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Danger Close Recap

As curfew is announced in Kandor, Seg takes a drunken Kem home. They hide when Seg sees a Sagitari talking to a vendor, and goes over to tell her to let the woman go. Lyta removes her helmet and says that she's buying something. Seg apologizes and offers to help Lyta pick out something less than hideous. Lyta takes him up on his offer and has him show her a suitable tie for her Binding ceremony. When Seg does, they stare at each other briefly. Seg stumbles out and Lyta easily recognizes that Seg is with him. Seg thanks her and says that she's the only Sagitari to help him, and Lyta tells him that not all Sagitari are the same.

Seg wakes up from his dream of the past as he realizes that Brainiac is apparently still in his mind. He's at a campfire with Adam, and Adam says that they should take it easy. Seg insists that he'll be fine and that Zod is still his son.

On Wegthor, Kem wakes up on the battlefield, gasping for breath. His sensor tells him that his oxygen is depleted, and he grabs an injector from a dead Sagitari and uses it on himself. The Rebels arrive and tell him at gunpoint not to move.

Seg and Adam go to Seg's former Rankless sector and find it torn down and rebuilt. Adam points out a giant statue of Zod and realizes that Seg plans to go on by himself. Seg reluctantly admits that he is and tells Adam to find Val while he convinces Lyta to join forces with him so that some of Zod's forces switch sides. Before Adam goes, Seg thanks him for getting home. Adam hugs Seg and then leaves.

Araame and her soldiers manacle Kem, who says that his now-dead commander didn't think much of the conscripted Sagitari. He admits that he survived through luck.

Lyta prepares to depart for Wegthor, and Seg steps out of the shadows. She stares at him in shock and then cancels her transport. They kiss and then make love.

Val and Jax address the triumphant Rebels, warning that the war isn't over. They say that they owe much to Nyssa for providing the inside information, and the Rebels hesitantly approach. Jax says that they have to cut Zod off from Wegthor completely before reinforcements arrive. Val tells the Rebels that they have long-range oxygenerators that they took from Zod's supply train to make the trek to the Elevator. A Rebel brings Adam in and he nods to Jax in greeting.

After sex, Lyta says that it's strange being together without worrying about being caught. Seg notes that she's still the only Sagitari to ever help him, and notices that she's bleeding from the nose. Lyta says that it's been happening recently and dismisses it as stress, and says that she and Zod had to lead the people. Seg asks what Jayna thinks of the situation, and Lyta tells him that no one has seen her. He describes his vision of the future from the Phantom Zone that told him that Zod isn't who he saves him. Lyta says that Zod was the last part of Seg that she had when she believed Seg was gone, and Seg tells her about Adam's future where Zod has conquered the universe. He wants to stop him, and Lyta tells him to get dressed.

Adam tells Val that Seg is alive, and Val thanks him for keeping hope alive. The Earthman describes how he caught a glimpse of the future but there was a wall as if time had stopped. Adam wonders if everything that has changed rippled through time and space to end the universe. Val assures him that he's not responsible for what he saw, but Adam figures that they have to fix it. The Kryptonian tells him that the best way to save the universe is to stop Zod, and Adam asks how he can help.

Lyta takes Seg to Cor, and explains that Nyssa is working with them against the Rebellion. She asks Seg to wait for her and when they come back, they'll be together. Zod arrives and Seg realizes that Lyta told Zod that he's there. She says that it will eventually make sense to him and leaves.

At the bar, Jayna is drinking and Dev joins her. He explains that the Sagitari were outnumbered and their job was to make sure the Rebels didn't learn that.

Dev leads a group of Sagitari, including Kev, through the tunnels. They find miners and one Sagitari calls in the sighting. Dev tries to override the order to kill the miners, and is informed that Zod has ordered them to kill the miners. He ignores the report, and the sergeant who called it in objects and attacks him. Dev easily subdues him and fights the other Sagitari siding with the sergeant. The sergeant recovers and knocks him out. Later when Dev wakes up, Kev tells him that the sergeant followed Zod's orders, freed him, and sent him to a smuggler to get him back to Kandor.

Before he deserts, Dev goes to see Lyta. They talk privately and he tells her to report him if she must. Lyta warns that she's in a difficult position, and Dev says that the Lyta he loved would have stopped Zod's orders. He talks about how he endured months of battling because of Lyta, but now that he's seen what Zod is like, he wants nothing more to do with her. Lyta admits that she can't help him, and Dev agrees and leaves.

Jayna says that she has to believe that Lyta can be saved from Zod. Dev warns that Lyta has lost her compassion, and asks Jayna what she'll do if Lyta gets in the way when he takes on Zod. Jayna admits that she doesn't know, but she promises to listen to Dev and they'll walk together.

Zod tells Seg that it's good to have him back, and Seg reminds him that he destroyed Val's Phantom Zone projector. The general says that it was necessary to stop Brainiac, and asks where he is. Seg tells him that Brainiac is dead, and Zod says that he's proud of him and always believed Seg would defeat Brainiac and escape the Zone. Unimpressed, Seg says that he saw a future-vision of Zod strangling Zod, and Zod insists that Lyta knows what is best for Kandor unlike Seg. He says that they could be building instead of quarreling, creating a greatness that sustains Krypton. Seg doesn't believe it and warns that there's a future where Zod goes too far. He tells Zod that he has the chance to be the best of both houses, and Zod tells Seg that he can help Lyta broker a peace with Val so they can reunite the Houses of El and Zod. Until then, he'll make sure that Seg gets treatment for his time in the Zone.

Adam finds the imprisoned Kem and offers his condolences on Ona's death. Kem says that he's made peace with her death, and Adam saved his and Seg's life. Adam tells him that Seg is alive and in Kandor, and the war will be over soon. Kem promises to do whatever he can to help, and Adam explains that Val has assigned him to infiltrate the Elevator base and they need a Sagitari Bioscan. They conscript immediately agrees, undeterred by the possibility of death.

In the medbay, a technician scans Seg and then leaves. He sees Raika working at a console and recognizes her, but Raika doesn't recognize him. When he pushes the matter, Raika starts screaming and other techs arrive and sedate her. Seg says that he'll take her to the Somatic Division and reminds the techs that he's the father of Zod, Krypton's savior. The techs quickly cave and Seg asks for directions.

Nyssa tells Val that she got information about a smart weapon that can use DNA signatures to specifically target certain individuals. She wants to help Val stop it.

Jax primes the Codex smart weapon as Araame looks on. Once it's armed, Jax tells Araame that she'll use it against every Sagitari on Wegthor if necessary, and Araame leaves with the detonator.

Seg takes Raika to the Somatic Division, questions the supervising tech about the procedure, and knocks him out. He then scans Raika's memories for Lyta telling Raika that it will feel like she will die.

Adam and Kem leave the tunnels with Araame and her Rebel squad.

Zod finds a file of Zod reconditioning Lyta. Zod and his guards arrive and Seg asks Zod what he's done. The general insists that he made Lyta more clearly see his vision, punches Seg, and has his men strap Seg into the reconditioning machine. Zod apologizes to Seg and then orders a full recondition, and Seg screams in pain.

Adam and the others head for the Elevator Base, and find a force field barrier. Kem deactivates it using a data scrambler, gaining access.

The reconditioning finishes, and Seg hears a voice in his head. He knocks out the tech and fights the chamber guard, defeating him. He then checks the machine's readout and sees Brainiac's mental image mixed with his.

The Rebel squad reach the access terminator and Kem overrides the controls to let the Rebels in. They advance on the base.

Jax monitors the situation from the base. Araame tries to enter a key and fails, and Jax gets her report and realizes that the oxygen levels are dropping. The Rebels collapse as their oxygenerators fail, and Jax realizes that Zod tainted the supply and has been playing them all along. She orders Araame to detonate the Codex weapon, informing her and the others that ground support is dead. Araame takes out a device, and Adam and Kem demand an explanation. The woman says that the device will kill every Sagitari, including Kem, and triggers it... and nothing happens.

Jax goes to the weapon and discovers that it isn't there. Val says that she left him no choice.

Nyssa leaves the Rebel base with the Codex.

Adam prepares to get out, but the Sagitari arrive and surround them. Lyta opens her helmet and says that it's the end of the war.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 4, 2019

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