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Gentleman Recap

She was cold and stiff in my arms.

Hana Mae puts her baby daughter into her crib, and says that she went on a date with a man and he seeme4d different from the others.

Hana meets the man, Ken, and talks about her job creating 3D models of homes to help visualize their designs. She asks Ken about his hospital work, and then interrupts to talk about her fear of hospitals. A woman, Sharon, comes over with her baby and they talk. Sharon lets Ken hold the baby, and Hana stares at him and smiles. She talks about how the baby reminds her of her baby Iris, and says that she's been a mother for nine weeks.

Once Sharon leaves, Hana admits that saying she's a mother doesn't help with dates. The two of them bond over their love of family.

Hana tells Iris that she brought something to the house and puts a chair into a dollhouse. She says goodnight to iris and leaves the nursery, and goes to bed. There Hana texts Ken, who is in bed with Sharon. She starts to kiss and then he asks her about her breastfeeding, and Sharon says that she prefers her breasts to be her own. Ken jokingly tells her that she's bad, and Ken tells her that she has a strange man in her house, ignores her baby, and doesn't breast feed. He says that she's bad and when Sharon tries to go, Ken grabs her by the leg and strangles her.

Afterward Ken goes to the nursery, picks up the baby Gregory, and says that Sharon was no good for him and it will be better that way. He puts the baby back in the crib and as it cries, calls 911 and reports an abandoned baby.

The next day, Hana is at worker and her friend Linda comes over and asks how the date was. Hana says it started it out awkward but something shifted and she's seeing Ken that night. Linda suggests that Hana bring in Iris sometime, and Iris says that she's paranoid about exposing Iris to new people. She looks at a crib that she made with her 3D printer.

That night, Hana meets with Ken and says that Iris is everything to her. Ken asks about iris' father, and Hana says that he wasn't ready for kids and then left. She asks Ken about his parents, and Ken says that he lives with his father and his mother had all sorts of guys around. One day he came home and discovered his mother had left. He says that he just wants to be a good father, and Iris assures him that he'll be a good father. The two of them hold hands.

As Ken walks Hana home, he says that it's great that she balances a career and motherhood. She hugs him and says that she hasn't been out on a date in a long time, and it feels like home. Ken tells her that he feels the same way, and they kiss. After a moment, Hana pulls away and apologizes, and Ken suggests that they go to her place, put Iris to bed, and snuggle up. She disagrees, saying that she needs a few more days before she feels comfortable, and Kent ells her that he's disgusted with her for working all the time and being away from Iris. A passerby asks if they're okay, and Hana walks away.

Later at home with Iris, Hana tells Iris that she was wrong about Ken.

The next day at work, Hana works and gets a text from Ken. She tells him to leave her alone and he refuses. Once Hana puts the phone away, ken calls her and she ignores it. The computer finishes printing a table for the dollhouse.

At home, Hana tries to set the table in the dollhouse but her hands shake as she remembers her date with Ken, and she can't set it straight.

Later at the coffee shop, Hana runs into Ken outside and he asks to talk. He insists that he's a good guy, but Hana walks away. She goes to the office and finds a bouquet of flowers with a note. The flower are from Ken, and she receives an email from Ken. As Hana goes to work, Linda comes over. Hana takes her to the new client consult and Hana realizes that Ken is the client. Ken tells Linda that he needs more space at home because his family is growing, and he needs to provide for them.

After work, Hana walks home and comforts Iris. A car alarm goes off outside on the street and Hana looks out briefly. She goes to bed and dozes off, unaware that Ken is in the bed next to her. He starts to stroke her after she dozes off. When Hana wakes up and rolls over, she stares at Ken in shock. He whispers to her that she's bad but he would never hurt her. Ken drags her out and says that he's just trying to help her and Iris. Hana grabs a painting from the wall and hits Ken over the head with it, and he punches her unconscious.

Ken goes to the nursery and opens the door. He goes to the crib and says hello to Iris and picks her up. Behind him, Iris enters the room and grabs a pair of scissors. Meanwhile, Ken realizes that "Iris" is a doll and drops her in shock. Hana imagines Iris crying, stabs Ken in the back, and picks up "Iris" where he dropped her. She takes the doll to her workbench and repairs it. When she hears Ken trying to crawl away, Hana stands up. Ken says that he won't tell anyone, but Hana pushes the scissors into his back, killing him.

Later, Hana puts Iris into the crib and apologizes for not being able to protect her. She says that seeing Iris in Ken's arm made her realize that every baby needs a perfect family, and works on a 3D doll of a man. She looks out the window and smiles.

She was cold and stiff in my arms.

Then the doll blinked.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 9, 2019

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