswald and Falcone dismisses her. Once Liza is gone, Oswald says that there's a mole in Falcone's organization and implies that they work for Fish. Falcone figures that Oswald is nursing his grudge against his former employer, and insists that he can handle Fish. Oswald says that he'll find the mole and prove they work for Fish, and Falcone lets him go... for the moment. As Oswald's chauffeur Gabe drives his boss away, he wonders why Oswald didn't reveal that Liza is the mole. Oswald says he'll reveal her when the time is right, but for now he needs her close to Fish to provide him with information.

Jim goes to Dent's office after learning that Lovecraft disappeared 24 hours ago. Dent figures that they panicked Lovecraft just like he wanted, but admits that he may have given Jim's name to a couple of select sources for deep background. Realizing that the Waynes' murderer learned of Selina from that, Jim snaps at Dent for putting the girl in danger. Dent insists that they need to focus on finding Lovecraft, and gives Jim the address of one of the billionaire's condos.

At the station, Harvey questions Macky but the street kid refuses to say anything. Alfred pays him until Macky says that Selina has a new fence, Clyde. He doesn't know where they can find Clyde, but says that Fish can.

Falcone has Fish and his other lieutenants for dinner and then kills his head of security Bannion. He explains that Bannion was in charge of the armory and may have taken a bribe to let the Russians through. Falcone assures his people that if there is a traitor then they'll wish that they died as quickly as Bannion did, and then informs them that they'll be paying an extra 25% "tax" to make up for the money that was blown up during the robbery. Two of the gangsters, Saviano and Turski, object. Falcone asks Fish if she sides with them, and Fish assures her superior that she trusts him. The crime lord says that he'll trust them if they trust him and tells everyone to eat.

On the streets of Gotham, Bruce finds a payphone but doesn't have any money to make a call. Selina claims that she doesn't and wonders why Bruce wants to call Alfred. Bruce says that Alfred is his family and Selina reluctantly gives him a coin to make a call, and then admits that the killers came for her. She only claimed they were after Bruce so that he'd stay with her. Selina starts to leave and Bruce insists that she come back to testify against the killer. She tells him that was never going to happen and climbs a fire escape to the rooftop.

Bruce goes after her and is forced to leap over an alleyway to keep up with her. Selina tells him that he can't make it, but Bruce makes it--barely--and Selina pulls him to safety. Impressed, she says that he earned the chance to come with her but tells Bruce that she has to do whatever she says. Selina takes Bruce to The Flea, an underground market, to get him some clothes. One red-headed girl, Ivy Pepper, recognizes Selina.

At the club, Fish assures Butch that Falcone isn't onto them, and tells him to stick to the plan and reach out to Turski and Saviano. She figures that they'll soon be willing to go up against Falcone when their pockets are empty, and then she'll make her move. As Butch agrees, Harvey and Alfred come in and Harvey asks Butch if he's seen Selina. Butch isn't interested in talking and refuses to let them speak with Fish. Alfred insults Butch and then knocks him to the floor, holding a knife to his throat, and demands to see Fish. Fish comes down and figures that Selina is the mysterious witness against the Waynes' killer because of the word on the street. She wonders why she should help them and Alfred, switching gears, asks her to assist as an honorable woman. Touched, Fish says that she'll make some calls but warns them that they'll owe her a favor.

At the Flea, Selina gets Bruce some street clothes as Ivy comes over. She tells Selina, her friend, that she was adopted upstate but it didn't take. Bruce realizes that she's Mario's daughter and introduces himself, and Ivy snaps at him, asking if he killed her father. Bruce says that he didn't and Ivy insists that somebody set Mario up. Selina asks Ivy for directions to Clyde and the young redhead directs her to a factory in the Narrows. As Ivy stares at Bruce, Selina quickly leads him away and warns that Ivy is a scary girl.

Jim breaks into Lovecraft's condo, gun drawn, and Lovecraft draws a gun on him. However, he quickly surrenders and tells Jim that the people who had the Waynes killed are after him as well as Selina because he knows too much. Jim demands answers and Lovecraft explains that right before the Waynes died, there was a run on Wayne Enterprise stock. He figured that he could take a cut and started digging into who was responsible.

Larissa and her remaining assassin break in and the woman tells Jim that he doesn't have to get hurt if he stays out of her way. Jim puts up his hands but then attacks the man as he goes for Lovecraft. Lovecraft runs into the bathroom and the man chases him, while Larissa attacks Jim. After a brief struggle, she chokes him unconscious and then goes after her target. A few minutes later, Jim's phone rings, waking him up. It's Harvey, who tells him that Fish has given them Clyde's location in the Narrows. Once he hangs up, Jim looks for Lovecraft and finds him dead in the bathroom… shot in the head with Jim's gun. Realizing that Larissa has set him up, Jim has no choice but to call it in.

Selina and Bruce meet Clyde in an abandoned factory in the Narrows and Selina sells all of Bruce's things that she's been taking from the manor. When Bruce tries to interrupt their haggling, Selina tells Clyde to ignore him. Clyde refuses to pay what the items are worth and Selina threatens to leave. Clyde has his men hold them and says that he has some friends coming to meet Selina. As Clyde's men take them to an upstairs office, Larissa and her killer show up outside. Once they're locked up, Bruce and Selina drag over a rack of shelves and Selina climbs up to the skylight winch.

Larissa pays Clyde off and she sends her man up to collect the teenagers. Meanwhile, Selina gets the skylight open just as the assassin kills in. He sees the open skylight but Bruce and Selina hit him from behind and hide in the factory. Larissa hears the noise and her and her assassin starts searching for them.

Harvey and Alfred pull up outside the factory and Clyde's thugs open fire on them. While Harvey provides cover fire, Alfred enters the factory looking for Bruce.

Bruce finds an open window and gestures to Selina, and then draws Larissa away.

Jim arrives and joins Harvey, and the two detectives move in.

Bruce goes up the stairs leading back to the office, then turns and throws some pipes at Larissa when she tries to follow him.

Jim and Harvey split up to look for the teenagers. One thug gets the drop on Harvey from behind but Jim shoos him.

Larissa quickly climbs up a chain and grabs Bruce as he runs away. She prepares to shoot him unless he tells her where Selina is. Selina is climbing out the window below, and Bruce tells Larissa that her target is gone. The assassin considers killing him, but then tells him to never confuse bravery for good sense. She slips away as Alfred arrives, and Bruce calmly thanks Alfred for coming but that he's okay. The butler admits that Bruce scared him, and Bruce breaks down and hugs him, crying. They then go to where Jim and Harvey are cleaning things up.

The next day, Mayor James speaks with Dent and Jim in Essen's office. He wonders what he should tell the press about Lovecraft's murder. Jim wants to go public with the whole thing, but the mayor says that he knows Jim didn't kill Lovecraft. However, he's going to declare Lovecraft's death a suicide. Dent agrees and James warns them that they're threatening to take down Gotham's foundations, including himself. He can't afford to look weak so he's going to take Jim down instead. Dent starts to protest but James tells the ADA that he knows how the game is played but Jim didn't, so Jim will suffer for what happened. Jim tells Mayor James to kiss his ass and walks out.

Later, James and Dent hold a press conference and announce that Lovecraft killed himself after Jim unjustly pressured him. James plans to discipline Jim for is actions.

At his desk, Jim is packing and tells Harvey that James is transferring him to Arkham Asylum to work as a security guard. As Nygma comes over, Jim wishes Harvey better luck with his next partner. The CSI tech says that he's going to write a letter of protest and then gives Jim an awkward hug. Once he leaves, Harvey shakes his ex-partner's hand and offers him to buy Jim a drink sometime soon.

At the manor, Bruce is going over his data on his parents' murder when Selina slips into the study. She says that she came because she didn't want to be rude, and returns everything she stole except for one silver cigarette case. Bruce gratefully lets her keep it and she says that she wanted to keep things honest between them. Selina then startles Bruce by kissing him and, hearing Alfred coming, slips out. Alfred, well aware of who was there, asks Bruce who he was talking to, and the boy says that he was talking to himself. The butler closes the window and says that things will be quiet around the manor now and Bruce agrees.

Jim walks up to the gates of Arkham, hesitates, and then goes in.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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