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Under the Knife Recap

A mugger approaches Bruce underneath the bridge, but Selina appears and warns him off. She then tells Bruce that she confirmed that the police found Reggie's body and he's actually dead. Bruce demands to know why Selina killed him, and she reminds him that Reggie was going to tell Bunderslaw that they were onto him. She points out that she saved Bruce's life, and that he wanted to kill Reggie but didn't have the guts to do it. Bruce points out that Bunderslaw will come after them anyway and suggests that they break into Bunderslaw's safe to find out what he's been hiding. He knows that all of the safes at Wayne enterprises require a key, and Selina figures that she can get it from him if she can get close to him. As she goes, Selina warns Bruce not to tell anyone what she did.

Edward is in Leslie's lab stabbing watermelons to determine stab patterns when Jim storms in and asks where Leslie is. Edward says that she went home and Jim takes off.

At her apartment, Leslie is taking a bath when she hears someone moving in the apartment. She sees that Jim has called but grabs a kitchen knife and checks the apartment. Leslie finds a stray cat under the bed and turns it out past the open window it came in through, and then grabs her phone and hits the man coming up behind her. It's Jim, and Leslie apologies as she tends to his cut. He tells her about how the Ogre is going after the loved ones of the police detectives who try to investigate his murders, and asks Leslie to leave Gotham. She refuses and when she says that she likes the fact that she's her loved one, Jim says that he loves her.

Jason goes to a bar and meets Barbara. She takes him to her apartment and confirms that Selina isn't there. Jason notices an invitation to the Wayne Enterprises charity ball and Barbara casually says that she goes there every year. When Jason asks if she has a boyfriend, Barbara angrily denies it and says that if she died then nobody would notice. Behind her, Jason pulls a knife and moves toward her, but then hides it as Barbara turns around. She says that he would run screaming if he saw who she really was. Surprised, Jason says that Barbara isn't what he expected, and she tells him to close the door on his way out.

At Oswald's nightclub, Oswald puts off Gertrud and says that he has to meet with a man. He then goes up to the balcony and talks to a hitman, Connor. Oswald wants him to kill Maroni and his men, but Connor isn't interested when he confirms that Falcone isn't involved. As he starts to leave, Oswald says that if Connor successfully kills Maroni then Falcone will use him instead of Zsasz for his wet work. Connor agrees to hear Oswald out and arranges a meeting for later.

The next day, Jim and Harvey call in Detective Ben Mueller, the officer who investigated the Ogre's first murder eight years ago. Jim points out that thanks to Mueller, eleven more women were murdered, and asks what Mueller found eight years ago that set the Ogre off. Mueller's notebook has the last page scratched out, and Mueller admits that the Ogre killed his wife and he dropped the case rather than put his daughter at risk. Jim shows Mueller photos of the other eleven dead women, and Mueller says that he discovered that the first victim, Julie Kimble, worked at a plastic surgery clinic. As Jim and Harvey go to the clinic, Harvey tells Mueller that they'll put cops on Mueller's daughter until they capture the Ogre. As Jim and Harvey leave the station , they're unaware that Jason is watching them.

Edward visits Kristin at the lab, bringing her a watermelon salad. She and Tom are kissing, and Edward stares in shock. Tom strolls out and Edward says that Jim wanted him to review the forensic evidence from the Ogre case. He notices bruises on Kristin's arm and asks what happened, and Kristin admits that Tom got rough with her. However, she tells Edward that it's none of his concern.

At the manor, Bruce is reviewing his files on Bunderslaw when Alfred comes in and says that he feels much better. Bruce tells him that he's going to the ball and then asks Alfred if when he killed people, he thought it was necessary. Alfred says that it was and insists on going with Bruce, and Bruce admits that he's taking Selina. The butler insists that he's going but will wait outside, and Bruce tells him to have a dress delivered to Selina at her current address.

At the clinic, Jim and Harvey meet with Dr. Darren Cushman. He says that Julie started at the clinic just a few days before she was murdered. A patient referred her but Cushman refuses to divulge is name. Harvey promises to get a warrant and they leave. Jim spots a car in the alleyway across the street and recognizes it from the station house. The two men approach it but Jason hits the accelerator and drives past them, and the two detectives dive aside just in time.

When they get back to the station, the partners tell Essen what happen, and admits that they don't have any leads. Jason calls Jim and says that he isn't impressed by his threats, and quotes newspapers talking about Jim's sterling reputation. He promises that he will kill one of Jim's loved ones unless he drops the investigation, and then hangs up. Essen and Harvey come over and Jim says that they have to show the Ogre that they're not afraid of him.

Later, Jim calls a press conference. Once he confirms that Leslie is okay with him taking the case public, Jim tells the reporters that he's going after the ogre and he won't stop until he has him in custody.

Barbara is choosing dresses for the ball when Selina comes in and casually says that she's going to the ball as well. The deliverymen arrive with boxes of everything that Selina needs, and Barbara says that they have a lot of work to do.

At the station, Harvey receives word that the warrant came through and a Constance Van Groot referred Julie to the clinic. Jim remembers that the Van Groots made their money in shipping, and he figures that Constance had a son.

At the nightclub, Oswald tells Butch that Connor and his men will dispose of Maroni. Butch hastily tells him that Maroni is already there, and points to where the mobster is sitting with Gertrud, drinking. Maroni notices them looking and tells Oswald to join them.

Bruce arrives at the apartment and introduces himself to Barbara. Selina comes in, wearing her new dress, and complains that her feet hurt.

Jim and Harvey go to the Van Groot manor and break in when no one answers the door. They hear someone gasping and find the butler, Jacob Skolimski, hanging himself. They cut him down and Harvey checks the upstairs while Jim looks around. Jim finds photos of a boy but in each of them, the face has been ripped off. Meanwhile, Harvey calls Jim upstairs and shows him the long-dead corpse of Constance Van Groot.

At the ball, Bruce and Selina dance. When she complains that people are staring at them, Bruce figures that they're just staring at him and looks for Bunderslaw.

After the CSU team arrives, Harvey tells Essen what they've found out. They figure that the Ogre is Jacob's son, and Jason killed Constance. Jacob then pretended that Constance was alive so that they could live on her money. Jim confirms that there's no record of Jason and they question Jacob. When they tell the man that his son has killed a dozen women, Jacob doesn't believe it and tells them that his son only made one mistake.

After they dance, Bruce tells Selina that she can't kill again. He says that there's a line and he won't cross it, but Selina insists that she'd do it again if she had to and it wouldn't bother her. Before Bruce can pursue the matter, Bruce sees Bunderslaw and he and Selina go over to the man.

At the station, Edward talks to Tom and says that he knows he hurt Kirstin. Tom says that it's clear Edward has never been with a woman because he'd know that they need a strong hand. Edward promises that he won't let Tom hurt Kirstin, but the detective says that there's nothing Edward can do and walks off.

When Barbara arrives at the ball, Jason comes up to her and invites her to dance.

Jacob tells the detectives that that Constance treated Jason as her own son, but it was all a game to her. When Jason finally demanded that Constance legally recognize him as her own ten years ago, she refused. Jason killed her and Jacob helped his son cover it up. Since Jason left, Jacob hasn't seen him since but Jason called him that day to warn him that the police were on their way. When Jim says that Jason seduced twelve women and killed them, Jacob laughs and shows his only two remaining photos of his son. As the detectives stare at them, Jacob says that Jason could never seduce anyone.

Later, Jim goes back to the clinic and shows Cushman Jacob's photo of Jason. He demands to know if Cushman operated on the man in the photo, whose face is horribly disfigured, and the doctor finally says that he did.

At the ball, Jason and Barbara dance.

At the nightclub, Maroni flirts with Gertrud over Oswald's objections. When Oswald sys that they have to be going home, Maroni asks Gertrud if she knows her son is a psychopath who has killed a dozen men, including his best friend. As Gertrud recoils in horror, Oswald hugs her and vows to kill Maroni. Maroni, unimpressed says that either one of them may end up dead but at least Gertrud knows the truth.

Jason tells Barbara that he donated $10,000 to the charity once he saw Barbara's invitation,

Edward follow Kristin home to her apartment and watches her go inside.

Jason tells Barbara that he felt something between them, and that a woman once told him the same thing that Barbara said people told her. It almost destroyed him, but then he overcame it. Barbara tries to leave, but Jason pulls her back and says that he recreated himself... and offers to do the same for her. Barbara admits that she's tired of hearing, and Jason whispers in her ear.

As Bruce distracts Bunderslaw, Selina steals the safe key from his pocket and then duplicates it. She tries to put it back just as Bunderslaw starts to go. Bruce keeps Bunderslaw there long enough for Selina to return the key. Once the man is gone, Selina sees Barbara leave with Jason. Bruce notices that his friend is distracted and Selina says that it's nothing.

Tom walks up to Kristin's apartment and Edward confronts him. He tells the officer to leave Gotha, but Tom refuses, figuring that Edward has a thing for Kristin. Tom punches Edward in the gut and Edward draws a pocketknife and stabs Tom in the chest. They struggle and Edward stabs Tom repeatedly. Shocked, he stares at his bloody hands and staggers way.

Oswald takes his mother home and apologizes, claiming that Maroni was joking. Gertrud doesn't believe it and tells her son that she'll love him no matter what. However, if he lies to her now it will break her heart. Gertrud asks for the truth and Oswald insists that he's nothing but a nightclub owner. His mother stares at him for a moment and then says that she's going to bed because she's tired. A deliveryman arrives at the door and says that he has flowers from Maroni to Gertrud. Furious, Oswald tells him to tell Maroni that he's a dead man. As the deliveryman starts to go, Oswald breaks the vase, says that he'll tell Maroni himself, and stabs the deliveryman to death. Gertrud asks who it is, and Oswald says that the next-door neighbor needs help and then drags the corpse away.

Jim and Harvey tell Essen that Jason checked into the clinic using Constance's last name and her money. However, there's no Jason listed und either name. They figure that Jason met the nurse at the clinic and made Julie his first victim. Cushman has made a sketch of Jason from what he remembers from ten years ago. As they try to come up with any other leads, Jim remembers Jason quoting from the newspaper and that it had a photo of him at a charity ball... with Barbara. He goes to Barbara's apartment and finds Selina there. She says that Barbara left the ball with a guy, and identifies him as the man in the sketch.

Jason takes Barbara to his apartment and she notices a door off to the side. When she asks what's behind it, Jason invites her to go in and see. Inside is his abattoir, and Jason comes up to Barbara as she stares at the cutting tools.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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