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Killer Queen Recap

Liv and Ravi stare at the imprisoned zombies, and Ravi confirms that they don't respond despite the fact they've gone full Romero. The pair spot a window in the back of the cell and Liv points out that it's their only way out.

Martin comes into the lab with Lambert, and they discuss a TSA infrared sensor at the airport. Looking at his table, Martin notices that someone has been in there and taken some of the samples. He looks into the cage but Ravi and Liv had already escaped. Martin tells Lambert to call Spud and they have to leave immediately.

Drag queens Mike Stansfield and Gary Schaeffer are in their dressing room at Prince Mary's discussing their ad. Gary leaves to buy some nails. When he comes back a few minutes later and manager Howard Denning goes with him, they discover that Mike is murdered.

At the morgue, Ravi looks at the stolen sample of the original Utopium that created the zombie. He apologizes to Liv for Martin turning out to be such a bastard, and puts the sample away so he can send it to Charlie at the CDC. Once she analyzes it, they're closer to getting a cure. Ravi tells Liv that another Freylich kid has gone missing, and Liv assures him that it isn't his fault. Clive comes in and reads the contents of Mike's dressing room. He was strangled to death with a string of pearls, and Ravi hands a brain saw to Liv.

Once Liv eats Mike's brain, Clive tells Liv that they have Howard arrested. Howard was Mike's ex-husband. Liv complains about the dead green décor, and Clive tells her to keep it professional. They question Howard in the interrogation room and he compliments Liv on her bright dress. He explains that Mike and Gary bought the club but Gary was with him when they found Mike's body. Liv points out that the bar is going to Mike, and Howard says that Gary had money issues and sold his share to Mike. There's only one entrance into the bar, and Howard claims that he doesn't know of anyone who wanted to kill Mike. He advises them to talk to Gary if they want to hear Gary.

Outside, Liv and Clive agree that Howard is innocent. Cavanaugh comes by with a human woman, Clarissa Bates, and Cavanaugh tells Liv that rich man Edward Franzen was a former zombie who got cured, and then his wife shot him dead when she discovered that he had a girl on the side. Liv calls Ravi up, while Cavanaugh questions Clarissa. Ravi and Liv watch from the observation gallery as Cavanaugh confirms that her boyfriend was a zombie. She says that Edward was a zombie up to a few hours before he was murdered.

Bubba tells Blaine that Edward was murdered before he could pay for the Freylich brain. Blaine calls Marty, his out-of-town financier, and Marty confirms that they didn't get paid. Don E comes in and says that Darcy wants bagpipes for their wedding. Darcy comes in wearing a wedding dress and is furious that Don E saw it before the wedding. Blaine tells Bubba to get him some more buyers.

Liv and Clive question Clive, who says that he has an alibi for when Mike was murdered. He describes that they were into drag for decades. Liv points out that he sold his share of the bar to Mike, and Gary admits that it wasn't a good business move because drag is popular. He asks if they've spoken to "Bitchcraft", one of the new zombie kids. Gary says that the kid, Bitchcraft, fancies himself a star and sent her promotes to pressure Mike to sell. They refused and Gary claims that he saw her in the audience the night Mike was murdered. Gary tells them that she's performing that night.

After Ravi gets off the phone with Cavanaugh, Major returns home and discovers that Ravi has made sushi for him. He realizes that Ravi needs a favor, and Ravi suggests that they locate some kidnapped teens together. Ravi explains that he founds someone who can lead them to the Freylich kids, and explains that Clarissa probably put Edward in with a brain seller. He wants Major to be "gigolo bait" and Major agrees.

Riley and Graham are packing for a run when Liv comes in looking for her coat. They explain that they're taking the Dillon sisters out because there mother needs treatment. After Riley takes them out, Liv says Graham isn't telling him something and asks where her coat is. He sends her to her bedroom, and Graham and Riley glance at each other.

Later, Liv and Clive talk to Bitchcraft, who isn't interested in what Gary had to say. Bitchcraft says that she was at home watching TV and doesn't have an alibi, and says that her promoter Tony made Mike and Gary an offer. She puts on his wig and says that he's the new thing, and goes out on stage to perform. Liv and Clive watch from the bar with Tony, and Tony says that the kids love her. He complains that Mike and Gary didn't sell the bar because of personal drama, and explains that everyone wants the property. Much to Liv's disgust, Clive applauds Bitchcraft's act when he's done. Gary joins them and points out that Carlo has to sweep up all of the rhinestones and glitter that fall off of Bitchcraft's dress.

Liv collects the samples and at the lab, tells Clive that the rhinestones are hand-carved and from Mike's dress that he was wearing the night he was murdered. There are glue-it-on rhinestones that match the ones from Bitchcraft's dress in Mike's dressing room, and they go to bring Bitchcraft in.


Major goes to the restaurant where Clarissa works and she recognizes him. They talk about his rough days and Major invites her to sit with her. Major talks about what a drag FG is, and says that he could get himself out of the city but he'd be a zombie. Clarissa says that she might know someone who has access to a cure but warns that it's really expensive. Major says that it's not a problem, and Clarissa tells him that Major would have to take her with him. He agrees and gives her his number on a business card.

Later, Major tells Ravi that he gave Clarissa a bugged card and knows where she went. Ravi asks if they're going to do recon, and Major says that it's a nice change of pace as they leave.

Lambert gives an imprisoned Stephen some brain tubes, then goes out. Martin tells him that Riley and his team should reach Vegas, and tells Lambert to have Stephen released. Lambert notes that Martin is putting their operation at risk by leaving Liv unharmed and then releasing Stephen. After a moment, Martin tells him to do what he thinks is necessary.

When they bring him in, Bitchcraft admits that he used glue-on rhinestones. Clive points out that he appears on the security camera footage the night Mike died. Bitchcraft says that it's one of his Hags, a follower. Liv has a memory-flash of someone having their wig falling off while killing Mike. She and Bitchcraft figure that it's a Cher wig, and they compare nets for a few minutes. Liv then has Jenkins get photos of all the drag queens who wear Cheer wigs. Jenkins reports that there was one "Cher" who came in but didn't come out, and Liv notes that they know someone who wears a Cher act: Gary.

Major and Ravi go the abandoned warehouse that Clarissa went to, and spot a smuggler leaving. The two men park their car around the back and sneak in, and Major tells Ravi to stand guard while he goes in to do recon. Major goes in, and Ravi spots movement through a window and decides to take a look for himself. He climbs up to the window and hears a thudding noise, and realizes that the van he's on has someone inside it. He opens the roof hatch and finds gagged Freylich children inside.

Gunfire rings out and Major comes running out of the warehouse. He dives behind some barrels, and Ravi hits the gunman with a van. Ravi says that he has the kids in the back, and Major congratulates him before they drive off.

Bubba tells Blaine that someone took the Freylich kids and he doesn't know who abducted them. Blaine calls Marty, who reports that the wire transfer is still frozen. Marty tells Blaine that Don E is in charge of Blaine's old account and getting money from FG, and Blaine hangs up. He doesn't believe that Don E is still running brains.

Gary is rehearsing his act on stage at Prince Mary's when Liv and Clive come in. Clive tells him that Bitchcraft wasn't at the club the night Mike was murdered, and suggests that Gary killed Mike wearing Mike's Cher act as a disguise. Liv finds Gary's old Cher dress, and Clive says that Mike was in talks to sell the bar to make a parking lot. He figures Gary planted the rhinestones to implicate Bitchcraft, and when he denies it Liv says that they'll confirm via DNA testing that Gary wore the dress. Gary breaks and says that it's his home and his family, and he did what he had to. Clive arrests Gary, and Liv gets a text.

At the morgue, Cavanaugh and Liv check out Stephen's body. The detective says that Stephen was reported missing a few weeks ago and was shot. Cavanaugh has photos of Stephen with Graham, and Liv recognizes Graham.

Don E holds the wedding at the bar and tells the guests that Darcy is running late. Blaine comes in and confronts Don E, telling him that they checked the hotel and Don E should come with him into the back. Darcy is dead on a couch, and Blaine says that they brought her body there to avoid a scene. Don E breaks into tears and says that their love was so strong but the Freylichs was stronger. Blaine says that they have to deliver her body to the clients but tells Don E to take his time with her before they do.

Riley and the "Dillon sisters" go to a brothel near Vegas and shoot the four prostitutes in the house dead. They then put on the girl's lingerie, cut out their brains, and calls to say that they're in position and can reopen for business once they eat the brains. Riley and the others then prepare under a welcome sign for the National Electronic Convention.

Liv returns home and Ravi tells her that he and Major rescued imprisoned kids with Freylich. She talks to Graham privately and tells him that Stephen is dead. Crying, Graham says that Stephen was his boyfriend and apologizes to Liv. He explains that they took Stephen and forced Graham to do what they wanted, and Liv asks what he did: He explains that he brought Riley in and describes the zombie extremist group, and that the girls Riley took weren't the Dillon sisters.

Martin gets a Facetime call from Liv. He takes it and she asks what he's doing. Martin finally tells her that Riley will infect the conventioneers and then a new order will begin. Liv points out that it looks like mass murderer, and Martin tells her that he knows what's necessary and he does it, and he's seen it in Liv. He warns that people think that they're monsters, and Liv says that she knows it's not easy but she does it. Liv begs Martin not to do it, and Martin tells her to give it time. Lambert tells Martin that they need to infect the airport, and Liv tells Martin not to make them monsters. The former policeman says that he needs to let their people know what to do, and draws his gun on Martin. Martin asks what he's going to do, and Lambert shoots him. Martin turns or advances on him, and says that if it doesn't go they regroup. Lambert shoots him in the head and Martin goes down, as Liv watches until Lambert destroys Martin's computer.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 19, 2019

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