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Scion Recap

I shook her hand, sealing the deal.

Isaac sits in the park with his boyfriend Noah Ingram, talking about their future. Noah coughs and Isaac says that he should be taking the herbs. His boyfriend tells him that it doesn't do any good. They thumb wrestle and then kiss. A jogger comes by and shoves them apart, and Noah dares him to do it again. Once the jogger leaves, Noah collapses to the ground, coughing.

Later at the Whitford Cancer Treatment Center, Noah sits with his parents. Isaac comes in and sits with Noah.

The Ingrams and Isaac meet with Doctor Lucie, who says that they have a radical treatment but warns that the side effects can be challenging. She warns that things will feel worse before they get better. Lucie takes them on a tour of the facility and says that each patient receives all the comforts to compensate for the pain. Noah tells Isaac that it's the one time he can't complain about his parents flaunting his wealth. He sees a janitor mopping the floor, and the man stares back at him.

Later in his master suite, Mr. Ingram tells Noah that Ingram men are strong. After they leave, Isaac sits with him and assures him that he can beat the cancer. They kiss and Isaac leaves.

Noah sits in his chair later and begins his treatment. The first day goes by as he sleeps, eats, and receives treatment. One night he wakes up from a nightmare, gasping. He tries to call out and goes downstairs trying to find a signal. Isaac hears music and goes into a room, and sees the janitor from earlier listening to a record, and then hitting himself in the head with his broom. Shocked, Isaac leaves without the janitor seeing him.

The treatments continue and Lucie asks how his first night was. Noah asks about the janitor, and Lucie says that his name is Jason. The doctor pricks Noah with a pin and says that it's to test his nerve sensitivity. She asks if Noah is scared, and Noah tells her that he feels that his body is betraying him. Lucie assures him that she knows how it feels. Izzy McAllister, a boy in the next chair, asks Noah how it's going. They talk about their rich families, and Izzy rips the IV out of his arm and invites Noah to have pudding. They talk about Isaac, and Noah says that he can't remember the last time his parents said that they loved him. Izzy warns that he has bad nightmares as a side effect.

Later, Noah wakes up from a nightmare and finds Lucie sitting on his bed. She says that the nightmares are a side effect, and checks his muscle strength. Lucie tells Noah that strength isn't about muscles and then breaks his leg. Noah wakes up from the nightmare, screaming. A nurse comes in and pulls the IV out of his arm. He demands to see Lucie, and the nurse walks off.

Noah meets with his parents and says that he's worse, and asks where Lucie has come from. His parents say that she knows what's best for him, but Noah isn't convinced.

Sometime later, Noah finds himself in the treatment room. His fingernails have grown and he has no idea how much time has passed. Izzy is sitting next to him and doesn't remember how much time has passed. Noah takes his new friend into Lucie's office when she's out and looks around. He finds a book on devil worshippers, and sees a locked door in the wall. Before he can check it, Izzy collapses in convulsions. When Noah calls for help, the nurse comes in, shoves him aside, and tends to Izzy.

The next day, Lucie assures Noah and his parents that his treatment won't be affected by what happened to Izzy. Noah wonders what happened to Izzy, and Lucie says that Izzy had a critical seizure and they're doing everything they can. When Noah asks about the book, Lucie says that it's an antique book medieval medical practices. She jokingly says that it has no basis for Noah's treatment, and says that she'll help him if he lets her.

Back in Noah's room, his father Mark tells him that he needs to be strong. Isaac comes in and Noah's mother Gwendolyn says that they brought him there to convince Noah to cooperate with the treatment. Noah tells him that he feels helpless, and Isaac assures him that he isn't. He says that Noah is stronger than he thinks and should give the clinic a chance, and if still doesn't feel right then he'll come to save Noah.

That night, the music plays. Noah has nightmares of Izzy and robed figures stranding around his bed, and wakes up in Lucie's office. Noah doesn't remember time having passed, and says that he's weaker than ever, seeing things, and losing time. Lucie tells him that Izzy told her about what happened in the park, and promises that if he devotes himself to the treatment then no one will claim that they're strong than him.

Later in his room, Noah looks at himself in the mirror and scratches himself. When he calls Isaac, he gets his voice mail. Noah goes to Lucie's office and finds the door open. He goes through and takes the stairs leading down, and hears a man moaning in pain. At the bottom, Noah sees a man strapped to a table, covered in blood and screaming in agony.

No9ah wakes up from his nightmare and finds Lucie at his bed examining him. She says that Izzy is in care, and Noah asks where what is behind the door. She claims that it's a coat closet but refuses to take Noah there. When Noah reminds her that his family pays for the clinic, Lucie tells him to hang in and leaves. Noah tears up the room and finds a pentagram under his bed.

The teenager calls Isaac and says that he thinks Lucie is trying to change him somehow. Isaac promises to come and get him. Once Noah hangs up, he sees someone go by in the hallway. He staggers out and hears Lucie telling his parents that Noah is almost ready. Noah collapses and passes out.

Later, Noah wakes up to find himself surrounded by the robed figures, all chanting. Lucie and his parents are among there. Noah is strapped to a table, and Mark tells him that they made a pact with their master. Lucie tells him that she gives families wealth and power, and in return they give them some of her offspring to choose as hosts.

Lucie breaks Noah's leg and he stares in surprise as it heals. She says that the janitor, Jacob, rejected her child, but Izzy embraced her child. Izzy, now in a suit, steps forward and tells Noah that the feeling of power is worthy any cost. Lucie says that the world is controlled by the powerful, and she gave them the power. She assures Noah that no one will ever hurt him again and all he has to do is take her hand. Lucie promises that no one will be better than him, and Noah remembers the day in the park.

Later, Isaac is sitting outside of the clinic. Noah finally comes out and Isaac asks him what happened. His lover says that he's better than ever, but being sick made him realize that he has too much ahead of him to let anything hold him back. Noah tells Isaac that it's best that they part ways and they have different priorities. He warns that emotions are the enemy of strength, and Isaac offers his hand to thumb wrestle. Noah says that there's no point because he'd win, and leaves with his parents.

I shook her hand, sealing the deal.

The Devil smiled, promising me the world.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 23, 2019

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