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Overwhelmed Recap

GBS confirms reports that the League has brought home 316 abducted meta teens from outer space. The Taos Meta Center in is overwhelmed by the influx. In Western Mongolia, Vandal and the other Light members watch the broadcast and Lex says that it's time to put their plan in motion.

At the Outsiders' tower in Hollywood, Violet is playing with Lian as Gar and Vic watch the news. The newscaster reports that Cyborg has joined the Outsiders and released footage proving that Gretchen is Granny Goodness and the one responsible for the meta-trafficking.

In Star City, Will watches as the newscaster repeats Goode Studio's claim that the video is fake. Artemis comes in and notices that Lian isn't there. Will says that he arranged for Violet to watch Lian so they could have a Valentine's Dinner alone. She accepts his proposal and they kiss. However, then, she says that she can't and runs to her room, crying and muttering to herself that she's sorry. Artemis calls someone and says that she needs to see them.

Forager and Conner drive along in the bioship in its RV mode, and Fred says that he has made good friends on Earth and isn't sure if he wants to go back to New Genesis. Fred worries about the fact that he can't be Forager on Earth as long as he has to use Zatanna's glamour charm to maintain his human appearance.

Conner pulls up to a gas station in Geranium City and introduces Fred to Dabney Donovan, the town mayor. Once they confirm that there are no strangers in town, Dabney drops his psychic illusion, revealing that the townspeople are all aliens. Dabney is an alien as well--Dubbilex--and explains that he considers Geranium City "Genomorph City Two". Conner takes Fred around and introduces him to his friends.

Geo Force does a pre-recorded news interview saying that the Outsiders consider themselves inspirations to young people. Blue Beetle texts Gar to complain that Geo Force is stealing Gar's thunder as Outsiders leader, and Gar texts back that it doesn't matter as long as the message goes out. Interviewer Ted Donner asks Geo Force about Infinity Inc., and Geo Force says that the Outsiders have no issues with the Infinitors as long as the message gets out.

Gregor is at a hotel with Tara and Brion, and says that he can use the good press to bring them back to Markovia. He's trying to change that metahumans are allowed in Markovia and asks his siblings to be patient. Brion agrees and Gregor says that it's a miracle that the three of them are together. He apologizes for coming in secret but it's not political expedient to announce their existence to the world. Tara excuses herself and texts Deathstroke that Gregor is out of Markovia.

Artemis meets with Zatanna, who brings Megan and Raquel with her. When Artemis complains that Zatanna shouldn't have brought the others, Zatanna says that they're there for the aftermath of what they do. She warns that there are limits to her magic and she can't raise the dead, and if she does it will leave Artemis devastated again. Artemis reminds her that she raised Secret and wants to get closure.

Zatanna tells her that she has to work through it like everyone else, and Artemis swears that she'll make a deal with a villainous sorcerer if Zatanna doesn't help her. The sorceress says that she can help Artemis meet the dead soul halfway, and asks Artemis not to hate her when it's over. Zatanna warns that she'll be sending Artemis' soul to Limbo, and the only thing Artemis will see is what her imagination creates. If Artemis doesn't return from Limbo by sunrise her soul will be trapped there. Artemis immediately agrees to accept the risk and Zatanna has Raquel and Megan step back. Once they're alone, Zatanna casts the spell and Artemis finds herself standing in the clouds. "Wally" steps out and greets her, and Artemis kisses him.

Gar takes on animal forms for Lian to entertain the child, and Metron arrives via a Boom Tube. He teleports Violet, Lian, and Vic to the depths of space. Metron addresses Violet and Vic as his grandchildren, and assures then that Lian is safe. The New God tells them that he's impressed with how they survived and evolved his technology, and they are important players in the coming galactic conflict. He plans to continue watching their ongoing evolution... as long as Darkseid doesn't kill them since they're obstacles to his plans. Metron teleports the trio back to the Outsiders tower and departs.

"Wally" wishes Artemis Happy Valentine's Day, and she realizes that he's dead. He tells her not to think about it now, and they appear in their old apartment. She's wearing Will's engagement ring and is pregnant.

Lex tells the other council members that the target is important enough to risk compromising Tara's cover, and says that the op is a go.

In Markovburg, a Boom Tube appears in the prison. Frederick and his companion knock out their guard and leave with their rescuer.

Dubbilex meets with Conner and Fred in his officer, and invites Fred to reveal his truth. Fred removes his charm, reverting to Forager, and he asks about the creation of Geranium City. Dubbilex has Conner's friend Craig telepathically show them how the original Genomorph City was under the Cadmus building and ruled by Lex. Conner gathered allies from the League to liberate the captive aliens and brought them to the site of Geranium City so they could build a life of their own. Dubbilex reverts to his Dabney form and says that they've used the power of mental illusion to conceal their true forms. Conner insists that the genomorphs have found a place for themselves in the world. Dubbilex reverts to his genomorph form and tells him that isn't entirely true.

"Wally" asks Artemis if she misses the life at all. Artemis says that they have everything that they need right there. The TV flashes images of Zatanna and Megan, and Artemis quickly turns it off. Wally warns that sunrise will soon come, and Artemis tells him that she never wants to leave.

Dubbilex tells Conner and Fred that the genomorphs are comfortable there, but the dream isn't achieved. They are segregated and forced to hide. Forager understands, saying that he could blend in with the other drones on New Genesis. At least on Earth the prejudices are being faced. He agrees to remain on Earth in plain sight, joining the Outsiders where Earth can see him for who he is. Dubbilex says that his sentiment is admirable, and asks Conner if he will do the same. He reminds Conner that he was intended to lead them but he hides his true nature, forcing them to hide. Forager points out that Conner has helped the Outsiders, and Dubbilex notes that Conner helps individuals because he views himself as an individual. He asks Conner when he will acknowledge his own role in the connected world and take the final step to help his own people. Dubbilex asks what Conner would do, and Forager takes the charm and says that he'll need Fred one more time.

Zatanna, Megan, and Raquel arrive at the apartment and Zatanna says that they wanted to stop by and see the baby. Artemis tells them that she needs to be selfish and not share their family. Once she closes the door, she looks outside and says that the sun will rise soon and she sees everything that she needs right there. Wally asks if the baby is a boy or a girl, and what its name is. Artemis says that they haven't named it yet again, and Wally notes that they could never agree on a name. Their baby disappears, and then the apartment around them.

Only the door remains, and "Wally" tells Artemis to open it and let people in. He says that she hasn't let anyone help her, and Artemis begs him to hold on. Wally tells her that he can't but he loves her too much, and won't let her throw her life away on a memory of what was or what might have been. He assures her that she'll get another chance at love, and wants her to stop mourning and find someone who deserves her. They agree that they needed the night to say goodbye, but the night is ending and it's time for Artemis to go live. Artemis kisses Wally and then goes through the door.

In the real world, Artemis' friends gather around her. She tells them that she got what she needed and as they go, Zatanna tells Raquel that Megan created the telepathic illusion. Artemis created everything that she saw from her own mind, giving her the chance to work things out for herself.

Will is at home washing the dishes. Violet returns with a sleeping Lian and says that it was an average night. She takes the girl to her bedroom, and Artemis comes in. Will apologizes and Artemis tells him that he didn't do anything wrong. She thanks him for helping her open up, and says that she'll always be there for him and Lian. However, they're not right for each other. Will is relieved, saying that she's his sister-in-law. They agree to be friends and family, always.

GBS presents cell phone footage of Bedlam staging a coup with the help of metahumans and military loyal to him. Bedlam releases a video statement saying that he's taken the Markovia crown to save the nation from Gregor. Lex comments that they won't lift the League ban from Markovia because it's an internal matter, and there are good people on both sides.

The Markovs watch the broadcast and Gregor figures they knew he was out of the country. He insists on returning home immediately, and Tara warns that they will kill him when he sets foot in Markovia. Brion tells his brother that he's wrong, and his squad can intervene isn't if the League can. He tells Gregor to be patient and now Geo Force will lead the Outsiders to save Markovia.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 31, 2019

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