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The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of Blackbird Recap

Maryam Luqman is processed by the ASA, and explains that she has chameleon powers. She says that she didn't use Green Light, and explains that she went to a private school where most of the students were white. The other students insulted her, and Maryam went to a school gym party. Some of her friends put Green Light in her food, and when Maryam flipped out she was thrown out of school and the ASA put her in a pod.

Another inmate, Devonte Jones, is processed. He says that he doesn't have any enhancements, and refuses to say when he started using Green Light.

Jeff is processed and his status as an enhancement is confirmed. Subsequently throughout his captivity, Jeff demands to see his family and is experimented on. He is finally ordered back to his NICHE to be emancipated.

A reporter does a newscast about how the government put Green Light subjects into a detainment facility. People on the streets blame Black Lightning for the government occupation. A woman says that Black Lightning is dead and figures that the new Blackbird cares more about the people anyway.

Lynn is in her lab and watches the newscast. The reporter, Jamilah Olsen, finishes her story and gets in her car.

Anissa and Reverend Holt take a delegation from the clinic to the tour the detainment facility, and an explosion shakes the building. A masked meta bursts in and when the guards shoot at him, he sends the bullets back at them. As Anissa approaches the meta, Commander Carson Williams arrives and addresses the meta as Ned Creegan. Ned removes his masks and says that he prefers the name Cyclotronic, Williams accuses him of abandoning his fellow soldiers and his country, and Ned replies that the government only cared about him when it found out he had powers. The government used Ned as a weapon in its wars. Williams admits that he turned Ned from a petty criminal into a soldier, and takes full responsibility.

Williams attacks Ned and the two of them fight. Ned initially wins, but Williams touches him and duplicates his powers, and then takes Ned down and breaks his neck. Williams then calls Odell and says that Markovia has breached the compound with a special ops team and one meta. He reports that they're all dead and the children are accounted for. Odell tells Williams to put Freeland on lockdown. Williams tells Anissa and the others who he is and welcomes them to the compound.

At Garfield, Jennifer goes to the restroom as the energy in her body runs out of control.

As they go back to Freeland, Betty tells Anissa that the children won't be getting out of the compound anytime soon. She complains that the clinic is being used by the government to find the Green Light children, insisting that it isn't humane. Anissa says that she's not okay with it, and Betty has them let her out in protest. The Congresswoman, Ms. Reek, with them tells Anissa that she can go with her, and Anissa gets out.

In his office, Bill tells Williams that he isn't going on television as a government representative. Williams tells Bill that he will follow orders, and says that everyone in Freeland is under his command. If Bill doesn't play along then Williams will find someone to replace him. Bill punches him and Williams' soldiers restrain him and beat him until Williams stops them. He then draws a gun on Bill and says that the country is on the brink of war. How they handle the crisis will determine the future of warfare, and Bill is either with the government or the enemy. Williams tells Bill to hold the news conference and leaves past the detectives training guns on them.

Odell takes Lynn to Jeff's cell, and the couple kiss. Lynn starts to undress Jeff, and Odell says that there was a Markovian strike on the compound to take the children. The agent says that they can't allow the couple to leave until the threat is eliminated, and Lynn should consider her confinement protective custody. Jeff reminds Odell that he only came there because Odell guaranteed his family would be left alone. Odell lets Jeff take his restraining collar off as a gesture of good faith, and bids them a good night before leaving.

Bill holds a press conference declaring a curfew, and says that the Freeland PD is working with the ASA. Anissa and Jennifer are driving home, and Anissa calls Gambi to tell him what she saw at the compound. Gambi says that they need her in the clinic as he goes through the woods scouting the ASA perimeter, and Anissa tells him about Cyclotronic and Williams. Once Gambi signs off, he fires an electrical charge at the field around the perimeter fence around Freeland.

Anissa goes to her apartment and the AI, Shonda, greets her. Undressing, Anissa goes to her bedroom and enters her secret room. She calls Gambi and says that Odell told her that Jeff and Lynn have to stay with the ASA to fight the Markovians. Gambi tells her that her parents can hold their own, and they have to continue destabilizing the ASA's presence in Freeland. He's identified Williams, a meta who can mimic the powers of any other meta he comes in contact with. Williams needs a serum to keep him alive. Gambi has found an ASA convoy heading to the compound with metas, and he needs Anissa to intercept it.

The convoy heads through the streets, and Blackbird—Anissa--intercepts it and takes out the soldiers. She then tells the detours on the bus that they're taking a small detour, and drives the bus off.

At his church, Holt talks to Jamilah about how the children are imprisoned. He says that parents are trying to get their children out of Freeland, and says that laws are not infallible. Jamilah asks Holt what he thinks about Blackbird, and Holt says that it's good having someone out on the streets fighting for the people. He goes in the back and meets with Blackbird and the escaped metas, and warns that they have to get the metas out of Freeland soon because they're running out of space.

In the basement of a building, Jennifer wears a disguise and practices with her energy powers.

After making love, Lynn tells Jeff that people are saying that Black Lightning is dead. Jeff admits that heels that way, and senses Issa in the cell below.

Anissa arrives at the sanctum and tells Gambi that they have to get the metas out of Holt's church. Gambi says the hole in the perimeter should be large enough by the next night, and shows Anissa a signal he picked up of a leopard eating attacking two cops. He's confirmed that the leopard is a shapeshifting meta, and Anissa realizes that it's Grace.

Later, Anissa is at a bar drinking. Jamilah comes over and introduces herself, and explains that she's stuck in Freeland now that the government is preventing anyone from leaving. She flirts with Anissa, and Anissa asks her how to find someone who doesn't want to be found. They end up going back to Anissa's apartment and having sex. and Jamilah admits that she's nervous. Afterward, Anissa admits that she was hoping to find Grace at the bar. She wonders what she's doing with someone else, and Jamilah says that she suffers from loneliness and so does she. She offers to be there for Anissa if she wants someone to talk to, and says that what they have is good. As she dresses, Jamilah says that some people think the clinic is a place where the government identifies metas. Anissa gets a call and then hangs up, complaining about Jennifer.

Jeff walks through the hallways and "sees" through the floor to Tobias in the cell below. He then gets into an elevator.

The disguised Jennifer is playing a game on her phone in a pizza joint. A young man comes in and says that it's nice to meet her. They go out walking, and the young man admits that he's paranoid about the government picking him up. Anissa pulls up and tells Jennifer to get in. She does so and Anissa tells the young man that it's over. Jennifer then turns off the hologram projector, revealing her real face. Anissa reminds her that there's a curfew Jennifer says that her powers are growing inside of her and if she doesn't use them, it hurts. Anissa tells her that she doesn't deserve what is happening to her, but she can't be out there. All they've got is the two of them, and she'll lose her mind if she loses Jennifer. Anissa asks Jennifer to promise that she'll tell her if she has to go out again, and Jennifer promises.

Jeff tells Lynn about his enhanced sensory powers and that he can do it without the suit. He says that Tobias is in bad shape but Issa looks fine. Lynn wants to see Issa, but Jeff warns her that she can't reveal she knows what's going on with Issa without revealing how she learned.

Issa interrogates Tobias using his truth-telling power, prompted by Odell. Tobias is reaching his real age, and says that the briefcase is hidden. He claims that he doesn't know where, and Odell has Issa ask when he saw it. Tobias says that he last saw it when Black Lightning attacked him at his penthouse, and refuses to say what's in it. Odell has Issa ask again, and Tobias says that Proctor was working under orders from Odell, who received his orders from the President. Odell's orders where to turn all of the metas into weapons and clean the Freeland project of anything that could link the President to the program.

Later, Issa is playing video games when Odell visits him in his cell. The teenager figures that Odell is going to kill him because he knows too much. Odell says that he wishes he had a choice, but Issa's enhancement is too dangerous. He then points at the food they served Issa and says that he already killed him.

Lynn talks to Odell, who says that Issa is there because the Markovians have no more use for him. Odell snaps at her and then apologies. He tells Lynn that the Markovians kidnapped Issa from his sister's home, tortured him for information, and left him for dead. Odell offers to let Lynn say her goodbyes before they turn Issa's body over to his family. Lynn tells Odell that she would like that and thanks him.

Blackbird leads the meta refugees through the woods, and she tells them to keep it quiet as they approach the breach. When one man loudly objects, Blackbird punches him unconscious. She leads the refugees through the breach. Jennifer is at the sanctum monitoring the area, and warns that soldiers are coming at them. Blackbird attacks them, rescuing a baby and her mother. The mother gets through the barrier, and a soldier fires a grenade launcher knocking Blackbird through the barrier as it closes behind him. Gambi leaves, while the meta refugees check Blackbird for lifesigns.

Gambi returns to the sanctum and tells Jennifer not to go out. He admits that Anissa could be dead but they have to wait and do it the right way. Gambi tells Jennifer that the toughest part is having patience, and tells her to go home. If they don't hear Anissa by the next day, they'll come up with a plan to bring her back across.

Odell takes Lynn to Issa's body and says that her chances of dying a natural death are not good. He explains that the Markovians are hunting her, and she and her family are in the best hands possible.

Lala resurrects in a motel room, the briefcase on a dresser next to his bed.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 8, 2019

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