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Night and the Zombie City Recap

The joint chiefs watch the video of the zombie attack at the Seattle piesta and the chairman want them to provide response plans. Mills says that they need to bomb Seattle out of existence, and the chairman tells him to prepare a plan and they'll reconvene in 48 hours.

Liv arrives at the morgue and finds the corpse of the two zombies. Ravi tells her that they found Beanpole Bob and he's her father.

That night, Liv confronts Martin and asks if he was Beanpole Bob. Martin admits that he was and invented Utopium, and that he should have told Liv. Liv points out that he turned her into a zombie and is responsible for the creation of zombies, and asks if he has the Utopium so Ravi can reverse-engineer a cure. Martin says that it's all a blur because he was high 24/7, and Liv walks off, disgusted.

Liv and Ravi go to the bar where a murder has occurred and Don E complains that no one is buying because of the police presence. In the brothel room in back, Clive tells them that the room belongs to Bunny La Fonda. The victim, Frank Chisel, asked for Bunny specifically but no one has seen her in over an hour. Waitress Jane Harland found the body and they're going to bring her in for questioning. Clive says that Frank was a PI and a pain in the police's asses.

Liv eats Frank's brain and meets with Clive as he questions Jane. There's a storm outside, and Jane confirms that Bunny ordered a drink that Jane brought to the room. Jane dropped a class when she saw the buddy and cut herself. Clive tells her that they need a blood sample to eliminate Jane's blood, and Jane wonders if Bunny killed Frank. Liv tells Jane that there'll be more bodies. Later, Clive confirms that they have nothing on Bunny, and Liv figures that Bunny is the killer. Clive gets a call that Bunny's body has turned up.

Bunny's body is in a walk-in freezer at a restaurant, and she was killed with an ice pick the same as Frank. The records show that the freezer was opened an hour before Frank was killed, meaning Jane lied to them. Jane has disappeared, and Liv wonders how Jane was connected to Frank and Bunny.

Blaine arrives at the bar and Don E tells him that Bunny is dead. Don E tells him that Jane is a suspect, and Blaine admits that he didn't see that coming. After he leaves, Liv arrives and pours herself a drink. Darcy leaves without saying anything, and Liv tells Don E that "dames" can't break his heart if he never lets them near it in the first place.

Ravi performs the autopsy on Bunny, practicing his narrative skills once he's sure that he's alone. Martin comes in and tells Ravi that he can't remember what went into the Utopium batch. He suggests that they work together to try and piece it together. Ravi agrees and they go to work, and Martin asks how Ravi developed a cure. The ME explains that he injected his test rats with concentrated Max Rager, and Fillmore-Graves still has a stockpile.

That night, Ravi tells Liv that Martin was there and how he was interested in developing a cure. He wonders if she wants to give up on her relationship with her father. Peyton serves margaritas and says that she packed up the things in her office, but Liv leaves to track down the killer.

Blaine talks to one of his kidnappers, who says that some of the Freylich kids are taking precautions against kidnapping. Candy comes in and Blaine tells her to mind her own business, and sends the kidnapper to get over the wall. After Blaine goes down to the closed bar to get a drink, Jane comes in and draws a gun on Blaine, saying why she's there is none of his business. Blaine wonders why she returned to the scene of her crimes, and asks why she killed Frank and Bunny. Jane says that she saw an opportunity, and then disarms her and trains the gun on her. He repeats the question, but Crybaby Carl beats in her skull from behind before she can answer. Blaine wonders who they have who can crack open Jane's skull.

Joyce tells Major that they haven't heard from the joint chiefs, and gives him a standard report about how their security cameras haven't been logging key cards.

Liv returns to the station and Clive says that he has Jane's apartment staked out. Undeterred, Liz suggests that they search Frank's office without a warrant. Clive says that they'll wait until they have a warrant do it by the book. Once he leaves, Liv goes through the file on Frank and gets his office address.

Blaine breaks into Frank's office, and Liv reveals that she's there and asks if he's looking for the book she already had. Liv says that it contains Frank's client list, and asks why Blaine is so interested. Two unis come in and draws their guns on them, and Liv confirms who she is. Blaine leaves and one of the unis says that she should go as well.

Major is in the locker room getting dressed to leave and a janitor, Crawford Davis, comes in. As he goes, Major notices that Crawford has two key cards. Crawford hesitates and Major realizes that something is going on. The janitor impales his head on a shower hook rather than go with Major for interrogation.

The next day, Clive finds Liv in his office. He complains about her breaking into Frank's office, and she wonders why Blaine was there. Liv realizes that Blaine was doing the same thing Jane was with her hands, meaning that he ate Jane's brain and probably killed her.

They bring Blaine in and accuse him of killing Jane. He admits that he's been wondering why Jane killed Bunny. Clive admits that they didn't find Jane's body, and Blaine has a flash of Bunny talking to someone saying her father called to give her a cure. Liv realizes that Blaine had a vision, and beats him with a sap when he avoids the question and threatens a lawsuit. They have no choice but to let him go, and Clive tells Liv to go home and she's off the case until her brain clears.

Major reviews Crawford's file and notes that he was hired right before they put Enzo away. One of Crawford's key cards was reprogrammed to register a blank ID when used, and Crawford had been at warehouses where Max Rager was stored. Major figures that someone is pulling Enzo's strings.

Major injects the captive zombies with a drug and then tells it to punch a hole in the wall. It does so as Enzo and the others look on. Martin says that Max Rager has cortex-stimulating properties letting them use zombies as foot soldiers, and asks if his people are ready to establish the new world order.

The Chairwoman checks on her son, who is watching an episode of Hi, Zombie. She sits down to watch it with him.

Don E leaves messages for Darcy, and Blaine comes in. Candy tells Don E that Darcy called on the bar line to tell him to stop calling her. Blaine says that he saw the name Jacob Martel in Frank's files, and Jacob bought one of their black-market cures. He figures Frank was trying to deliver it to Bunny and Jane was looking for it. Blaine suggests that Jane hid it at the bar.

Liv does a background check on Bunny and learns that she was Martel's daughter. A drunken Peyton laments losing her job, and Liv realizes that Jacob hired Frank to find Bunny. She still doesn't know what Jane's motive was. Peyton wants to go dancing, and Liv has a memory flash of Frank putting the cure in his jacket. She realizes that Jacob hired Frank to take the cure to Bunny, but Jane killed her and took her place, and then killed Frank and made off with the cure. Liv figures that Jane hid the cure in the bar and then ran into Blaine, who killed her. Liv says that they're going to the bar and leaves with Peyton in tow.

At the bar, Blaine is searching the bar for the cure when Liv and Peyton come in. Liv figures that Jane hid the cure in the kitchen and goes in on her own, but Blaine notices her and follows Liv in. Out front, Don E is holding karaoke and Peyton take the stage. Still drunk, she sings and the crowd cheers.

Blaine steps out of the shadows and confronts Liv, hitting her with a frying pan. Liv rages out and attacks him.

Peyton finishes singing and drops the mike and one customer tells her that she sucks as a singer. She punches him to the floor.

Liv and Blaine fight and he goes for his gun. She kicks it out of his hand and slams him against the wall, and Carl hits her from behind with a bat. Before he can finish her off, Liv grabs the gun. Clive and his unis arrive and order Carl to drop the bat at gunpoint. Liv sees Jane's blood on the floor and tells Blaine that he's going down. Blaine says that Carl killed her and he'll make a full statement as soon as he calls his lawyer. A uni brings Peyton in and says that witnesses confirm she started the bar fight.

At the joint chiefs' meeting, the Chairwoman calls for a vote to see if they bomb Seattle. The vote is 50/50, and the Chairwoman says that zombies are not the monster they imagined. She admits that they have the capacity to become monsters but that doesn't make them different than them. The Chairwoman refuses to support the killing of innocent people because of what they might become.

Ravi meets Liv at Frank's office and complains that he didn't get to watch the barfight. They didn't find the zombie cure at the bar, and Liv remembers seeing Frank put the cure in his coat. They find a dry cleaner's tag, and Ravi remembers that there was a dry cleaner's ticket at the crime scene. They go to the dry cleaner's before Blaine figures it out.

At the bar, Candyfinds Don E drinking. He says that Darcy has agreed to hear him out but he doesn't know what he did wrong. Candy tells him that he did something wrong and he should start by admitting that. She wishes Don E luck and leaves. Liv, Clive, and Ravi come in and walk past Don E, go to Bunny's room, and discover the ticket is gone. Blaine comes in and Clive tells Ravi to call the dry cleaner's and have them hold the coat.

At the dry cleaner's, Candy hands over the ticket and collects the coat. She then gets on a cycle with her lover and they head off to Oregon.

Darcy meets with Don E and he apologizes. He admits that he doesn't know for what, and Darcy says that she's sorry. She points out that all Don E cared about Bunny's death was finding a replacement, and wonders if he'll handle her death the same. Don E tells her that he'll never be able to replace her and he loves her, then drops to one knee and proposes. Darcy agrees and they kiss.

Liv and Ravi return home, having confirmed that Candy picked up the coat and has disappeared. Peyton is hungover, and says that it's a fitting end to her career. She tells Liv and Ravi about Crawford killing himself, and Ravi secretly tells Liv that he told Martin about Max Rager. He figures Martin was working an angle, and Liv remembers that there's one door at Martin's house that is heavily bolted.

While Martin is at a NA meeting, Liv and Ravi break into his house and Liv picks the lock on the door. They find a lab inside and files on all of Martin's Utopium experiments. Before they can find the file about the tainted batch, they hear someone upstairs. They grab all of the files and pull open a curtain to find the cell with the full zombies inside.

Mills is in his office drinking, and finally calls a woman and says that they have an agenda in common. Dolly says that she's listening.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 12, 2019

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