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Zods and Monsters Recap

Zod addresses the Kryptonians via broadcast, saying that the Rebels killed Lyta to try and intimidate them. However, he saw courage.

Doomsday charges at Zod, who shoots the creature with the weapon. It finally goes down.

Zod reveals that he's captured Doomsday and announces that all Kryptonians can sleep easier now that he has it. He vows that the first fleet of their space-faring ships is ready, and it is time for the Kryptonians to take their place in the universe as conquerors.

Seg and Nyssa fly over the Outlands and Nyssa tells Seg that she's there for him to talk when he overcomes his grief for Lyta. She wonders where they're going, and Seg asks her to trust him. Nyssa realizes that he won't say because Brainiac will hear it, and Seg tells Nyssa that Brainiac knows. He says that they need to get Brainiac out of him for good and they can't go near his Skull Ship. Brainiac prevents Seg from saying anything else, and he mutters the word "Fortress". Nyssa pilots the scout ship toward the shelter.

In the rebel HQ on Wegthor, Val informs Adam that they haven't heard from Seg yet. They figure that Seg knows about Lyta, and Val tells Adam that they have more immediate concerns. Kem tells Adam that he's leading the new mission, and Adam complains to Val that he wasn't chosen to lead. Val points out that Adam doesn't have the knowledge and experience that Kem does, and suggests that Adam asks Kem to let him go along. Once Val leaves, Adam approaches Kem, who makes him say loudly that he wants to join. Once Adam does so, Kem immediately agrees and explains that they're going to locate and neutralize the Sagitari that Zod sent to Wegthor. He assures Adam that the mission will be fun as long as he doesn't mind radiation poisoning, and relishes describing people who have suffered from it.

Nyssa takes Seg to the Fortress and figures that it's clear now that Zod has taken what he needed from it. The hologram of Val appears, and Seg explains that Brainiac is in him and shutting him down. Before they go, Seg holds his son Cor and then collapses, saying he can't hold Brainiac off any longer.

In the weapons lab, Lis-Ser tells Zod that they've successfully turned Doomsday's mind off. Zod says that he needs complete control, and Lis warns that they have to penetrate the scar tissue and calcification over Doomsday's brain before they recondition him.

One Thousand Cycles Ago

Dax Baron hears the soldiers coming, and tells his wife Enaj that the war won't end until someone does something. He explains that the Els believe that the Vara gene in him is the key to ending the war. Dax apologizes to Enaj that he's leaving with her, and Enaj reminds him that he said he could withdraw at any time. When he calls himself a subject, Enaj tells him never to call himself that and insists that he's her Dax. She wonders what she should tell her daughter, and Wedna-El comes in and says that she understands that Dax's sacrifice will build a better tomorrow and a peaceful Krypton. Wedna says that they must get started, and Enaj tells Dax to end the war and then come home. He promises that he will, and they say their goodbyes. They touch fingers on either side of the glass containing Dax.

Van-Zod, the head scientist, comes in, introduces himself, and has Dax position himself properly in the chamber. Wedna tells him that he's a true hero but they need to make him more than that if they want to win the war. Van explains that they can expose his cells to different vulnerabilities, building up his body's defenses until he's invulnerable to all lethal force. Dax tells them to do it, and they begin the trials by flooding the chamber with gas.


Kem, Adam, and his squad mates go into the mines to plant charges. Adam admits that he's proud of Kem for stepping up. They continue on, detecting activity ahead, and Kem insists on sticking to the protocol and running recon.

At the Fortress, the hologram scans Val and warns Nyssa that it may be more complicated than he calculated. He explains that there's a cluster of nanites clustered on Seg's brain stem, and Seg tells them to get it done. Nyssa kisses him and then the hologram activates the nanite removal device. Seg grabs it and burns it out, and Brainiac tells Seg that he can't let him complete the procedure. The Kryptonian tells the hologram to restrain him, and it says that they'll have to remove the nanites manually. Nyssa tells it that she's never used a sonic scalpel and insists that she won't try and remove the nanites. Seg tells her to believe in her like he's always believed in her. Nyssa still refuses and tells him to be realistic, and Seg points out that she's already done unrealistic things to double-cross Zod and then rescue Cor. Seg assures her that she never fear anything, and Nyssa thanks him for believing in her and then picks up the sonic scalpel and goes to work.

Nyssa cuts into the skin over the brain stem, and Seg tells her to remember what he said to her.

Zod asks Lis why it's taking so long, and she says that the memory is difficult to find. She warns that probing faster risks more damage to Doomsday's brain, but Zod tells her to do it anyway. She does so and finds a traumatic memory sequence.


Dax screams in agony and collapses. The computer reports that Dax is deceased, and Wedna initiates the resurrection protocol. After a moment, Dax staggers back to his feet and the scientists repeat the sequence. Dax is unaffected, and Wedna begins the next trial by setting Dax on fire. She initiates resurrection protocol again when he dies. Once he returns to life, Wedna infects him with pathogens that cause spikes to erupt through his skin. Dax dies, and Van says that it's enough. Wedna reminds him that Dax is their only chance of protecting Argo City, and insists that it's what must be done. Van wishes that there was another way, and Wedna tells him that there isn't before initiating the resurrection protocol again.


Nyssa removes the nanites and places them in the console, and the hologram confirms that they are safely contained. He releases Seg and Nyssa helps him down. They hug and he thanks her, and then says that there he wants to hold Cor for the first time when it's just him without Brainiac inside of him. Nyssa hands him their son, and says that they don't want their son to carry the Vex name. The Vex name is tainted by what Daron did to the Kryptonian, and Nyssa wants the family line to end with her. She wants their son to be an El: Cor-El. The hologram says that following the El tradition, the son should take the name of one of his ancestors. It suggests that they use his father's name: Jor.

Kem tells his team that the scanner died but he caught a glimpse of the something that he figures are the Sagitari. He insists on going in alone, figuring that they're not hostiles. Adam suggests that Kem's hunch is wrong, and Kem angrily says that he's not going to let an innocent person die because of anyone's life of faith. He orders Adam to stay put and leaves.

Lis tracks down more deep memories, and Zod tells her to leave him with Doomsday. Once she leaves, Zod tells Doomsday that it's an honor to be in the presence of the hero who sacrificed everything for Krypton. The general believe that they are like brothers, which is why they must be alone. Zod takes Doomsday's hand and says that it will fulfill its destiny and protect Krypton.


As Wedna begins her 455th trial, an armed Enja enters the lab chamber and tells Wedna and Van that the war is over. Wedna says that there will always be another war, and Dax is their path to a better tomorrow. Enaj doesn't care, and Wedna insists that Dax is only a few trials away from complete invulnerability. She tells Enja to shoot her or let her go back to work, and Dax moves in the chamber. Enaj goes to the portal and tells the scientists to let her in, and Wedna says that Dax isn't the man she knew. Van tells Enja that they all failed her, and Enja calls into the chamber, telling Dax that she needs him. After a second, the hideously mutated Dax--Doomsday--emerges from the shadows. He puts his hand to the glass like Dax did earlier, and Enaj gasps in horror and runs away. Doomsday starts pounding on the glass.


Zod sees the memories of Enaj and says her name. Doomsday wakes up and reacts to the name.

Seg puts on the El traditional garb, and alarms go off on the console. The hologram reports that Brainiac's nanites are gone.

Adam and his lead forward scout wait for Adam to return, and the scout finally says that she's going in. Adam stops her, and the other Rebels draw guns on Adam. he reminds her that Kem gave the order to stand down and yells it at the other Rebels to do the same. A Sagitari steps out of the shadows. Kem and other Sagitari follow him out and says that the Sagitari have been exposed to radiation and are too ill to get back to their base. He orders the Rebels to hand over their meals, and the Rebels hesitate. Adam echoes his command the Rebels do so, and they reluctantly do so. Kem tells Adam that he recognizes the signs of starvation from the biosigns and his only experience in the Rankless District.

Kem and his squad go back to the Rebel base, and Kem tells Val what happened. He's confirmed that Zod abandoned the Sagitari, and Val and Adam both congratulate Kem. Adam makes sure that Val calls Kem "Commander". Once V al leaves, Adam apologizes for his earlier words. Kem admits that he rode Adam earlier and apologizes to him, and says that Adam did well. He thanks Adam for backing him up.

The Val hologram reports that there's no trace of Brainiac's nanites in the Fortress. Seg figures the nanites have found their way into one of them, and asks the hologram to scan them starting with Jor. The hologram does so and finds no presence of Brainiac in the baby or Nyssa. Before it can scan Seg, the hologram transforms into the image of Brainiac.

Zod looks out on Kandor City, and sees Brainiac's ship approaching. He orders his people to mobilize the skimmers as the Skull Ship looms over them.

Brainiac tells Seg that his plans no longer involve Kandor City. He invites Seg to come with him and explore the universe, and Seg tells him that he doesn't crave power to destroy. Brainiac says that he seeks only to preserve the unique cultures, saving them from their self-destructive impulses. Seg vows that he will never join Brainiac, and Brainiac says that Seg has earned the chance to make his choice no matter how unfortunate it is. Brainiac tells Seg goodbye and teleports to his ship, and then broadcasts back saying his goal was to preserve the best of Krypton. He now believes that the Els are the best of Krypton, and teleports Jor away before leaving Krypton. Nyssa screams in grief and Seg holds her.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 25, 2019

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