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Collision Course (Part II) Recap

The truck heads for the black tower, and the readouts at the Lighthouse show it getting close. Yo-yo informs Mack that there's six minutes until impact, and Piper reports that there are no local law units in range to stop it. The Zephyr is too big to get close to the truck without toppling it, and Yo-yo goes to prepare the Quinjet. Mack figures that Sarge wouldn't platy martyr and wonders what they're missing.

Sarge hands out weapons and tells Jaco to take the bridge while Pax secure the engine bays. Pax wonders how they stop Yo-yo and her superspeed, but Sarge figures that they can handle her and hands out shelter charges. Once the field goes up, nobody can get in or out. Pax takes them, and Sarge tells Jaco that Snowflake couldn't make it out in time. They then head out to capture the Zephyr.

On the Lazy Comet, Fitz tells Jemma that he still can't send a signal. The crew arrive in the cargo hold gathering silently. Izel and the possess crew confront the two scientists and Izel asks if they're ready for arrival. She says that she gave them a higher purpose and assures Jemma and Fitz that she wouldn't render them mindless. Izel tells them that Earth has possibilities.

Snowflake contemplates merging with the cosmos, and Deke asks her what she knows about the bomb. She describes an atom bomb, and Deke panics. Miranda tells him to focus, and Daisy assures Deke that he's the only one who can do it. Deke figures that it's time to dazzle and goes to work.

As Yo-yo prepares to launch, Sarge and Jaco arrive, wound Diaz, and get the drop on Mack and Davos. They set the shelter charges to block Yo-yo from getting aboard.

Yo-yo discovers that Jaco and Pax have escaped.

Sarge handcuffs Mack and tells him to obey his orders or he'll kill Diaz. Mack considers and then tells Davis to get them out of the area.

The truck continues toward the tower, and Deke works on the bomb as the others look on. He finally says that he can't defuse it, and Snowflake panics. They brace for impact, and then Daisy goes for the bomb. The truck slams into the tower and goes through the crystalline structure, and it collapses as the Shrike soar up into the space. Inside the truck, the others see Daisy containing the explosion with her powers. She collapses from the strain once the explosion ends, and Deke and Snowflake kiss. Miranda points out that it's not over yet.

Sarge realizes the bomb didn't go off and wonders what happened.

On the Lazy Comet, Izel realizes that the tower has been destroyed and they're all in danger. She asks Fitz-Simmons if they were aware the tower would be attacked, and Jemma says that once they reach their friends on the ground then they can find out what happened. Izel tells them to make contact while they can still talk, and orders Boyle to take them to the upper atmosphere.

The scanner on the Zephyr shows the Lazy Comet leaving, and Sarge realizes that Izel is getting away. He tells Davis to set a course for the ship and Davis finally does so.

Yo-yo ambushes Pax and subdues him, and he tells her that they took the bridge.

Mack tells Diaz to hang in there, and then tells Sarge that they should regroup with his people and Snowflake. Sarge tells him that he's the hostage and should shut up, but Jaco figures they should need Snowflake's help. They argue about whether to get Snowflake, and Yo-yo slams a gagged Pax into the field and moves back. Sarge tells Jaco not to get him, but Yo-yo slams Pax into the field again. Jaco turns the field off and goes to Pax, and Yo-yo ices him. Sarge puts the field back up and tells Jaco to go after Yo-yo. After a moment, Jaco leaves while Mack works on his handcuffs.

Daisy and Miranda watch Snowflake and Deke kiss, and Miranda says that they have to get the nuke away from the civilians. They open the door and see the Shrike flying overhead. The creatures swarms the truck and Miranda slams the door shut before the Shrike can get in. Snow warns that she doesn't know how long the walls can hold off the Shrike.

Fitz and Jemma work on the comm system, and Jemma raises the Lighthouse on radio. Davis responds and sends a secret message that he's a prisoner. Sarge puts his gun to Davis' head, and Davis confirms that Jemma is on the Lazy Comet. Sarge gets on the radio and figures that Izel is listening, and says that he's coming for her. Izel says that he should come for her and she'll help him remember his real name.

Fitz-Simmons discuss why Sarge sounds like Coulson, and Izel tells Sarge that so far his actions were lacking. He insists that he stopped the spread by destroying Chronyca, and Izel asks whose skin he's wearing. She tells him that she doesn't want to destroy him, and asks Sarge why he wants to destroy her. Sarge says that she destroyed his family and took his memories of them, and Izel tells him that he never had any memories of them in the first place.

Izel signs off, and Sarge orders Davis to take them to the ship.

Izel grabs Fitz, realizing that he recognized Sarge's face. Fitz's says that they know someone with Sarge's voice but he's dead. Izel doesn't believe them, and Fitz and Jemma disarm the crew and flee, closing the door behind them. As the possessed crew move in, Fitz says that he has an idea but Jemma won't like it.

The Shrike start breaking through the walls, and one of them slams through the window. Miranda grabs it before it can fly into Deke's mouth. They start sealing off the windows and vents.

Yo-yo disarms Jaco and handcuffs him. He breaks them and tells Yo-yo that he's trying to save her planet. She points out that he's slaughtering innocent people and asks if he's okay with it, and Jaco insists that Sarge is doing the best he can and wasn't always a killer. Yo-yo asks if his family would want him to be a killer, and Jaco says that they'd want him to stop the beast that took them away from him.

Davis flies the Zephyr up into the upper atmosphere, and Sarge angrily tells him to speed up. Mack figures that he'll get his plane back by the end of the day, escapes his handcuffs, throws them at Sarge, and attacks him. They fight and Mack tells Davis to fly the plane when he starts moving to help. The two men continue fighting and Mack finally knocks Sarge to the floor and tells him to stand down. Jaco and Yo-yo arrive, and Jaco tells Sarge that it's over. Mack punches Sarge unconscious when he tries to get up.

Sarge wakes up in the pod and hears Mack, Davis, and Yo-yo discussing how to infiltrate the Lazy Comet. The prisoner says that they won't make it off the Lazy Comet alive, and suggests that Mack take him with them. He insists that he has to kill Izel, and they're taking Jaco along with them. Jaco goes with the trio and Sarge pounds the wall in frustration.

The team in the trailer seal the windows but realize the Shrike will break through anyway. Daisy tells Miranda to protect the bomb and then opens the door. She drops her knife and the Shrike start flying in. Daisy blasts them with her quake powers, turning them into dust. Everyone sighs in relief.

Fitz-Simmons hide in a closet, and Toad and Kruse go by.

The Zephyr docks with the Lazy Comet and the assault team blow open a hole. They drop in and Davis takes point because he knows the ship. They hear Izel singing and Jaco recognizes her, and Mack tells him to proceed with caution. They come to one crewman and ice him, but he gets up and comes at them. Mack punches him unconscious, and more crew move in. Jaco and Davis open fire while Mack and Yo-yo look for Fitz-Simmons.

Toad and Kruse find Fitz-Simmons, but Yo-yo handcuffs them at superspeed. Fitz and Mack hug and then they head back for the breech.

Davis and Jaco get to the cargo bay and Jaco spots Izel up above on the bridge. He tells Davis that they can end it despite Mack's orders, and Davis agrees. They split up to flank Izel, but when they get to the bridge they discover that Izel is gone. A crewman attacks them and Jaco throws him over the balcony. They find the others and head for the breach hole, but discover more crewmen between them. They get into the airlock and Jaco leads them to the airlock. Fitz seals the door and Jaco activates the teleport portal in his jacket.

The group arrive on the trailer and Deke hugs a surprised Fitz, who has no idea who he is. Jaco grabs the bomb, tells them to tell Sarge he completed the mission, and opens a portal. He tells Yo-yo that he's doing it for him and then teleports back to the Lazy Comet. Jaco opens the airlock and the possessed crew advance on him. He roasts them with his fire breath and detonates the bomb, and the Lazy Comet is destroyed.

Back at the Lighthouse, everyone celebrates Fitz-Simmons' return. Mack tells Daisy that the new agents are coming together, and wonders when he gets to hear stories about her journeys in space. They agree that they're looking forward to the debrief when they all get to hear Daisy's stories. Daisy notices Mack staring at Yo-yo, who is talking to Miranda. Miranda tells Yo-yo that she should have killed Sarge the moment she saw him. Yo-yo says that she just reminded Jaco of what he was fighting for, and they share a toast to his memories.

Piper tells Davis that he couldn't wait to get back, and asks him if Deke was as much a pain in the ass as Fitz. Davis dozes off.

Deke tries to talk to Fitz, saying that he looks great and younger. He tells Fitz that his being there proves his multiverse theory is right. Deke shows Fitz photos of his company and says that he wants to go to Scotland so he can learn everything about his family heritage before going to get Snowflake.

The guards take Coulson to his cell, and Snowflake tries to attack him when he says that it wasn't personal. Deke leads her to the party and Daisy talks to Deke privately. She asks why Snowflake isn't in lockup when she's a murderer, and Deke figures that she's jealous of the two of them together. Daisy tells him that it's about the murder and has the guards lock Snowflake up.

Mack calls for a toast to all of the agents, the ones they've lost and the ones still alive. He says that there's no SHIELD without them and they all toast.

Yo-yo goes to her quarters.

Piper puts a basketball hat on the sleeping Davis and takes a photo with him.

Deke brings the imprisoned Snowflake a big-screen TV.

Miranda looks at Coulson's SHIELD badge.

Mack visits Yo-yo and admits that he screwed up with her. He explains that if he could get her off of his mind, he would be a better Director. Mack admits that he doesn't know if it worked and Yo-yo has always been on his mind. She says that she always told him not to worry about her, and Mack admits that she was right. Mack asks for a chance to earn her forgiveness. When he tries to leave, Yo-yo closes the door, says that they can take it slow, and they kiss.

Miranda visits Sarge in his cell, draws her gun, and shoots him repeatedly.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 13, 2019

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