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Leap Recap

The medics take the badly wounded Sarge away as alarms go out throughout the Lighthouse to the brig. They stare at Sarge's body being taken away, and the doctor says she'll do what she can. Miranda is there, and tells Mack and the others that she shot Sarge because it had to be done.

Daisy questions Melinda and says that killing people isn't what they do. Melinda says that it was a time for extremes. Mack and Yo-yo watch through a one-way mirror, and Yo-yo says that Melinda has done it before to prevent future suffering and she's done it before. He admits that he never really knew Melinda and tells Yo-yo to check the security footage. Once he leaves, Piper arrives and Yo-yo tells her that she doesn't believe Melinda shot Sarge.

In the med bay, Fitz-Simmons examine Sarge and confirm that he still has a pulse even though he should be dead. Jemma says that Sarge is getting stronger and coming back, and they wonder who or what he is.

In his dreams, Sarge sees a female figure come up to him. She puts her hand on his chest.

Daisy tells Yo-yo and Piper what Melinda said, and figures the world is better off without Sarge. However, they all wonder why Melinda used a gun when she prefers her bare hands. Piper checks Melinda quarters, Daisy checks the truck, and Yo-yo goes into Melinda's cell. Melinda says that she has no idea how she ended up there, and the last thing she remembers is leaving the party. Yo-yo tells her that she shot Sarge.

Piper is walking down the hall and someone--or something—comes at her as she draws her gun and fires.

Deke goes to the med bay and talks to Fitz about the shooting. Fitz asks if Deke got a chance to know Coulson before he died, and Deke says that he left before it happened. He explains that he's trying to figure out the connection between Coulson, Sarge, and Izel. Deke says that Sarge wasn't very nice and talks about his company, and Fitz tells him that scientific discovery needs money. Piper comes in and asks if they noticed anything odd about Melinda when she got back. She figures that Melinda will be just fine and goes to ask around. Once Fitz and Deke leaves, Piper removes a piece of black crystal from a containment unit.

Yo-yo asks Melinda what she remembers, and Melinda describes what happens until she left the party. She admits that she wanted to shoot Sarge, but went to her quarters to get some sleep. Melinda figures that she never got there, and remembers seeing Davis as she got off the elevator.

As she goes to the truck, Daisy finds Diaz lying in the corridor. Diaz gets up and says that she was guarding Melinda, and then something attacked her from behind.

Jemma calls Mack to the medbay and shows him that all of Sarge's gunshot wounds have healed. Jemma insists that Mack not assign her any guards because the less people that know about Sarge the better.

Sarge dreams of the woman.

Yo-yo and Daisy go to Davis' room, and he opens the door and says that he has a headache. Daisy asks if he remembers seeing Melinda, and he says that she remembers seeing her first when he woke up. They realize that Deke has lost time.

Deke finds Piper in the hallway holding a bottle holding the now-moving crystalline Shrike crystal. He asks if she knows how someone likes being around her, and claims that the information is for an app. Deke wonders if Fitz enjoys his company, and Piper remains unresponsive. He notices her holding the Shrike crystal and says that it's dangerous.

Yo-yo and Daisy tell Davis that Jaco is dead, and Davis remembers chasing Izel to the bridge... and that's the last thing he remembers.

Deke tells Davis that the creature can turn her into a zombie and takes it from her. Izel steps out of Davis' body and enters Deke, and Davis says that something is very wrong. Deke tells her that she doesn't look so great, and Davis admits that she's lost some memories. He advises her to get some rest and Davis goes to her quarters as Deke walks off.

Yo-yo, Daisy, and Izel find Mack and tell him that it was Izel who shot Sarge.

Deke goes to a sealed door and opens it by voice command. A guard asks what he's doing.

Mack and the others realize that Izel can possess people and escaped the ship.

The guard tells Deke that the door is sealed against his voice print because he has a history of stealing things. Deke realizes that he needs someone who sounds like a SHIELD Director.

Mack locks down the Lighthouse to keep Izel in. They release Melinda to help and work on a head count, and Daisy wonders why Melinda stayed in the Lighthouse when she could have escaped. Deke and Fitz arrive and Deke suggests that they take a more technological approach to finding who Izel is possessing. Melinda points out that any of them could be Izel, and they realize that Izel didn't know the host's memories. They each reveal secrets that they each could know, starting with Yo-yo.

Yo-yo reveals something only she and Melinda know. Mack says that Daisy sends money to Lincoln's sister, clearing him and Daisy. He locks up Daisy and Yo-yo to keep Izel from getting to either of them, and Mack tells them to stay there until they find out where Izel is. Davis reaches for his gun, and Daisy says that she knows Davis stole a pen. He admits that he stole a space pen, confirming that he's who he claims.

Piper comes in and says that the alien is in Deke, and that she blacked out until she saw him. Deke claims that he saw Piper last before he blocked out. Mack asks Fitz where Jemma was undercover the first time they met. Fitz refuses to answer and says that the Izel would probably have gone for the Director. Melinda repeats the question and they figure he doesn't know what the answer is.

Izel steps out of Fitz and says that she just needs to know who has the most power. She enters Piper's body and tells them to give her what she wants, and then goes into Deke's body. Mack grabs Deke by the throat, and Izel enters him. She says that she could kill any of them anytime she wants, and taunts Daisy and Yo-yo into coming out. Daisy tells Yo-yo that they're safer in there, and Izel leaves Mack's body.

When Piper draws her gun, Izel enters Piper's body and then shoots herself in the hand. She tells the others that things can be much worse, and all she needs is access and then she's gone. Mack tells Davis to wound Piper to force Izel out. Izel jumps from body to body, finally entering Davis. Davis aims his gun at Fitz and then lets his body fall off a second-floor balcony to his death on the floor below. Piper runs to Davis, and Izel jumps into Mack's body, picks up Piper's gun, puts it to his head, and tells them not to follow him or he'll shoot.

Sarge sees the woman disappear in a puff of smoke repeatedly and screams in anger.

Waking up, Sarge sits up on the table he's cuffed to Jemma tells him that he's come back to them, and explains that someone possess Melinda and shot him. Sarge says that's how Izel has gotten away before and demands to be released, but Jemma tells him that he's not going anywhere.

Daisy blasts through the room window, and Melinda calls out an alert to the agents to find Mack. Once she closes Davis' eyes, Daisy says that they'll find Mack and leaves with Yo-yo. Melinda asks Fitz why Izel took Mack, and they figure that although the monoliths are gone, they briefly left an opening to the Fear Dimension. Coulson went in and sealed it up, and Fitz suggests that it wasn't a dimension.

The team go to the control room and Fitz suggests that the third monolith is involved on creation. Even though the stones blew apart, the energy could remain. The three energies of time, space, and creation combined to make another Coulson on a distant planet in the past: Sarge. Sarge was left there when Coulson sealed away the Fear Dimension.

Sarge looks at his hand tied to the table.

Mack approaches a guard and demands his cuffs.

Sarge breaks his wrist, letting him slip the cuffs. He glances over at Jemma and the guard with her.

Mack gives the proper voice print to open the door. He then cuffs himself to a nearby pipe and pounds his head into the wall until he passes out. Izel leaves his body and goes through the door, where the Gravitonium device hovers in mid-air.

Fitz and Deke figure that Izel is going for the Gravitonium device. They tells Yo-yo and Daisy where Izel is heading.

Sarge enters the storage room and Izel says he can feel her presence. He shoots her but the bullets have no effect. Izel points out that bullets can't kill her, and Sarge promises that he'll find a way. She tells him that he's there to join her, not kill her. Sarge continues shooting her, insisting that she's wrong, but Izel tells him that they're intertwined. She admits that he's hurting her but not in the way he intends, but it won't end her. Izel tells Sarge that he doesn't want to end her, and assures Sarge that she's been trying to wake him up. Sarge says that he remembers his family, and Izel tells him that he never had a memory. She asks how she took his family, and Sarge doesn't remember. Izel says that the memories are from Coulson's body, and explains that the monoliths created him on their planet. They have no physical form, and when Sarge took Coulson's body he lost his memories.

Daisy and Yo-yo run for the storage room.

Sarge wonders why he blames Izel, and Izel explains that Coulson's memories silenced the entity that is Sarge: Pachakutiq. She says that shell has confused him, and she took a human form and left their realm to find him. Sarge tells her that he would never follow her, but Izel says that he did and their wish is about to come true now that they've found the monoliths.

Daisy and Yo-yo wake up outside and wake up Mack.

Izel says that they need to open the door to the rest of their race and give them form. She's created the Shrike to do that, and tells Sarge to wake up to who he really is. Sarge refuses and promises to stop her, shoving her back. Izel walks to the Gravitonium, takes it, and tells Sarge that the only thing powerful enough to stop her is inside of Sarge and he won't let it out... for now.

Leaving the room, Izel tries to enter Daisy's body. Yo-yo jumps in the way and Izel possesses her, and says that they're going to let her fly off in the Zephyr. Mack agrees but says that he's going with her, and Yo-yo agrees. Daisy watches in shock as the two of them go to the hangar.

The medics take away Davis' body as Piper and Melinda watch.

Jemma wakes up in the lab and realizes that Sarge has escaped.

Daisy and Melinda find Sarge, unconscious from shock.

Mack and Yo-yo walk to the hangar past the guards, and Daisy and Melinda them. They enter the Zephyr and Melinda tells Daisy that Mack is doing the right thing and trusts his team. Izel flies the Zephyr off.

Later, Fitz and Deke watch a video of Izel telling Sarge where they came from. Fitz explains that they've met someone with similar possession powers before: Ghost Rider. He warns Deke that if Sarge is as powerful as Ghost Rider, he's far more dangerous than he appears.

Sarge paces his cell and insists that he's not who Izel claims.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2019

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