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Will to Power Recap

On Colu, Seg runs through the forest and Adam tries to catch up to him. Seg finally comes to a halt and warns Adam that as soon as Lobo finds them, he'll "dissect" them. Adam suggests that they take a moment to come up with a plan, but Seg continues analyzing the situation with Brainiac's mental powers. His friend says that he understands that they don't go back to Krypton if they can't get Brainiac out of him, but warns that he can't kill Seg. Seg goes into a trance, and hears Brainiac calling to him.

Seg finds himself in a void facing Brainiac. Brainiac says that where he is can be home, and admits that Seg's will is impressive. He's chosen to live on in Seg, and Seg figures that he needs a host body to cultivate for bio-organic components. Brainiac admires Seg's will and says that if he gives it to him, Seg can live forever, free of pain. He says that the two of them can achieve anything as one, and Seg admits that they can.

Snapping back to the real world, Seg tells Adam that he was inside his head with Brainiac and inside of Brainiac's head at the same time. He explains that Brainiac needs him for organic parts, and he doesn't control him yet... but eventually he will. However, Seg says that he also has access to Brainiac's memories and knows how to beat him.

On Wegthor, Val directs the rebels as they strip crates of Stellarium. Jax talks to Val privately and he advises her to go easily on the new Sagitari that they captured in the raid. She still isn't convinced that Nyssa is on the level, but Vax points out that she provided them with the intel to complete the raid.

Lyta tells Zod about the raid, and he explains that he saw Krypton disappear, and no one did what was required to save it. He says that Lyta is the reason that he survived to return and make things right. Nyssa notes that it all happened in the past to him but she hasn't lived it yet, and asks Zod to let her go to Wegthor and negotiate a surrender to save Kryptonians on both sides. She advises her future son to trust the person she'll be and let her go.

In the Outlands bar, Jayna disposes of the Sagitari bodies and returns. Dev says that the skimmer has been taken care of, and Jayna figures that the Sagitari were after him rather than her. He leaves without responding, and Jayna goes after him. Dev tells her that he's done with everything, and everyone thought she was dead. He wonders why she came back, and Jayna tells him that she needs help for her plan to save Lyta and kill Zod. Dev says that Lyta is Zod's Primus and Jayna doesn't know her anymore, and everything he believed in is a lie. He advises Jayna to pretend she never saw him and he'll do the same.

Seg and Adam hide and try to spot Lobo, and Seg explains that they're near the natal chamber where the ancient Coluans birthed Brainiac. It's dormant but if Seg activates it then it will freeze Brainiac in place, and they can use the Zeta device to return to Krypton. Adam wonders if he's talking to the real Seg, and Seg points out that he doesn't have any trust but to trust him.

Jax informs Val that Zod is preparing a major offensive, and they could attack them en route with their confiscated supplies and bush through to control the Space Elevator. Val figures that if they succeed then they could cut off Zod's supply chain and win the rebellion. He finds Nyssa, who is under guard. Val promises that he'll do everything in his power to get Cor back. Nyssa wishes that she could have their child and that Seg could be there to hold the baby, and Val assures her that Seg is still alive. She figures that Seg saw something in her that no one else did, but with Seg gone she doesn't know who she is. Val points out that she helped the Rebellion achieve their victory, and assures her that she sounds nothing like her father Daron. He says that the past doesn't define her and agrees to give her some freedom since there's nowhere for her go. Nyssa thanks him for believing in her.

Seg finds the cave he saw in Brainiac's mind and goes in. Adam is reluctant to go into the darkness but finally follows Seg in. They go down a tunnel to the natal chamber and Seg says that it's where it all began. He glances up at the ceiling where cables are hanging, and says that once he's connected, the separation process will begin. Seg admits that he doesn't know how it will work, and then moans in pain. Outside, Lobo yells that they can't hide from him. Seg's eyes turn black as Brainiac's mentality takes over.

In the mindscape, Brainiac figures that what Seg is hiding from him is the key to his survival. Seg wonders what it would be like if Brainiac stopped evolving, and Brainiac is surprised that Seg thinks he can defeat him. He tells Seg that he can see his memories and fear, and demands to know what he's keeping from him. Seg remains silent, and Brainiac says that eventually Seg will give in. Brainiac takes on the form of Nyssa, and then Rem, and asks what Seg truly desires. Returning to his Brainiac form, he tells Seg to rest and Seg collapses. Seg insists that Brainiac is just a repository of useless algorithms, and Brainiac says that he knows how to analyze and exploit emotion even if he doesn't feel them. Brainiac takes on the form of Lyta, picking up on his feelings for her.

Zod summons Lyta to his chamber and offers her a drink, saying it could be her last chance for a while. She realizes that he's sending her to Wegthor, and Zod concedes that she was right and it's a calculated risk but one he should have taken before. Zod explains that he's already seen Lyta die once and couldn't bear to experience it again. Lyta asks how she died in the original timeline, and Zod says that she died when she gave up. She never forgave herself for the bottling of Kandor and stopped taking risks because she lost too much. Zod insists that they must go on because the swore an oath to protect Krypton, and tells Lyta that he will not let his fear of losing her threaten that. Lyta hugs him and thanks her son, and Zod tells her that she leaves the next day.

Adam lays Seg down on a pod and tries to get the system to hook up. Lobo calls to them to come out, and cables plug themselves into the back of Seg's neck. The bounty hunter comes in and throws a chain at him, but a force field appears in the door, cutting off his hand. Laughing, Lobo complains that Adam cut off his favorite limb and he's going to make Adam pay. Adam wonders how he's going to get in, and the hand on the floor gives Adam the finger. Lobo hopes that Adam isn't the squeamish type and blows his head off.

Nyssa finds a woman, Araeme, and explains that Val called off her guard. Araeme says that she used to be with the Military Guilt but now she works with the scientists, and says that she's thought about Nyssa. Nyssa admits that they've had some nice times, and Araeme apologizes for hurting her. Her former lover tells her that she can make it up to her and kisses Araeme.

In the mindscape, Brainiac/Lyta reminds Seg of how they met. Seg insists that it isn't Lyta, but Brainiac/Lyta persists and talks about how "she" wanted Seg because he was so alive. She tells Seg not to be afraid of her, and assures him that she's there now. Brainiac/Lyta hugs him as Seg gives in.

Lobo regrows himself from his severed hand, his shoulder and head first, and promises Adam that he's coming for him.

After sex, Nyssa and Araeme lay together. Nyssa watches Araeme sleeping, and then quietly moves away and activates her communication device. She gets the results and stares in shock.

Adam tells Lobo that Seg is trying to get Brainiac out of him. Lobo says that he's done waiting and manages to knock Adam down with his chain. He has already regenerated down to his waist, and crawls forward toward Adam.

Brainiac/Lyta says that she loves Seg and always has. Seg tells her that they're out of time, and he understands that his pain isn't a problem to be solved. He figures that Brainiac thinks knowledge is the key to control, and what Brainiac is experiencing now is fear of losing control. Seg advises Brainiac to savor the fear before he devolves into nothing, and freezes Brainiac/Lyta in place. The mental construct flickers between Lyta and Brainiac in appearance.

Lobo grabs Adam by the head, but Seg wakes up and telekinetically knocks him across the chamber. Seg pulls himself out of the pod, leaving Brainiac behind, and he and Adam teleport away before Lobo can recover. Lobo stares at the inert Brainiac and jams his chain hook into him.

Jayna finds Dev laying unconscious in the snow and takes him inside.

Jax tells Val that the first Sagitari forces are moving in and they've located the choke point to stop them.

At the Sagitari base camp on Wegthor, another new recruit tells Kem that they're heading to the base station. Kem figures that it's about time their luck changed as he and the other new recruits leave.

Dev wakes up and sees Jayna next to him. She looks at him and he holds her.

Seg and Adam teleport onto Krypton, and Adam realizes that his device worked. Seg is unconscious, possibly dead, and Adam finally revives him. He says that it fe4lt like he was dead, and Adam admits that he was dead briefly but they made it back. Adam tells Seg that they have to get back to defeating tyrants, helps Seg up, and takes him toward the space elevator in the distance.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2019