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Illusion of Control Recap

In Taos, Bart sets up decorations for the HarvestFest at superspeed.

In Happy Harbor, Meghan, Forager, and Connor prepare for the Thanksgiving meal.

Vic sets out in the Outsiders' camper.

In Star City, Artemis, Violet, and Will prepare their Thanksgiving dinner. Artemis watches Will and he notices. Paula Crock is reading to Lian, and Brion and Tara arrive.

In Dakota City, Helga looks surprised at the results of her testing of the hair sample.

Gar and Perdita arrive at the youth center. Jaime introduces his girlfriend Traci and they all go into the party. Virgil points out that he feels like a seventh wheel, and wonders where the rest of the team is. Traci explains that Cassie is in Gotham trying to salvage her relationship with Tim.

Will watches as Paula and Lian sing together. Violet frowns and goes out to the kitchen, and asks Artemis why Brion and Tara are there. Artemis explains that they wanted to celebrate an American Thanksgiving rather than go to the party in Taos, and Brion wanted to be with Violet. Helga arrives and thanks them for including her.



At HarvestFest, Ed rams the other bumper cars. Virgil is alone, and figures that he has to get a girlfriend.

Forager joins Vic in the camper and realizes that Vic is lonely. Vic leaves and Forager figures that he has to help "uncrush" him.

Ed notices Wendy standing off by herself. Perdita asks what is wrong, and Ed explains that he failed Wendy. She convinced herself that she wore the collar, giving her the illusion of control, but something inside of her died. Perdita goes over to Wendy and admires her hair. Gar joins Ed, who says that Perdita is great, and Bart arrives with cotton candy and admits that he already ate it. Ed says that some of the kids at the center are having trouble and he wishes there's some grand gesture he could make to inspire them. Gar admits that he wanted to offer a help to meta teens, and they need to change the rules that are rigged against them. He suddenly collapse, nauseous, and after a moment everyone else collapses as well. Count Vertigo and Henchy arrive and Henchy takes Perdita to her uncle. Vertigo says that he plans to do more than kill her, and departs with her and Henchy in a helicopter.

Bart speeds after them but Vertigo uses his powers to make him collapse. Blue Beetle's armor doesn't protect him or Traci who he's carrying, and Beast Boy continues following the helicopter in bird form while the others follow at a distance.

Forager approaches Vic and invites him inside. Vic snaps at him, saying that he sounds like his father, and insists that he can't be helped. Forager says that "caterpillar Vic" can't be helped but "butterfly Vic" can't. Vic snaps at him to go inside and Forager reluctantly goes back to the others.

Scarab suggests to Blue Beetle that it destroy the helicopter, but Blue Beetle points out that the goal is to save Perdita. Traci uses her power to loosen a fuel line and the helicopter makes a controlled landing. It lands at the Taos pueblo.

The Harpers and their guests eat, and Helga says that Paula must be proud of her daughter Artemis. Paula says that her daughter will be a college professor, and Helga says that she was talking about Artemis' mentoring as Tigress. Furious, Paula wheels away after learning Artemis is Tigress again. Artemis goes after her and Paula reminds her that it took her years to recover from what happened before. Her daughter insists that she's helping people, but Paula tells her that she and Will can get out of the life. Paula says that Artemis's sister Cheshire isn't coming back and Lian needs a mother.

The teens search the Pueblo for Vertigo but find nothing. They realize Vertigo is using illusion to fool them, but he doesn't have illusion powers. Beast Boy transforms into a bear and leads them by scent, and they find Henchy blocking the way. He easily knocks Beast Boy back and shrugs off Static's electrical attack. Henchy ignores Bart's superspeed attack, and Blue Beetle confirms that there's only one person there.

Vertigo is using his power to immobilize Perdita when he hears the commotion outside. He tells "his love" to be careful, and Perdita takes advantage of his distraction to charge him. Perdita kicks him in the groin and "Vertigo" loses control, dropping his mental illusion and revealing that he's Psimon. Outside, "Henchy" becomes Devastation and goes to help Psimon. The heroes race in and Gar checks on Perdita. Devastation leaps away with Psimon, and they wonder why they're involved when they work for Queen Bee rather than Vertigo. They realize that Perdita's kidnapping was a distraction.

At HarvestFest, the rest of Onslaught take Wendy and the other metas. Bart and Ed rescue Wendy and Mist, and Holocaust and Icicle attack them. Bart speeds between them so that they blast each other. Traci drops a banner on Tommy Terror, and Beast Boy immobilizes his sister Tuppence. Tuppence uses a Fatherbox to create a boom tube, and Bart and Ed get clear just in time. Virgil pulls the Fatherbox out of Tuppence's hand and throws it into the boom tube, and Ed slaps an inhibitor collar on her. Virgil puts a collar on Tommy and Beast Boy knocks them both out. Perdita suggests that they sneak away because they're supposed to be a covert team.

When Artemis mentions that the dog shouldn't be eating from the table and jokingly refers to "bribes", Violet says that the dog should be accepting bribes and runs outside. Helga goes after her and Violet says that Gabrielle took a bribe and let Jaculi in to kill Brion's parents. The scientist says that Violet isn't Gabrielle and Brion would understand, and Violet begs her not to tell Brion and Tara. Helga promises that she won't and tells Violet to go inside. Once Violet goes back to the table, Helga calls someone and says that she needs their help.

Vic enters the house.

Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Kid Flash meet the press when they arrive and take credit for stopping Onslaught. Virgil and the others watch from the shadows and Virgil thinks that it's crazy. Wendy tells Perdita that Gar is amazing and Perdita agrees. Meanwhile, Beast Boy says that people should give metas a chance and they'll be amazed by what they choose to do. A girl, Celia Windward, comes over and says that the meta boys are hot. Virgil picks up on her comments and says that he's a friend of theirs, but Celia doesn't believe him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 5, 2019

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