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The Fresh Princess Recap

Liv checks in at Martin at detox and assures him that he's doing great, and says that she'll check in on her work. Once she hangs up, she talks to Major in the kitchen as he eats. Liv asks him what the hardest part of kicking Utopium was, and Major assures her that it can be done. Major is checking Sloane's Instagram and tells Liv that she isn't returning their calls.

Dolly and Benny are sending out Instagram photos for Sloane, and check on Sloane and her boyfriend Jesse. They're both tied up and raging out from lack of brains, and Dolly figures that they're ready.

At the morgue, Liv looks at the corpse of Laurie-Beth Spano. Clive explains that twenty years ago Laurie-Beth was in the Miss Future Seattle Pageant and went into a coma from anaphylactic shock. Her makeup was spiked with rose hip extract, which Beth was allergic to. The police arrested another contestant, Velma Charlet, and she signed a statement that it was a prank as part of a plea deal. Now that Laurie-Beth has died, Velma faces manslaughter charges and she denies spiking the makeup. Liv eats Laurie-Beth's brain

Ravi tells Clive that he got a reference to Beanpole Bob in an old vice report. Liv comes out channeling Laurie-Beth, and Ravi explains that a dealer from Boss' crew was busted the day after a party, and he may have had Bob's drugs. The dealer made bail and then vanished, and Ravi figures that Boss had him murdered. The case is still open and the tainted Utopium Ravi needs for a cure could be in the evidence room.

Clive and Ravi go to the evidence room and get the case, only to find that it's empty. The officer, Sgt. Sloat, says that Sergeant Henry Mosher checked it out four years ago. Clive tells Ravi that Mosher was a bad cop and was killed by a gang, and suggests that A.H., head of the Cobra Gang, might know what happened.

Liv goes into Martin's house and finds him unconscious on the floor. She calls in Major, who provides Martin with a brain tube to help him recover. Liv suggests that they take Martin to her house so she can look after him. She goes to Martin's closet to back a bag for him and finds a locked door, and has a memory flash of Laurie-Beth going to Velma's dressing room to get the makeup when she finds the door to her dressing room locked. She calls Clive to tell her that she's had a break in the case, sets up a vision board, and watching video of the pageant.

Clive arrives at the morgue and Liv explains what she saw. She figures that once they get the footage of the video, she can determine when the poisoner spiked the makeup based on the music playing in her vision. Laurie-Beth's parents Alex and Gayle arrive with the pageant tapes and Gayle admits that she was a previous pageant contestant and shot everything.

Peyton offers to help Ravi with A.J., and Ravi insists that he's a professional and can handle the interrogation. A uni brings a cuffed A.J. in, and Ravi glares at A.J. Peyton finally tells him to ask his questions, and Ravi asks A.J. about the tainted Utopium. Peyton tells A.J. that she'll look into getting him a TV if he cooperates, and A.J. admits that Mosher took the Utopium. He had Mosher take the evidence from the statement, copy the Utopium recipe, and had Bob killed. However, they got boned on the Utopium. Mosher delivered vials with water, and A.J. figures that someone got to it first.

Afterward, Peyton and Ravi talk to Sloat. Sloat is a fan of Hi, Zombie and adores Peyton. Sloat confirms that Don E signed out the evidence before Mosher, using a fake ID.

Liv and Clive talk to Velma, and Liv says that she's innocent. Velma tells them that she got railroaded into a false confession because she didn't have a decent lawyer. She says that Elise Falcon, a competitor, put oil on her tap dance shoes to sabotage Velma's performance. Velma admits that Laurie-Beth was perfect while she came from a chicken farm, and the scholarship award was her only chance to get ahead. She says that she did bitch to Elise, and Liz promises that they'll get her cleared.

Mayor questions Sloane at the bar and points out that the old sign is in the background of one photo. He asks for the video, and Don E plays it for him while getting a massage from Darcy. The video shows Sloan and Jesse leaving with a woman, and Darcy notices that the woman is wearing a wig. Don E uses an infrared filter on the camera to confirm that the woman was a human wearing a zombie wig. Darcy offers to help Major find the Dead Enders responsible, but Major tells her to just send the footage and stay out of it. Once he leaves, Darcy tells Don E that searching will be fun.

Liv and Clive watch video of Laurie-Beth screwing up a flute solo. Velma took the lead after that and Elise was tied with Laurie-Beth. Clive figures that that it provides motive. They talk to Elise, who specializes in real estate for zombies. Clive asks her about the contest, and Elise admits that she sabotaged Velma's tap shoes. She denies spiking the makeup, and says there was a rumor that another contestant, Megan Sowinski, was sleeping with the pageant host Jake. Elise suggests that they were in the dressing room and locked the door, and Velma caught them. However, Elise spread the rumors about Megan and Jake together. She insists that she would have won if the drama hadn't gone down.

Ravi goes to the bar and finds Don E dressed as a longshoreman. Don E explains that he's going undercover as a Dead Ender, and explains that his twin brother Scott E took the evidence. He was high all the time and living in his mother's basement until he checked into an asylum.

At the house, Peyton makes food for Martin. Martin notes that Liv has a lot of friends in high places. A newscast about Peyton doing a Piesta festival plays, and Martin tells Peyton that her job can't be easy. Liv arrives and Peyton says that she lives with the best zombie of them all, and hugs Liv.

Don E and Darcy tell Major that they found the woman, but she spotted them and tried to get away. She tried to jump between buildings and fell to her death, Major complains that Don E didn't stay out of it, and checks the body for ID. The woman's name is Kristen Cox, and the next day at FG Major tells his people that they need to find Sloane after eating Kristen's brain, and one of them will have a vision about where Kristen took Sloane and her boyfriend.

Eva and Evan visit Liv, and Eva says that Evan has cancer. They need to get Evan to an experimental treatment facility in Atlanta, but they couldn't get out under the FG emergency exit program because they didn't make the cut. Eva asks Liv to help them get out of Seattle, and Liv says that it's too dangerous. She offers to scratch Evan, but Eva refuses. Martin comes in and points out that Liv turned out okay, and Eva complains that Liv is more worried about her biological father than Evan. Liv says that she's in the middle and wants the people in her life to be happy. Evan comes back from where he's in the bathroom, confirms that Liv is going to help her, and wonders who Martin is. Liv says that Martin is their father, and Martin suggests that they turn Evan into a zombie. His daughter tells him that he hasn't earned the right to give fatherly advice, and Eva says that they should try to get along and leaves with Evan.

Peyton goes with Ravi to break and enter into Don E' basement because Scott E lived there before going to the asylum. As they look for the Utopium, they find Blaine sitting in a chair. Blaine explains that it's his home now, and Peyton explains why they're there. He offers to let them look around if they can get his impounded cars back. Ravi refuses but Peyton agrees, and they continue their search. Blaine says that he always liked doing business with Peyton, and takes them to a hidden panel in the wall that Scott E used. All of the vials are empty, and Blaine suggests that they leave.

Later, Liv is on the phone with Peyton when Martin comes in. He says that he's doing well and he'll have to go home soon, and says that Liv is a credit to all zombies. Martin says that he worries that humans might never come around on them, and Liv assures him that everything will be fine. She calls him "Dad" and they hug, and Martin makes her promise that she'll let him take care of her if they ever have to choose sides.

Dolly and Benny steal a port-a-potty truck and drive off.

At the house, Peyton checks reports of shots fired on the night that Cobras killed Bob. There was only one reporter, and the officer investigating found no body. She tells Ravi and they figure that Bob survived the hit by becoming a zombie. Ravi tells her that she's a superwoman as the mayor, and Peyton tells him that she officially fired when the City Council learned she sold the rights to the Space Needle. She didn't tell Ravi because she was having too much fun with him, and Blaine doesn't get any of the things she promised him because he believed she was still the mayor.

Joyce tells Major that Ames had a vision about an unknown male saying he was ditching something at the East Lake Marina. They head there.

Clive tells Liv that he tracked down Megan. She's a correctional officer in Louisiana on disability, and admitted that she was in the dressing room with Jake. However, she remembers sharing the makeup and was fine, meaning the makeup was spiked elsewhere. They watch the video and Clive spots Gayle backstage even though she claimed that she was filming the entire time. Clive figures that Gayle worried that Laurie-Beth was losing and got desperate enough to sabotage Velma. He figures that they need to get a confession, and Liv has an idea.

Clive brings Gayle and Alex in, and says that they're discussing pressing manslaughter charges against Velma and need Gayle there because she shot the footage and have a few details to iron out. They ask Alex to wait outside, and Liv has Gayle in the observation room as Clive reviews the video with Velma. Velma insists that she's innocent and that Laurie-Beth wasn't in the lead after she botched the flute solo. The video shows Gayle backstage, and Gayle breaks into tears and says that Laurie-Beth played perfectly in practice and deserved to win. Gayle admits that she spiked the makeup to give Velma a rash, but Laurie-Beth used it by mistake.

Liv secretly records the confession, then goes into the interrogation room to tell Clive and Velma that she got it

Dolly is at the Piesta festival, confirms by phone that Benny ditched the truck, and glances over at two port-a-potties that are strapped shut.

At the house, Liv tells Evan that Stan will get him out of the city. Evan says that Liv rocks the zombie look and goes. Eva tells Liv that what she's doing for Martin is kind of her, and they hug. She thanks Liv for her help and Liv promises that she'll pick up Eva's call the next time.

Dolly cuts the straps on the porta-potties and walks away. Sloane and Jesse, starved, burst out and go on a rampage.

Major and his soldiers find the truck and confirm that it was reported missing. They hear the people at the piesta. Dolly makes sure to record the zombie rampage. Joyce kills Jesse, and Sloane feeds on a human brain. Major finds her and recognizes her, and after a moment shoots her dead.

Liv brings Martin food, and he shows her the newscast about the rampage. She gets a call to the morgue and Martin says that he's sorry.

Ravi is in a car with Peyton at Bob's home, and he gets a call to the morgue. The medical examiner figures that Bob is the father of zombie kind. They watch as Liv comes out of Martin's house and realize that Liv's dad is Bob.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 28, 2019

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