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Masada Recap

God drinks coffee and looks out on the Creation that he's created and admires a dinosaur. He spots a double rainbow and laughs, and then complains when the dinosaur eats its excrement. God destroys Creation in a fit of fury.


Tulip is in her room smoking and hears a man screaming outside. Cassidy comes in and Tulip says that it feels like the end, and Cassidy admits that they all have to die sometime. He comments that she's drinking a lot of beers, and tells her a joke about two fishermen lost at sea who find a genie. Tulip chuckles at the punchline and then kisses Cassidy. They stare at each other for a moment and then they both kiss and fall back on the bed.

Jesse falls through the sky and crashes to the ground in Australia.

A Couple Months Before

Tulip and Jesse drive through the Middle East, and Jesse tells her that he loves her. They confirm that his love is until the end of the world.

At the Grail's base in Masada, Lara goes into Cassidy's cell. The angel chained up is watching from above, and Lara has Cassidy shackled and takes him to the Grail's command center. Cassidy points out that Jesse got his powers back and soon or later he and Tulip will come from him. Lara says that Cassidy is there as bait, and takes him into a classroom for torture taught by Frankie Toscani. Frankie tells his class that first they have to get someone's attention by shooting them with an Enfield, and shoots a tied-up Cassidy.

At the Holy Bar and Grill, Jesse and Tulip watch as Grail operatives fight. One man gets up and sings, getting everyone's attention. They join in, singing about starting anew. Jesse shuts off the jukebox and Tulip says that they want their boss back and asks who is going to help them. The operatives draw on them, and Jesse uses the Word to tell them to freeze. After they do so, Jesse asks Tulip if she's sure about it. She says that she is, and Jesse orders them to work for Tulip because she's the boss.

The Saint realizes that he has moved on, and Eugene wonders where. His companion says that it doesn't matter because he can't hide, and the two of them leave the remains of Angelville.

Frankie continues shooting Cassidy, who screams in pain. He explains that Cassidy is special because whatever he loses grows back. Cassidy is hooked up to a blood line so he keeps regenerating. Frankie takes out a knife from a case and says that they have to go Bensonhurt. Cassidy says that there's nothing Frankie can do to him that hasn't been done before, and Frankie opens Cassidy's pants and goes to work.

Starr is examining the scar on his head and looks out on the desert. Lara joins him and says that Frankie is working on the vampire. Jesse walks toward them, and Starr tells Lara that he's here. A gunner tracks him, and Jesse arrives at the gates. Dozens of ear-muffed guards train their rifles on him, and Jesse approaches the security scanner. He walks through and Starr orders his people to let him in. Inside, Jesse meets with Starr in a conference room. Starr says that he's taken precautions, and Jesse notices an old woman standing to the side, signing what Jesse says to Starr. The Grail leader explains that she's deaf and dumb, and Jesse asks where Cassidy is.

Cassidy screams in agony as Frankie continues working.

Starr says that Cassidy is resting peacefully, and Jesse says that he'll let them wear hats again if they release Cassidy. Starr refuses and says that he has a different idea. He's aims to carve a vagina scar into Starr's head like the one he has. The guard that Jesse controls turns and aims his gun at Starr.

The doors at the entrance to Masada shake.

Jesse walks out as the Guild operatives shoot at each other, and orders a guard to take him to Cassidy.

Tam, one of the mind-controlled operatives, leads a handcuffed Tulip to the doors and agrees with Tulip's plans to keep the doors opened once they get through. The others march behind them.

Jesse finds an unconscious Cassidy and wakes him up. Cassidy complains that it took him long enough, and explains that Frankie circumcised him over and over. Jesse chuckles and Frankie comes out with his men. They fight and Jesse kills them using Frankie's knives, and then fights hand-to-hand with Frankie. He takes Frankie down and then frees Cassidy. Cassidy insists that he had it, and Jesse says that Tulip is waiting and asks if Cassidy is going to do his vampire thing. The vampire isn't interested and leaves.

At the gate, the gunners track Tulip as she approaches. Tam says that she caught Tulip reconnoitering, and then tells Sarge, the man on duty, what her orders are. When Tam says that she works for Tulip now, the alarms go off. Tam breaks her fake handcuffs, grabs a gun, and shoots. Her operatives go down, and Tammie is crushed by the doors as she tries to hold them open.

Jesse and Cassidy argue about how Jesse has to keep rescuing Cassidy as they head out. Guards go by and Cassidy complains that Jesse didn't bring painkillers. They come to a dead-end and guards order them to halt. The two men fight their way out.

Tulip tries to pry the door open and the half of Tam outside the doors tells Tulip to remain the mission. She says that Tulip just needs to throw the switch, and points out the switch up on the very top of Masada. Tam assures Tulip that they've got it, but Tulip isn't convinced.

Jesse and Cassidy make it to an elevator and they summon it... and wait.

Tulip climbs up the wall of Masada for the switch.

Starr digs himself out of the pile of bodies from the shootout and removes his earmuffs. One of his severed ears falls out, and Starr sees papers blowing on a table.

Jesse and Cassidy take the elevator up, and Cassidy complains that he was caught up in Jesse's fight with Starr. They arrive at the lobby and discover that the door is sealed shut.

Tulip reaches the top and approaches the guard, Lara, who is reading a newspaper. She draws a gun and tells Lara to open the door. Lara draws and shoots, and Tulip shoots. Both of them are unharmed because their bullets hit in mid-air. They both think it's cool and fight hand-to-hand.

Jesse and Cassidy try to pry the door open, and Cassidy complains that Jesse gets people killed doing what he thinks best. When Cassidy brings up Tulip, Jesse tells him to never talk about Tulip again. Smirking, Cassidy says "Tulip" and Jesse punches him.

Tulip and Lara continue fighting, and Lara finally knocks Tara finally knocks Tulip over the edge. Tulip catches herself, climbs back up, and beats Lara. She threatens to toss her over the edge, and Lara dares her to do it. Tulip does so and Lara manages to glide away on the updrafts.

Jesse and Cassidy fight, and Tulip opens the door. As Jesse goes out, Cassidy stays behind and says that he's got it. The doors close, and Frankie and his men arrive behind Cassidy.

The gunners train their guns on Jesse as he walks away. Starr orders them to hold their fire.

Back at the Holy Bar and Grail, Jesse tells Tulip that Cassidy stayed behind. She points out that it doesn't make sense, and realizes that Jesse and Cassidy fought. Jesse insists that he tried to rescue Cassidy, and Tulip figures that they have to rescue him again. He asks if she slept with Cassidy, saying that he won't be mad if she did. Tulip tells Jesse that she didn't, and Jesse tells her that it's all okay. He says that tomorrow they'll invade Masada again.

Jesse sleeps in a bed that night, and wakes up when he hears a storm in the distance. Tulip is sleeping in the bed next to him, and Jesse goes to the window and sees a mushroom cloud where Masada was. The phone rings and when Jesse answers it, his father John says that it's time to find God because big things are coming from him. The nuclear blast hits the building, and...

... Jesse wakes up from his dream. Tulip is sleeping in the bed next to him. Starr attacks Jesse, and Jesse shoves him to the bed and chokes him. He finds himself choking Tulip instead of Starr, and tells himself to stop. He finally uses the Voice to say "stop", and Tulip's heart stops. John tells him that it's time to stop dreaming, and Jesse wakes up. He dresses, writes a note for Tulip, looks over at her still sleeping, and continues writing.

Frankie tosses Cassidy back in his cell.

Tulip wakes up and discovers Jesse gone, and reads his note. She then goes to get her stolen Grail suit from the closet.

Jesse walks down the highway and finally hitches a ride.

Lara tells Starr that she'll accept any punishment he sees fit. He orders her out and Starr listens to the papers on the table rustling in the wind. He pours himself a drink of pop and takes it to God, who admires one of his greatest creations. Starr says that he'd better be right about it, and God tells him that he's right about everything. God tells Starr that he wanted to make Jesse suffer, and they'll make him suffer.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 5, 2019

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