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Beasts of Prey Recap

At Dulmacher's hospital, Fish confirms that there's a helicopter parked near the shore. She goes outside, breaking open a lock in the process, and sets of an alarm. Fish casually strolls toward the helicopter and a jeep full of armed men pulls up. Their leader, nicknamed "The Catcher" aims a rifle at Fish and says that he deals with anyone outside of the hospital no matter what their authority is. Fish apologizes for the misunderstanding and the Catcher says that the next time she makes that mistake will be her last.

Jim visits Bruce at the manor and the boy tells him that Alfred is getting better. The detective realizes that Bruce and Alfred lied about knowing who stabbed Alfred, but Bruce refuses to give anything away. Jim warns Bruce that he has to stay out of it, and Bruce says that he understands what he's saying.

When Jim returns to the station house, Officer Len Moore approaches him and says that he admires Jim's ability for closing cases. Moore says that he has a homicide that was never closed, and gives Jim on the file for Grace Fairchild. The young officer asks Jim to take over the case, insisting that the killer deserves justice. When Jim wonders why Moore is so invested in the case, the officer says that Jim's fight against the corruption has been an inspiration to young officer like him, and he wants to do his part. Moore figures that helping Jim solve the case is his way of doing something, and Jim reluctantly takes the file.

Jim goes down to the morgue to pick Leslie up for lunch, and they start talking about the case. Grace's body was found two weeks ago, but she disappeared four months ago. Right before she disappeared, Grace was at a bar and called her mother, and Leslie points out that she and Grace are the same age and live in the same area. She suggests that Jim check out the speakeasies in the area and insists that the killer responsible is a monster.

Fish goes down to the basement and finds Kelly, and tells him that she has a plan so that they can all escape. However, she needs his help and promises him that she'll succeed or die trying.

Alfred returns to the hospital and prepares to set out to find Reggie. Bruce finds him in the study and asks what he's doing, and Alfred says that he figure Reggie will go to a "shooting gallery." If he doesn't find him in the next few days, Alfred figures that his former friend will leave Gotham for good. Bruce insists on going with his butler, but Alfred refuses... and then staggers as his wound starts bleeding again.

Oswald visits a bar owner, Lidia Bicchieri, and tries to persuade her to sell him a controlling share in her bar. She refuses and Oswald offers her anything to make the sale. Lidia tells him that her daughter Antonia has been seduced by a guitar player, and she wants her daughter back. Oswald promises that he'll return Antonia to her and leaves. When Gabe wonders why Oswald is so interested in the bar, he says that it's more valuable than it looks.

Jim tries to convince Harvey to look into the murder case, but the older detective refuses. Edward arrives with a list of speakeasies in the area, and points out that the original detectives didn't check out four of them. Jim checks the file and points out that there's a missing piece of evidence, and Edward promises to find it for him. Once he leaves, Jim tells Harvey that he wants to show people that things can change and orders his partner to come with hm.

On the island, Fish tells five of the toughest prisoner that she has a plan to use the boat at the docks to escape. One of them, Bugsy, heard a helicopter land and wonders why they don't take that. Fish asks if any of them can fly it, and they admit that they can't. She tells them that she'll get the boat keys and asks if they're in or out.

At the fourth bar, Jim and Harvey find a bartender who remembers seeing Grace four months ago. She says that the man Grace was with was classy.


Grace meets a man, Jason Lennon, and Jason says that he's had plenty of relationships. However, he's always wanted unconditional love and never found it. Grace takes his hand and they go to his expensive apartment. Jason puts Grace's coat away in the closet, taking care to hide the manacles inside. He thanks Grace for coming with him and admits that he hasn't had anyone there in a while.


As they leave the bar, Jim tells Harvey that he's not going to drop the case.

At the manor, Bruce writes down gun range addresses and sneaks out. He goes through the streets trying to find where Reggie is hiding, unaware that Oswald is nearby. Meanwhile, Oswald goes to a warehouse where Gabe has tied up the guitar player. The man refuses to give up Antonia, insisting that she's the love of his life. Oswald tells Gabe to cut off the man's fingers to convince him otherwise.

At the station, Leslie tells Jim and Harvey that Grace's body is in pristine condition except for the stab wounds, suggesting that she disappeared for reasons unrelated to the murder. Jim doesn't believe it and suggests that someone held Grace captive for the four months until her death.


The next morning, Grace tells Jason that she has an early meeting and is running late. When she tries to leave, Jason grabs her hand and suggests that she reschedule. Grace refuses and kisses him, and Jason tightens his grip.


Fish sneaks into Dulmacher's office and finds the keys. However, he comes in behind her and Fish secretly picks up a letter opener. The doctor doesn't believe her claim that she came looking for him and figures that she was trying to escape. Fish denies it and Dulmacher draws a gun and promises to shoot her in the stomach if she doesn't tell him the truth. When Fish sticks by her story, the doctor prepares to kill her but Fish shows him the letter opener and says that she wanted to steal it so that she could kill herself rather than face surgical transformation at Dulmacher's hands. Amused, Dulmacher puts the gun away but warns her that if she lies to him again, he'll do exactly what she fears.

Bruce fails to find Reggie, and Selina approaches him. When he explains what he's doing, Selina tells him that a shooting gallery isn't the same thing as a gun range and leads Bruce away.

Antonia is crying in her mother's arms after her boyfriend leaves her. Oswald comes in and asks Lidia if she's ready to sell.

At the station, Edward shows Jim and Harvey a photocopy of the missing evidence. It's a picture of a broken heart. Harvey stares at it in shock and then tells Jim that they're dealing with a serial killer.


Jason has Grace cook him a meal and then handcuffs her to a table while he eats. She apologizes for burning it, saying that she's not used to the stove. Jason tries it and agrees, and says that it isn't working out between him. He ties Grace up and takes her to his secret workshop, and then takes a photo of him. Jason then opens a case containing a variety of knives and puts Grace's photo next to twelve others, and says that sooner or later he'll find the woman for him.


After Lidia sells Oswald a controlling share in her bar, he goes over to the bar where she has photos of her famous customers. Gabe wonders why his boss wants the bar so bad, and Oswald points out a photo of Maroni and says that he's going to kill him there.

Fish goes to the basement and tells Bugsy and the others that it's time. She leads them to the door and gives them direction to the boat, and warns that they won't have much time once the alarms go off. Fish gives them the keys and says that the gate to the dock is unlocked, but she's going to stay behind and rescue Kelly because she owes him. The thugs think that she's stupid but head for the docks. Meanwhile, Fish goes to the cellar and finds Dulmacher waiting for her. He promises to cut her up for betraying him, but the gate to the cellar opens. The prisoners beat Dulmacher to the floor and Fish tells them that they have to go.

Outside, the Catcher and his men hear the alarm. The five thugs get to the gate but discover that it's locked despite Fish's assurances. One of them, Clint, realizes that Fish set them up. Meanwhile, Fish leads Kelly and the others to the helicopter. Kelly figures that she lied about knowing how to fly a helicopter, and Fish admits that she did.

The Catcher and his men gun down the five thugs and hear the helicopter taking off. Grabbing a long-range rifle, the Catcher takes careful aim and shoots Fish in the side. Despite her wound, she manages to take off in the helicopter and fly off the island.

At the station, Harvey tells Jim that their killer--the Ogre--has murdered a dozen women over the years. He leaves a broken heart drawing at the scene of every murder. The GCPD hushed up the murders because the Ogre not kills any detective who investigates the killings, but their loved ones as well. Harvey wonders who tipped Jim off to the case, and his partner looks around for Moore.

Selina takes Bruce to a "shooting gallery": an abandoned warehouse that drug users frequent. Reggie is on the floor and his bag of heroin is nearby. Selina kicks him awake and grabs his bag when he refuses to answer Bruce's question. Reggie says that he was supposed to take some documents, and he wasn't expecting Alfred to catch him in the act. He desperately asks Bruce if Alfred is all right, but Bruce demands answers. Reggie finally says that a man at Wayne Enterprises named Sid Bunderslaw hired him to find out what Bruce knew.

Bruce tells Selina to give Reggie's drugs back, but she tosses them out the window. The boy then tells the ex-soldier that he needs help, but a disgusted Reggie refuses to accept Bruce's charity. He tells them a couple of children and promises to tell Bunderslaw what happened. Reggie sees his bag on the ledge outside the window and leans out to get it. Bruce starts to move forward to push him to the ground several stories below, but stops himself. Selina lunges forward and shoves Reggie to his death, and then calmly walks away.

Jim and Harvey track down Moore and demand answers, and he admits that Loeb forced him to give Jim the case. Moore says that Loeb knew Jim would take it and that the commissioner blackmailed him into playing along. The partners leave and Harvey suggests that Jim drop the case before the Ogre learns that they're involved. Jim refuses, figuring that the blood of the next victim is on his hands if he ignores the murders.

When the officers return to their desks, Jim tries to call Leslie but gets her voice mail. Loeb comes in and Jim, furious, stalks over to confront him. He warns Loeb that he's crossed a line and that he's going to find the Ogre and arrest him... and then bring down Loeb next.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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