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Influence Recap

On Thanagar, the Justice League look for survivors of an attack on an Nth metal refinery and find no one alive. All of the deceased are Thanagarians, not the attacking parademons. Hro Talak points out that there's no evidence of an Apokolips incursion, and Wonder Woman notes that the attack pattern is different than on other planets where rare metal have been taken. The Nth metal stockpiles have been stolen, but Hro notes that there are only Earthling biosigns but not the League's. Hawkman insists that Earth metahumans are being kidnapped off of Earth for use by Apokolips forces, and Hro suggests that they send a Thanagarian fleet to cordon off Earth. He's not impressed by Wonder Woman's claim that they were mind-controlled on Rimbor, and dismisses the team.

As Guy Gardner, the acting Green Lantern, lifts the team off of Thanagar, he tells the others that he scanned the planet and found an ion trail from the attackers' ship.

At Mount Justice on Earth, the Outsiders and Tara enjoy breakfast burritos on the beach. Dick says that they feel that everyone but Vic are ready to work with the Justice League's covert ops team to help mankind. Connor tells them that they have to each decide on their own, and Brion says that he's made the right choice to protect the innocent. Artemis assures them that there's no shame in leaving the superhero life behind, and she once did the same with Wally until he sacrificed his life.

On the news, Aquaman announces, that the Justice League has confirmed that Goode VR Goggles are part of the metahuman trafficking chain, and the goggles test users for the metagene and then subliminally program them to turn themselves over. The League shut down the trafficking center and are rehabilitating the metas rescued at STAR Labs' metahuman youth center. The organization calls on the governments of Earth to investigate Goode Studios. At the UN, Lex says that the heroes failed to coordinate with local authorities so the major traffickers disappeared, antagonizing local and national governments.

G. Gordon Godfrey notes on his show that cooperation is necessary and Commissioner Gordon has shut down the Batsignal. He interviews Gretchen, aka Granny Goodness, and she defends Goode Industries while owning up to her mistakes. Gretchen says that Marlo betrayed her and her organization, perverting the Goggles without her knowledge. Marlo was found murdered a few months ago and she suggests that his fellow traffickers did so. Gretchen says that she will serve justice, has recalled the Goggles, and will release new untainted ones.

In Los Angeles, Gar watches the broadcast from a café and then goes out on the street. He transforms into a gorilla to stop a purse snatcher and returns the purse to its owner, Angel O'Day. Later, Gretchen shows Gar the Tweets Angel took and tells him that he's trending. She says that his mother would be proud, but Gar tells her that he knows what she really is. Gretchen orders him to mind his manners.

The League fly through the Milky Way following the ion trail and come to an asteroid base.

On the Watchtower, Miss Martian welcomes the four new Outsiders: Terra, Geo-Force, Forager, and Halo. Halo notes that she doesn't know what her true gender is, and Geo-Force assures her that what she is, is okay. Miss Martian says that Superboy and Tigress are rejoining the team. Beast Boy arrives and says that he wants back on the team. He explains that he's there to help take Gretchen down, and Miss Martian admits that they don't have any leads and can't use him in high-profile missions. Troia and Catherine make a news statement saying that the League must maintain their autonomy. It's been two years since the Hall of Justice was destroyed and the committee to rebuild it has been deadlocked. Troia cites it as evidence that committees don't work for decisions like the Justice League make regularly.

Godfrey interviews Lex, who says that the UN needs accountability from the League and watch them via satellite. He has placed LexCorp in a blind trust and his sister Lena runs it, and Lena has recently pledged funds to the youth center.

The League approach the asteroid and the leader, Big Barda, monitors their communications via a Fatherbox. She hears that they're following an trail, and Granny Goodness notes that they use boom tubes. Barda says that she was laying a trap and the time to hide is over, and Granny tasers her as punishment for disobeying her and Darkseid's orders. She insists that it was punishment, not torture, and she'll torture the approaching League.

At the house in Happy Harbor, Vic tells Brion and Forager that he's not the superhero type and is getting his old life back. Violet texts Brion and asks what he's doing, and Vic walks out. Meanwhile, Violet texts from the Harper home where Artemis is trying to keep the children out of trouble while Jefferson and Helga look on. Helga admits that she feels useless and wishes to contribute. Tara secretly records Helga as the scientist says that she needs a fully-equipped lab to contribute. She sends the recording to Deathstroke on Santa Prisca.

Granny orders Barda to open fire on the League shuttle. Guy uses his ring to shield the shuttle, and Hawkman returns fire. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman board the asteroid base under cover of the missile fire, but Granny realizes what they're doing. Granny tells Barda to summon the Furies. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman finds the missing children from the trafficking ring. Hawkwoman scans the base and finds all of the stolen elements. The Furies—Barda, Lashina, and Guillotina--attack the three Leaguers. Granny and Desaad arrive via Boom Tube and revels in the combatants' pain as she activates an energy device.

Superman pulls Barda out of the energy field, and she's surprised that he saved her. He blasts Granny with her heat vision, forcing her to retreat and the field drops. The Leaguers go after Granny but Granny teleports them out into space via a boom tube generated by her Fatherbox. The trio asphyxiate in the vacuum of space, but Guy surrounds them with a protective field. The asteroid teleports away as the Leaguers look on.

On Earth, Goode World Studios and LexCorp finance the youth center and promote their efforts. A disappointed Gar monitors all of the news on the Internet.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 4, 2019

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