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Red Hood Recap

As five robbers go into a bank, one of them, Gus Floyd, puts on a makeshift red hood and tells the others that he made it to space things up. Inside, Floyd takes command, jumps up on a table, and orders the customers to get down. However, he assures them that they're just there to take the bank's money, rather than rob the captives. The other robbers grab the money, while Floyd jokes with the customers. A bank guard, Clyde, opens fire but manages to mix Floyd with six consecutive shots. Floyd laughs in triumph, and one of the robbers marking the time says that they need to get out. When the robbers get outside, Floyd insists that the red hood has made him invulnerable. The police pull up and Floyd tosses money out to the crowd, causing them to get in the way and cover their escape.

Jim and Harvey get the call and play the security footage back. The bank manager's secretary tells the detectives that Clyde refuses to wear glasses even though he needs them. She seems enchanted with the idea of the robbers stealing from the bank to give to the poor, but Jim points out that they only threw out the money to cover their escape. Jim notices the robber counting down the time and asks if the alarm went off recently. The secretary confirms that someone set off a smoke bomb a week ago, and the police responded to the alarm. Jim figures that the robbers did it to time how long it would take the police to respond, and asks to see the footage from that time.

That night, Alfred answers the manor door and finds an old friend, Reggie Payne, standing outside in the rain. Alfred lets his friend in and Reggie explains that the police rousted him from where he was sleeping beneath a bridge. One of officers, a former Marine, suggests that Reggie look up his old mates so Reggie went to find Alfred. Reggie is surprised that Alfred is working as a butler, and Alfred says that it's been good for him. The ex-soldier admits that he lost his wife 11 years ago and then his home a year later, and took on a few disreputable jobs when he came back to Gotham. Reggie admits that the drink did him in, just as Bruce comes in. Alfred introduces his friend and Bruce invites him to stay with them.

The Manager's men escort Fish through the makeshift hospital. She sees room with "patients" missing legs and eyes. When they reach the Manager's office, he tells Fish to sit down.

At the station, Jim plays the security footage and spots the robber planting the smoke bomb and timing the police arrival. He notices that the robber is wearing a works hot with "Kleg's Auto" on it, and heads out with Harvey.

At the garage, Floyd tells the other robbers that the people love them, and that the newspapers have christened them the "Red Hood Gang." The others aren't impressed and one of them, Clyde Destro, tells Floyd to shut up. Floyd insists that the man wearing the red hood should lead the gang, and Destro shoots him dead and takes the hood for himself.

The Manger tells Fish that he manages the facility on behalf of Dr. Dulmacher, who isn't interested in meeting with Fish. Fish says that the basement is hers and she won't let anyone take more prisoners unless Dulmacher meets with her to negotiate terms. The Manager considers and then has his men take Fish to his private quarters to clean up.

At the club, Oswald watches as two customers leave as the comedian bombs on-stage. He sees the bartenders talking and goes over to ask what the matter is. A bartender tells him that they're out of booze. Butch comes over and tells Oswald that Maroni controls the flow of alcohol in their part of Gotham, and he hates Oswald so he isn't letting any come through. Oswald figures that Butch wants to see him fail, but Butch says that he puts his life into the club and doesn't want to see it go down. The owner decides to get the booze from Maroni, one way or another, and Butch warns him to be careful with Maroni.

The next morning, Jim and Harvey check out the garage and discover that the robbers have moved on. They search the place and find Floyd's body in the refrigerator. Harvey figures that with their leader dead, the Red Hood Gang will disappear.

The robbers enter another bank and Destro tries to pass as Floyd. One of his fellow robbers helps him up on a table, and Destro stumbles through Floyd's speech about only taking money from the bank. One of the customers asks him for some of their money, and Destro finally tosses a few dozen bills out.

After checking out the new crime scene, Jim and Harvey watch the security footage and Harvey warns that the citizens will protect the robbers as long as they hand out money. Jim is more concerned that the Red Hood Gang can continue as long as someone wears the hood. An eyewitness, Chaing, comes in and explains that he works at a restaurant near the bank and saw Red Hood without the hood. Jim suggests that he look through the photos of armed robbery suspects that Harvey has pulled from the files, and Chaing agrees if Jim will fix his parking tickets.

At the manor, Bruce returns from a run and prepares to practice his fighting. Reggie sees him and tells Bruce to take a swing at him. He easily knocks Bruce down when he tries to tag him, and continues provoking Bruce as Alfred silently watches. Reggie finally tells Bruce to hit him. The boy punches him as hard as he can, and taunts him into hitting him harder. When Bruce points out that Reggie is bigger, Reggie tells him to do whatever it takes to bring him down. Bruce grabs a walking stick but Alfred intervenes and says that it's enough. The boy points out that Reggie was teaching him how to fight effectively, but Alfred insists that discipline and hard work is the key. Bruce storms off and Alfred tells Reggie that nothing prepares a person to raise a child. He says that he's a better person for knowing Bruce, and tells Reggie to leave their past in the past.

That night, Oswald takes two of his men to Maroni's alcohol distribution warehouse. They prepare to move in, but the police go in first and arrest the two workers. As Oswald laments his bad luck, Butch comes over and tells Oswald that the policemen work for him, and that using them is cleaner than an armed robbery.

At Barbara's apartment, Selina goes out to ask their host if she's okay. She thanks Barbara for letting them stay there, and Barbara takes a drink of wine and says that she likes having them there. She then takes Selina inside, saying that she's going to turn her into a beautiful woman, and gets out her old dresses. Barbara tells the girls to take whichever ones they want, and then leads Selina to the mirror and says that she's beautiful. She advises Selina to use her beauty as a weapon, but Selina points out that it hasn't worked well for Barbara and walks away.

Jim and Harvey round up the employees from the garage, including Destro. Chaing immediately identifies Destro as Red Hood, and Jim suggests to Harvey that they let Destro go. They know that the robbers had a disagreement over Floyd and Jim suggests that once they track Destro to the others, they use them against each other. Harvey agrees and Jim takes Chaing home.

Once Fish is cleaned up, she meets with the Manager again and asks why they're stealing the organs. The Manager explains that Dulmacher performs personal experiments and sells other organs to raise money for his project. Looking over Fish, the Manager says that her eyes will bring in a good price, and that he can easily kill her. Fish vows not to let him take her eyes, grabs a spoons, and scoops one of her own eyeballs out. She throws it on the floor and crushes it as the Manager screams in frustration at being thwarted.

That night, Bruce brings up a bottle of wine from the cellar and suggests that Alfred and Reggie drink it. Alfred reluctantly gives in and he and Reggie both open up about their time in the SAS. Reggie admits that the two of them went on covert missions and never failed or lost a man. Ignoring Alfred's objections, Reggie tells Bruce about how their unit was separated in a sandstorm and Alfred was captured. Alfred killed twelve of his captors before they took him down. Alfred cuts him off and says that he has to tidy up. Bruce agrees and leaves for bed, and Reggie tells Alfred that he's an old war dog and a killer. In the hallway, Bruce secretly listens as Alfred tells his friend that it's time that he leaves. Reggie admits that he sees the faces of the people he killed and asks Alfred if he sees them. Alfred says that they find him and leaves.

Jim and Harvey follow Destroy to his apartment and wait outside. Inside, finds another of the robbers, Regan, searching the place. Regan says that he needs the Hood to impress his girlfriend because her ex is back in town. Destro refuses and Regan shoots him. Jim and Harvey run in, only to discover that Regan has left via the fire escape. Destro is bleeding out and asks for an ambulance, but Harvey refuses until destroy gives up the names of his accomplices. When Destro hesitates, Jim calls for an ambulance. He then finds letters from the bank, confirming that both robbed banks refused to give Destro a loan. Jim realizes that it was revenge robberies, and Destro admits that he needed the money for a pastry shop. He warns Jim that the banks don't care about either one of them. Jim finds a third rejection letter and figures that it's the next target.

As Oswald's men bring in the stolen alcohol, Butch pours drinks for himself and Oswald and offers a toast to new beginning. He points out that Falcone won't trust either one of them if the club tanks, and he's done being a sidekick. Oswald agrees and notices that Butch's hand is shaking. He asks Butch if he misses Fish, and admits that he does. Butch merely says that Fish got what she deserves.

Alfred hears someone in the study and goes in to find Reggie at Bruce's desk, holding a bag of stolen items. Surprised, Alfred says that his friend could have asked for help, but Reggie says that it isn't so easy to do that. He admits that he's in real trouble and warns Alfred that he doesn't know who he's involved with. Alfred tells him to put down the bag and get out, and Reggie stabs him in the chest and leaves. A few minutes later, Bruce comes to investigate the noise and finds a badly wounded Alfred on the floor. He calls 911 and asks them to send an ambulance for his friend.

The next day, Regan meets with the last two bank robbers and puts on the Red Hoods. As they go inside, the police arrive and Jim orders the robbers to surrender. Regan and then his friends open fire, and the other two men are soon gunned down. A bullet takes Regan in the side, surprising him, and Jim orders him to put his gun down. Regan lowers the shotgun but goes for his revolver, and Jim and Harvey have no choice but to shoot him dead.

Jim pulls the hood off of Regan and the detectives figure the case is closed. Jim's cell phone rings and he asks what hospital, and then runs off, dropping the hood on the street. When Jim arrives at Alfred's room, he finds Bruce at his friend's side. Bruce says that Alfred is all that he has left and he can't lose him as well. Jim comforts the boy as he breaks into tears.

The next day, Reggie goes to Wayne Enterprises and tells the board that Bruce has nothing but theories and notes, and Alfred was his only confidant. He tells Molly Mathis and the other board members that it's the perfect time to make a move on Bruce. Molly pays him off and thanks him for his help, and says that they won't meet again. Reggie points out that Bruce is a good kid, but Molly tells him to leave.

A young boy finds the hood in the street and puts it on, and then makes shooting noises at the police as they secure the bank.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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