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Bye, Zombies Recap

Liv serves breakfast to the refugees and considers how Graham betrayed them and helped spread zombieism outside of Seattle. Her father Martin had a change of heart before Enzo shot him dead. She assures the kids that she's okay, and tells herself that she has to believe that they'll find the cure and things will be okay.

Mills sends guns to Dolly and her Dead Enders, and calls to tell her that she has to use them to wipe out the zombies.

Liv arrives at the morgue and Ravi tells her that Charlie called and the cure isn't coming. Her superior Saxon has been working a pharmaceutical company, MediVac, that wants to develop a chronic treatment. Saxon has total control since he took the tainted Utopium, kicked Charlie off the CDC, and moved the project to a high-security facility that she can't access. Liv figures that they can get the formula themselves, telling Ravi that she's done being screwed over. She wants it over on their terms: saving Seattle and getting their lives back. Ravi agrees to help her.

Liv calls Charlie, who tells her what little she has about the security. She knows that they have retinal scanners, and Liv tells Ravi that she can handle it. Charlie offers to put them in contact with a janitor, Darrell, who flirts with her. Ravi suggests that Liv use an earbud to coach Charlie on how to seduce the guard, but Liv figures that she'll plant a GoPro in the janitor's bucket so they can get an idea of the layout.

Charlie plants a spy pen on Darrell, and Liv and Ravi watch via Skype. Darrell has sex with a female scientist in a closet, and Liv remembers that Charlie said Darrell was married.

Later at home, Liv and Ravi tell Major, Clive, and Peyton what they're planning. They're heading to CDC to get the formula that is on a flash drive in a vault that only Saxon has access to. Liv and Ravi have blackmailed Darrell to get initial access. Ravi describes the security system that protects the vault, warning that only Saxon can access the vault and they don't know how he opens it. If any of the alarms go off then the facility goes into lockdown. Liv wants Major and Clive to help them while Peyton pokes holes in their ideas. The others say that they need a team of highly skilled experts, but Liv figures that they just need the right brains because they're zombies.

Later at the bar, Liv and Ravi go through the menu to find the brains that they need. They ask Don E for background on the brains, and they order the ninja and acrobat brains to go. Blaine overhears them and comes in, and taunts both of them. Ravi assures him that Peyton is madly in love with him, but Blaine figures that he's putting on an act. Undeterred, Ravi points out that Blaine will probably spend the rest of his life with Don E, as Don E gives them the brains.

Back at the morgue, Liv goes over the equipment that Major gave them while Ravi sorts out brains. Clive brings in a folder with criminals whose brains they can use, and reports that they're all buried in the wall. He nervously asks if they're leaving in the morning, and says that he'll see them when they get back from Atlanta. Liv points out that after they get the cure, Clive will lose Dale. Clive and Liv hug, and then Ravi and Clive. Once Clive leaves, Liv points out that Clive was crying a little.

Bubba arrives at the kitchen and tells Blaine that he has a picture of the thief who took the Freylich kids. It shows Ravi, and Blaine recognizes him. He tells Bubba to find Ravi, follow him, get the kids, and kill Ravi.

That night, Liv and Major dig up graves for the brains. They talk about the mission, and Major tells Liv that she has to succeed because the fate of the world depends on her succeeding. Liv points out that he once kidnapped her and they argue about their relationship. Major finally suggests that they let it be their fresh restart, and Liv agrees. He says that he feels safer knowing she's going to do the mission because of all the things that she's done. Major says that she's got it, and Liv kisses him. After a moment, Major kisses her back.

Clive and Dale have dinner and Dale talks about seeing Michelle and Baby Jacob. He tries to remember criminals that he knows and figures that Liv and Ravi have to call him. Dale tells Clive that the real problem is that he needs to be there, and should go out and make the world safe for their child. Clive concedes the point and they kiss.

The next day, Peyton tells Liv that she'll take care of the kids and tells her not to let anything happen. She asks Liv to take care of Ravi, figuring she'll probably take care of him. Ravi overhears her and as they kiss, Clive arrives and says that he's going with them.

Blaine and Don E secretly follow Peyton to learn where Ravi is, since no one has seen him. Don E talks about Darcy, and they watch as Peyton takes a bag full of tacos into a warehouse. They go to the door and peer in, and there's no sign of Peyton.

Major watches a newscast about the memorial for the zombie massacre at Piesta. Hobbs reports that the Dead Ends came in shooting and their guys didn't stand a chance. As Major wonders whey got the firepower, a report comes in of zombies rioting on the streets. Major puts his teams out on the street to stop the violence.

In Atlanta, Liv and Clive got to a party and look for Gladys Tinkerton, head of HR for the CDC. She has the key card they need to get into her office and swap Saxon's retinal pattern for Charlie's. Liv assures Clive that she can focus and is on pickpocket brain, stealing jewelry from everyone she bumps into. She puts the stolen jewelry in Clive's pants and leaves to find Gladys.

Once Liv takes Gladys' key card and phone, she tells Clive that he has to keep her distracted so she doesn't notice the theft. She then takes the key card to Ravi, who is waiting outside and on Russian driver brain. Liv tells him to download the information and they haggle over their share of the theft.

Clive talks to Gladys about her cat names, which are all named after Atlanta Braves players. He offers to guess what the cats look like by their names, and Gladys agrees. Clive succeeds and Gladys admits that she likes him. She suggests that they go back to her place, and Clive stalls for time while keeping her occupied by suggesting that they dance.

Ravi arrives at the CDC and tells the security guard Mike that he's there to fix Gladys' toilet. The guard makes the call, and Liv has Gladys' phone and poses as Gladys. She backs up Ravi's story and ditches the phone, while Clive and Gladys dance.

Once he puts an "out of order" sign on the bathroom, Ravi heads for the vault. A woman, Vanessa Collins, reminds him that they had an amazing first date and they ended up in bed. Afterward he never called her.

Clive dances with an increasingly frisky Gladys.

Ravi says that he was too immature and wasn't ready for someone like her, and Vanessa wishes that people would be honest with her. Mike comes by to check on Ravi, and Vanessa tells him to go and then tells Ravi to go on. Ravi tells her to know her worth, and Vanessa thanks him for being honest, wishes him the best, and walks away. Once she's gone, Ravi goes into Gladys' office to swap the retinal pattern.

Liv returns and sees Clive dancing solo as the women cheer. Gladys is walking away, and Liv tells Clive to stall Gladys while she gets the card from Ravi. Gladys tells him that he's a tease and is hooking up with her building manager.

Ravi drives up and gives the card to Liv. Liv goes inside and complains that she was flirting with her man Clive. She slips the card into Gladys' purse and complains to Clive as he arrived.

Stan arrives at the warehouse, and Blaine puts a gun to his head. He forces Micah to take him through the secret passageway to the house, to where Peyton is with the kids and aims his gun at her. Blaine demands the kids Ravi took from him, and Peyton refuses to let him take the Freylich kids. She asks if he's going to kill her because of money, and Blaine shoots Stan dead. Peyton breaks into tears and Blaine tells him that he was still hoping that he was a good guy like she was. Don E comes in through the secret passageway and Blaine says that they'll make room in the van for all of the kids.

As Major and his men head out, Ames says that their people have a right to be angry. Major tells him that humans and zombies are all in danger and they have to stay focused. A blast hits the hummer, and when Major wakes up he staggers out of the hummer. Dead Ends are shooting, and Major grabs a gun and returns fire. His remaining men get to cover, and zombies arrive and capture the Dead Enders. Enzo pulls up in another vehicle with his FG men, and his people and Major's face off. The ex-inspector then says that the future of their species is at stake and either they can die for Major or fight by his side for zombie-kind. Ames switches sides first and then Major's other men go with him. Enzo shoots at Major, who drives into the nearby river. There's no trace of Major, and Enzo tells his people to pack up and move out.

Ravi hacks the facility computer system, and then he and Ravi eat new brains. Clive goes in posing as a janitor, and Charlie hides in the garbage bin. Ravi and Liv go in via the steam tunnels, make their way through the main building by going across a ceiling pipe, rendezvous with Clive and Charlie, and then use Charlie's retinal scan to access the lab. Liv and Ravi thank Charlie and congratulate her on owning it, and they enter the lab and Ravi starts drilling.

Dale is watching TV when Enzo comes on the air and says that he is the new commander of FG. He has his men unleash a Romero zombie to infect the Dead Enders. They go berserk, turning on each other. Enzo says that if the humans don't attack them, they won't attack them. He says that with their zombie soldiers, they now have a nuclear option of their own. Dolly is watching and tells her people that now it's war. She has them go out and recruit every human she can find.

Saxon tells security that he got a call that someone broke in. He goes to the lab and discovers that the vault door has been drilled into. He opens it and finds the flash drive inside. Ravi, Liv and Clive knock the guards out and say that they knew they couldn't open the vault so Ravi called Saxon to warn him so he would open the door. Saxon insists that they can't save everyone and suggests that Ravi come out on top for once. Ravi goes Romero and throws Saxon across the room. Liv tells Ravi that they have the cure, and Ravi gets control of himself. Clive says that they should get out, and Liv calls Major to say that once they get the Max Rager from FG, they can make the cure. Major is laying on the docks and says that he'll get the Max Rager from FG.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 26, 2019

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