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Last Supper Recap

As the truck driver drives Jesse down the highway to the airport, he says that he's going to talk to God and save the world. She points out that it's a little late, and Jesse shows her a hand drawing of a rock that looks like a penis... he thinks. Jesse imagines that she's Tulip, and Tulip complains that Jesse left her and doesn't know where he's going. They pass a boy crouched on the side of the road, and the woman says that she isn't going to help him. Jesse Voices her to stop the truck, gets out, and walks back to the boy.

The boy is crouched down next to a dead dog, and Jesse asks what happened. A plane flies overhead, and Jesse looks down to see the boy aiming a gun at him. The boy orders Jesse to hand over his suit, and the "dead" dog gets up. Jesse Voices the boy to drop the gun, and when he does it goes off and shoots his dog dead. The boy breaks into tears, and Jesse gives the boy some money, and then his wallet, and then his boots.

Jesse walks down the highway and sees a man passing on a camel. Smiling, he goes over to the man.

Lara tells Pipe that they've spotted Jesse. Starr tells her that they have something else in mind, and Lara figures that Tulip is the key. Her employer asks if Frankie is around to provide surgical assistance.

Frankie stops from torturing Cassidy to eat an apple. They talk about the effect of globalization on torture, and they talk about Cassidy's time in New York City back in the 30s. Cassidy promises to kill Frankie, and Grail operatives come in. Frankie asked Cassidy why he didn't walk out, and Cassidy tells him that the Irish never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Frankie invites the operatives to demonstrate what they've learned on Cassidy.

Tulip uses a rocket launcher to blast down the Masada gate, then drives up. Lara watches her approach and smiles.

Cassidy lies in his cell, and the strung-up angel calls down to him. The vampire looks and the angel realizes that Cassidy is feeding on his own blood. When two Grail operatives come in, the restored Cassidy attacks and kills them, and then feeds. He then walks out and stays out of sight as Frankie leads operatives in the hunt for the vampire. A Grail doctor goes into a supply closet, and Cassie goes in, closes the door, and says that he wants him.

At the Holy Bar and Grail, a group of operatives drink to their fallen comrades. Lara talks to the owner, Kamal, and says that she's looking for a wanted terrorist. She shows him a photo of Tulip, and Kamal says that Tulip isn't there. Lara demonstrates the lead operative and tells the others to bring her Tulip's head. Kamal goes to the garage and tells Tulip that they're looking for her. She's working on her car, and Kamal serves her tea. Kamal wonders why Tulip's husband isn't there to help her, and Tulip reminds him that Jesse isn't her husband and says that he's not coming back.

Jesse rides with the man on the camel, and another man approaches on a camel. Jesse's man complains that the other man, Ahmad, is Muslim while he's Coptic. They shake their fists and yell at each other, and stop to argue. Jesse Voices them to stop fighting and be friends, and they shoot each other. As the rider drives, he says that Ahmad doesn't speak English. The rider dies, and Jesse sees an airplane fly overhead.

Starr meets with world leaders and announces that the Allfather is dead and he's the new Allfather. They share a toast and one of them asks if the Holy Child is safe.

Grail operatives chase Humperdoo to a fence, play music, toss him a cane, and order him to dance. He does so poorly, and they realize that it's not him, shoot him, and toss him on a pile with the other clones.

Starr assures the leaders that Humperdoo is fine. One asks for more information, saying that he can't believe when he can't see. Starr tells him to have faith, and operatives bring in a box. Lara tells the leader to climb in the box, and the leader does so. Once he does, Lara pulls the pin on a grenade and hands it to him. He lowers himself down and the operatives seal the box. The grenade goes off, killing him, and the operatives take away the box. Nobody has any other questions. Satisfied, Starr says that the Holy Child will be revealed soon enough. As they leave, Starr tells Lara to blame the leader's death on the Australians.

Tulip and Kamal watch Masada and calculate how to get in. Kamal warns that it's a bad job and he's worried about her.

Jesse walks down the highway, following the jets.

Jesse puts on the doctor's uniform and takes his glasses, and checks the tied-up doctor's ID. He looks up at the storage closet's vast supply of drugs and quickly restrains himself from using them, and walks out. Cassidy takes the elevator up and tries to blend in. he tells the guard that he's heading for another conference and shows them the operative doctor's ID. They open the door, revealing the sunlight outside, and Jesse quickly retreats back into Masada.

At the bar, Tulip sits and thinks. Kamal comes in and suggests that Cassidy might already have escaped and they should wait and see. He says that it's a bad job, and Tulip tells him that she's going to get Cassidy out and that's it.

Cassidy goes to the storage closet to get drugs, and then gets into the elevator. Frankie and his men are there, and Cassidy coughs as puffs of the drugs hidden on his body puff up. When Frankie easily recognizes Cassidy, Cassidy attacks and knocks them off. He arrives at the lobby, says that he's ready to go, and collapses from the multiple bullet wounds. Frankie comes out behind him with his gun.

At the airport, a pilot approaches Jesse and says that there's no smoking at the airport. Jesse voices him that there is and asks if he recognizes the rock. The pilot says that it's the Lost Apostle, an ancient sacred site, and it's in Australia. Jesse realizes that he left his lighter in the truck, and remembers the sign "Jesus De Sade" on it.

Lara calls Kamal and begs her not to hurt her, explaining that her husband left her and she's a bit crazy. A little while later, the ear-muffed Guild operatives arrive at the bar and move in. They spot Tulip as she spots them, and they move in. Tulip goes out the back into the garage, and then drives out in her car. The operatives give chase in their cars, and finally trap her in a valley. Tulip spins in circles, raising a cloud of dust, and she rams the Grail vehicles. The dust clears and Tulip drives at the car with the last two operatives. They drive at her but swerve at the last minute and then drive after Tulip as she drives out of the valley. The operative car stalls and slides back.

Frankie strings Cassidy up for his torture class and lets them practice torturing him. They give Cassidy blood so he'll regenerate, and Frankie tells Cassidy says that he's worked on men who keep coming back and they figure they deserve it. He locks Cassidy in his cell and leaves.

Jesse has the pilot drive him to the De Sade House of Entertainment, and Voice him to wait. The preacher sees the truck parked outside and gets his lighter, and gets back in the car. He tells the pilot to drive away, and the pilot points out a child looking out a window. Someone leads the child away, and the pilot tells Jesse that he has to go help because there's a preacher's code. When Jesse refuses, the pilot says that there's a pilot's code and heads in. After a moment, Jesse goes after him.

The doctor assures Starr that it was a wonderful idea to have Cassidy's foreskin surgically attached to replace his old ear. Once the doctor leaves, Starr looks at himself in a mirror. He then watches a video of Jesse going into the House.

The Operative EMTs clean up after Tulip. Kamal watches them from a distance. The EMTs return to Masada with the bodies, unaware that Tulip is posing as one of the bodies. She smiles as they take her inside with the others.

Jesse relaxes on the plane to Australia. Cassidy is seated next to him and says that it's quite the adventure. He points out that Jesse left him and Tulip, and Jesse ignores the hallucination and goes back to smoking. The pilot tells Jesse over the intercom to bang on the door if he needs anything.

God contemplates all of the pieces in his game while drinking soda.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 5, 2019

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