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Unknown Factors Recap

In Hollywood, Cat Grant reports live from the red carpet premiere of The Great Khan. Goode World Studio is hosting the premiere, and Gretchen joins Cat on-camera. Oracle notifies Dick, who is preparing to sneak into Gretchen's home outside of town with Jefferson. Dick uses Dreamer's Mother Box to detect Apokolips technology inside the house, and insists that the detection is probable cause.

The two men approach the house and Oracle jams the security cameras. She figures that it's too easy, while Jefferson echoes the same sentiments. Oracle loses Dick's signal, and there's a flash of light inside the house.

In Shayeris, Aquaman and Wyynde watch Aquaman's family swim with A-Four-One, who has chosen the name "Dolphin". Aquaman gets a signal from Oracle saying that Dick and Jefferson have been missing for 24 hours. She asks if a member of their "private group" can investigate since the League's hands are tied. Aquaman agrees to check it out, and Wyynde overhears and insists on going along to watch his lover's back.

In Ivy Town, Mal tells Karen that he was tested for the meta gene and it came up negative. They discuss the fact their unborn child won't be a meta, and Malcolm suggests that Karen could use some of her biology knowledge to modify their child's genetic structure. Karen gently refuses and then says that her water broke.

In Hollywood at the Outsiders' tower, Victor tells Silas that he needs to be there now rather than at home. He apologizes for pushing Silas away, and the hug before Silas departs via the teleportation tube. Geo Force and Beast Boy return from a restaurant hostage crisis: Beast Boy covered in ketchup and hot sauce due to the fact the super villain involved was Condiment King. Terra and Forager leave for a mission with Megan, and Violet says that #WeAreOutsiders is trending again. Geo Force leaves to take a shower, and Helga sends Beast Boy to the med bay for examination. Once they're alone, Violet tells Helga that Geo Force is still mad at her, and time is running out to tell him that she's dying. Helga says that she's texting her mentor that night and hopefully he'll have good news about Violet's condition. Violet hesitantly agrees to wait to tell Geo Force.

Aquaman and Wyynde approach Gretchen's home and ring the bell at the front door. When Gretchen answers the door, Aquaman introduces Wyynde and Gretchen invites them in. She asks why they're there, and Aquaman explains that two of his friends disappeared there. Gretchen says that they broke in illegally, and Aquaman tells her to take them to Dick and Jefferson. Oracle monitors via a small insect drone at the window, and Gretchen sees it. There's a flash of light as Gretchen activates her Apokolips robot, Overlord, and the floor drops down below them.

At Ivy Town Hospital, Dr. Evelyn Fox delivers Karen and Mal's baby. Karen delivers and Evelyn welcomes the baby girl to the world. The baby shows signs of oxygen deprivation, and an orderly takes her to be x-rayed and tells the parents that there's a problem with their girl.

Victor tells an exercising Gar that he's learning how to deal with the Father Box tech infiltrating his body, and Gar has Victor test his strength. Victor inadvertently throws the weights through the ceiling, impressing both him and Gar.

Helga finds Brion on the tower roof and he says that Violet has been trying to talk to him and he's been difficult. The doctor says that it's wonderful that he can forgive Violet for Gabrielle's actions, but Violet feels out of control. What she needs to feel is in control, and Helga tells him to be open the next time Violet approaches. Brion agrees and Helga says that Geo Force has fans and he should respond to the ones in Markovia because they see him as a hero.

Karen dons her Bumblebee costume and prepares to shrink down. The heart doctor can't make it in time due to the snow-covered roads, and Evelyn says that she'll talk Karen through repairing the hole in the baby's heart. Karen and Mal kiss and then Bumblebee shrinks down and Evelyn injects her into the baby.

Inside the baby's body, Bumblebee sees the hole and Evelyn guides her by radio on how to place the patch.

Gretchen tells Aquaman and Wyynde that "naughty boys" are brought to her X Pit for correction. She says that Dick and Jefferson have learned their lesson and Aquaman can take them once he steps through the walls of the transport cube they're in. Aquaman and Wyynde leave the cube and scream in pain, like Dick and Jefferson are as they float in the void. The magic icons on their bodies glow, negating the pain, and they grab Dick and Jefferson, grab the Mother Box floating nearby, and reenter the transport cube. Gretchen has Overlord return them to the house, and Aquaman thanks Gretchen for her hospitality. She demands that they leave the Mother Box, but Aquaman refuses to leave "her" behind.

When Aquaman refuses to go back into the X Pit, Gretchen says that his behavior requires correction. The brainwashed Dick and Jefferson walk over to her, and she tells them to teach their friends a lesson on Darkseid's behalf.

Bumblebee patches the baby's heart and it recovers. Once she shuts down the video feed, Bumblebee shrinks down further and contemplates introducing new genetic material taken from her body into the baby's genome.

Dick and Jefferson attack Wyynde and Aquaman, respectively. Jefferson shocks Aquaman, who lets his magic runes absorb the energy. Wyynde drops the Mother Box, and Gretchen promises that her thralls will die trying to match Atlantean strength and magic. She has Overlord open fire on Mother Box.

Brion comes down to join the others, and both Victor and Violet sense the attack on Mother Box. Victor opens a boom tube and goes through with Violet. Brion and Gar go in after them and the boom tube closes. They arrive at Gretchen's house and Victor destroys the beam emitter trained on Mother Box. Aquaman and Wyynde subdue Dick and Jefferson, and Gretchen and the others watch as Violet uses her violet aura to heal the injured Mother Box. She then uses her violet aura to dispel Gretchen's brainwashing, and Gretchen recognizes the words of the Old Gods. Gretchen prepares to attack them all, but Oracle has a drone fire a missile at the floor, knocking Gretchen out. Victor opens a boom tube and they leave as Gretchen recovers and says that she had her fun. She then opens the small coffer holding Overlord and assures it that everything will be all right.

Karen lies with her daughter and assures her that everything will be all right. She returns to normal size and Mal gives her the baby to hold. He asks what Karen what doing, and she says that she did the right thing for their daughter.

At the medbay at the tower, Helga tends to Jefferson and Dick as Dick moans in pain. Wyynde assures Aquaman that Dick is well-cared for and will recover. Brion approaches Violet and apologizes for how he's been acting. They hug and Helga texts her mentor to say that there are complications and she needs to get her "kids" out. Ultra-Humanite texts back, saying that arrangements have been made.

Gretchen contacts Darkseid and tells him that she found the Anti-Life Equation.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 9, 2019

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