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Collision Course (Part I) Recap

The Lazy Comet heads out into space, and Fitz insists that the ship is solid and will survive the jump. Izel agrees with him, ignoring Boyle and Toad. Once they're alone, Jemma warns Fitz that the odds aren't good. He figures that it's the best chance of them getting back to Earth. Izel activates the jump drive, and Jemma and Fitz see Earth outside the porthole.

At the Lighthouse, Sarge demands his truck and crew per their deal. Melinda asks how the Shrike can destroy Earth, and Sarge says that the Shrike are paving the way for the Beast's arrival. He finally explains that the Shrike will gather at a location and the Beast will arrive there, Mack gives him the truck keys, but says that Melinda and Daisy will go with him along with one of Sarge's crew. Sarge figures that he'll just wait, but Mack doesn't believe that he'll let the Beast win.

Snowflake joins Sarge, Melinda, and Daisy on the truck. He tells them not to touch anything, and Daisy explains that she's a hacker. Sarge isn't impressed, and Daisy tells him that she can handle themselves. A circuit on a sonic pulse burns out, and Sarge says that he needs Pax to fix it. Mack says that he knows someone who can fix it.

Later, Deke tells Mack that he's not going with Sarge. Mack points out that they need him, and tells him that if Deke goes on the mission then he'll keep quiet about why he became a shareholder and what he saw inside Deke's VR world. Deke claims that he doesn't care, and Mack goes to tell Daisy. They haggle over Deke stealing SHIELD tech and what share Mack gets, and Deke finally gives in.

On the truck, Deke works on the repeller,. Snowflake tells him that he has a beautiful soul and wants to see it spill out of him. Sarge and the others come in and Deke reports that he can fix it in two hours. When Sarge asks for Daisy to accompany him to the front, she objects and Sarge points out that she's the only one he can spare with Snowflake watching Deke. Daisy goes with him, and Sarge starts up the truck and heads for the rendezvous point. Mack tells Davis to get the Zephyr ready to head there, and Yo-Yo figures that Mack is following the truck. The director says that he'll need Yo-Yo with him on the new mission.

On the Lazy Comet, Izel sits in a hold, holds a Shrike in her hands, and hums to it.

Mack has Pax and Jaco loaded onto the Zephyr. He says that they're going wherever Sarge is going, and Pax tells him that it's a stupid idea. He refuses to clarify, and Mack walks away.

As Sarge drives, Daisy stares at him. She asks if it bothers him that he has the same DNA as Coulson, and Sarge figures that it doesn't matter because everyone in the universe is random. Sarge refuses to discuss it and loses focus on saving their world or surviving if they fail. She wonders if Sarge lost everyone he cared about, and he says that the past doesn't matter. He promises to kill "her", and finally says that the monster's name is Izel.

Izel goes to the bridge where Fitz and Jemma are working on the ship's communication system. The woman says that she'll never see her home again and thanks them for their help. Jemma asks about the Di'Alias, and Izel says that they were stolen from her world millennia ago. They can create and teleport, and Fitz realizes that she's talking about the monoliths. Jemma cuts him off and says that they've heard of them but were told the Chronicoms kept them. Izel says that she was attacked and the monoliths were taken, and her homeworld destroyed. Izel claims that she's worried the same will happen to Earth, and the person who took them murdered her crew and won't stop until he eliminates her. She says that she knows what the person who is stopping her really is.

Davis tells Mack that they're tracking the truck, and they launch the Zephyr. Yo-Yo tells Mack not to let Sarge get to him, and assures him that he's made the right decision. Mack figures there's part of the plan that Sarge hasn't revealed. Marcus sends a report from Guatemala.

Toad takes out his secret cache of puffles, and Izel's crew stare at him. The technician runs off and comes to Izel, who asks what the puffles are. He notices her holding the Shrike, and she shows it to him. The Shrike enters Toad's mouth and he falls to the floor.

Deke dozes and Snowflake watches him breathe. He wakes up and she gags him, saying that he's hers now.

Daisy tells Melinda that Sarge got tired of her questions and kicked her out. She wonders if it's some sick cosmic joke, and figures that Sarge is bad news. Melinda feels that she can trust him, and Daisy asks if the fact Sarge has Coulson's face is influencing her. She wonders why Sarge is chasing Izel.

Mack and Sarge examine the photos that Marcus sent. One pictograph shows a woman with bird wings, and they wonder if the entry portrayed is Izel. Thousands of years ago she escaped from a realm of fear and darkness. She tried to track down the artifacts from her realm, leaving a path of destruction wherever she went.

The next day, the repeller engine breaks down and Sarge pulls over. Melinda and Daisy hear Deke and check on him, and find him and Snowflake having sex. He says that Snowflake gets him. Sarge comes back, grabs Deke by the throat, and demands to know why the repeller isn't working. Deke explains that the repairs were improvised and Sarge yells at him to fix it and then offers breakfast.

Boyle tells Jemma and Fitz that he found Toad's piffles, and he'd never leave them behind. Fitz says that they're busy with repairs and Boyle leaves. Once they're alone, Jemma says that the monoliths were destroyed and she thought it best not to tell Izel that. She describes her wedding to the future Fitz, and Fitz complains that he'll never be her first husband. Fitz asks about her wedding night, and Jemma assures him it will be nothing compared to their second time. He isn't satisfied with her answer and Jemma suggests that they focus on getting home.

Pax calls to Jaco in the pod, saying that Sarge left them behind. He says that Jaco knows what's down there, and Yo-Yo comes in and asks what they're facing. Pax yells at her to turn the plane around, and Yo-Yo figures that Izel is a demon. Jaco says that they all have their demons, but they can kill Izel.

Sarge tells Daisy and Melinda that Izel always escapes them. They took out her crew on Chronyca-2, but she slipped away. By the time they got there, Chronyca was already destroyed. Sarge says that Izel's motive is hate and his is as well. He admits that Izel took his family and he won't stop until she pays. Melinda wonders how Sarge can kill Izel, and he takes out a sword and says that there's only one way to do it. Daisy figures Sarge isn't telling them the whole truth. He swings at her and she knocks the sword away with her quake powers. A device registers that the end is starting.

The Shrike-possessed have gathered in a field and stand together, staring at the horizon. Spikes emerge from their chests and grow together, forming a giant crystalline tower. The team spot it and Sarge explains that he was killing the Shrike to keep them from creating the tower. If Izel arrives then it will grow ten times larger and emit a stream of Shrike that swallow everything and kill Earth.

Melinda calls Mack with the information. A large object approaches Earth's atmosphere heading for the rendezvous point, and Melinda lets Sarge know while Mack tries to make contact with it.

Fitz confirms that communications still isn't working. They notice that Izel is gone and see Boyle. He glances at them briefly and walks off.

Pax charges at their guard and the chain draws him off. Jaco tells him to calm down because there's a plan, and Pax complains that no one told him the plan. Pax tells the guard that if he comes clear, they have to fly away. He then reveals that he held some of the chain behind his back, uses the slack to grab the guard, kills him, and takes the keys.

Sarge says that they'll plow into the tower and it will weaken Izel, and then he'll stab her. Deke reveals and says that the repeller is working, and Sarge tells them that it's time to end Izel.

Pax releases Jaco, who says that the plan is different now that they're on the Zephyr but it should still work. Jaco points out that Pax isn't good at keeping secrets, and Pax notes that he didn't say anything about the item Pax is going to use on Izel. When Jaco tells him that they're going to take control of the plane, Yo-Yo comes in and tells Jaco to get into the Pod, uses her powers, chains up Jaco, and manages to push Jaco into the pod and locks him in the pod. Pax says that if they don’t turn around the Zephyr then they're all dead... because of Sarge.

Sarge drives the truck at the tower.

Pax says that Sarge has a weapon that will destroy Izel and the tower... and a big chunk of Earth.

Sarge arms the device in the truck's cabin.

Deke ties up Snowflake after Mack calls and tells Daisy and Melinda what Yo-Yo learned. They draw guns on Sarge when he comes back, and asks where the bomb is. Sarge says that he has an insurance policy and is going to blow up Izel and her ship, killing hundreds of thousands in the nearby city. He tells them that the bomb is set to explode on impact, and Daisy's powers will trigger it, and he apologizes to Snowflake, and locks himself in the forward cabin. Deke releases Snowflake, who is upset that Sarge left her. She explains that the truck is on auto-drive and they can't stop it.

Mack and Yo-Yo watch from the Zephyr, and figure there best chance is for Deke to find and deactivate the bomb.

Sarge climbs up on the roof of the truck and makes his way to a red circle on the top.

Jaco tells Pax to move away from his jacket. Pax kicks the jacket open and reveals that there's a red circle drawn on the inside.

Sarge activates the teleport circle and goes through to the Zephyr. Jaco tells him they're on a plane, and Sarge figures that the plan works even better.

Deke insists that Snowflake is on their side, and Daisy uses her powers on the cabin door. As she knocks it open and goes through, Deke finds a hollow panel. Daisy comes back and reports that Sarge is gone, and Deke finds the bomb.

Jemma and Fitz realize that the ship has landed and wonder where the crew is.

Izel leads the possessed crew through the ship.

Deke removes the bomb.

Mack and the others watch as the truck approaches the tower.

Enoch contacts his fellow Chronicom Isaiah on Leitner, asking if the planet has progressed. Isaiah reports that they haven't but at least he has a home. Enoch hopes to organize their fellow anthropologists stationed away from home, but he has to avoid them for the time being. He says that they have to gather the fragments of their broken civilization and repair, and Isaiah agrees.

Malachi vows to find Enoch and kill him. He and his fellow Hunter figure that they should use the recordings they made of Fitz and Jemma's brains from when they were in the Chronicom consciousness-merging device.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2019

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