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Brilliant Disguise Recap

Abby sees Swamp Thing as Alec due to the hallucinatory pollen. He explains his theory of what happened, and admits that he doesn't know how long the hallucination will last. Alec says that he's longed for the connection between them, and looks for some food for her. A tree grows in through the window, bearing fruit, and Alec offers a plum to Abby. Alec explains that the Green responded to his concern for her, and says that he can hear the plants starting to "wake up". He realizes that the plants are trying to tell him something and talks about the beauty and the death where the rot and decay have taken over.

Abby asks him to show her so she can understand, and goes to the boat to take it to the area where the Rot is strongest. Alec warns her not to do it, but Abby insists that they're going so that she can get the medicine that she needs for the disease.

The next day at Delroy's, Matt is at the counter going over some paperwork. Liz comes over and notices that he's filling out a transfer request, and points out that she heard on the police scanner that Matt was out in the swamp looking for whatever attacked the hunters. Liz notes that she hasn't seen Abby, and Matt says that he knows about the transformed Alec. He explains that Abby is protecting Alec thinking that she can restore him to human form, and Liz tells him that being pensive isn't him. Matt admits that he's scared of the darkness Abby has said is in Marais coming from the swamp, and worries that she's right.

Avery comes to the kitchen in the manor and finds Maria making pecan pie. She says that she's preparing a homecooked meal for their visitor, Nathan Ellery. Maria tells her husband that thanks to the new medicine that she's receiving, she feels much more relaxed. She asks about Nathan and the "Conclave" that he represents, and Avery says that they've given millions to all kinds of startups. Maria describes the meal and Avery hugs her, happy with her attitude.

Nadine brings Lucilia in, and she says that she needs to talk to Avery privately about police business. Once they're alone, Lucilia grabs Avery, furious that he used Matt to kill Alec. She says that everything Avery touches goes to hell, and Avery points out that she didn't complain when he was paying her off. He tells her to have a drink and leave before Nathan arrives, and Lucilia says that Alec is still alive. Lucilia warns that if Alec gets into town and talks then all three of them will go down for conspiracy and murder. She tells Avery that they're going to kill Alec and Avery will have to come with her and help. Avery finishes his drink and goes with Lucilia. As they leave, Maria asks if everything is okay and Avery says that they have some legal business. However, he assures Maria that he'll be back before Nathan arrives.

Alec and Abby walk through the swamp, and Abby notes how lush it is. He tells her that it involves something other than science, and there are unseen forces of life and death all around then, keeping a practice. Sometimes there are places where the darker elements like the Rot take over and drown out the Green. Alec says that the trees are in pain and they come to the area that the Rot controls. Abby prepares to take a sample, but Alec warns that it's too dangerous to continue. Despite that, she goes on.

Maria visits Jason and asks him to explain his conclusions in more detail. She points out that Daniel was taken away strapped to a gurney but Jason claimed his treatment was a success. Maria asks if he could achieve what he promised if time and money wasn’t an issue. Jason asks where Avery is, and Maria says that Avery is gone and Jason now answers to her. She repeats her question and Jason says that he can deliver. Maria tells him to be at the dinner on time and leaves.

Lucilia and Avery take a boat out into the swamp, and Lucilia loads her shotgun. She asks why Avery had Alec killed, and Avery says that Alec overstepped and stuck his nose where it didn't belong. Avery tells Lucilia that the swamp owes him a life for killing his father, and Alec would have destroyed all the prosperity that Avery brought to Marais. Lucilia isn't impressed, and Avery insists that Alec didn't leave him much choice. He offers to take the shotgun and finish off Alec himself, and Lucilia finally gives it to him and goes ashore.

Alec and Abby go into the Rot zone, and Alec says that it is expanding. He warns that they can't stay there, and Abby takes a sample from a downed tree. A root grabs Abby's arm and Alec pulls it free. It cuts her, and Alec binds the wound and leads her off as branches and then trees fall around them. Behind them, the Rot spreads outward.

Caroline helps Jason with his tie, and she wishes her husband would reconsider and they could leave Marais. Jason insists that the cure for her Alzheimer's lies with the sample she saw, and assures Caroline that he won't accept anything other than a complete cure for her condition.

Avery and Lucilia go through the swamp, and Lucilia says that they need to go a little further and get it done. She sees something moving, and Avery puts the shotgun to her head and asks if she's waiting for her partner to show up and help kill him. Lucilia denies it but Avery doesn't believe her. She says that he can't kill her because she's the only person on Earth who sees him for who he really is, and she thought Avery loved her. Avery says that he does, and Matt comes up behind him and knocks Avery down and then clubs him unconscious. Lucilia tells her son that they have to finish Avery on the water to make sure there's no evidence. They pick Avery up and drag him away.

Nathan arrives at the Sunderland manor and Maria greets him. She says that Avery had to run an errand and invites Nathan to join her for a cocktail while they wait for her husband to return.

Alec takes Abby to his lab and examines the wound. Black veins are spreading from it down her arm, and Alec says that they need to take her to the hospital. Abby suggests that he bring plants that act as an antiseptic, and Alec concentrates. Branches grow through the windows and Alec has Abby swallow several of the petals. Abby screams in pain as the black veins continue to spread.

Lucilia and Matt take Avery out on the water after tying him up. Avery wakes up and chuckles, saying that he didn't think Matt had the guts. He asks if Matt can live with killing his own father. Avery says that he paid doctors to confirm that Matt was his son. As Matt argues with Lucilia, Avery grabs a hidden knife and stabs Matt in the shoulder. Lucilia shoots Avery in the leg, and he jumps overboard as she shoots him again. She then goes to Matt and puts pressure on the wound, saying that they'll get help.

Alec says that the Green and the Rot are struggling against each other inside of her. He uses his powers, reverting to his Swamp Thing form, and insinuates his plant body into her stomach. Abby passes out and Swamp Thing calls to her.

When Avery doesn't arrive, Maria continues with the dinner with Nathan, Jason, and Caroline. Nathan wants to see the data about Avery's breakthrough, and points out that Avery couldn't be bothered to come. Maria says that she knows about the Mod 4 project, and tells Jason to walk them through the prospectus. Jason does so and Maria says that their first patient had a severe brain injury but recovered in two days after being dosed with Jason's serum. Intrigued, Nathan eats his pie and reads the prospectus, complimenting Maria on the pie.

Abby wakes up and sees Swamp Thing as Alec. He's treating her wound, and she takes his hand and thanks him. Alec warns that the spores are wearing off, and Abby tells him that what they have is right there and right now no matter what happens in the future. Abby kisses him, and Alec hugs her and then says that she should get some rest.

Jason and Caroline return home after Nathan gives them the funding, and Jason assures his wife that she'll be the first to benefit. Caroline asks who the other couple at the table were, referring to Nathan and Maria. She has no memory of who they really are, and Jason realizes that Caroline's condition is worsening.

As Lucilia takes Matt to shore, he wonders why she never told him that Avery is his father. She says that she was ashamed, and calls to a car as it arrives.

Maria is checking her signature on the funding paperwork, and hears a knock at the patio door. It's Lucilia and Matt, who are there with Dr. Rubenstone from the hospital. Lucilia says that she couldn't take Matt to the hospital with a knife wound, and Maria lets them in.

In the kitchen, Rubenstone stitches up Matt's wound and Lucilia gives Matt a drink for the pain. Maria tells Lucilia that it wasn't part of their plan, and Lucilia says that she didn't expect Avery to stab her son. She confirms that Maria had the Conclave sign the paperwork, and Lucilia assures her that Avery is dead. The sheriff pours them both drinks and says that the company is Maria's. Lucilia reminds Maria to file a missing persons report, and Maria says that she doesn't want to see Lucilia again now that she's done what they both needed to be done. Maria tells her to clean up the blood before she goes and leaves.

Abby joins Alec on the dock, and he tells her that she should go. He doesn't think that she should come back, and suggests that he's a part of some larger plan that's bigger than the both of them. Alec warns that the Rot is all around them and it's a fight to the death, and maybe he's been turned into Swamp Thing to be a warrior in the battle. Only Swamp Thing could have saved Abby's life, not Alec. Alec tells her that she's done what she can and she has a life to go live. Abby sees him as Swamp Thing, and Swamp Thing says that it's too dangerous for her in the swamp and wants her to leave and never come back.

Later, Abby drives away from Marais and calls Liz. She says that she's been saying goodbye to Alec, and tells her friend that he's losing hope. Abby is heading to Atlanta to use the CDC resources to analyze the sample she took, and insists that she has to find a way to help Alec.

As a storm comes up, the wounded Avery climbs out of the water and pulls himself up on the shore.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 13, 2019

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