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All's Well That Ends Well Recap

Major goes to a store to get clothing, while Enzo announces that the free-zombie state of Seattle is under new command. Enzo says that human must put down their weapons. Those who surrender during battle will be scratched and starved to become Romeros. Collins makes a call as he leaves.

Lt. Phillips leaves a store, and Dolly and her men gun him down. Dolly wants to get Liv and Major, but they haven't shown up so Dolly says that until they show up they'll go for the new high-ranking target.

Liv heads back to Seattle by plane with Ravi and Clive. A woman sitting next to Liv says that she's sure she's seen her face before, and Liv tries to palm her off.

At FG, Enzo tells FG staff that Dolly is leading the Dead Enders He asks Murphy if they should know about her mother, and Murphy says that she'll go down fighting. Enzo tells his people to take Dolly alive if possible, and insists that they're done with treating the humans with kid gloves. Major calls Collins, who then informs Enzo that Major wants to surrender and help them fight the human. Enzo agrees, claiming that Major will be safe.

On the plane, a salesman takes sleeping pills to go to sleep, and tells Clive that he loves modern medicine. Ravi tries to text Peyton, and the woman next to Liv continues trying to identify her. Liv texts to Clive and Ravi, saying that the passenger next to her is checking on her ID via WiFi. Clive says that he has a plan and tells Ravi to see him in five minutes, and takes the bottle of sleeping pills from his dozing roommate.

As Ravi goes over, Clive yells that Dale went into labor. He slips him some of the salesman's pills. Liv goes to get her seatmate a mimosa, goes back, and asks for two mimosas. The attendant pours her drinks, and Liv distracts her while Ravi puts the pills in the drinks. The woman notes one of the glasses has water spots, and pours out the mimosas evenly. Liv takes the drinks back to her seats and gives one to the passenger.

Major arrives at FG and says that he sees that it's the humans or the zombies. Enzo tells Collins to starve Major so he goes Romero, and promises that he'll be a dangerous monster. Collins calls Ames over to help her as she leaves.

At Angus' former manor, Don E gives Peyton a radio and tells her to put on a white dress to meet with Blaine. Peyton refuses, and Don E tells her that if she wants to survive then she'd better play along. Once Don E leaves, one of the Freylich kids, Becca, starts to bleed from her nose.

Clive tells Liv and Ravi that dale is pregnant, and they assure him that they'll be back in Seattle in thirty minutes. The passenger, Mo, dozes off. The attendant picks up her tablet and sees the article Mo was bringing up about Liv being Renegade. Meanwhile, Liv figures that once Major gets the Max Rager to them, they'll let the people of Seattle know that there's a cheap cure.

Collins and Ames take Major to the cells with the Romeros, and Ames says that a human opened up on him with a flamethrower. He finds a gun beneath Major's sweater and orders him at gunpoint to remove the sweater. Major reveals that he has a gun taped to his back, and Collins shoots Ames dead and tells Major that he has ten minutes to get to the crate with the Max Rager. She tells him to make the cure and leaves.

Major takes out Voss and the other guard watching the Max Rager, loads cans of the substance into his backpack, and hides in a crate.

The attendant, Sherry, tells everyone to belt in as they come to land, and wait the quick-connection passengers to leave first. Sherry opens the door and air marshals come in, and ask Liv to come with them as Mo wakes up. They take Ravi with them, and Sherry tells Clive to come with her. Once they're separate off, Sherry says that the head guard is her brother and Michael Liv got their kid sister to Seattle. Michael assures them that he'll get them to the Washington border.

At Blaine's manor, Don E tells Blaine that Peyton seemed frightened and offended. Bubba arrives with chlorine pills, and Blaine explains that they're for the well to clean out the smell. Peyton calls on the radio and invites Blaine to come down. When he arrives, Peyton tells him that Becca is dead. The other kids insist that Blaine can't have her, and Peyton clubs Blaine unconscious with a bat, tells the kids to run, and tosses the car keys to Oliver before going after them. As they get out, Bubba shoots Peyton. The kids drive off as Peyton shoots back, killing Bubba. Blaine comes out and sees Peyton dead.

Enzo draws a gun on Collins and says that they've found Ames dead and Major gone. He shoots her dead.

Liv, Ravi, and Clive arrive at the house and discover everyone gone. Clive leaves to be with Dale, and Liv confirms that the kids left in a hurry. The kids emerge from the tunnel through the closet, and they explain that Blaine and Don E kidnapped them and shot Peyton. Ravi says that he's going to kill everyone there, and Liv promises to find Blaine and Don E while Ravi meets Major at the morgue to make the cure. The kids wonder what will happen to the zombies that she's saved if Liv and the others make the cure.

Clive arrives at the hospital and runs up to Dale's room. He enters the delivery room and Dale pushes when she sees him. They say that they love each other and Dale delivers.

At the morgue, Ravi is preparing to make the cure when Major arrives. Ravi says that Liv is on her way to Blaine's and that they killed Peyton, and breaks into tears. once they hug, Ravi explains that Blaine and Don E kidnapped the Freylich kids and then kidnapped the Freylich kids. He goes to work on the cure, and Major tells him that he needs just one.

Blaine is eating Bubba's brain with a zombified Peyton, and calls in Don E with more wine. Bubba's watch alarm goes off, and Blaine tells Don E to watch Peyton while he tends to it. Once Blaine leaves, Peyton has a memory vision and says that she saw Blaine smothering Darcy.

At the well, Blaine tells his father's spirit that his problem was believing in big ideas. Don E arrives and shoves Blaine into the well, and yells down that no one was going to love him. Liv arrives, hears Don E yelling, and throws a brick at him, knocking him into the well. As she breaks into tears, Peyton arrives and Liv realizes that her friend is alive but a zombie. She goes over and hugs Peyton.

At the TV station, Major and Ravi tells Johnny that he needs to take the cure on live TV because he's Seattle's best-known zombie. Johnny says that half his viewers wouldn't believe it because of fake news, and Ravi says that they'll test him. Graham arrives, posing as a water deliveryman, and Ravi insists that they're talking about the fate of live TV. Johnny still refuses as a PA announces that Enzo is going to make an announcement, and Major admits to Ravi that he has no idea what to do next.

Enzo and his men arrive at the station when they get word that Major is there.

Major leaves a message for Liv saying that he always loved her and always will. Once he hangs up, Ravi warns him that it's a terrible idea, and Major tells him to give him the syringe with the cure.

As Johnny goes on the air, Enzo and his men storm in. Johnny announces that Ravi has said that there is a cheap zombie cure available. Clive and Dale are watching and Clive holds their baby, and Enzo drags Johnny off the air and shut down the transmission. Murphy tells Enzo that Dead Enders have rolled up, and Enzo orders his men to attack them.

The two sides open fire on each other outside.

Enzo goes on air, saying that they're fighting for the survival of their species. He offers safe passage out of Seattle for any human providing information on Major's location. Major comes in and says that he has a viable cure, and invites Enzo to shoot him in the body as many times as he wants. If Major dies then it means that he's a cure. He points out that the cure is worth millions and he has no motivation to lie, and tells the viewers watching that the zombie virus will be over in a few weeks.

As Major injects himself with the cure, Enzo shoots him down. He goes over to Major's corpse and yells at him to get up, but Major doesn't move. Enzo insists to the cameras that Major is alive, and Ravi runs out and grabs him. Enzo easily subdues him, but Ravi laughs and holds up a syringe with the antidote. He says that Enzo isn't a zombie anymore, and Enzo continues beating him. Graham shoots Enzo, saying that it's for Stephen, and Enzo goes down. A FG soldier opens fire on Graham, killing him.

Outside, Dolly runs for a discarded flamethrower with benny covering her. She sees Murphy nearby, and he calls to her. Dolly shoots him dead and tells Benny that they're going to kill all of the zombies. The two of them shoot at the FG soldiers.

Liv is at the morgue and is unable to reach Ravi or Major. Clive calls and says that he, Dale, and the baby are all fine. He tells Liv that Major is dead, and Liv gets Major's voice mail.

Ravi recovers in the studio and crawls over to Major. Major reveals that he's alive as a zombie, and Ravi says that he swapped syringes and gave Enzo the one with the cure.

Liv listens to Major saying that he's always loved her. Michelle comes in and asks if Liv is all right, and a massive explosion shakes the morgue

Ten Years Later

At the San Francisco police station, captains Dale and Clive are in Clive's office laughing together. Dale goes to take care of an overtime request, and Clive meets with Ravi on their virtual set. Ravi says that it's been too long and asks about Clive's kids, and Clive shows him video of Olivia and Jacob. Clive says that Michelle's second son tracked them down and wanted Michelle's kid. Peyton arrives and says that the job is great and Ravi is Ravi. The host Byron DeCece arrives for the show, American the Virtual, and talks about the tenth anniversary of the Battle of Seattle. He introduces Clive, Peyton, and Ravi, and says that Clive is the chief of police with Dale in San Francisco, Peyton is a DA in Atlanta, and Ravi is the head of the CDC.

Byron talks about the Battle for Seattle and how Ravi administered the cure to Enzo on live TV. Once people knew that there was a cure, there was no reason to fight. Many zombies didn't opt for the cure and Seattle rebranded, but none of them elected to stay. Byron points out that Liv was killed by an anti-zombie zealot in a suicide bombing, and the police station collapsed into the morgue. Even if Liv had survived, she would have gone Romero. Peyton says that Major refused to accept that Liv was dead, and he and the orphans continued searching for Liv.

Clive warns that Dolly is still out there, and there are twelve remaining zombies that the Dead Enders want to eliminate. Major hasn't been seen in the last decade, and the trio claim that there's never been any sign of him. They all say that they wish the rumors were true that Liv is alive.

Liv returns to the house and the orphans greet her. Major stares at her in shock, and after a moment they kiss.

Byron asks what the trio w9ould want to say to Major and Liv if they were alive. They say that if they're alive, they'd better look them up.

At a house on Zombie Island, Liv and Major look over the orphans as they play on the lawn.

Once the show is over, Byron tells the trio to take care. Major and Liv join the trio and say that the family is gone, and Peyton assures them that they've continued convincing the public that the couple are dead. Clive admits that he misses Liv, and Liv wishes they could see more of each other. They suggest that the trio join them on Zombie Island and let them infect them so they become zombies and never age. The trio agree.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 2, 2019

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