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Bleak City Recap

In Australia, the Saint and Eugene go into a tourist office and the Saint kills everyone there. Eugene prays for the dead people's souls, and the Saint sits and stares off into space, remembering the past. Once he's done, Eugene asks the Saint if they just wait there until Jesse uses the Voice again. The Saint says nothing.

Jesse rents a car to go to the Lost Apostle, and the stuttering clerk, Jaxon, checks his credit card information. A wanted notice comes up on Jesse, warning that he's armed and dangerous. Jaxon stares at the screen in shock, and then tells Jesse that there's no cars available. Jesse points out all of the car keys on the rack, and figures that Jason saw the notice. He tells the clerk that the information is a lie and explains that he has the Voice, but he doesn't want to use it there because people get hurt. However, if he doesn't get to Lost Apostle then the world will end and everyone will die. Jesse asks Jaxon to help him of his own free will, and Jaxon gives him a set of keys. As Jesse leaves, he Voices Jaxon not to stutter... and the Saint hears Jesse. He gets up and leaves, and after a moment Eugene goes after him.

In the parking garage, Jesse gets his car and consults a map to Lost Outpost. He turns on the radio briefly, hearing reports about the manhunt for him and the disappearance of a UN minister, and drives out of the garage. As he drives out, Jesse brakes for a passing truck. Eugene is walking down the street and they see each other, and Eugene yells at Jesse to go. The Saint comes out behind Eugene as Jesse drives the other way, and Jesse rounds the corner before the Saint can get a clear shot. Deprived of his victim, the Saint glares at Eugene.

Jesse drives through the streets, telling himself that Eugene can take care of himself and the Saint doesn't want him dead. He drives out of the city and comes to a crossroads, and stops for the sign. As he pulls into the intersection, a truck blares its horn as it drives in front of him. Jesse changes his mind and drives back for Eugene.

Tulip takes Jesus back to the bar and finds Cassidy there, drinking. She smiles and they hug. As Jesus plays an arcade video game, Cassidy and Tulip compare notes on what they've been doing since the last time they saw each other. The Archangel comes out and asks Kamal for a phone. Jesus notices the Archangel and they stare at each other briefly before the Archangel goes to the phone. Tulip tells Cassidy who Jesus is, and Cassidy asks where Jesse is. She asks him if he told Jesse that they had sex, and Cassidy admits that he did. Tulip immediately punches him, and Kamal shows Tulip a newscast about the manhunt for Jesse after he wiped out a group of sex tourists in the Middle East.

A Grail waiter brings room service breakfast for Jesus and discovers that he's gone.

Lara tells Starr that Tulip, the Archangel, and Cassidy have escaped Masada due to her negligence. She admits that she also failed to locate the Holy Child and tells Starr that she's ready to die for her failures. Starr says that he's ready as well and prepares to shoot her dead, but his phone rings. An operative reports to him that Jesus is gone, and Hoover Two prepares to shoot Lara. Lara warns him not to exceed his authority, but Starr stops him and says that Jesus is gone. When Lara says that she thinks she's earned the right for Starr to execute her, Starr considers. Another phone call comes in and nods to Hoover Two to kill Lara. Lara leaps out the window before Hoover Two can shoot her, and Starr angrily demands to know where Hitler is while Lara glides away.

Starr finds Hitler playing handball with a Guild operative, bursts in, and beats Hitler with his racket insisting that the Apocalypse is coming and nothing will get in his way. He then asks Hitler how Humperdoo seemed to him, Hitler says that he seemed right and congratulates him on providing a Jesus they can believe in. Starr hmmphs and walks away.

The Saint kills Jaxon, and Eugene prays over him. The killer figures that Jesse will come back because he knows if he doesn't, he'll hurt Eugene.

Jesse sneaks into a construction site and uses the Voice to command the workers. The Saint hears him and tells Eugene that they're going, and Eugene leaves with him.

At the bar, Cassidy insists that they need to stick together and blames himself. He figures that he needs to head to Australia and rescue Jesse to make up for Jesse trying to rescue him. Tulip refuses to go with him and goes to fix the car. Once she does, she tells Cassidy that she's taking Jesus to Las Vegas. Tulip invites Cassidy to come with them because it could be fun. Cassidy mutters to himself that he doesn't want to.

The Saint goes to the construction site and shoves Eugene in. Jesse hits the Saint with a wrecking ball and then leaves with Eugene. They run down the street while the Saint recovers, gets his hat, and goes after them.

Jesus follows Tulip out to the garage where she works on the car, and says that he's sure he wants to take off. Tulip asks him if he has things to do like walking on water, and Jesus tells her that most of it was metaphor. She warns him that they're committed once they hit the road, and Jesus admits that there's a conference he's supposed to be helping out with. However, he figures that he was born as a man to help people, and that's all he needs to do. Jesus asks if Cassidy will be joining them, and Tulip figures that he's thinking about it.

The Archangel comes into the bar wearing a new suit, orders a drink, and asks Cassidy about "his gal". Cassidy insists that Tulip isn't his gal, but the Archangel doesn't believe him. The vampire says that Cassidy is his best mate's girl and he's not going to get together with Tulip, and the Archangel tells him that it won't happen with his attitude. He says that forbidden love isn't easy. Cassidy grabs his collar and tells him to shut up, and says that he's trying to do the right thing for once. The Archangel says that love got him exiled from Heaven and imprisoned, and realizes that the demon woman he sacrificed for is there.

The Woman comes over and the Archangel offers his hand. She takes it and they dance, and their wings and tail emerge.

Cassidy breaks into a car and gets in with Eugene. Eugene asks why Jesse didn't come for him, and Jesse says he didn't know he could but it's no excuse. He tells Eugene that he's a good Christian, and admits that he let him down and sent him to Hell. Jesse says that he feels bad about what he did and apologizes. Eugene thanks him and smiles as best he can. He tries to hotwire the car and sets off the alarm, and the two of them run off.

Tulip and Jesus sit outside in the car and smoke weed, and Jesus talks about the two times he sinned. He explains that because of that, his son was chosen as a new Messiah and is a better one than Jesus: a true unblemished innocent. Tulip wonders if he's talking about Humperdoo and laughs. She finally tells Jesus that God's an asshole and Jesus orders her not to say that. Tulip honks the horn and yells for Cassidy

Inside, the Archangel and his lover are having sex in Kamal's bedroom. A lot. Cassidy and Kamal are in the bar listening, and Cassidy says that he should rescue Jesse because it's the right thing to do. Kamal tells him that it's up to him, and Cassidy figures he's the one who gets to decide if he's the hero. He talks about Han Solo, and Kamal has no idea who that is or what Star Wars is.

Tulip figures that Cassidy is coming, and Jesus gets in the front seat with her. She finally figures that if Cassidy wants to mope around feeling guilty, that's up to him. With that she drives away from the bar and Masada. They soon get bored, and Tulip insists that "walking the earth" will be cool. Jesus wonders what they're going to do, and Tulip says that they'll play mini-gold and rob a bank.

Later, Tulip and Jesus rob a bank. Jesus watches the customers and staff while Tulip goes to the vault. Once man says that he has to pee, and Jesus nervously shoots him in the leg.

Tulip tells Jesus that he could just be lookout. Jesus, shocked at the thought of shooting a man, snaps out of his imaginings. She insists that they're not going back, and Jesus says that he didn't say anything. Tulip soon turns the car around and drives back to the bar.

The Archangel and the demon come down to the bar and order champagne. Cassidy says that he's happy for both of them, and the Archangel wonders why he's still there. The vampire tells him that he took his advice about love. The Archangel draws his sword and throws it across the bar, killing the demon. He tells Cassidy that he did love her, but he had to kill her because she's a demon. The demon reincarnates outside and drops through the roof, and the two celestials fight, kill each other, and reincarnate. Again and again.

Eugene watches as Jesse knocks out a policeman and gets into his car, telling Eugene to get in with him. After getting something from the unconscious policeman, Eugene gets in the car and Jesse drives off.

The Saint kills a policeman and listens on his radio until he hears Jesse call in posing as the policeman and saying there's no sign of the preacher.

Jesse drives through the streets and tells Eugene that once they get out of the city they'll ditch the car. Eugene doesn't respond at first, and then says that Jesse came back and apologized, and that's all he wanted. Jesse tells him that he owed him that much, and Eugene aims the gun he took at Jesse's head and says that the apology still wasn't enough. He shoots, hitting Jesse in the shoulder, and the car goes out of control and comes to a halt.

Tulip pulls over and Jesus apologizes for not making it to Vegas with her. He notes that the conference is the only thing they've asked him to do in two thousand years, and figures that it's better than toking and shooting people. Tulip admits that Jesus isn't what she expected, and Jesus says that's what God says. She tells him that God is an asshole, and Jesus gets out. Tulip yells after him, saying that she doesn't have to do the responsible thing just because he is. Jesus tells her that she can do whatever she wants just like all of them, and that's what makes it so hard. He waves to Tulip and heads to Masada. Tulip looks at the letter that Jesse left her, and then drives away.

As the demon and Archangel fight, killing each other over and over, Cassidy walks out of the bar bundled up against the sunlight. Tulip is parked outside, and tells Cassidy that Jesus went back to Masada. He explains that an angel and a demon are ready, and he and Tulip drive off together.

At Masada, Starr and Hitler go over the presentation for the Apocalypse in 2020. Jesus comes in and they assure him they haven't started the apocalypse without him. Hitler offers his hand and Jesus refuses to shake it, saying that he knows what he's done. However, as the Redeemer, he gives Hitler a hug. Jesus and Hitler take their seats as the representatives of Heaven and Hell, and they begin.

Tulip and Cassidy head for Australia.

Jesse crawls out of the police car, and Eugene kicks him over onto his back. The Saint is there, and he and Eugene stare down at Jesse as he passes out from shock.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2019

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