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The Anvil or the Hammer Recap

The next morning, Barbara comes out to the kitchen and Jason asks how she slept. When she says that she has to go, Jason asks her to stay and Barbara says that they shouldn't pretend that their night together was more than what it was. He admits that he was pretending with her and that he originally intended to kill Barbara the night that they met. However, Jason says that he saw the real Barbara and insists that she's the one that he's been looking for. He releases her and says that she's going to have breakfast with him. When she runs for the door, Barbara discovers that the door is locked and Jason tosses a bag over her head and says that they're going to do it the hard way.

Jim arrives at the station and Leslie worries that he hasn't ate or slept in days. She assures Jim that it's not his fault that the Ogre took Barbara, and that it's not his fault if she gets hurt. Leslie says that she understands, just as Harvey comes in with a street pimp, Jake, and says that he's been bragging that he knows who the Ogre is. Jake claims that he doesn't know anything but the officers take him to the interrogation room. Meanwhile, Edward brings in two suitcases and goes to his lab, and then takes out Tom's severed body parts.

Jim and Harvey show Jake the sketch of Jason and Jake tries to bargain for his information. Jim tells Harvey that he's going to violate several interrogation procedures and Harvey excuses himself to get some donuts. When Jim is done, he goes out and tells his partner that Jake worked as a barman at The Foxglove, a high-class brothel that moves regularly. Jim figures that he can call in a favor with Oswald to find out where it is, even though Harvey advises against it.

Jason goes into his workshop and checks on Barbara, who is suspended from the ceiling. He says that he's sure that she's the one for him but he needs her help.

At the manor, Alfred brings Bruce an envelope that was delivered by messenger and then says that he's going to identify Reggie's body at the morgue. He doesn't believe that Reggie got drunk and fell out a window. Once he leaves, Bruce takes out Bunderslaw's safe keys from the envelope.

Butch goes to Lidia's bar and explains that Oswald sent him there to check his due diligence. Once Lidia goes in the back to prepare a big dinner, Butch hides two guns behind the bar and under the jukebox. He then goes back to the nightclub and tells Oswald that it's done. Jim comes in and asks Oswald for The Foxglove's location. Oswald tries to negotiate but Jim grabs him and draws his gun on Butch when he tries to intervene. The officer warns Oswald that he has no idea what he's capable of and gives Jim the brothel's location, but warns that the detective owes him a big favor.

A PR woman shows Bruce around Wayne Enterprises. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom and then sets off the fire alarm.

Back at the invitation, Jim shows Harvey the invitation he got from Oswald and Harvey offers to go into the brothel.

Jason removes Barbara's gag and she spits in his face. He insists that Barbara is the one and she slaps him, and Jason says that it's okay. However, when she says that Jim will find her, Jason slaps her and warns that if she mentions Jim then it will make him mad. He gives Barbara a glass of water and she glances at the door, but Jason warns her that he'll gut her if she tries to run. Barbara comes over and Jason shows her the photographs of the other women that he's killed in his workshop. Barbara stares at them in shock and then passes out from the drug in the water.

At Wayne Enterprise, Bruce enters Bunderslaw's office and opens the safe. There's nothing inside and Bunderslaw comes in, clearly expecting him. He says that he knew Selina took the key from him at the ball, and admits that he hired Reggie to find out what Bruce knew. Bunderslaw then says that he's having the same talk with Bruce that he did with Thomas Wayne and his father before him. Thomas stormed in with his secret files, demanding justice, and Bunderslaw explained that all of Wayne Enterprise's criminal activities were the reality of the business. Bruce insists that his father was a good man, and Bunderslaw advises him to reconsider his position. They're interrupted when a junior executive, Lucius Fox, comes in and says that the PR woman is looking for him. Bunderslaw orders Lucius to escort Bruce back, and Lucius agrees. As they go to the elevator, Lucius tells Bruce that Thomas wasn’t the man that the company thought he was. He then wishes Bruce good luck and walks away.

Edward prepares to destroy Tom's body parts with acid. Kristin arrives at the door and asks for a case file, and Edward goes to get them. When she notices the severed limbs, Edward claims that they're from a victim of an industrial accident. He gives Kristin the file and she asks him if he's seen tom, who missed their dinner. Edward says that he hasn't seen the man and then quickly gets Kristin out of the lab.

Connor comes to the nightclub and Oswald tells him that the guns are hidden in the restaurant. The hitman confirms that he'll give Maroni the message as Oswald instructed and wonders how Oswald knows that Maroni will be there. Oswald shows Connor a newspaper article about Maroni hitman Tommy Bones being released from prison.

Tommy arrives at Lidia's and Maroni and his men greet the killer.

Harvey arrives at The Foxglove and makes his way to the main room. The hostess, Lucy, introduces two sexual performers. Shocked, Harvey takes out his badge and orders everyone to freeze.

Jason holds Barbara after she wakes up and tells her that he won't kill her if she tells him who to kill. She refuses and Jason says that she's never lived without fear, but she'll learn. He warns that he'll kill her if she doesn't say and puts the knife to her throat, and Barbara whispers a name to him.

Jim meets Harvey at The Foxglove and threatens to perp-walk all of the clients in front of the press unless Lucy talks. She tells him to talk to a girl, Sally, who explains that Jason took her home and cut up her face. They realize that it was before Jason killed his first victim and figure that he was warming up. Sally describes a hotel in midtown near where Jason took her and they realize where the Ogre can be found. As they go, Sally asks Jim to kill Jason and he readily agrees.

At Lidia's Connor and his thug come in and claim that Falcone sent them with a bottle of rare wine. Maroni has his men search them for weapons and then invites them in. The two hitmen go for the hidden guns and Connor gives the message that Falcone had trouble deciding to kill Maroni. They then pull the triggers but the guns don't fire. Maroni's men gun down the other men and Maroni figures that it's a miracle that the hitmen's guns didn't fire. He tells Connor that he's going to send a message to Falcone that he's coming for him, but he doesn't need Connor alive to do it. Tommy then shoots Connor dead.

At the nightclub, Butch breaks the news to Oswald. When he realizes that his boss isn't surprised, Butch figures that Oswald set up the whole thing. Oswald admits that he sabotaged the firing pins on the guns and that he wants Maroni alive... and ready to kill Falcone.

After Edward burns the rest of Tom's body, he contemplates the man's skull for a moment and decides to fake a goodbye letter from the man. He then puts the skull in a bag and smashes it to pieces.

Jim and Harvey go to Jason's apartment but discover that he has already left. Harvey finds the workshop and they realize that Barbara was there recently. Jason calls on a nearby phone and tells Jim that Barbara is with him. As noises sound in the background, Jason tells Jim that Barbara doesn't need his protection and never did. Once he hangs up, Jim and Harvey realizes that the noises were the sounds of a car driving over a bridge near a train. They realize that there's only one bridge in Gotham that matches that description... and it leads upstate to where Barbara's parents live.

At the Keane manor, Jason sits Barbara's parents down on the couch and tells them that Barbara is finally waking up. He tells Barbara that they're doing it for her and then stabs her mother and father.

Jim and Harvey arrive a few minutes later and find the butler dead at the front door. They split up to search the house and Jim finds the Keanes' corpses on the couch. Barbara walks in, covered in blood, and asks Jim what he's doing there.

Jason knocks out Harvey from behind and then goes after Jim.

A shell-shocked Barbara tells Jim that he's not supposed to be there. Jason attacks Jim from behind and they fight, and Jason finally grabs Barbara as a shield. Jim aims his revolver and orders Jason to surrender, but the killer insists that he loves Barbara more than Jim ever could. Barbara begs Jim to leave them alone…z just as Harvey comes in and yells at Jason. Distracted, the killer turns and Jim shoots him in the head, nicking Barbara's neck. Jason goes down and Jim goes to Barbara, telling her that everything will be okay.

The next day, Alfred tells Bruce that the Reggie he knew died years ago. Bruce tells him the entire story of what happened and how Selina pushed Reggie to his death when he threatened to expose them to Bunderslaw. Bruce explains what Bunderslaw told him about Thomas, and admits that even good men have secrets.

At the station the next morning, the officers applaud Jim when he returns. Leslie congratulates him privately and Jim apologies for ignoring her earlier. She admits that she was afraid that Jim would blame himself for what happened if Barbara got hurt, because he protected Leslie first. Jim assures her that he loves her, not Barbara, and he'd protect her first again.

Edward visits Kristin, who is reading the supposed letter from Tom. In it "Tom' claims that he's leaving town and doesn't want to see her again. Once she walks out, Edward glances at the letter--and the first letters of each line that spell out NYGMA--and chuckles in triumph.

At the manor, Bruce cuts a photo of himself and his father in half, and puts the half with his father on his evidence board.

A messenger brings a box to Falcone. He opens it and finds Connor's decapitated head inside.

Maroni and Tommy gun down some of Falcone's men.

Soon, Essen learns about the attacks and tells the officers that they are now in a shooting war.

At his club, Oswald gets the reports of the attacks and laughs triumphantly.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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