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Cilla Black Recap

At the Spicers', Harwood, Bet, Peggy, and the Spicers watch the TV newscast about the outburst of violence after Julian's death. The PM says that they face anarchy, and Harwood yells at them to turn off the TV. After they do, Harwood says that the PM is the man who hurt him. He remembers his name and that he's the leader of the Raven Society, and says that the PM has to die.

At the bar, Sid and the others watch the news and the landlord dismisses the rioters as idiots. Thomas comes in and Wallace coughs on his drink. As Alfred looks on, Thomas tells Wallace that he's been looking for him for two days since the shooting. Wallace says that he screwed up and the "other fellow" shot Julian. Thomas glares at Alfred and asks who it was, and Wallace claims the shooter wore the mask. The American says that his boss will need answers, and suggests that John asked Alfred to kill Julian. Alfred tells him to leave him alone and turns away, and Thomas wonders why John would want Julian dead. He suspects John is working for someone else, and asks Alfred if John told him. Alfred asks if Thomas wants the answer to his questions, and Thomas points out that he may have started a civil war. The Englishman says that he doesn't want Thomas hurt but he can't say the same for his friends, and Thomas tells him that he has friends like that as well.

Once Thomas leaves, Alfred tells Wallace that Thomas is talking about the CIA. Sandra comes over and smiles at Alfred, who is lost in thought and ignores her. She curses him and goes to get drinks, and Alfred realizes that he ignored Sandra.

John is cooking in his funeral home's crematorium when Alfred comes in. Alfred asks for the name of Esme's killer, and John advises him to walk away. When Alfred refuses, John tells him to see Baroness Ortsey at the Bethlehem Royal Hospital. He describes her as more of a "what" than a "who".

The next day, Alfred goes to the hospital and the matron, Pottinger, tells him to fill out a request and wait. He demands to see her now and says that John sent him, and Pottinger immediately takes Alfred to the basement where the blind Ortsey is staying in a glassed-in cell. Alfred asks Ortsey what she did, and she says "horrors". He explains that John sent him to get the name of Esme's killer, and Ortsey explains that she's a witch. Alfred says that he doesn't believe in the supernatural, and Ortsey admits that she doesn't know who killed Esme.

As Alfred goes, Ortsey asks who the other woman is. She says that there's another woman involved in Esme's murder, and Alfred tells her that there is no other woman. Alfred asks for more information, and Ortsey tells him that he's rude and she doesn't want to help him. She tells him to ask him to help her and do anything, and Alfred does so. Ortsey says that he must first prove his faith in her by bringing her a red rose and the left hand of a murderer. Once he does, she'll tell him all he needs to know. Alfred dismisses her as a nutcase and goes, and Ortsey says that he'll be back.

At the CIA station, Thomas meets with Hightower. Hightower wants to know what went wrong with the Gaunt assassination, and Thomas admits that his killer messed up. He figures that Undine had Julian killed, and the CIA is backing Undine. Hightower tells him that they have an asset close to Undine, and Thomas figures that it's John. The CIA head says that America needs six months of peace and quiet in Europe with the congressional elections coming up. They want a truce between the Society and the League, and Hightower says that in a few days Undine and Frances will meet to discuss a truce. If Frances accepts, it's good. If she refuses Thomas is to kill her. He asks if Thomas is ready, and Thomas says that he is.

Alfred confronts to John and says that Ortsey is insane. John insists that Ortsey can help Alfred if he has a little faith. He asks what happens if he tricked Alfred, and Alfred finally says that he'll be disappointed him. John smiles and says that's life, and walks off.

That night, the Pennyworths have dinner together. Mary says that it's good to have Alfred out and about, and she asks if he's angry. Alfred claims that he isn't but Mary doesn't believe him. Mr. Pennyworth says that Alfred has every right to be angry, but he shouldn't be with John and Mary agrees. Alfred tells them that he's done with John, and his parents assures him that they still love him. He tells them that he's going to change and put the past behind him.

In his hotel room, Thomas gets a call and says that he's on the way. He burns the orders that Hightower gave him, and there's a knock at the door. Thomas confirms that it's his sister Patricia and opens the door. She comes in and wants money, and Thomas says that he has a convenient business meeting. He refuses to give her money, knowing she'll buy drugs with it, and asks if she's so unhappy. Patricia breaks into tears.

Martha is sleeping on her couch when the doorbell rings. It's Thomas and Patricia, and Thomas asks if they can come in. Martha lets them in and Thomas dumps the drunken Patricia on the couch. He then asks Martha to take care of Martha for a few hours. Martha reluctantly agrees, and Thomas asks Martha to pose as his ex-girlfriend. He then tells Patricia to behave and leaves. Once they're alone, Martha re-introduces herself to Patricia. Patricia figures that Martha is a modern woman, and figures they went out since Thomas is "using" Martha. Martha says that she dumped him and goes to make coffee. As they talk, Patricia finds an invitation to a Satanist party in her purse.

That night, Martha and Patricia go to the mansion of Aleister Crowley. Patricia says that he's a Satanist but a very fashionable one. Aleister greets Patricia and they kiss. Patricia introduces Martha, who pushes Aleister away from kissing her. He's impressed and invites them to be happy. Martha tells Patricia they shouldn't stay too long, but Patricia isn't interested, gives Martha a flute of champagne, and joins the party. Martha drinks down the champagne, and Jason is at the party, noticing her.

Undine and her party drive to an abandoned stretch of country road, and she confirms that Thomas understands what must be done.

Jason dances with Patricia, and Aleister approaches Martha who is standing on the sidelines. He says that his thing is "love", and insists that Satan is love. Aleister says that beautiful women worship Satan just like he does, and then admits that his life is an elaborate act. He figures that everyone's life is that way, and suggests that Martha is trying to seduce him despite his efforts to resist. Aleister goes off to dance and Martha looks after him.

Frances and her people arrive at the rendezvous in their cars, The Society leaders tells Undine that she's sorry about Julian's death and it wasn't her doing. Undine says that she's not totally blameless and talks about her dogs, and Frances goes directly to the point. She asks Undine if her offer of a truce is sincere, and Undine talks about how they should show the world how two women reason. When Undine agrees, Frances tells her to order her thugs off the street and then she'll do the same. Afterward, they'll draft a mutual statement for the papers. Undine says that she's happy and asks to hug Frances, and Frances agrees. Thomas refuses to shoot.

Martha goes into the restroom, and Patricia comes in and goes into a stall. When Martha points out that she's been crying, Patricia claims that she's happy. Martha leads Patricia out, and Aleister sees them heading for the door. They head downstairs and Martha opens the front door, only to find themselves back at the party. Martha leads Patricia along, trying to find an exit, and Patricia disappears. Determined, Martha looks around and sees Aleister staring at her. She goes out and goes downstairs, goes to the front door, and when it opens she finds herself back at the party, with everyone silently staring at her--including Patricia. Aleister looks smugly at Martha, and Martha comes to a devil-headed man whose eyes glow.

Alfred goes to the club as a newsboy sells paper declaring peace between the League and the Society. He and Deon watch the crowd, and Deon sees a man, Hatchet Jack, at a table laughing with his friends. Deon warns that there's going to be trouble, and Alfred starts to go over. His friend stops him, and Alfred apologizes for overreacting but admits he doesn't know what to do with himself.

Thomas comes in and tells Alfred that he's looking for Patricia and Martha. He explains that they've been missing two days, and Alfred tells him that he can't help him because he doesn't trust him. Thomas admits that he's a spy but Alfred can trust him. Alfred clearly doesn't believe him, and Thomas asks him to have Patricia or Martha give him a call if they show up.

Hatchet Jack refuses to pay his bill, and Deon and Alfred go over when Chadley argues with the man. Jack says that the drinks are piss, and Alfred tells him to pay his bill. He gets in Alfred's face, and Alfred tosses him out the back door and kicks Jack repeatedly. Jack draws a machete, and Alfred grabs a small crate and knocks Jack down. When Jack grabs the crate and comes at Alfred he grabs the machete and swings, cutting off Jack's left hand... which flies through the air to land on the ground.

After Jack runs out the front clutching his stump, Wallace and Deon approach Alfred. Deon asks if he's happy now, and Alfred apologizes for being out of order... and notices that Jack's left hand landed next to a discarded rose. Alfred looks at the two items and wonders how Ortsey knew.

Alfred takes the two items to Ortsey at the hospital and enters her cell. He says that he's brought her what she asked for, and congratulates him on getting in. Alfred makes tea for the two of them, and Ortsey tells him to take her hand. He does and Ortsey asks him to tell her his dreams. Alfred says that he doesn't remember them, and she takes his hand in both of hers and asks him what he sees.

It begins raining and Alfred finds himself in a jungle. Rockets come down around him, and he sees a wardrobe ahead. Alfred gets in and finds himself in the cell. Mary is having tea with Ortsey, and Ortsey tells Alfred that he can go.

Back at the club, Alfred tells Wallace and Deon what happened. Spanish comes to the bar and asks what they want, and Sandra sings on the stage. Alfred finds himself at Spanish's grave with Wallace and Deon, in the jungle, and sees Captain Curzon glaring at him. Back in the cell, Alfred sees Curzon behind Ortsey, glaring at him. The captain disappears, and Ortsey tells Alfred that he fell asleep for a moment. He figures that there was something in the tea, and Ortsey admits that there was. Alfred realizes that Curzon killed Esme, and Ortsey tells him that he has to go. Once Alfred leaves, the nuns and the doctor look in at Ortsey.

The next morning, Alfred returns home and says that he was out with the boys all night. Mary hugs him and notices that he has a cut on his wrist. Alfred doesn't remember how it happened and dismisses it as nothing, and goes upstairs to his room. In the bathroom he removes his shirt and sees fresh scratches all over his shoulders and chest.

Bet dresses Harwood in a new suit and Bet suggests that he wait a bit to get his strength back. Harwood insists that he's fit and then falls into a nearby chair. He says that he's never felt more filled with passionate energy, and thanks Bet for her help. Peggy and Mr. Spicer come in, and Peggy asks him if he's ready to return to London. Harwood asks the sisters to come with him to London because he needs loyal friends that he trusts. Peggy hesitates but Bet says that they'll go.

At the bar, Alfred reminds Wallace and Deon about Curzon. He explains that when they buried Spanish, Alfred saw Curzon's face and he had murder in his eyes. Alfred figures Curzon killed Esme to punish him, but admits that he saw Curzon in a vision.

That night, Alfred, Deon, and Wallace go to Curzon's manor. Deon insists on no bloodshed because Alfred has no proof, and Alfred agrees. They go to the front door and find a letter on it, addressed to Alfred. The note inside is from Curzon, and says that he's glad that Alfred knows the truth.

The next morning, Martha wakes up naked in a field outside of London, in the branches of an old gnarled tree.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 29, 2019

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