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What the Little Bird Told Him Recap

Gruber and Danzig drive to Irwin's Electronics and Gruber knocks at the door. When a clerk answers it, Gruber electrocutes him through the door knob and comes in. Irwin, recognizing him, panics and insists that he still has Gruber's projects.

At the station, Essen is breaking the officers on Gruber and Danzig. Jim walks in, wearing a suit, and the captain tells her officers that Commissioner Loeb is on her way. When she sees Jim, she demands to know what he's doing there and Jim says that it's his case. Harvey agrees that Jim has to get out, warning Jim that Loeb blames him for what happened. Loeb comes in and sees Jim, and demands to know why he's there. Jim asks why Loeb is there for the first time with the rank and file, and figures that the commissioner is desperate. Loeb orders Jim and a lurking Harvey to come into Essen's office with him.

Irwin shows Gruber his old equipment in the back room and insists that their partner forced him to double-cross Gruber years ago. Gruber says that he now sees the world for what it is thanks to his time in Arkham, then orders Danzig to hold Irwin. The lobotomized henchman does so and Gruber advances on Irwin with electrical cables.

Jim figures that the Gotham money men are worried about Gruber and sent Loeb. He figures that he has nothing to lose and insists that he's enforcing the law. Loeb is ready to send Jim back to Arkham, but Jim says that he knows how Gruber thinks and can bring him in... if Loeb reinstates him. Loeb has no choice but gives Jim--and Harvey--24 hours to bring Gruber in. If they fail, they'll both be sent to Arkham. Afterward, Harvey wonders what Jim is up to, and Jim admits that he has no clue how to find Gruber and was bluffing.

Falcone is having one of his men shot for skimming money, and remembers himself as a child when his father died. Once he has his thugs kill the man, he meets with Liza and suggests that she leave him and have her own life. Falcone offers to help her get started with a business that she can call her own. In response, Liza plucks a rose from a nearby cart and puts it in Falcone's lapel, and says that he makes her feel safe and she'd rather be with him. Falcone is grateful for her support and says that he's going home to get some work done.

At the station, Edward tells Jim and Harvey that he checked Gruber's fingerprints and confirmed that he's really Jack Buchinsky. Gruber had himself transferred to Arkham when it was reopened after assuming a fake identity. Edward is distracted when he sees Kristin come in, and goes over to her. She asks why he sent her a cupcake with a live bullet in it, and Edward tries to tell her that it's a riddle. Kristin doesn't care and gives it back to him, and then walks away.

Harvey confirms that Gruber was a bank robber and worked with several accomplices before he was caught. None of them were arrested with him, and Jim figures that they can locate Gruber through them. Harvey receives a note from a sergeant telling him that they have a hit. The detectives go to where the prison van that Gruber escaped in was found. They spot the nearby electronic store and go inside, and find a lobotomized Irwin scribbling on the walls.

Liza is shopping with Falcone's bodyguard when masked men pull up and gun down the bodyguard. They then take Liza to Fish, who says that she's making her move on Falcone. She calls Falcone using a voice distorter and tells him that they have Liza. Fish says that someone will contact him to make arrangements and hangs up, and then tells Liza that they're going to let Falcone think about his life for a while.

Leslie visits the station as Edward suggests to Jim and Harvey that they wear rubber galoshes to insulate themselves against "The Electrocutioner." Jim spots Leslie and says that it's good to see her, and she shows him a doll. One of the Arkham prisoners makes dolls as therapy, and she made a doll for Gruber. The doll is named Mr. M, and they realize that it looks like Maroni.

At Bamonte's, Maroni is eating with his men when Oswald gets a call. He takes it in the kitchen and Falcone tells him to come immediately because someone has abducted Liza. Oswald goes back and tells Maroni that his mother Gertrude is sick and he has to rush to his side. The mobster, sympathetic, tells him to go. However, when Oswald touches the door knob, he receives an electrical shock that throws him across the room. The lookout guard staggers in and drops an electrical device, which explodes in a flash of light.

Jim arrives with the EMTs and tells Maroni that Gruber was responsible. The detective works out that Maroni worked with Gruber on the bank robberies and sold him out, and asks Maroni to let him place him into protective custody. Maroni figures that Jim plans to use him as bait, and Jim agrees. However, he points out that Maroni comes out ahead if Jim captures Gruber, and Maroni agrees. Oswald is lying in the ambulance behind Maroni, who is surprised to hear him mutter that he has to meet with Falcone. When Maroni agrees, Jim takes the mobster to the station and the mobster has one of his thugs bring Oswald in.

Barbara goes to her parents' home and asks her mother to let her stay for a few days. Mrs. Kean surveys her daughter, sips some tea, and tells her that she can stay... until the weekend. She asks how Jim is doing, and Barbara assures her mother that they're very happy together.

At the station, Maroni relaxes with the officers. Jim tells Harvey that Gruber will come after Maroni and then they'll capture him. Oswald wakes up and, realizing where he is, says that he has to go. Maroni tells him that Gertrude can wait and then tells Oswald that he heard him say he was meeting with Falcone.

Fish calls Falcone at home and says that Liza's abductors have chosen her as the intermediary. Falcone knows better and asks for the truth, and Fish admits that she abducted Liza. She tells Falcone that if he turns over the organization to her then he can leave Gotham safely and take Liza with him. Falcone agrees and hangs up, and Butch congratulates Fish. He suggests that they celebrate, but Fish refuses, saying that she owes Falcone at least that much respect. Liza wonders how Falcone took it and Fish wonders if she has feelings for the mobster. The girl admits that she does because Falcone always treated her with respect, and Fish warns her that Falcone can never know the truth.

Zsasz goes to Falcone in his study and offers to get Liza back. Falcone refuses to endanger the girl, and figures that if Fish and the other mobsters are against him that it might be time to step down. His henchman says that he should fight for respect, and offers to take out Fish's crew. Falcone tells him that he's to make sure he and Liza stay safe during the upcoming transition.

Edward visits Kristin in the records room and explains about the riddle with the cupcake. Detective Flass overhears them talking and tells Edward to leave. Edward reluctantly goes, but hears a faint burning noise in the walls. He points it out but Flass doesn't care. As Edward goes, he overhears Kristin saying that he's weird.

Inside the building, Gruber is attaching cables to the metal structure of the building. He turns them on just as in the squad room, Oswald tries to convince Maroni that he was delirious when he mentioned Falcone. Electricity surges through the room, knocking out everyone. Gruber and Danzig come in and find Maroni, unconscious. However, Jim steps out, gun drawn, and Gruber realizes that he's wearing rubber galoshes that protected him from the shock. Jim orders them to surrender, but Gruber uses a device to heat his gun red-hot, forcing him to drop it. Danzig attacks Jim, who manages to knock him back, and Gruber asks Jim if Maroni really deserves his protection. Jim insists that he does, but Gruber suggests that he just let him leave with Maroni.

Jim manages to knock Danzig out, and Gruber says that he figures Jim needs to win and doesn't care about the law. Jim admits that he's right, then picks up a glass of water and throws it onto Gruber's electrical pack, shorting it out.

Once everyone wakes up, Loeb comes by to receive the publicity for the capture of the infamous Electrocutioner. He poses with first Essen and then Jim, and makes a show of giving Jim his badge back. Jim whispers to the commissioner that if anyone tries to take his badge then he'll make them eat it, and goes to his desk. Harvey warns that Jim is in more trouble than ever, but his partner tells him that he's done being careful and takes Harvey for a drink.

Oswald finally gets to Falcone's home and apologizes for being late. When Falcone tells him what happened, Oswald reluctantly tells the mobster that Fish set the whole thing up. Furious, Falcone slaps him and demands proof, and Oswald admits that he has no way to provide it. However, he reminds the don that he's never been wrong, Fish calls and says that she'll turn Liza over to Falcone at her club. She refuses to let Liza talk and tells Falcone to be there in one hour.

An hour late, Falcone confronts Fish and demands to see Liza before he signs the papers giving Fish control. Butch brings Liza in and Falcone asks her how long she's been working for Fish. Liza denies it, but Falcone can tell that she's lying. He points out that in the old days, he told Fish about his mother, and realizes that she used that information to plant Liza on him.

Zsasz and his people burst in, having killed all of Fish's people outside. Falcone tells Liza that he figures that she's a nice girl and is sorry she got involved... and then breaks her neck. Butch holds Fish back, and Falcone tells Zsasz to lock them up for now. Furious, the don tells Fish that she'll pay for using his mother against her, but thanks her for making him feel alive again. He then calls Oswald in and advises him to say goodbye to Fish. As Fish realizes who betrayed her, Oswald chuckles in triumph.

Leslie comes to see Jim, who is staying at the station, and finds him in the locker room. She admits that she isn't sure why she came to see him, and Jim kisses her. After a moment, Leslie kisses him back... just as the desk sergeant comes in and tells Jim that there's been a shootout at Fish's club.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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