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Tutorial Recap

I didn't lock my door that night.

Kerine presents her vlog show An Evening Look Transformation. She welcomes everyone to her channel and says that many people wrote to her about her last show, so Kerine has decided to show them a new transformative technique. Kerine provides links to her personal videos, and puts on a light red for initial transition, and then make it darker and more dramatic.

The doorbell rings and a man stands outside. Kerine calls that she's coming and goes the door, and while she does the man comes in through the living room window. Meanwhile, Kerine peers out the peephole and sees no one there. She hesitantly opens the door and calls, but gets no response. Kerine closes the door and goes upstairs to her bedroom where she's filming the vlog, while the man moves through the house.

Back at her makeup table, Kerine says that there wasn't anyone there and apologizes to her viewers. She then does Step 2: Transition, and takes some time to answer some of the questions from her viewers. One asks if it bothers her that people are stealing her ideas. Kerine says that she used to get mad.

The man comes upstairs behind Kerine, entering the room upstairs.

Kerine says that it used to bother her, and she needs to be more inventive to stay ahead of the competition. Something thuds to the floor, and Kerine goes into upstairs to investigate. She finds an overturned bottle, puts it back up, and goes downstairs. The Figure emerges from the shadows and goes downstairs after her.

In her room, Kerine makes sure the window is closed and then goes back to her makeup table. As the man walks behind her in the background, Kerine apologizes for the interruption and applies lip gloss. The lights go out and Kerine briefly panics before getting hold of herself. She confirms that her laptop has a full charge, and then looks out the window and confirms that her house is the only one that has lost power.

Kerine goes downstairs to the basement and checks the fuse box. The Figure goes up the stairs behind her and enters Kerine's bedroom, and then whispers to Shawn. He calls Shawn, saying that he's Jason, and gets his voice mail. He worries that Kerine will find him, and he's about ready to bail and then Shawn can find his way home. Jason wonders if it's a prank and checks under the bed, and finds Jason. He drags Shawn out and realizes that he's dead, covered in blood.

Jason shoves Shawn under the bed as Kerine turns on the lights and goes upstairs. She looks up at the camera and smiles, while her viewers text in telling her to be careful. When he hears Kerine coming, Jason quickly hides. She checks herself in the mirror and then sits down at her table and explains that the breaker flipped. Kerine notices that the door is closed when it was open earlier, and then moves on to Step 3: Details

Kerine tells the viewers to watch carefully so they don't miss anything, and then pulls the eyeshadow down along her cheeks. She smears her lip gloss over her lower face and then smiles. Kerine gets up, grabs a hammer, and opens the door. Jason knocks her down and runs out, and she finds Jason's phone on the floor where he dropped it and smashes it in a rage. Kerine tells her viewers that it's her favorite part and begins Step 4: The Hunt.

In the upstairs room, Kerine hums to herself and searches the room. She calls "Ready or not, here I come!" and chuckles, and goes downstairs while tapping the hammer on the railing. Kerine compliments Jason on coming to rescue her, but says that coming into her house is a crime and she'll need to defend herself because she's at home, alone. Once she goes by, Jason runs to the front door, panicked, and discovers that it's locked. Kerine grabs him and slams his head into the door, and Jason collapses unconscious.

Kerine drags Jason to the living room and proceeds with Step 5: The Harvest. She tells her viewers that it's important to use something blunt so they don't break the skin, rolls Jason over, and hits him in the back of the head with her hammer.

Back in her room Kerine tells her viewers that it's great when it comes together. She talks about how it requires a combination of creativity and improvisation. Kerine says that it's best to protect one's fingernails with gloves, and two inches by two inches is the best. Jason is lying on the bed, strips of skin taken from his chest, and Kerine says that one day she'll figure a more efficient set up. Kerine shows a strip of skin that she prepared in advance and talks about how to cure it properly in her last video.

As Kerine looks for her saw, Jason staggers off of the bed and hits Kerine in the head. They struggle and after a moment, Jason staggers out of the room clutching at his stomach and sobbing in bed. He tries to get out of the window, and Shawn emerges from beneath the bed as Step 6: Plot Twist! begins. He motions to the viewer to be quiet and then punches Jason in the head.

Later, Shawn and Kerine talk to the viewers. Kerine thanks Shawn for his help and says that her boyfriend was amazing, and they did their first of many couple's tutorials. She says that she let Jason get the hammer because she didn't want it to be too easier, and Shawn says that he's been begging her to show her the ropes. Eventually he'll do his own channel, and Kerine reminds her viewers to send feedback. Step 7: Final Look. Kerine says that practice makes perfect and they can always get more supplies, and she makes a mask out of the skin she took from Jason. Shawn and Kerine dance as the kudos come in from the viewers.

Afterward, Kerine tells the dark webbers to post their own masks and tune in to her next tutorial.

I didn't lock my door that night.

It made it so much easier to catch my prey.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 30, 2019

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