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In Zod We Trust Recap

The people at Krypton stare at their screens as Jax cuts Lyta's throat.

A stunned Seg takes refuge in the catacombs and screams in grief and rage, as Jayna and Dev look on.

A Sagitari commander informs a shocked Zod that they've spotted Doomsday in an ice cave system. Zod confirms that the Rebels still hold the public broadcast system. When the Sagitari admits that he doesn't know if the people are watching replaces of Lyta's death, Zod drops the protective force field and shoves him through the window to his death, and tells him to find out.

Araame covers over Lyta's body, and Jax tells the Rebels that what she did is for the best and the Sagitari are cut off from reinforcements. Once they take control of the Space Elevator, they can make it permanent. As Jax tries to muster the Rebels, Val yells at her that she has cost them any chance of peace. She insists that it was necessary, and Val says that it was an act of barbarism that goes against everything they stand for and she broadcast live. Jax insists that the people saw Zod's duplicity and weakness, and the people saw their commitment. Val tells her that she made a grave tactical error because they're freedom fighters, not terrorists, and they need the people for support. The Rebels mutter their agreement, and Val says that Jax showed the people a tyrant as bad as the one she seeks to overthrow. Val tells her that he will no longer stand with her, and tells the Rebels that they have to choose. The Rebels agree with Val and aim their guns at Jax.

Nyssa descends on the Space Elevator and radios Zod to say that she's done what he asked and has the Codex, and is coming to get Cor. If he doesn't give her Cor then she will destroy the Codex. Zod asks if she would doom their people, and Nyssa says that she'll do anything to protect her family. The general says that he will honor their deal, and breaks the connection when Nyssa tells him that she doesn't trust him.

Seg, Jayna, and Dev continue on until they stop for rest. Dev says that they'll head back to the outpost, and asks Seg if he will come with them. Seg and Jayna argue about why Val failed to stop Lyta's death, and Seg tells them that Zod reconditioned Lyta. Dev doesn't believe it, but Seg says that he saw the records and what Zod did to Lyta. The Sagitari blames himself, saying he knows when it happened, and tells them that Lyta was devastated when she believe Seg was dead. The two of them grew closer but then Lyta changed. Dev realized that Lyta was in love with Seg and hoped that it would pass, but it didn't until Seg died. He saw the same blind devotion Lyta had for Seg, directed at Zod, and gave up on her.

Brainiac appears to Seg, commenting on his grief over Lyta's death. He figures that Seg doesn't want to feel that way, and advises him to divest himself of emotion. Seg yells at Brainiac, and Dev and Jayna wonder what he's doing. He tells them that what happened to Lyta isn't their fault, and they need to push forward. Dev hears comm chatter about Lyta's arrival, including the fact that Zod sent a Sagitari squad to recover something from Lyta, and Nyssa has been deemed surplus to requirements.

Val has Jax and her remaining supporters taken away, and Kem wonders if Seg saw Lyta die. Addressing the Rebels, Val says that there will be no secrets. He tells them that he believes what they're doing is right and just, and they have to win. Zod calls them and demands that they hand over Jax or everyone on Wegthor will die. Val objects, and Zod says that Lyta is the only one who stayed his hand. When Val says that Jax is in custody and will answer for her done, Zod informs him that he doesn't care and orders them to send Jax within the hour.

The Sagitari take Nyssa through the cargo area to Zod, and the two Sagitari accompanying shove her to the ground. She kills them with a knife. More Sagitari arrive and as Nyssa runs, Seg finds her. She hugs him, and the helmeted Sagitari arrive... and reveal that they're Dev and Jayna.

Val tells Adam and Kem that Lyta's death stoked Zod's desire for revenge. He points out that they can either turn over Jax or face Zod's wrath. Kem suggests that he turn over Jax to stop the killing, and Adam warns that Zod won't stop until he kills all of them. Val agrees with him but figures turning Jax over will buy them time.

Once they're in hiding, Nyssa tells Seg that she has the Codex and Zod has Cor. She explains that Val put a failsafe in the Codex so that if anyone tries to weaponized it, it will shut down. Jayna points out that Zod would have killed Nyssa once he discovered what she did, and Nyssa agrees but says that it wouldn't have stopped her. She notes that she would have done anything for Cor just as Jayna would have done anything for Lyta. Jayna agrees and says that they'll find a way to get Cor back. Seg tells them that Zod won't expect Nyssa to come to his office. When Dev objects, Seg says that he will do anything to keep his family safe. He vows that no more harm will come to the people he loves, and they head for Zod's office.

Zod demands a progress report on the weapon, and the Weapons Engineer tells him that the hardware components are complete. The warhead could pierce an underground bunker. Zod says that the Engineer will have the Zod, which will let them make the theoretical weapon real. He gives her an hour, and the Engineer assures him that won't be a problem.

When Araame tells the imprisoned Jax that Val treats her like a pupil, Jax slams her against the wall and angrily says that Val is the most brilliant man she knows. She explains that she does what needs to be done because no one else will, and doesn't care if people see her as a monster. Araame agrees with her but points out that they've backed themselves into a corner by killing Lyta. Jax tells her that she's gotten out of corners before, removes a pin from Araame's hair, and cuts open her arm to reveal her subdermal comm device.

Zod learns that Nyssa killed two Sagitari. Nyssa comes in and asks where Cor is, and Zod says that he's safe once she hands over the Codex. She holds it up but demands Cor first, and says that the Codex is programmed her voice and anyone else operating it will destroy it. Zod admits that she's impressed him and says that if she helps him bring down the Rebel, he will reward her afterward. Nyssa hands over the Codex and Zod has Cor brought in. She takes her child and Zod tells her to unlock the Codex. Nyssa tells him to remove the guards, and Zod has them leave. She then accesses the Codex and walks away with Cor, and Zod stares at the Codex says that he'll have it verified. Nyssa asks how she can trust him to keep his word, and Zod tells her that she has to learn to trust him. He admits that it's a leap of faith for her, and Nyssa turns off the force field window and jumps... onto the waiting flyer piloted by Seg. Zod opens fire on the flyer but Seg flies it off.

Val and Adam have discovered that Jax killed her guard and escaped with Araame. Kem reports that Jax has stolen gravity minds, and Val realizes where she's going.

As Seg flies off through the Outlands, Brainiac tells him that something else warrants his concern. The flyer goes down from one of Zod's shots, and Brainiac says that he can assist. Seg tells Nyssa to brace himself, and Brainiac instructs him on how to reroute power from the life support. When Seg does so, he's able to pull the flyer out of its dive.

Zod gives the Engineer the Codex and tells her to have the work done in one hour.

Seg and the others arrive at the outpost and go inside.

Val, Adam, and Kem go into the tunnels to find Jax and Araame. They open fire on the trio and Val shoots back, killing Araame. Val advances on Jax and says that he didn't want to come to it. Jax says that she didn't want Val to have blood on his hands and aims her gun at them. The older man asks her to surrender, and after a moment Jax lowers her gun. Val explains about Zod's ultimatum, and tells Jax that she succeeded in provoking Zod. Jax says that he's never had to make the tough choices, and gives him the detonator for the gravity bombs. She explains that she's laid them around the base station, which will cut off Zod's reinforcements.

Val takes the detonator, and Kem objects. Jax points out that they don't have the numbers to defend their base and the station. Kem pleads with Val, pointing out that there are civilians at the station that don't support Zod. Jax asks if Val will sacrifice a few to save the planet.

Nyssa goes to Jayna and says that she and Lyta never saw eye to eye. However, Nyssa says that she respected Lyta and would have found a way to stop Jax if she knew she was going to kill Lyta. Dev suggests that they all failed Lyta, or maybe she never could have been saved. Seg tells them that they can make her death count and focus on stopping Zod before he spreads destruction across the universe. Jayna notes that whatever they do won't bring Lyta back and walks away.

Val calls Zod, who says that Val can return to the Scientist Guild to work for him. The scientist says that he would never work for Zod and blows up the station. Jax smiles in satisfaction, and Val tells her that she can't be a part of the rebellion. He orders her to disappear and one day she may find herself.

Zod goes to the lab and has the Engineergive him the new weapon. She warns him that the Codex was corrupted and there's no way to know if they retrieved the genetic information they need. Zod says that they'll test the weapon in the field and leaves.

Dev lies down next to Jayna, who wonders where they go now that Lyta is dead. He assures her that wherever they go, they'll go together. They take each other's hands and Jayna breaks into tears of grief.

Nyssa looks out at Seg, standing in the snow. He mourns Lyta and Brainiac appears, commenting on his tears. Brainiac figures that they are tears of frustration because Seg can't beat Seg, and Seg insists that they'll defeat Zod. The Coluan says that Seg knows he can't win, and Seg admits that it's true unless Brainiac helps him. Brainiac tells him to take him to his ship and he will imbue Seg with the power to defeat Zod. Seg figures that Brainiac is manipulating him, and Brainiac says that he gives his word. After looking at Nyssa at the window, Seg turns back to Brainiac.

Zod goes to a cave in the Outlands, primes the weapon, and goes in.

Seg goes inside and tells Nyssa that they need to leave without Jayna and Dev. Nyssa asks what's going on with him, and Seg tells her that Brainiac is alive in him. He asks Nyssa to help him end it, and she's the only one he can trust. Seg repeats his promise that he will never let anything happen to her or Cor.

Zod finds Doomsday sleeping in the cavern, advances on the beast, and it wakes up.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 18, 2019

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