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The Fearsome Dr. Crane Recap

A man in a suit , Gerald Crane, drags Adam Jodowsky atop an office building and then suspends him over the side by a rope. Crane puts a noose around Adam's neck and then removes his hood, and Adam shrieks in terror. His captor cuts through the rope and lets Adam fall several stories until the rope brings him up short, breaking his neck.

Maroni has Oswald in for dinner at his restaurant to celebrate Fish's death. As Maroni plots to take over Falcone's territory, Oswald says that he took over Fish's club, but hastily assures the mobster that he did so in his name. Maroni gets a call from Fish. Without letting on to Oswald who it is, he talks to the woman and Fish says that she's on vacation for a while. She warns Maroni that Oswald is Falcone's man and that he and Falcone have both been playing both of them. Without revealing who he's talking about, Maroni admits that Oswald has slipped a couple of times. Fish hangs up and Maroni immediately tells Oswald that he's going upstate to meet with someone about a thing. He invites Oswald to go along with him and Oswald agrees. Maroni insists that they go immediately and Oswald plays along rather than object and draw suspicion.

The next day, two businessman call in the GCPD when they find Adam's body on the roof. Essen arrives as Edward and Harvey examine the crime scene, and Harvey explains that after the killer murdered Adam, he pulled his body back up on the roof. Edward interrupts to tell them that there is a hole in Adam's abdomen made postmortem, and wants to examine the body back at the morgue. Essen refuses, reminding him that Dr. Guerra doesn't want Edward tempering with bodies. Essen notices that Jim is gone, and Harvey says that he's off on personal business. He starts to go over to the roof and Essen warns him to be careful because Flass still has friends on the force and they didn't appreciate Jim, Harvey, and Essen arresting Flass. After the captain leaves, Harvey glares at a couple of officers and they glare back at him. The detective then goes over to the edge anyway.

Jim returns to Barbara's apartment to return his door keys, and notices that someone has been staying there. Selina tries to sneak out but Jim grabs her and she admits that she thought the place was empty since Jim had been sent to Arkham. She figures that Jim and Barbara have broken up, and Jim offers to find Selina somewhere safe to stay. Selina reminds Jim that the assassins came for her at Wayne Manor, and figures that Jim hasn't talked to Bruce since the boy returned from Switzerland. She tells Jim that she lied about seeing the murderer's face and escapes over the balcony.

Later, Jim goes to see Bruce, who confirms that Selina said that she didn't see the murderer's face. Bruce believes her and tells Jim that he releases him from his promise to find his parents' murderer. He figures that since Jim has had no success with the investigation, he doesn't want the detective to feel obliged to try and keep the promise. Bruce leaves and Alfred warns Jim that the boy won't change his mind.

Maroni drives to a cabin outside of Gotham and puts his revolver in his bag, and then goes inside. As they eat, Oswald wonders where the man they're meeting is. Maroni says that the man will be along and talks about how it's good to get out of the city and connect, and mentions Indian Hill. He points out that Oswald was the one who told him about Indian Hill, and wonders if Falcone actually wanted the land. Maroni then says that his friend Frankie Carbone was supposedly killed in a gunfight, but he was stabbed to death. He then grabs Oswald's hand and warns him that he's quicker than he appears, and goes out to get some air.

Harvey calls Scottie Mullens to the station and he asks how she met Adam. Scottie explains that she was Adam's sponsor in a support group, and Harvey tells her that they found Adam's body that morning. Scottie's number was in his pocket so he called her. The woman says that she and Adam were members of a phobia support group, and Harvey makes a smart remark. Scottie tells him not to be an ass, and explains that Adam had a fear of heights. Harvey asks for the names of the other support group members, but Scottie says that she only knew Adam's name and the others were there anonymous. The detective tires to flirt with her and suggests that they have dinner after the meeting that night, and he promises to find the killer. Jim comes in and tells a distracted Harvey that the chair Adam was tied to is a banker's chair. The company that made it closed several years ago and Harvey wants to immediately investigate the factory.

A tightly wound man is leaving his office when he sees Crane, holding a small pig. The man panics and tries to run, but Crane's henchman is waiting and tasers the man unconscious. They then toss the man into a nearby van and depart.

Edward is in the morgue examining Adam's body and reaches into the incision. Guerra comes in with Essen and insists that the captain do something. When she hesitates, Guerra threatens to go over her head and Essen reluctantly suspends the forensic tech. She then leaves with Guerra before Edward can say that he found something.

As they investigate the factory, Harvey asks about how Jim and Leslie were seen together in the station locker room. He tells Jim not to mess things up with the woman, just as a man scream. They find the tightly wound man tied to a chair, surrounded by pigs. Crane's henchman is wearing a pig mask and holding a knife. When he sees the police detectives, he charges at them and they have no choice but to gun him down.

Fish is on a freighter leaving Gotham. The captain comes in and suggests that she say goodbye to Gotham on the horizon while she has the chance. Fish dismissively says that there's no need because she'll soon be back.

Jim and Harvey finish their report to Essen, explaining that the tightly wound man was another member of the phobia support group. They're trying to identify the man they killed by his prints, but Harvey figures that he was working alone. He leaves to visit the support group and tells Scottie that they've found Adam's murderer. Jim complains that he isn't satisfied and asks Edward to look at the evidence. Essen tells him that Edward has been suspended and warns that certain important people are watching for them to make a mistake, and tells Jim to drop the matter. He apologizes for her being dragged into the situation with Flass, but Essen admits that it felt good.

Edward visits Kristin and finds her crying, and wonders if it's because Flass was arrested. She wipes her tears and asks Edward what he wants, and the forensic tech says that he's been suspended and wanted to return the pencil that he borrowed from her: now worn down to a stub. Kristin takes it and says that Edward is an odd man, but wishes that something could be done. Satisfied, Edward leaves.

At the cabin, Oswald quickly gets the revolver from Maroni's bag. The mobster comes in with firewood and sits down with Oswald, and says that he wants to have totally honesty between them. He goes first, saying that he lied about someone meeting them there. Oswald avoids saying anything significant, and Maroni tells him that Fish is alive. After another round, Maroni says that Fish accused Oswald of being a mole for Falcone. Oswald draws the gun and says that he figured Fish called Maroni, and reminds Maroni that he treated him like a monkey friend. Maroni says that he has one last secret: the gun is filled with blanks. Oswald doesn't believe him and pulls the trigger, only to discover that Maroni is telling the truth. The mobster then knocks Oswald to the floor and punches him unconscious.

Jim invites Leslie to dinner but shows her the ME report on Adam. Leslie points out that they were a bit more passionate the last time they met, and Jim admits that he used the case as a pretext to meet her again. They start to discuss the case and Leslie is clearly intrigued, but Jim gets a call from the station. He tells Leslie that he has to go and she says that she'll get the file back to him later. They kiss and as Jim goes, he leaves a message with Harvey that the tightly wound man said that two men attacked him.

Outside the support meeting, Harvey tells Scottie that they've brought Adam's killer to justice. She explains that she's terrified of swimming pools, and wonders if Harvey is afraid of something. Harvey claims that he isn't, but then offers to share with the phobia support group. As Harvey gets some coffee before the meeting, Crane walks up and says that he's a regular.

Maroni takes Oswald to a junkyard and shows him in a car inside of a crusher. He explains that he's going to crush Oswald into a paperweight and send him to Falcone, and Oswald tries to bargain for his life. Maroni insists that it's a matter of personal revenge, not business, and ignores Oswald when he offers to explain why Falcone wants Indian Hill. Unimpressed, the mobster throws Oswald in the car and has the owner, Duffy, turn on the crusher.

At the station, Edward breaks into Guerra's locker.

Harvey claims that he's afraid of dying alone and says that he'd rather die in the arms of a beautiful woman. As Scottie glares at him, Crane speaks up, saying that he has a crushing fear of failure. He inherited it from his father and is afraid that he passed it onto his son, Jonathan. Crane walks out, crying, and Scottie goes after him.

As the crusher closes shut, Oswald calls Maroni's cell phone and warns him that whoever controls Arkham will control Gotham. Maroni tells him to take it like a man, hangs up, and gets into his car. Oswald sees the junkyard sign and calls the number listed, and reaches Duffy. He warns the owner that Falcone will skin him alive if he discovers that he helped Maroni kill him. Duffy turns off the crusher and runs off, and Maroni realizes that something is wrong. After trying to catch Duffy without success, Maroni returns to the crusher only to discover that Oswald has escaped.

Harvey realizes that Crane and Scottie aren't coming back, and runs outside just in time to see Crane drive off with the unconscious woman.

Guerra opens his locker and is shocked to find severed arms inside. Two officers come in and Guerra, holding the body parts in his hands, insists that it isn't what it looks like.

Harvey goes to the station and tells Jim what happened. They've confirmed that Crane's henchman is cheap muscle, and Jim figures that Crane will drown Scottie in a pool, making her face her worst fear. Harvey calls Scottie's mother and confirms that she almost drowned at the age of 7 at Lemmars Park pool. They figure that Crane took Scottie there and leave, while Essen notices Sergeant Joe carrying one of the severed arms.

Crane ties Scottie up and prepares to toss her into the pool. He taunts her until she begins to panic, and his son Jonathan comes in. He says that he couldn't stay in the van because the meter ran down, and Gerald irritably gives him some coins. Once Jonathan goes back outside, Gerald asks Scottie not to think badly of him and shoves her into the pool. As she sinks to the bottom, Jim and Harvey arrive and open fire. Crane shoots back and runs into the boiler room, and Jim goes after him while Harvey dives into the water and rescues Scottie. He revives her with CPR, while Crane manages to escape.

The next morning, a group of choir singers spot Oswald on the side of the road and pull over to pick him up. He says that he's been tested in the pits of Hell and survived, and they agree to give him a ride back to Gotham.

At the station, Leslie approaches Jim and explains that Crane removed the adrenal glands from Adam, and they produce cortisol, an adrenalin-like chemical. Intrigued, Leslie says that Crane is probably a doctor, and Jim says that they have an opening for a medical examiner now that Guerra has been fired. He suggests that they go out to dinner that night and admits that he has an urge to kiss her. Jim hesitates to kiss her in public but Leslie tells him to give her a peck on the cheek or it's no deal. After a moment, Jim kisses her on the lips.

Edward visits Kristen and tells him that Guerra has been fired and he's staying. Kirsten doesn't react at first, but then tells Edward that he owes her a new pencil.

Fish wakes up as pirates attack the freighter. The captain runs in and tries to take her to a hiding spot, but a pirate arrives and kills him. He then charges at Fish, who growls and charges at him.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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