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Knock, knock, I heard.

On a suburban street, a van is parked at the curb. Inside, two masked women wearing red and yellow hoodies fold up papers.

Luisa plays under the covers. His mother, Araceli, comes in and tells Luisa to come back and finish his supper. She tells Mateo and her daughter Luisa to be careful and not let anyone in, while she goes to work. Ariceli makes sure that Luisa has the numbers to call if things go bad, and tells her sister Lety that she will probably be back late.

Ariceli takes the subway to the Smythe house where she works as a nanny. A man walking his dog glares at her from across the street, and Araceli smiles at him before he moves on. Adam Smythe lets her in and his wife thanks Araceli for coming at the last minute. They tell her to be careful with their daughter Gracie because she missed a nap and it took them four hours to give her medication. Adam says that there have been some break-ins in the neighbor so Araceli shouldn't take Gracie out for a walk.

As the Smythes leave, Red and Yellow watch from their van and chuckle.

Araceli looks for Gracie in the basement, and hears the girl laugh as she hides. The nanny finds Gracie and hugs her, and the autistic girl repeats the word "hide" repeatedly. They go upstairs and Araceli makes a snack. Gracie plays with a lighter, and screams when Araceli takes it away from her. Araceli calms her down by humming a song and stroking her arm, and then hugs her.

Later, Gracie colors at the table while Araceli does the dishes. The doorbell rings and Araceli opens the door but there's no one there. She closes and locks the door.

That night, Araceli tends to the Smythes' father, who is an invalid on a breathing unit in his bedroom. In the living room, Gracie is playing with a stuffed animal when there's a knock at the door. She goes to the door and peers out.

In the bedroom, Araceli hears the security system go off as Gracie turns it off to open the door. She goes out and sees Gracie holding a sucker... and the front door blowing in the breeze. Araceli goes to the door, and Red steps out. The nanny grabs Gracie and heads for the back door, only to find Yellow outside peering in. She goes upstairs with Gracie, who starts screaming, and tries to calm the girl down. Meanwhile, Red and Yellow use the paper they folded as a selector to pick "Skewer" for the technique to use. Yellow picks up a knife and goes to the sleeping father.

Ariceli pounds on the bedroom window and sees the man from earlier across the street.

Red picks "Crush" and picks up a wrench.

The man looks at Araceli and then turns and walks back into his house. Araceli hears the old man on the monitor at her belt, dying as Yellow stabs him repeatedly and laughs. Gracie runs off and Araceli goes after her. Red hits her with the wrench as she comes out, and Araceli crawls into a room and slams the door shut. Yellow arrives and holds up the ring that the old man was wearing, and gives it to Red. Red admires it briefly and puts it in her pocket, and they hear Gracie moving.

Yellow goes into the room and sees the girl hiding beneath a blanket on the bed. She taps on Gracie's head and the girl giggles.

Red enters the room where Araceli hid and searches for the nanny. She looks in a walk-in closet, while Araceli hides among the clothing on the rods.

Down in the dining room, Yellow selects "Improvise".

Red hears something and walks off.

Yellow goes through the kitchen utensils and finds a can of peanut oil spray.

Araceli comes up behind Red and stabs her in the back with a pair of scissors. Once Red is down, Araceli collapses sobbing.

Yellow makes an improvised flamethrower out of the aerosol can and the lighter. She goes back to the room where Gracie is "hiding", and pulls off the blanket to reveal a large stuffed animal. Araceli is hiding beneath the bed and stabs Yellow in the foot. Yellow goes down and Araceli kicks her in the head until she stays down. Araceli then looks for Gracie, who is hiding in a basket. Gracie smiles and says "Hi" to Araceli. She takes the girl out where the police have arrived.

The next morning, Araceli is at home. She's ironing, and the news is running a story about the home invasion. The two invaders were local members of an elite girl's boarding academy. The two women were fixated on the idea that the attack would make them notorious. There's a knock at the door, and Araceli sees that there are three ICE agents outside. Luisa asks who it is, and Araceli tells her and Mateo to hide.

Knock, knock, I heard.

But the monsters had already found their way inside.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 17, 2019

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