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Nevermore Recap

In Gotham City, Jeff arrives at Barbara's apartment. He figures that Brion and Tara are heading to Markovia and needs to know what's going on. Barbara tells him that Lex and the UN have sidelined the League, and both sides know that if Brion wins then it will the Outsiders' cause. Megan is taking Gamma Squad into Markovia via the cloaked bio ship to prevent Dr. X from executing those loyal to Brion. Meanwhile Beta Squad is preparing to Boom Tube into Markovia to back up Alpha Squad--Geo Force, Terra, Beast Boy, and Cyborg--as they go after Bedlam. Barbara will coordinate all three squads and keep "Batman, Inc." informed. Jeff asks her what she isn't telling him.

In Metropolis, Lex tells the Light Council that everything is going as planned. Lex assures them it will be a complete debacle for the Outsiders, proving what he's been saying in the media: all metahumans must be registered and regulated. Infinity Inc. will immediately volunteer and they will supplant the League while the Light fills its ranks with metahumans and the superheroes will become renegades. Lex figures that the reveal of their mole is worth the sacrifice, and no one else on the Council disagrees. Deathstroke tells Terra to publicly kill Beast Boy on the Light's signal.

Superboy and the others Boom Tube into the palace and confront Bedlam, and Vertigo uses his power on the team while Bedlam flees. Beast Boy and the others arrive via another Boom Tube, intercepting Bedlam, and Bedlam vows to clear his bloodline. Terra pulls him toward her, and Bedlam knocks her out. Geo Force attacks his uncle, knocking them both out a nearby window, and a cameraman capture the fight.

Jeff calls Cyborg and tells him that they have a new mission.

Geo Force and Bedlam fight, and Terra, Beast Boy, and Cyborg join in. Bedlam breaks Beast Boy's arm, and Cyborg leads him to cover. Terra lifts Bedlam into the air on a boulder and drops him, then drops the boulder on him.

Gamma rescues the hostages and defeats Dr. X, and she checks in with Beta Squad. Nightwing manages to stun Vertigo, and Tigress and Halo go to help Alpha.

The Leaguers watch the televised battle. Geo Force surrounds Bedlam in lava and hardens it, trapping his uncle. He then punches Bedlam repeatedly, saying that he kidnapped Tara and murdered his parents. Bedlam finally reverts to his human form and begs Geo Force to stop, surrendering. Geo Force prepares to kill him, and Beast Boy reminds him that the Outsiders are beacons of hope. Deathstroke secretly radios Terra to tell her that Bedlam caused all of her misery, and once she kills Beast Boy nothing can stop her and Geo Force from killing Bedlam.

Tara prepares to drop a large piece of earth on Beast Boy. Tigress and Halo arrive and Tigress tells Terra that she doesn't have to do what Deathstroke says. The Light realize that Tigress knows, and Artemis removes her mask and says that Batman had surveillance on Slade and could tell from his micro expressions that he was lying when he claimed Terra washed out of the League of Shadows. They didn't reveal their knowledge because they wanted to let Terra make her own decision.

Deathstroke warns Terra that they'll betray her like they betrayed Bedlam. Terra realizes that she has been betrayed many times but the heroes risked their lives repeatedly to save her, making her part of their family. Deathstroke says that he taught her to be strong, and Artemis says she can be forgiven but the choice is hers. Terra releases the chunk of earth and smashes the earbud.

Cyborg intercepts the radio signal and patches in Jeff. Jeff tells Lex and Deathstroke that know they know Lex is involved with the League.

Geo Force, furious, asks why no one told him about Terra's loyalties. Ambassador Zviad Baazovi arrives with the citizens and rouses them against Bedlam in Brion's favor. Bedlam escapes and Zviad says that Geo Force can't let the criminal escape. Geo Force recaptures him and says that it's over. His uncle vows that it will never be over, and Geo Force fills his mouth with lava, killing him. Zviad declares that the King is dead and Brion is the new king, and the citizens cheer.

Beta Squad arrive and realize what Geo Force has done. Gregor watches from his Burbank hotel room, and Geo Force sees Violet staring at him in horror. He says that he had to do it, and Nightwing tells him that he crossed a line. Geo Force insists that he executed a criminal while they let Bedlam walk free among them, and Terra admits that she had a choice but killed Marlo. She says that they both must turn themselves in, and Geo Force says that the crowd knows that what he did is just and Terra should know as well. Geo Force says that she's an assassin and he's a hero, and Zviad asks them if they would condemn a soldier in war. He calls Geo Force the king rather than Gregor, saying that only Geo Force has the strength to rule Markovia with the support of the military. The citizens declare Brion their king, and Zviad tells Geo Force to admit the truth to himself.

Geo Force tells the townspeople that Gregor is a man of patience but it's not what their country needs. Terra tries to stop him from betraying their brother, but Geo Force insists that he betrayed no minute and he's always known the crown should be his. He agrees to forgive her crimes if she supports his rule. Terra refuses and Geo Force asks Halo to rule beside him as his queen. Halo refuses, and Geo Force tells Nightwing to take all of the heroes out of Markovia.

Back in Hollywood, Forager comforts a sobbing Violet.

Deathstroke tells Lex that things could have gone worse, and Lex assures him that things have gone well. Brion has murdered a man on live TV and declared himself king, letting Lex reframe his argument for registering metahumans.

Black Lightning and Cyborg address the UN, presenting evidence showing that Lex has defied UN regulations by running LexCorp and running a mega-trafficking ring, controlling Infinity Inc.

One day later, protestors have gathered outside the UN calling for Lex's resignation. Lex dismisses it as fake news and speaks out against unregulated metahumans. He insists that they will change the international libel laws. Conner and Superman arrive and say that the charges are true, and Conner says that at Cadmus Lex bred and unleashes human weapons, including him. He admits that he's a genomorph made from the combined DNA of Lex and Superman.

In Geranium City, Dubbilex and the other genomorphs watch Conner's speech with pride.

Superman says that he's come to think of Superboy as his brother, and assures the people that they can trust him. Conner invites them to test his DNA for proof. Garth calls for a vote of confidence against Lex, and he's is forced to resign.

Barbara and Dick watch the newscasts, and Barbara has heard rumors that Troia will become the new UN Secretary. Fans worldwide have kept the Outsiders and the League trending highly on the Internet, and Commissioner Gordon received cheers when he reactivated the Bat-Signal. In other news, the judges at the Hague have released Tera into Gregor's probation. As part of her redemption, Tera will do good works with the Outsiders.

In Markovburg, Zviad convinces Brion to see Jace, saying she deserves a second chance. Brion finally agrees and Jace bows to him.

In Western Mongolia, Vandal tells the rest of the Light Council that Lex has legal issues to resolve. Now Brion leads a puppet kingdom thanks to Zviad's influence. Zviad admits that his mental abilities to "nudge" people have come in handy. Vandal says that he visited Darkseid and they managed to find common ground and confirmed their partnership. Darkseid continues searching for Anti-Life and the Light has to keep an eye on Halo since she may be their key to final victory.

On Watchtower, Batman and Nightwing contact the League in space, and Metamorpho and the others at the Batcave. Nightwing conferences them in with all the heroes who have assembled at Nightwing's request. Black Lightning arrives and admits that it's the right thing to stay in the game. Nightwing thanks everyone for coming and admits that a secret task force has kept their existence to protect the other heroes. Aquaman admits that they made a mistake, and Wonder Woman resigns as co-chair of the League. Miss Martian and Aquaman step down as well, and Nightwing nominates Black Lightning as the new leader. Wonder Woman second and all Leagues present vote aye.

Black Lightning says that he doesn't want it, and Superboy tells him that they need him to take it. Batman points out that he doesn't have a vote, but agrees that they'll fold "Batman Inc." back into the League on Black Lightning's terms if Black Lightning accepts. Nightwing says that he works for Black Lightning, and Black Lightning tells everyone that they can't become the thing they fought. They've lost Geo Force, but they won't lose anyone else because they will not keep secrets from each other. He says that they will keep their covert team to let the younger members blossom, but they will fight on their own terms and hold to their principles.

In Happy Harbor, Megan and Conner watch as the news announces that the Outsiders are welcoming Terra, Superboy, and Forager to their team. Conner says that it's time for him to become a public hero. Megan offers him his engagement ring back, saying that he can't forgive her. Conner tells her that he hoped she would forgive him, and admits that she made hard choices while he dredged up old wounds. They kiss as Megan accepts.

In Taos, Wendy removes her inhibitor collar as El Dorado and the others look on.

In Detroit, Cyborg stops a bully from beating up on a boy.

Fred goes to his class and reveals that he's Forager. All of the students cheer except Violet, who remembers her time with Brion.

The Infinitors pledge their obeisance to Brion.

Black Lightning looks out of the Watchtower viewport and smiles in satisfaction.

At Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis, everyone gathers to party. The waitress--wearing a Legion ring--pours coffee.

Lobo crushes the clone of himself that spawned from his severed thumb, setting the remains on fire with his cigar.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 31, 2019

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