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Chapter 21 Recap

Jia-yi receives instructions on how temporal interactions don't go as planned when travelling into the plan. Lenny removes Jia-yi's headphones and says that David wants to see her, and tells her not to get any ideas because David needs her. If Jia-yi wants to be part of the commune, Jia-yi needs to remember that Lenny works for David. Jia-yi tells her that she just wants to be part of the collective.

David is listening to his mental selves arguing with each other, and Lenny brings Jia-yi to him. He dismisses Lenny, and she smiles and goes inside to eat. David asks Jia-yi how her power works, and she explains that she visualizes a hallway with doors leading into the past and future. He has her demonstrate and Jia-yi opens a portal and goes through into the hallway. David is unable to follow her, and Jia-yi says that she always goes alone. She's unable to pull David in, and he assures her that he's not mad. David asks if she believes that he's a good person, and says that he's going to fix all the bad things in the world and save lives... starting with him. He plans to "turn up the volume" on her power, and says that he knows a guy.

Clark questions Squirrel, who is strapped into a chair on the bottom of the plane. Squirrel says that they should get off on the right foot, and David teaches that they're brothers. Clark asks where the commune house is, saying it disappeared when they came for David. Squirrel doesn't know what he means, and Clark shows him a photo of David and asks where he is. The prisoner says that he's a good boy, and Clark wonders who he's talking to. Squirrel mutters song lyrics, and Clark ejects him from the bottom of the plane. He then goes to Cary and tells him to deploy the parachute. Cary does so and monitors Squirrel, telling Clark that he's heading south on foot.

Squirrel limps through the streets, and Lenny pulls up in a van and tells him to get in. Women from the commune are inside, and when Squirrel hesitates Lenny holds up a vial of blue liquid. Clark, Cary, and Kerry are watching by hidden camera, and Clark tells Kerry that she can find Lenny but finding David is the priority. Meanwhile, the women pull Squirrel into the van and Lenny drives off.

Syd kneels before the crater created when the house disappeared, and wonders what David did. As she turns to walk away, David mentally projects his consciousness there and says that he didn't want to scare her. Syd tells him that she's not afraid, and David points out that the commune just wants to be left in peace. He insists that he helps people open their minds, and if they stop loving themselves then they lose peace. Syd isn't impressed, and tells David that he has no idea what her life is like. He enters her mind for a moment, and Syd tells him not to. Syd advises him to turn himself in, and David asks if it's to cure him or kill him. He says that he saw Syd kill him twice in the other timelines, and he insists that he's a good person and deserves love. Syd tells him that he did bad things to her, and would be the same even if he changed the timeline. She says that he ends the world so she can't let him go.

David's anger sweeps out, changing the fluid that he projects to the commune from blue to red. The commune members go into a frenzy and David screams in fury.

Lenny drives the van through the countryside to a barn. The women emerge from the back, and Squirrel asks if they're at the house. He gets out and walks through the forest, and comes to where the women are seated at a table. Lenny tells him to sit and everyone sips their tea, and she asks Squirrel where he's been. Squirrel says that he was in the airplane. He asks for the drug, and Lenny dangles it in front of him. She says that he's not a beginner, and the women push a man-shaped dispenser in front of Squirrel. He removes the dispenser's hat and pours the drug in, and breathes in the fumes that it sprays out.

Clark, Cary, and Kerry watch, and Cary reports that he isn't sure if David is there. The Vermilions reports that there's a 65% chance of capturing the accomplices, and Clark says that they only want Lenny. Kerry leads a squad to the spot, where Squirrel stares at the women and his eyes turn red. The Division soldiers arrive, and the commune women attack them. Clark drops the net, capturing the women without a fight, and Squirrel attacks Kerry. The Vermilions pull him away, while at the van Lenny drives away with Cary.

Clark calls Cary and asks if he has eyes on Lenny, and Cary yells for Kerry. Kerry runs for where they parked the van.

Farouk is in a lounge playing the piano. Syd comes in on the real world in the plane lounge, and says that they need to talk. She tells Farouk that David thinks that he's the victim, and Farouk says that David's reality is false so talks is useless. Syd describes how she killed David twice, and Farouk warns that David has Jia-yi. He says that they have to stop Jia-yi first, and warns that they won't surprise David again. Syd wonders how David destroys the world, figuring that if they knew then they could get ahead of him, and Farouk says that it wouldn't be fun in that. He tells Syd that a lover could sneak up on David. Syd refuses to do it even to save the world, and Farouk tells her that the intimacy they need is emotional rather than physical. He offers to teach her so that she can stab him in the back while he thanks her.

Kerry wakes up in a locked room. A woman brings in food and Lenny moves behind her, keeping out of her line of sight. He grabs his coat and leaves when she isn't looking, closing the door behind him. Cary walks through the commune past the pig room, and David appears and points out that Cary tried to gas him at the "trial". He points out that Cary said that David's mind can't reconcile the person they see with the person he thinks he is. David assures Cary that he's not going to kill him because he's going to do something for him. He explains that he needs something that magnifies Jia-yi's power and Cary has to build it so he can fix things. Cary asks David to come back with him, but David refuses and tells Cary to open his heart. He uses his mental powers to convince Cary that he wants to do it, and Lenny puts a mask on Cary and drugs him with the gas. Cary finds himself in a dressing room, sits at the table, and combs what he believe is Kerry's hair. There's a knock at the nearby wardrobe door, and Cary opens it to find a mirror showing himself as a young Kerry. He pulls her out of the mirror and they dance, and they argue over who should lead. "Kerry" becomes David and he says that he'll lead.

Cary wakes up on a table, and Jia-yi pours tea and asks how he is. She asks if he's ever seen the time hallway, and says that she needs Cary to expand her field so she can take David with her. Cary says that he'll need tools and technology, and Jia-yi leads him to a laboratory where Lenny is waiting with the equipment. She dismisses Jia-yi and asks Cary what he's doing, and he describes how he plans to expand Jia-yi's time-travel field. Cary looks over the equipment, and Lenny asks him what David is going to do. Cary smiles and says that David is going to save the world.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 2, 2019

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