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The Alpha and the Omega Recap

Zod orders his fleet to set a course for Earth to conquer it.

Twelve Hours Earlier

Fragments of Wegthor slam down on Kandor, and Lis warns Zod that the citizens are looking for answers. Zod ignores her questions and asks where remaining Rebels are, and if there's enough Stellarium to power the fleet. Val calls and tells Zod to either give up or they will come for him. He says that he sent Doomsday against his fellow Kryptonians, proving his true sentiments, and tells him that he is Krypton's undoing. Unimpressed, Zod says that he plans to hunt down the Rebels and wipe them out, and Val tells him that he welcomes the attempt.

A doctor examines Adam's injuries. Once he leaves, Lyssa assures him that Val will find a way for Adam to walk again. He explains that Sardath of Rann gave him the Zeta-Beam teleporter. He talks about Sardath's daughter Alanna, and how he modified it via time travel. Adam says that he's done with traveling through time and will live with consequences of what he does, and dozes off.

Jayna and Dev share a toast to those they've lost and found, assuming that Seg, Nyssa, and Val are dead. Dev says that they're the only ones left to defeat Zed, and the three of them are all that they have left. Jayna and Dev kiss, and Lyta comes in. She asks what happened that caused the meteors to fall.

Near the Outlands, Seg drifts in the skimmer and tries to reach someone on the radio. Val responds and Seg sends him coordinates. Nyssa confirms that they're alive because of Seg and Kem, and Seg tells them that Kem sacrifices him for Krypton. Val assures him that Kem will always be remembered as an El, brother to Seg, and Seg heads for New Lurvan.

Nyssa goes to Adam and takes his Zeta-Beam device. He wakes up and warns her to be careful with it, and she says that she's going to find Sardath. Adam warns against it, and calls to Val. He arrives with his men, and Nyssa says that the device can teleport her to wherever Brainiac is with Jor. She insists that there is no other way and asks Val to tell Seg that she's sorry, then teleports away.

Nyssa arrives on a cliff overlooking on ocean. She starts searching for Sardath.

Jayna and Dev tell Lyta what happened, and Lyta insists that Seg is still alive. She says that they have to end Zod's rule, and Jayna reminds her daughter that Zod is her son. Undeterred, Lyta says that the man who unleashed Doomsday is not her son. Dev sides with her, and Jayna asks what primus Lyta would have them do. Lyta figures that Zod doesn't believe they have the numbers to attack Kandor, but they can use the support they've gained with the Sagitari to access Zod at Ford Rozz. She says that they use their Sagitari to separate Zod from his loyalists. Dev wonders how they can fake an entire army, and Seg and the Rebels enter the bar. Lyta smiles at seeing Seg alive.

Commander Dahl tells Zod that the abandoned spaceship has been found in the Outlands. Zod is questioning Thur and says that he will let him keep his life as long as he tells them where the Rebels have gone. When Thur doesn't speak, Zod beats him until Thur says that Lyta is at New Lurvan. Zod orders Dahl to send his men to New Lurvan and then kills Thur.

In the bar, Seg and the others drink to Kem. Dev asks Seg if he saw Doomsday, and Seg tells them that he looked into its eyes and saw only rage. Lyta says that she saw the same thing in Zod's eyes, and tells Seg that their son is lost. Seg vows to stop him by any means necessary, and Lyta explains that they have a plan but it will take all of them. Noticing that Nyssa is gone, Seg asks Adam if she's seen her.

Nyssa comes to several charred corpses, and a dying man staggered out. She asks if she's on Rann, and the man points up at the sky before dying. Confused, Nyssa grabs a branch as a weapon.

As Val makes Adam comfortable, Adam asks him not to bench him. Val tells him to give the others time to devise a strategy, and says that Adam has done more than enough. Adam says that Krypton is his home now, and Seg and Val are more of his family than his real family. His mother died giving birth to him and his father net let him forget that, and they didn't have much in common except baseball. Adam figures that he's stuck there without his Zeta-Beam device, and Val says that Adam put his life on the life for the El and all of Krypton. He promises that he will do everything in his power to make it up to him.

Lyta tells the others that they have to strike now to end Zod's reign. Lyta has contacted her Sagitari within Rozz and with them they can gain access to Zod. Pline calls and says that they've been compromised and Zod knows everything. They can only watch as she's gunned won.

Dev tells Seg and Lyta that they need to deal in at New Lurvan to fight back. Lyta figures that Zod will send multiple Sagitari and pin them down, because that is what she would do. Seg says that they take Zod because he's isolated himself by sending his Sagitari to New Lurvan. If the Rebels keep his forces distracted then Seg can get to Zod. Lyta agrees, and Jayna says that they need to establish a perimeter and keep the civilians safe. The bar patrons say that they won't hide and let the Rebels fix everything, and confirms that they have a stash of weapons. As the people start to respond, Zod and his personal guard arrive.

The Rebels set up a perimeter and confirm that the Sagitari are approaching. The two sides open fire on each other.

Zod asks Seg what he hoped to achieve there, and Seg tells him that the people only follow him because of what he's done to their minds. He says that it's not him they have to believe, and Lyta steps out and says that the "Lyta" they saw die was a clone imposter. She dreamed of a better Krypton free of war. Zod tells the people that he has lived a future where he saw Krypton choose its own self-destruction. He insists that he only lives to save Krypton and its people. Seg tells him that what he's offering them isn't good enough.

Seg travels to Kandor, goes out on the streets, and says that the people all know who he is. He tells them that Zod's rule is built on lies and he has control that he controls them via Somatic Reconditioning. Zod and his personal guard arrive, and Zod orders his men to arrest Seg and Lyta, and arrest anyone who objects. Dahl tells him to arrest them himself and sides with Seg and Lyta. Zod orders his men to kill his parents and arrest Dahl, and the Sagitari set down their weapons. Lyta tells Zod that it's over and he should call off his forces in New Lurvan, and Zod says that he'll kneel before no one. Seg removes his jacket, removing the crest of House El, and asks him to step outside.

The two men fight and Zod gets Seg in his grip. He tells his father that he is nothing and beats Seg to the ground. Seg tells Lyta to stay back, and tells Zod that he's going to lose it all to ordinary old him. He beats Zod, who fights back and draws a knife. Lyta intervenes, disarming him, and says that she's not his mother anymore.

Jayna orders the Rebels forward to defend New Lurvan.

Lyta beats Zod down, and he grabs his knife and stabs at her.

Jayna engages the Sagitari in hand-to-hand, fights her way to a turret, and opens fire on the Sagitari.

Zod tries to drive the knife into Lyta's throat, and Seg comes to her aid. She tells him to kneel before Kandor, and he refuses. His parents attack him.

Adam is defending himself from his bed, and Val arrives and kills the last Sagitari.

Seg manages to knock Zod down and beats him unconscious. He starts choking him, but Lyta pulls him away. Dahl calls off the Sagitari attacking New Lurvan.

The Sagitari retreat and the Rebels cheer. Jayna and Dev smile at each other.

Seg warns that Zod will never stop, even if imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Lyta says that it doesn't have to end that way.


The Kryptonian fleet arrive above Earth. Seg and Lyta tell Zod that they're proud of him for saving all of them. They praise him as a hero, and Zod looks down on Earth.

In the real world, Zod lies in the embrace of the Black Mercy. Lyta tells Seg that they can keep him there as long as it keeps Krypton safe.

Later, the Rebels and the bar patrons celebrate together. Val arrives and tells them that they've picked up indicators of more survivors from Wegthor. Val, Jayna, and Dev leave to check the coordinates.

Nyssa walks along the beach until she comes to more wreckage. There's a symbol drawn in blood on the rocks, and Nyssa looks overhead to see dozens of winged soldiers flying past.

Val checks on Adam and says that he has something for him.

Jayna and Dev check the perimeter and Dev finds the frozen Doomsday.

Seg finds Val and discovers that he's drunk. He helps him inside, and they find Adam wearing leg braces that let him walk. Val has added a jetpack to his suit and tries to fly... and slams into the ceiling. Lobo arrives and laughs with Adam and Val. Seg tells him to put his weapon down, and Lobo does so. Seg asks him why he's there, and Lobo says that he's learned Brainiac is still alive. He tells Seg that he's going to help him, figuring that he's not entirely useless. Lobo explains that he's going to need Seg answer some questions about the last time he was with Brainiac, and asks him what he wants. Seg says that he'll help Lobo find Brainiac if Lobo rescues Jor. Lobo agrees and offers his hand, and they shake.

On his ship, Brainiac looks down on the incubator holding Jor and says that they have a long journey ahead of them. Once they reach their destination, Jor will be a god among men, and calls him "my son". The ship heads for Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 15, 2019

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