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Chapter 24 Recap

A Division 3 squad drives down the road in their bus. Daniel is inside, complaining to Clark via Skype that it's unfair that he's trapped there. Daniel appears on the road ahead and Daniel orders the squad to attack. The two Vermillions on motorcycles in the lead prepare to crash into David. They pass through him without effect and dissolve, and the truck tries to ram him. David appears inside of the truck, telekinetically takes out the guards, and kills one man who begs to be spared.

The Vermillion driving the vehicle charges at David, who shatters her. Daniel shoots a taser at David, who shrugs it off and forces Daniel to sit down. He asks where Switch is, and David erases his long-term memory to bypass his psychic defenses. David erases his memories and asks where Switch is. Daniel doesn't remember who David is, and David says that they were friends in college. The man says that Switch is on the airship.

The bus arrives at an airfield, and Division 3 guards come in, guns armed. Daniel is the only one alive, and he tells them that he can't remember his name.

At the house, the members celebrate and more members arrive. David shows up and the women go to greet him. They explain that his children are there, and more women come over. They explain that Lenny is still mourning, and the "children" crowd him. He teleports inside and calls to Lenny, teleports away the children, and says that they're going to war. Lenny comes out and says that he's a narcissist, and explains that she held her baby. She realized that she's an asshole and wasted her life getting high. Lenny says that she was good and they had plans, but then David ruined it. As the acolytes come in, He insists that they're her family and they have to go get Switch. David explains that he doesn't know what happens if he changes the past, and she might get her baby back. Lenny doesn't believe him, and David says that he needs her. She says that he can't have her and stabs herself in the neck with a knife. Dying, she calls David a blockhead and collapses. David goes to her and Lenny wonders why it's blue. He tells her that it's always blue, and Lenny chuckles and dies.

Switch considers her lessons about how a time traveler exists in no time. She eats and passes the potatoes to her father Xiu, who is on a TV. Later Switch walks alone, contemplating the existence of not living in any one time.

Cary shows Syd and Kerry the chamber he's put Switch in, which will hide her from David. He explains that the chamber is invisible in space and time. Farouk warns that it's a mistake to flee and insists that he can beat David. He admits that David is stronger but he is more of a strategist. Ptonomy suggests that they go into space beyond David's teleportation range. They agree and take the airship up, and Farouk walks away saying that they're cowards.

Clark watches home movies of him and Daniel. Ptonomy announces that they're going into space, and Syd goes to her room to apply makeup. The airship goes out of the atmosphere.

Farouk remembers his past when he occupied David's mind.

In his chamber, David meditates and hears Farouk's voice. Farouk tells him that he's a sweet boy undone by revenge, and it fills his heart with sorrow.

Clark watches the movies.

Syd applies makeup and looks out the window as the airship reaches space.

Farouk tells David to take what he wants and that it's time for them to pay. David telepathically locates the airship.

Kerry sharpens her sword.

Cary confirms that the ship is nominal, and acolytes laugh in the shadows behind him. They kill a guard with knives and cleaves.

The Vermillions detect the intruders and alert the security forces. The guards arm themselves and move out, and David teleports them into non-0existence.

An acolyte moves through the shadows of the film room, and when Clark reaches for his gun he discovers that it's turned into a rubber duck. David is there, and Clark says that he should have killed him the first time they met. Unimpressed, David teleports him out into the vacuum of space.

Kerry goes out into the hallway and hears laughter in the distance. The three acolytes emerge at the other end of the hallway, and Kerry prepares to fight them. They fight and the Vermillions watch from the bridge. Ptonomy orders lockdown procedure and enters a virtual control pod with the Vermillions.

Syd sleeps and dreams, and wakes up to find David in her cabin. He says that she shouldn't have trusted Farouk, and explains that Farouk called him. Syd figures that Farouk did so because he didn't like their plan, and David admits that he can't see Switch. The mutant tells David that Switch is in a tank in the lab. David wonders why she's telling him, and she says that he'll find her anyway. Syd says that she's not mad at him anymore because she understands that David can't love halfway. David says that he's going to change the past and none of what happened will happen, and only good things will be left. Syd asks if he killed everyone, and David tells her that no one who dies is really dead because they will all get a do-over, including Lenny. When Syd wonders what happened to Lenny, David says that she abandoned him like Syd and his parents. She reminds him that he abandoned her, and admits that she was jealous of herself. Syd says that she should have trusted David, but Farouk made her think that David was evil. David insists that he left Syd to fix things and be with her, and Syd says that it won't matter because he'll change everything and none of it will happen. They'll never meet or fall in love. Syd asks if it hurts being erased, and admits that she wants another chance as well. She tells David that she loves him, and he says that he loves her.

Syd touches David's face and he gasps as her power switches their minds. She grabs David/Syd, tells him not to fight, and drags him out of the cabin and down the hallway.

Kerry lies in the corridor, then rolls over and crawls away as the acolytes advance on her. David/Syd and Syd/David arrive, and Syd/David tells the acolytes that it's his fault. Kerry recovers and kills them from behind, and Syd/David says that she's Syd in David's body.

In David's mind, two of David's personalities confront Syd. They say that they're Legion.

Syd/David warns Kerry that David is fighting him, and tells Kerry to kill David's body and she'll jump back to her body. David/Syd begs Kerry not to, but Kerry raises her sword.

Hundreds of David appear, telling Syd that they are Legion.

David retakes control of his body, catches Kerry's sword as she brings it down, and telekinetically slams her down the hallway.

The Legions figure that they need David back, and they have to touch her and switch again. Syd backs away, but another Legion grabs her and all of the Legions shove her to the floor and touch her.

David touches Syd, who screams and then stares off into space, mindless. He tells her that he'll fix it and teleports to the lab. He finds the chamber holding an unconscious Switch, but Farouk telekinetically raises him into the air and immobilizes him. Farouk explains that he lured David there to a place where he could contain him. David promises that he'll get free and undo everything Farouk has done to him, and accuses Farouk of ruining his life because he hates him. Farouk assures him that he's his son, and David frees Switch. She teleports Farouk into the Time Between Time.

David embraces Switch, who said that she had the worse dreams. He tells her that most of them are dead, or none once they go back. Switch wonders if that bothers him, and David recites song lyrics about how he believes all hope is gone and there's only pain.

Cary holds the dead Kerry.

Clark drifts through space.

The acolytes lie dead in the hallway near the mindless Syd, who sings.

Farouk remains trapped.

Lenny lies in the house.

Ptonomy and the Vermillions stand in the virtual pods.

Everyone sings, and David tells Switch that he's ready. She warns that the monsters will come and they won't stop, and David assures her he'll only make one small change. This time he has a different plan than saving Gabrielle. Switch creates a portal and David goes through with her, disappearing.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 23, 2019

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