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Overture Recap

Jesse looks at his missing eye in the bedroom mirror, then puts the eyepatch down.

In their room, Cassidy wonders if they should tell Jesse that he and Tulip slept together. The vampire figures that Jesse will understand but Tulip doesn't, and Cassidy agrees to keep silent. Jesse comes in and Tulip immediately tells him that she and Cassidy slept together. She tells Jesse that he was gone and they can't feel bad about it. Tulip invites Jesse to lose his shit and get over it, and Jesse calmly thanks her for telling him. He assures them that he loves them both very much no matter what, and asks if there's anything else. Joseph tells him that they're going to Masada, rescue Humperdoo, and stop the Apocalypse.

In Masada, attendants bath Humperdoo, dress him, and take him through the crowd. The Grail staff cheer Humperdoo and one man asks for his blessing. Lara and the guards kick him back into the crowd, then take Humperdoo to the conference room where Starr and the dignitaries are waiting. They all applaud Humperdoo, who grabs cupcakes from the buffet. Jesus hugs his descendant and everyone laughs when they realize Humperdoo smeared frosting on him. A woman has Jesus take a photo of her with Humperdoo, and Jesus and Hitler exchange glances.

Later, Starr prepares the Apocalypse Revue and Humperdoo stares at a glittery shoe. Lara takes Humperdoo to his dressing room, and God greets him.

Jesse stands in the desert and orders God to appear using the Voice. Nothing happens.

Tulip tells Cassidy and Jesse that she has a good feeling about where things are heading. Once she leaves, Cassidy asks Jesse if they're good, and Jesse says that he gained perspective when he went to Heaven. He admits that he was gone, but now he's back, and leaves. As they walk past the Archangel and the Demon, still fighting, Jesse asks if they mean to rescue Humperdoo or kill him. Cassidy tells him that it's a rescue mission, while Kamal drags out dead celestial bodies and adds them to the growing pile. Cassidy tells the Archangel and Demon that they're ready to leave, while Kamal burns the bodies.

Chief Wittman watches as a stage hand goes berserk and kills one of the hosts on the morning show. The Grail interrupts all of the channels to present the Revue. Wittman recognizes Starr when he comes out, and Starr says that today is the dead when the world comes to the end. The Grail audience cheers, and Starr explains that first they'll do a few opening acts. When the clock hits zero, the Messiah will dance, signaling the Apocalypse. The righteous will be spared and the sinners get theirs

The Archangel and Demon fly Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip into the Archangel's old cell. The two celestials touch Jesse and tell him to be careful because he bears their child. The three humans leave the cell and walk down the hall.

God tells Humperdoo that he sees and knows everything, but Abel wouldn't believe him about Cain. Jesus arrives outside with flowers, but God doesn't let him in. With some prodding from Hitler, Jesus demonstrates his breakdancing skills. God tells him that he's good and closes the viewing slot, then goes back to Humperdoo. When the hair stylist snags Humperdoo's hair and he moans in pain, God slams her halfway into a wall. God tells Humperdoo that they don't want anyone hurting him and strokes his hair.

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy fight their way past the Grail guards, and they realize that everybody else is in the auditorium above. Cassidy disappears on them, and Jesse and Tulip look for their friend.

In prison, Eugene sits by himself and strums on the guitar he picked up. A priest joins him and confirms that they're letting Eugene out because they couldn't confirm he ate Jesse. When the priest asks Eugene what he wants, Eugene says that he hopes to figure out what's next and what God's plan is. The priest wonders what Eugene's role is as well, dismissing him with a few insults. Eugene suggests that he become a rock star, but the priest figures that God just wants to ignore Eugene as one of his mistakes. He tells Eugene that when it comes to someone like him, there isn't any plan. Eugene decides to become a rock star.

The clock counts down to Humperdoo's dance number, and Jesse and Tulip continue searching for Cassidy. God holds Cassidy in the silence, holding a hand over his mouth. Tulip finally tells Jesse to forget Cassidy. Once they leave, God offers Cassidy a mountain of drugs, Tulip, and Ireland. He releases Cassidy, who finds himself in Ireland in his original age. Billy tells him to come into the cottage, and Cassidy realizes that the sunlight isn't burning him because he's no longer a vampire.

Cassidy's family runs out to hug him, ecstatic to see him alive after the war. Cassidy finds himself back in Masada, and God tells him that He can give Cassidy the life he never had. If it wasn't for Jesse, Cassidy could have had Tulip. All Cassidy has to do is one little thing to have it all.

In an elevator, Tulip tells Jesse that Cassidy can look after himself. The ground shakes, and Jesse realizes that God showed him that He's arrogant and hateful. He never thought to use his power to stop God, and Tulip says that she read Jesse's letter. She asks what "perpetuity" means, and admits that she wishes she had never read it. Jesse then boosts Tulip \up so she can get out of the ceiling hatch and find God.

Lara is waiting outside of Humperdoo's dressing room, and Starr comes over to tell her the Revue is going well. She finally tells him that it's it, and Starr admits that it is. He tells Lara to enjoy the Revue since God is with them, and tells her to take a break. Starr says that they made a great team and notices Lara as a woman as he fondles her breasts.

Cassidy tells God that His idea is the worst one He has ever had, and points out that three million people will die when Humperdoo dances and the Apocalypse begins. God wonders who Cassidy is defending, pointing out that they've spent a century tormenting Cassidy and they'll eventually die anyway. Cassidy tries to defend humanity, and God asks him if he ever thought Tulip could love him without divine intervention. He tells Cassidy that He thinks the vampire is a tired little boy who wants to go home, and Cassidy breaks into tears.

After sex, Starr tells Lara that he deserved it after tapping into his wanton carnality. She suggests that they fit in another session before the Apocalypse, and Lara points out that after the Revue they'll be in Heaven and not be able to have sex again. Starr says that the new plan is limited... and realizes that he gave the plans to Hoover Two. As he gets dressed, Starr explains that the point of a limited Apocalypse is to kill but not get killed. She thought the plan was to descend and go to Heaven, and Star tells her that she sounds like a religious kook. Lara wonders what it was all for, and Starr says that it was about violence, power, and dirty sex. He dismissively tells Lara that she won't go to Heaven and leaves.

Tulip climbs up the elevator shaft and finds God waiting for her. He tells her to come with Him or not: it's up to her.

In his room, Jesus tells Hitler that his failure was embarrassing. Hitler tells him that he's learned to never quit, but Jesus figures that God doesn't want him and doesn't know what to do. He insists that he's not a murderer, and Hitler says that he is.

Jesse calls up the elevator to Tulip but gets no response.

God enters a room and when the Grail operative begs for forgiveness, God smashes him into the wall. Tulip comes in behind Him and offers her a seat, and Tulip sits down. He wishes that she'd put up more of a fight, and Tulip asks if he shouldn't be blowing up the rule. She asks God what he wants, and He says that he wants a fight.

Jesse continues yelling for Tulip and gets no answer. He finally uses the Voice and calls for help.

God tells Tulip to take a shot, and Tulip says that she's good. He tells her that she hasn't changed because people like her don't change. Tulip says that she doesn't care what He thinks, and God offers to make her lose her temper in 60 seconds. If he fails then he'll leave her and her friends alone and call off the Apocalypse. Tulip asks what the catch is, and God says that the catch is she's going to screw it up, same as always. He turns on the timer and calls her names. Tulip doesn't react, and God asks if she remembers losing the baby in Dallas. He offers to tell her why, but then says that He can't remember.

Tulip draws her gun and shoots Him, but the bullets have no effect. The timer goes off and God slaps Tulip across the room and says that He wins. He then dumps a wastepaper basket on the desk , takes a pair of scissor blades, and goes to work.

The elevator doors open and Jesse walks out into the hall. He hears Cassidy moaning and follows the noise. Cassidy has been ripped in half, and Cassidy tells him that he said "No" to God when God tried to tempt him by offering to send him home. The vampire figures that Jesse is going to kill Humperdoo rather than rescue him, and Jesse says that God won't let them take Humperdoo. Cassidy admits that he finally said "Yes", and Jesse turns just in time for God to knock him out with a severed leg.

God congratulates Cassidy on a job well done, and pours blood from the dead operative into Cassidy's mouth. He then drags Jesse off as Cassidy starts regenerating.

Eugene stands on the street and plays the guitar for coins, and imagines himself as a rock star. A taxi runs him down.

God takes Jesse to a chapel. When Jesse wakes up, God says that the church is empty when the world is ending. He rests his case, and Jesse asks what God wants since He has taken everything from him. God says that he wants what was taken from Him: Genesis. He tells Jesse that it's a stain on Heaven and Hell, and Jesse figures that God wants it destroyed because it's a power to rival His own. God invites Jesse to use Genesis on him, and smites Jesse across the church when Jesse refuses to even look at Him. Angry, God tells Jesse to command him. Jesse refuses, and God smites him again.

Tulip wakes up and discovers that the office door is locked.

Jesus passes out on his bed, drunk. Hitler loads his Luger and prepares to go find Humperdoo. Jesus wakes up, closes the door, and asks why Hitler is doing it. Hitler says that he wants to win and he wants to eliminate a formidable opponent in Humperdoo, while Jesus isn't. Jesus refuses to let Hitler leave, insisting that murder is wrong, and Hitler shoves him back. Jesus shoves him back, and they fight.

Starr tries to fax out the override orders but can't work the fax. He calls tech support for help.

Tulip tries to shoot out the lock on the door but fails. Lara opens the door from the other side, gun at the ready. The two women stare at each other.

Humperdoo practices his tap dancing, and a watching Cassidy says that he can't wait.

God tells Jesse that it's time to release Genesis. Jesse wonders why it found him in the first place, but God refuses to answer. He orders Jesse to give Genesis to him, and Jesse tells him to reach in and take it. The room shakes and God asks Jesse what he's done. The Saint comes in and God says that the two of them go way back. God teleports them out to a field and calls the Saint by his name. The Saint draws his gun and aims at God. Jesse tells him to fire, and God holds up the Saint's daughter's ragdoll. The killer remembers his wife and daughter dying, and returning home to find the crows pecking at their bodies.

God tells Jesse that the Saint is there for Jesse, not Him. The Saint advances on Jesse as God walks out of the church.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 21, 2019

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