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Chapter 23 Recap

Ptonomy gets his mustache trimmed, and Kerry asks if he remembers "fun". She says that she misses Kerry, and wonders if Ptonomy misses anyone. Kerry complains that they're all like grown-ups, and figures that Ptonomy doesn't understand. Ptonomy chokes and then says that his narrative is compromised. The Vermilions around him twitch and time alters, and Kerry finds herself cradling Ptonomy in her arms. He wonders what they did to his mustache and dies.

Kerry finds herself in Syd's room, and doesn't remember the conversation they just had about time travel. Syd realizes that they're being attacked by David in the past, and figures that they need the real Cary. The two women hear giggling, and Syd tells Cary to get out. As they leave, the apple on Syd's desk rots and does.

At a house in the suburbs, Lenny sits on the lawn with Janine. Janine says that her unborn daughter wants to join them, and tells Lenny that she makes her smart. They consider what to name their baby, and Lenny suggests that she quit and they hit the road. Janine tells her that she knows where Lenny goes. David and Switch appear through Switch's portal, and David says that they have to go back so he can warn her mother. Time repeats itself twice, and Switch realizes what happening.

Ptonomy confirms that computers across the world are corrupted, and he and the Vermilions reports to Clark that someone is altering time. Syd and Kerry arrive and Syd realizes that David destroys the world by altering the timeline. Time repeats itself twice, and a hand reaches through the monitor they're studying. Farouk arrives and stops it, and the severed hand drops to the floor.

David levitates and meditates, and remembers himself as a baby. Lenny comes in and tells David that they're ready for him. He lowers himself to the ground, and when Lenny asks if he's okay briefly touches his forehead. David then meets with his acolytes and asks if they're happy. They assure him that they are, and David says that he made a big mess. The Acolytes assure him that they're not mad with him, but Lenny says that there's a problem with the clock.

David asks Switch why time looped, and she says that there are demons in the hall. She explains that they live in the space outside of time and are always trying to find a way in, and she can hear them giggling when she's traveling. Switch doesn't know what they look like: maybe blue cats. The demons play with time instead of mice, eating it. David assures the acolytes that he will protect them because he's their daddy, and they beg him to make them feel good. David uses his telepathy to make them feel good, but Lenny shrugs it off and tells David to come up with a plan. He tells her to be nice or he can't be nice, and Lenny tells him to get mad and use his powers to save their asses. The room darkens for a moment, and then David says that he's going to fix it no matter what it takes and no matter who the universe sends after him, because it's his time.

Switch wakes up and David tells her to take him back. She warns that the more doors they open, the more the demons will enter their time. Time loops again, and David announces that he is the alpha and omega, eating monsters for breakfast. Giggling echoes around them, and Switch warns that the time demons are there. David tells Switch and Lenny to run, and then calls the demons over. They jump through the seconds of time, and flowers age and rot around them as they reach David.

The demons grab David and he finds himself in a cell. A woman is in the next cell and asks if he's a Jew, gypsy, or homosexual. The woman says they round up deviants and lunatics, and warns that it's the beginning of the end. David realizes that it's Gabrielle.

Farouk tells Syd, Kerry, and Clark that the Time Eaters live in black holes and David must have left them out. They're too powerful so they have to go their nest--the Time Between Time--to kill them. Syd hears something and goes into a hallway, and the others disappear as time changes. Meanwhile, Syd continues down the hallway and comes to a room. A girl is standing at the window and says that she's surprised that she's in an airship. Syd realizes that the girl is wearing a dress like she once had, and the girl turns and says that her name is Sydney. Her older self figures that she needs a drink, and Sydney asks if she can have one.

Syd explains that she's Sydney's future self, and talks about the first time they drank when they were 9. Sydney swallows her drink and wonders if she's dreaming. Syd says that time is collapsing and soon there'll be nothing of them.

The time demons destroy the machinery.

Cary is working in his lab and the time demons appear and disappear around him. He hears them but continues working, and his experiments change as time changes. Cary sees a pile of a flesh like substance appear on the a table, and starts to take a sample of it. He remembers David using his mental powers to compel him to do what David wants, and whispers "Treachery". Cary goes back to his workbench and takes a piece of equipment, then walks through the house calling to the demons. They giggle around him but remain out of sight, and Cary hears clinking from behind a door.

Women run out of the room, and Switch whispers to Cary telling him to hide. He wonders what they're hiding from, and Switch says that the demons eat time. Cary explains that he's there to rescue her, and the moment when David mentally altered him was removed from time. He leads Switch off, saying that where they're going they won't need to hide.

Heading for the door, Cary and Switch come to women frozen at a door. Switch warns that they're frozen in time and if they touch them, they'll freeze as well. The demons giggle behind them, and Switch takes Cary to the tunnel.

David tells Gabrielle that he'll get them out. He's unable to telekinetically remove the bars between them, and says "Mommy". Gabrielle assumes that he's calling to his mother, and says that she and her families are gypsies. She describes how they move from country to country, and warns that they will all be erased. David realizes that she's talking about his history, and insists that he can fix it by going back through time. He figures that it's about him, not the world, and Gabrielle assumes that he's a madman. David tells her to make sure that her future husband doesn't go on a trip. Gabrielle says that she's crazy, too, and David insists that he's not crazy. He tells her that his life was taken from him, and begs Gabrielle to remember to think of him when she sings his song.

Two prisoners appear behind David and teleport him into a void. He destroys them with his powers, and they turn into two demons. David is unable to approach them because they keep rewinding him back in time.

Farouk, Kerry, and Clark appear in the time Between Time, and Clark sees a trail leading off. They proceed to the path and come to a dead animal, and set up camp while feeding on the creature's flesh. The trio continue on and spot a bunker up ahead.

Cary and Switch leave the tunnel in the city and hide in a phone booth. Using the device he took, Cary calls the airship and Ptonomy answers. Cary requests emergency drop ship extraction, and Ptonomy reports a time code error and requests a reboot. Cary gives an override code and tells Ptonomy to engage the temporal failsafe, and they appear on the airship. Switch warns that they're losing time, and the demons could stop them from ever being born. Cary asks Ptonomy if the demons are scheming or just eating, and Ptonomy warns that it will take over three years to make the calculations necessary.

Syd and Sidney drink, and Sidney wonders if she's seeing her future. Sydney wonders what she is, and Syd explains their mutant power. Sydney describes how she went to the shower and had sex with her father, and Syd says that sex is often about power. Her younger self asks if it gets better, and Syd says that they fall in love and that's worth it. Syd explains that she fell in love with a man who had powers, and it was magic for a while. Then he turned her around. Sydney tells her that the she wrote on her arms about going to a desert island with David, and asks if they switch places if they hug. Syd doesn't have an answer for her, and they hug.

Nothing happens, and then Syd finds herself on the floor with a demon hovering over her.

In the house, Janine looks for Janine. The demons giggle and Janine screams. Lenny runs to her and finds her giving birth in the clock room. She talks Janine through the delivery, and Lenny finds herself holding a baby. Time moves forward and Lenny's daughter Violet gives her a picture that she made. Violet continues aging to adulthood and presents Lenny with her granddaughter, and then they hug. Lenny's daughter becomes a dying old woman who thanks Lenny for always being there for her.

Lenny wakes up in the clock room alone, holding the picture, and screams.

Farouk, Clark, and Lenny explore the bunker and fight the demons. One gets the drop on Kerry, but Farouk pulls a sword from his throat and kills them. The three of them kill the remaining demons.

Syd screams in pleasure and pain.

David is unable to get to the demons, who keep eating time and sending him back to where he started. He promises that he'll get the time back because no one that hurts him is real. David declares that he's God and kills one of the demons. The other one listens and David tells it that it's his time, not theirs.

The demon attacking Syd disappears.

The remaining demons fighting Farouk, Kerry, and Clark vanish. After a moment they return to real time.

Lenny is lying on the sidewalk outside the house, crying. David asks her how bad it is, and Lenny refuses to let him mentally sooth her pain. She says that she needs to feel it, and David walks into the house. The Acolytes run to him and he telekinetically knocks them back, telling them to stop. One of them says that Cary took Switch, and David screams in frustration. After a moment he recovers and says that it's war.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 16, 2019

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