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Deviant Recap

An ad runs for Toscani's Foreskin Facecream.

Cassidy screams in agony as blades run over his body cutting off parts of his body. Workers pack the material away, and Toscani's men lock Cassidy up. Toscani tells Cassidy that he's going to love Bensonhurst and leaves.

In Texas, the Saint and Eugene walk along the road as the Saint follows the sound of Jesse's Voice. Eugene tries to make small talk and hitch a ride: neither one goes well.

Jesse flies to Australia and remembers what happened at the House of Entertainment.


Entering the House, Jesse makes his way past the partygoers. Jesus De Sade asks if he can help him, and Jesse says that the boy at the window seemed scared. The owner says that the boy is booked with him, and Jesse punches him. The preacher then walks up the stairs to find the boy.

Tulip lies in a bed and watches the Grail doctors around her. The doctor attending to her says that she'll be fine but wants to run a psychological test to make sure they didn't miss any unseen traumas. Tulip tries to get out of it but fails, and she attacks him and then the orderlies. A nurse finally injects Tulip with a sedative, knocking her out.

Toscani tells Cassidy that it's guilt that keeps "repeat clients" coming back because they think they deserve it.

As Cassidy lies in his cell, the imprisoned Archangel talks about how they won't be happy until Toscani's is dead at their feet. He asks what they're going to do to get out, and Cassidy says that they'll do nothing. The Archangel figures that he means they'll wait until the time is right, and Cassidy insists that he isn't going to do anything and just let Toscani take him.

The Saint and Eugene continue down the road, the Saint ignoring Eugene's attempts at conversation. Eugene finally stops and says that he's hungry. They go to a truck stop and Eugene orders food, while the Saint orders whiskey. The waitress, Flo, tells him that they don't serve whiskey, and Eugene suggests turtle pie. The Saint doesn't respond and Eugene orders turtle pie for him. Once Flo leaves, the Saint says that Jesse sent him to Hell. Eugene asks if he's going to hurt Jesse, saying that violence doesn't solve things. The Saint asks what would suit him better, and Eugene suggests an apology. His dining companion isn't impressed, and Eugene goes to the restroom.

The Archangel tells jokes and discusses Hoosiers. Cassidy doesn't respond, and the Archangel says that Bensonhurt is named after Egburt. The vampire says that he's going there because he has no one else to go. The Archangel senses backstory, and Cassidy thinks back on his past.

Ireland, 1916

Cassidy is preparing to go to war, and his preacher uncle tells him to make the Cassidys proud. Billy arrives to go with Cassidy, and Cassidy assures his family that it's the British that better be careful. The two men walk off across the field.

Later, Cassidy and Billy fight the British along with the other Irishmen. Their squad leader says that they will live on forever in the minds of the people they're dying for. He charges into battle and the other Irishmen follow him. Billy hesitates, asking Cassidy if he's sure about it, and Cassidy says that he is. An explosion hits the nearby building, blowing off Billy's leg. Two British soldiers arrive and see Billy, and kill him as Cassidy hides in the shadows, watches, and weeps.

Cassidy returns home and hears explosions. He sees two British soldiers coming and hides. Once they go past, a vampire emerges from a nearby pond and drags him into the water. They struggle and Cassidy finally breaks free and makes it to shore. The vampire comes after him and bites him on the neck, dragging him back into the water.

Later, Cassidy returns to his family cottage. His grammy is inside, singing, and Cassidy walks away.


Cassidy tells the Archangel that he thought it was better that his family believed he was dead, rather than see what he had become. The Archangel starts singing an Irish song and one of his feathers drifts down and falls on the floor in front of Cassidy.

Lara checks Tulip's room at the bar.

Tulip wakes up from a dream whether Jesse leaves her a letter saying that she's a lying bitch. She discovers that she's tied down, and the grail doctor asks if she had a bad friend. Tulip describes The Exorcist and notes that at the end, the main character threw a priest down the stairs. The doctor says that she suffered a head injury, and Tulip tells him that they joined the Grail to run things their own way. He tells her that he joined up to help people, and he's going to examine her emotional functions via Rorschach tests.

Jesse looks for the boy and walks down the hallway, dizzy from the smoke. He enters a room and finds a photographer working with the boy. Jesse knocks out the photographer and says that they're going. The boy says that he's good making money, and out in the hallway Jesse finds the residents waiting for him. He fights his way through them as they attack. Once they're all down, Jesse disc overs that a stray shot hit the boy and killed him. Jesus comes in and complains that Jesse broke his nose, and Jesse grabs him by the throat and beats him. The pantless pilot arrives and asks what kind of preacher Jesse is.

The two men prepare to drive away, and Jesse uses Genesis to tell the plot to forget what happened. They drive away as God watches from an upstairs window.

Starr receives a report on Jesse, and asks the Grail operative what his impression of him is. The operative, Hoover 2, says that he's pitiless, and Starr asks if he considers him attractive despite his mutilations. Hoover 2 admits that he does not, and Starr dismisses beauty as unimportant. Lara comes in and says that the attack was a distraction and Tulip is in a distraction.

Tulip continues with the Rorschach testing, and her responses all involve violence. She figures that she's failed, and the doctor says that the rest results indicate that she's an uninhibited deviant with unresolved abandonment issues. Tulip admits that the results are right and the doctor apologizes. She tells him that some people just can't be helped and drink.

Cassidy and the Archangel sing Irish songs together, and Cassidy admits that he misses Ireland.

In the diner restroom, a man in the next stall calls to Eugene and taps his foot. He tells Eugene to put his mouth to a hole in the stall wall, unbuckling his pants. Eugene does so and the man mistakes it for something else. A sex detective breaks in and arrests Eugene, and drags him out to his car. The Saint isn't interested, and a Child Services man drives Eugene back to the orphanage as the Saint comes out and looks at them. He shoots the driver dead and the car slows down to the side of the road.

Jesse waits at the airport for the plane to Australia. Hitler is sitting nearby and complains about Jesse's smoking. He insists that his mustache will be fashionable again, and says that he was in town for a conference and heard Jesse was there, and came by to tell him that he would be glad to have Jesse join him in Hell. He explains that Satan is dead and he's in charge of Hell. Jesse says that he's not going to Hell, and Hitler tells him that he's coming sooner or later after everything he's done. Hitler says that God will never Jesse get to him, and Jesse orders him on his knees to demonstrate Genesis. Jesse tells Hitler to choke himself, and Hitler does so. He finally Voices him to stop, and Jesse insists that he's going to talk to God. Hitler says that he will see him later, and Jesse goes to his plane.

Lara goes to the infirmary and discovers that Tulip has left. The doctor says that he released Tulip because there's no cure for her being a lunatic, and Lara goes to find Cassidy.

Tulip enters Cassidy's cell and discovers that he's gone. The Archangel says that he went to Bensonhurt and laughs.

Toscani and his men take the strapped-down Cassidy through the hallways, unaware that he is holding the Archangel's feather.

Eugene drives the car and prays for God to take driver to Heaven, and to forgive the Saint for shooting him. He tells the Saint that he doesn't like all the killing, and the Saint says that he should tell it to God because it's his plan.

On the plane, Jesse is drinking when the plane shakes. The TV shows a report of the House and how some people are describing Jesse as evil incarnate. The pilot announces over the intercom that they've hit some turbulence and advises Jesse to pray. Jesse imagines Tulip sitting behind him, complaining that he didn't say goodbye. The hallucination disappears and the plane starts going down.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 12, 2019

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