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Toldja Recap

In Kitson City at Kitson's casino, a woman--Izel--tries to hire a man. Fitz, Jemma, and Enoch teleport in, and after a moment everyone goes back to staring. They look around and realize where they are, and Enoch apologizes for misusing the conveyance disk. Enoch says that they'll be on their way with a quick adjustment, and they realize that a customer has taken the disk. He accidentally teleports himself away, and Enoch points out that they're still wanted on Kitson. Fitz tells him that if he didn't know better, Enoch was malfunctioning. Jemma says that she wants to get home.

At the Lighthouse, the team take Snowflake and Sarge down and lock Snowflake up. They then lead Sarge into the control room and everyone stares at him. Sarge wonders if anyone besides Melinda has a thing for Coulson. Melinda brings them up to speed on what Sarge told her, and Yo-Yo says that Keller died when one of the Shrike invaded his body. Sarge suggests that Mack let him go or everyone die, but Mack refuses and has him taken away so that they can talk later. Mack tells Yo-Yo to take another shot at Jaco now that they have Sarge. Melinda wonders what else happened in her absence, and Mack tells her that Jemma found Fitz.

At the casino, the trio pose as observers. Jesse complains that the casino isn't as fun without the vapor trails from when she was there the last time. Enoch confirms that the exit is clear and they head for the door. Montalban comes in and says that Kitson wants to see them, and guards take them away.

Yo-Yo visits Jaco, who is coughing and breathing harder than when they brought him in. She tells Jaco that they have Sarge, and that they're all going to be there for a while. Jaco says that she should let Sarge out, and explains that his planet was like Earth and he had a large family. He trained his brother to be a baker, but the entire planet was wiped out by the Shrike. Sarge saved Jaco, who says that he doesn't want anything from them if they're not going to release Sarge.

Sarge tells Mack that he's not ready to hear the answers and he doesn't have time to spare before Earth is destroyed. Mack points out that Sarge shot one of his agents and every planet that he goes to is destroyed. Sarge tells him that the creature that is coming is a god, and he isn't prepared for what is coming. He then says that by the end of the day, he'll be the one in charge.

As Daisy checks the Zephyr, Deke approaches her and asks if she's good. She says that she is, and Deke sits down and puts his feet up. He talks about how he's an innovator and he's super rich from starting a company. Deke says that Daisy encouraged him to go out and find out what the world is about: making money. He asks about Daisy's space adventure and what his grandparents have been doing. Daisy says that they found Fitz, much to Deke's surprise.

Mack and Melinda look at the equipment from the truck, and Mack tells her that Sarge hasn't given him anything except evasion and mind games. Melinda suggests that they use the fact that Sarge doesn't know about his background against him. Deke finds Mack and complains that no one told him that Fitz is still alive. He says that Mack made a bad call, and Mack points out that he saved them in the future and then left. Deke says that he would have gone on a mission to find Fitz, and Mack assures him that they're going to go out, find Fitz-Simmons, and bring them home. Until then he needs Deke to help them crack Sarge's tech.

Snowflake sits in her cell and listens to Jaco coughing, and mutters that it's worth it. Meanwhile, Trevor takes Sarge to Mack's office and leaves him there. The hologram of Coulson is there, and Mack steps out of the shadows and says that Sarge is a knockoff. Mack tells Sarge that he's not a person, and Sarge says that it will be satisfying when he takes Mack out of the picture. The new director says that Coulson taught him to save lives, not take them, and Coulson put a value on life. He says that Jaco is refusing medical care out of loyalty to Sarge, and Sarge can help him by helping them. Sarge suggests that Jaco might have had enough, and Mack figures that Jaco means nothing to him.

In Kitson's office, Kitson tells the trio that his grandfather built the planet's settlement with his bare hands so that his son and grandson could have an empire. He points out that Fitz cheated and brought bounty hunters into his home, and Fitz offers the three of them as employees. Kitson says that killing Fitz and Jemma is the point, and hopes they're not too attached to their heads.

Fitz and Jemma are strapped into guillotines, and a thief is strapped in next to them. Kitson tells the audience that three contestants will put their lives in the balance, and they have to be strong enough to keep the blades from falling. The one who fails first will be decapitated. Each of the "contestants" is given a chain to hold. Meanwhile, Izel comes up behind Kitson, places a knife against his back, and says that she wants the Terrans. She tells him to pick the loser since everyone knows the game is rigged, and then she'll buy them at a fair price. Kitson agrees and uses a hidden remote to shock the thief so that he loses his grip and drops the blade. Izel pays him, and Kitson says that anyone can be lucky in his casino and walks away. The woman invites Fitz and Jemma to have a drink.

Mack tells Daisy that Sarge has the same DNA as Coulson. He says that he needs Daisy there and Jemma can handle herself. Mack admits that things change when he's in charge, and Daisy tells him that she can't believe that Mack and Yo-Yo have broke up. The director admits that he can't compartmentalize things as easily as Daisy. Deke arrives and says that he hacked Sarge's tracker, and found two other non-humans on Earth that are moving toward each other.

Melinda and Yo-Yo head out with a team, and Melinda tells Daisy that they're going to try and save the Shrike-infected individuals. Trevor goes to check on Jaco and finds him seemingly dead. After Trevor calls for medical support, Jaco gets up and breathes fire on the door. Trevor calls to warn Mack and the others, as Snowflake hears the commotion in the neighboring cell.

Mack and Daisy head to the cell door and Daisy knocks it back on Jaco. They knock him out and figure that he was turning into a dragon.

The SHIELD team splits up to capture the two Shrike-infested individuals.

At the casino bar, Izel introduces herself and says that hew new crew wants Fitz-Simmons. She explains that their knowledge will be useful finding valuable artifacts that they were stolen from, and they're going to Earth. However, she warns that her ship was destroyed with her last crew and she only salvaged the dead ship, and Fitz says that they may know of a ship.

Mack visits Sarge and suggests he continue to share with him what he told Melinda. Sarge isn't interested since Mack doesn't want to join his crew, and Mack tells him that they stopped Jaco. Unimpressed, Sarge says that he isn't going to be calling the cell home. As Mack goes, he tells Sarge that they got his tracker running and nabbed two Shrike, and they're going to save their hosts. Sarge sarcastically says that Mack has outsmarted him and turns away.

The two teams unite in midair aboard the Zephyr, and the guards put them in a containment module. They face each other and rip their handcuffs apart, and Yo-Yo seals the module. One Shrike host touches the other and they both start screaming. Melinda calls Mack and tells them what's going on, and Mack tells her to keep them sedated and in the module. Mack then tells Daisy that Sarge knew something was going to happen, and they have to bring him in.

The guards bring Sarge in, and he tells Mack to get used to more trouble. Now the Shrike are going to kill everyone on the Zephyr.

Yo-Yo and a guard open the module door and the guard opens fire. The Shrike extend spikes, killing the guard, and Yo-Yo quickly seals the door. The spikes fill the module, and Melinda calls Mack. Sarge says that if Melinda lands then they'll give the Shrike more life to feed on, and now it's time to make his demands.

The Shrike spikes fill the module and start to break out. Sarge says that if Mack gives him his team and his truck, he'll give Mack something that might save the field team, depending on how bad it is.

The Shrike start breaking through the module walls. Mack agrees to Sarge's deal, and Sarge tells them the Shrike can't survive cold. Melinda tells Yo-Yo to get out because she's going to depressurize. The Shrike break out, and Yo-Yo and Diaz grabs oxygen masks and hold on as Melinda opens the hatch. As a spike extends itself at Diaz, the entire mass freezes and crystallizes. Yo-Yo tells Melinda that they're good, and Melinda passes the information onto Mack. Sarge warns Mack that there are more Shrike out there, and their maker is coming. Daisy asks Sarge what they do next, and Mack realizes that he has no choice but to put Sarge in charge.

Fitz takes Izel to their former ship, now Boyle and Toad's ship. Fitz-Simmons say that they're taking the ship back, and Izel explains that they're making a trip to Earth. The woman says that she has a driver who will get there and enough credits to hire them. The two engineers quickly agrees, and Izel tells Fitz-Simmons to get the drive ready for departure. After she leaves, Enoch starts to walk off, saying that his mission is complete. He has a new mission to find a home for his people. Fitz asks if he's going to leave without saying goodbye, and Enoch tells them that he thought he'd spare them. Fitz-Simmons thank him for his help, and Fitz hugs Enoch. Enoch gives him a communication device and tells him to call if he needs help, and bluffs, saying he won't miss Fitz. He admits that he's bluffing and goes.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 29, 2019

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