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Rogues' Gallery Recap

At Arkham, Jim watches the patients put on a performance of The Tempest. One of the men, Jack Gruber, is playing Prospero, As nurse Dorothy Duncan coaches the others, Roynson starts singing.

Selena takes refuge in a cardboard box when it starts raining.

Harvey is at his desk, drinking.

Renee and Barbara lie in Renee's bed together.

One prisoner, Frogman Jones, goes berserk and attacks Royston. Jim pulls him away and Dorothy sounds the alarm to summon help. Once Jones is restrained, Jim takes Royston to the infirmary. Director Gerry Lang comes in and complains that Jim isn't keeping order. He warns him to shape up and Dorothy takes the blame for the incident, saying that she shouldn’t have let the patients perform. Jim merely says that Royston needs medical attention, and Lang agrees to get them a doctor. As he leaves, he warns Jim that he'll place him on the remedial duty roster if there's another incident.

A short time later, Dr. Leslie Thompkins comes in and assures Jim that Royston is fine. She's heard of Jim by reputation and admits that she and the other staff in the female ward all admire what he did. Leslie says that it's nice to meet him and leaves.

Once it stops raining, Selena leaves the box but hears Ivy Pepper moaning nearby. She investigates and finds Ivy huddled in a box, suffering from a fever. Ivy refuses to see a doctor, but Selena refuses to abandon her. She says that she knows a place where Ivy can rest, and then takes the girl to Jim's apartment. After breaking in through the balcony, Selena opens the front door and lets Ivy in. Ivy wonders if the owner will come home, but Selena points out the dust and the smell of rotting food in the refrigerator, and assures the girl that it's fine.

The next day, Oswald goes to the docks with his bodyguard Gabe and informs the fishermen that he's raising the "tax" that they pay on Maroni. One of the fishermen objects, saying that Maroni sets the rate, and calls the cops. Oswald says that he owns the cop, but the two officers who arrive knock him to the ground.

At Arkham, Jim is on patrol and notices Jones in his cell, but the man is non-responsive and there are electrical burns on his fore head. Jim calls a doctor and Leslie confirms that someone gave Jones a crude electroshock via needles inserted into his temples. However, she tells Jim that the electrocutioner used too much electricity and fried the prisoner's brain. Lang blames Jim, who points out that in the rush to reopen Arkham, the city didn't provide enough security. He suggests that they call the GCPD, but Lang refuses and figures that since there's no homicide, there's no crime. He tells Jim to get a report to him on what happened by Friday and leaves. Leslie tells Jim that whoever is responsible knows both human anatomy and electrical equipment... and would have to possess the cell keys. Jim questions the most suspicious guard, Steven Wenger, and Wenger finally admits that he lost his keys during the fight at the play. He found another set to replace them but has no idea what happened to his original set.

Jimmy Saviano and Ganza meet with Fish at her club and complain about the recent actions that Falcone has taken. Saviano figures that he's next in line if something happens to Falcone, and Butch looks on as Fish suggests that she might be a better candidate. The two men refuse to consider the idea and Fish drops the matter.

Jim and Dorothy question the prisoners. Most of them are too demented to provide any useful information. When Jack sits down, Jim points out that Jones disrupted his play but Jack says that as far as he's concerned, Jones was already dead to him and of no consequence. Going through Jack's files, Jim points out that he's been diagnoses a psychopath, but Jack insists that he doesn't have the keys . Once he leaves, the next prisoner, Aaron Helzinger, shyly sits down. Jim points out that he murdered his family, but Dorothy comes to Aaron's defense and says that he apologized, and he's an honest man.

As night falls on Gotham, Selena looks out across the cityscape.

At the club, Fish tells Butch that they'll have to dispose of Saviano before she goes up against Maroni. Butch reminds Fish that Saviano is a childhood friend and says that he can convince him to come around. Fish agrees to let him and then idly asks if Butch is turning against her. He assures her that he isn't and wonders why even considers it, and Fish says that she's just asking.

At the Arkham infirmary, the electrocutioner captures Royston, straps him to a gurney, and administers electroshock therapy. A few minutes later, Jim hears Royston in the hallway. He goes to confront the prisoner and finds the man reciting Shakespeare. When Leslie comes in, she examines Royston and tells Jim that whoever did the electroshock work did a better job this time. Jim suggests that she go back to the female ward out of concern for her safety, but Leslie refuses to go. He figures that a staff member is responsible and the stolen keys are misdirection, but assures Leslie that he's sure she isn't the electrocutioner.

Later, Jim meets with Lang and tells him about his theory that a staff member is responsible. Lang tells Jim that he isn't authorized to investigate the staff and figures that his new guard is trying to force his hand and call in the GCPD. As he walks away, Jim tells the director that he already has.

Barbara is still sleeping in bed when Renee brings her some coffee. She says that she's starting to fall into her addictive behavior again now that Barbara is back with her, and suggests that Barbara call Jim. Barbara refuses and dresses, and Renee offers to leave her alone for the moment so she can get herself together. Once she leaves, Barbara starts crying.

Harvey takes Jim's call and goes to Arkham. He examines Jones and warns Lang that they're looking at a third-degree assault charge. When Lang objects, Harvey says that Jim did the right thing by calling him in, and accuses the director of hiding something. Lang denies it but Harvey insists on taking him to the station for questioning, well aware that Jim will use the time alone to continue his own investigation.

Butch arranges a meeting with Saviano and says that Fish has the right idea. Saviano insists that Fish can't take over the organization and offers Butch a position at his side. Butch says that he'll think it over and Saviano warns him not to think too long.

At the station, Oswald and Gabe are in a holding cell. Oswald sees Harvey and calls him over to ask for a phone call. Harvey refuses, hinting that Oswald irritated someone important, and refuses to let him call Maroni.

Butch goes back to Fish and says that Saviano will come around given time. Fish agrees to wait a bit longer.

Harvey questions Lang, who explains that they use electroshock therapy to elicit specific responses from patients. However, he insists that he hasn't done any such work since medical school, and Harvey concedes that he doesn't believe Lang is a suspect. However, he figures that the director is hiding something. Lang admits that he is, but that he isn't going to tell him because he has his own people to answer to higher up in city government. All he can do is assure Harvey that the secrets have nothing to do with the case.

At Arkham, Jim finds a reference in the blueprints to a record office in the basement. He asks Dorothy to take him there and she warns that it was closed off due to unsafe chemicals. However, Jim insists.

Harvey asks Lang to consider which staff member might be guilty. The director insists that they're all good people and came with him five years ago to Arkham. However, then he remembers one staff member that didn't: a woman.

As Dorothy escorts Jim to the basement, Leslie finds them and offers to go with them. Noticing that Dorothy is nervous, Jim tells Leslie to go home. She refuses and Dorothy shoves her into Jim, and then runs off. Jim tells Leslie to alert the guards and then goes after Dorothy. Harvey calls to tell his ex-partner that Dorothy is a patient, not a staff member.

Dorothy gets to the main switchboard and opens all of the cells. The prisoners emerge and chase after Dorothy who leads them to Leslie. Leslie has no choice but to run. As Jim hears the patients yelling, he goes to investigate and runs past Jack's cell... unaware that Jack is sitting calmly in the darkness.

As Dorothy leads the prisoners, she trips and they trample over her, uncaring. Meanwhile, Leslie gets to a gate and tries to open it. Jim arrives and yells at the prisoners to stop. They hesitate long enough for Leslie to get the gate open, and she and Jim duck through and lock it behind them.

Ivy is eating soup at Jim's apartment when Barbara calls. The girl answers the phone and speaks in a sultry voice, saying that Jim is there. Barbara, angry, tells her to go to hell and hangs up.

Jim and Harvey go to the station and tell Captain Essen that Dorothy was a nursing student who was 16 when she killed five children with poisoned candy. She was in the old Arkham Asylum, and they figure that when the place was closed, she slipped away and hid in the basement. Essen wonders why Dorothy was administering shock therapy and Jim speculates that she was trying to find a way to cure herself. The captain admits that it's good to have Jim back, even temporarily, but warns that there's nothing she can do to get Jim reassigned as a detective. Jim says that he understands, and Essen suggests that they have a drink for old time's sake.

Maroni arrives at the station and goes to Oswald's cell. Before he releases Oswald, Maroni explains that he arranged for Oswald's arrest. He knew that Oswald was raising the rates on the fisherman, and wanted to teach him not to get above himself. Oswald assures his boss that he's learned his lesson and Maroni tells Oswald that he may be smart but he works for him.

As Jim drinks with his friends, the medical examiner comes in and tells them that Dorothy had two electrical burns on her forehead, concealed by her hair. Jim and Harvey realize that she was another victim and head for Arkham.

Wenger is on duty in the cage when Aaron calmly walks up and uses the keys to unlock the door. He breaks Wenger's neck, and the last thing the guard sees are the electrical burns on Aaron's temples. Jack comes up and admires his handiwork, saying that it's his best so far. Lang comes out of his office and sees them, and Jack smiles in greeting,

Jim and Harvey return to Arkham and find Lang lying dying on the floor. He says that Jack is responsible and then passes away. There's a note on Lang's body from Jack. In it Jack says that he's been practicing his skills on the prisoners, and he hopes to see Jim soon.

Aaron drives Jack away in a stolen asylum van.

The next morning, Jim returns to the apartment and finds dirty dishes.

Butch meets Saviano again at the docks and says that he's in. He then talks about how they stole meat from a restaurant... and he held back the good stuff from Saviano. Butch apologizes for cheating him... and then shoots his friend dead.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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