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Back and to the Future Recap

Sam, Dean, and Castiel fight the undead attacking them, as Jack's body lies nearby. When they're overwhelmed, Castiel grabs Jack's body and runs, and Sam and Dean follow him. They take refuge in a crypt, locking the doors behind them, and the undead pounds on the doors trying to get in. The brothers look at Jack's body, and Castiel says that there's nothing he can do for him. Sam figures the souls that came up from Hell jumped into the latest bodies, and hopes the doors will last. Dean wonders what Chuck meant, and asks Castiel for ideas. Castiel says that he'd be overwhelmed, and suggests that they burn their bones. Sam points out that their bones could be anywhere, and Dean notes that they'll starve together if they can't find a way out.

Dean figures Chuck would do something like what he did, and Sam checks the wall and hears water. He figures that there's a drainage pipe behind the stone, and the Winchesters pry the stone loose. They break through the wall beyond, and an undead breaks through from the other side. Castiel crushes it with a stone, and behind them Jack gets up and greets them. The angel says that it's a demon, and the demon apologizes and says that he needed a body.

The demon gets a pair of sunglasses to cover Jack's charred eye sockets. He introduces himself as Belphegor, and Castiel slams him against the wall and tells Balphegor to get out of the body. The demon says that he can help, and Dean tells Castiel to back off because they need the help. Sam agrees with Dean, and they explain that God opened the Hellmouth. Balphegor realizes that they're serious, and says that he's a worker demon in Hell and likes his job. He wants the souls back in Hell as much as the team does, and says that he can get them out of the crypt with a spell. Balphegor explains that he needs angel blood, and Castiel reluctantly cuts his hand and donates. The demon mixes it with graveyard dirt in his palm, and when he claps the hands the growling outside stops.

The trio confirm that the undead are lying inert across the graveyard. Balphegor explains that he blasted the spirits out of the body, and Dean wonders where the spirits are.

Two girls are dressing up in one girl's room. Bloody Mary spirit briefly in the reflective surfaces in the room, and one girl, Rachel, looks at herself in the mirror. She sees her eyes bleed, and Mary appears in the mirror. Rachel screams in horror and clutches at her cheeks, and Mary appears, smiling and bleeding. The other girl sees it and screams.

The group drive through the night, and Sam checks the news for reports of spirits. There's nothing about a world-wide zombie apocalypse. Balphegor says that three billion souls escaped from Hell, and Dean figures they should head back to the bunker and close the rift. The demon suggests that they buy time by containing the spirits with magic, and he knows the right spell. Balphegor explains that they make a salt circle a mile wild. Castiel warns that Harlan, KS, is less than a mile from the cemetery. Dean says that they'll get everyone out by lying.

The Impala comes up on a car sitting abandoned at the side of the road. The windshield is covered in blood on the inside, but no one inside. The Winchesters check inside the car and find no sign of a body. The brothers realize that it's like the Woman in White, a ghost they met when they first began hunting together. Dean realizes that every last monster they ever killed is back, and the brothers go back to the Impala.

A mother, Carla runs through the kitchen holding her young daughter, as something laughs behind them. They go into the garage, and the lights go out. Carla looks outside through the garage window and sees someone passing by, but they walk past without noticing. Their pursuer yells that he's coming, and the ghostly Clown materializes in the garage. It searches for Carla and her daughter, realizes that they didn't leave the garage, and finally peers in the car.

The next day in Harlan, the group park on the street and Sam approaches the sheriff. As he flashes his fake FBI badge, Dean tells Castiel to help Balphegor prepare the spell. Castiel says that he can't stand to look at Jack and joins Sam. Sam is telling the sheriff that there's been a benzene leak, and the sheriff says that they can evacuate the citizens to the high school five miles out of town.

Dean puts the Equalizer in the glove compartment and tells Balphegor not to worry about it. Balphegor tells Dean that he was human the last time he was on Earth, and he's surprised how attractive people are compared to when he was alive. The demon tells Sam that he's gorgeous, and says that he'll get out of Jack's body when he finds a better one. Balphegor asks who Jack was, and Dean tells him that Jack was his kid. The demon offers his condolences, and says that he needs a human heart and a big bag of salt.

The sheriff and his deputies evacuate the townspeople, and Sam and Castiel go through the town on foot looking for stragglers and ghosts. They search one house and Sam finds blood stains on the wall. Upstairs, Castiel finds a bloodstained girl's bedroom and leaves, and behind him the ghost appears in a mirror.

Sam searches the garage, and Carla calls to him from the shelf where they hid. He helps them down and Carla says that all of the people at the birthday party are dead. The Clown appears behind Sam and slashes him across the chest. Castiel arrives and shoots it with rock salt, temporarily dispelling it, and then goes to Sam.

Dean calls Rowena and tells her to get there to help him, and gives Balphegor his salt. Balphegor tells Dean that he's a fan of him when Dean was in Hell torturing people. Dean asks what it's like in Hell, and Balphegor says that every door in Hell sprang open all at once. Even the door of the Cage burst open, but Michael just sat inside.

Castiel heals Sam's wound, and tells the watching Carla that he's an angel. Sam explains that the Clown was a ghost, and he's just a guy. He clutches at his shoulder, and Castiel sees the wound there. Castiel tries to heal it and fails, and says that there's an energy in the wound that he's never felt before. The sheriff calls Sam and says that he got everybody, and Sam tells him to go to the school. Sam and Castiel lead Carla and her daughter out.

The sheriff sees a woman on the street and asks if she's okay. The Woman in White turns to him, smiling.

The Clown appears briefly in the garage, watching Sam and the others.

Balphegor says that they need a fresh human heart, and they hear the sheriff scream. They run over and find the sheriff dead on the street, his throat torn out.

Sam and the others head toward the center of town.

Balphegor takes the sheriff's heart to use for his spell.

The girl stops at a decorative pond and looks in. Carla pulls starts to pull her away, and the Clown materializes nearby.

Dean notices the temperature dropping, and the Woman smashes him against the nearby wall.

Castiel and Sam advance on the Clown, and two more ghosts appear.

Balphegor tells the Woman that he barely knows Dean.

Sam dissipates one ghost, and the other one appears between him and Castiel. Sam shoots her and she disappears, so that he hits Castiel.

The Woman slashes Balphegor's hand.

The Clown attacks Sam, and the other ghosts advances on Carla and her daughter. When Castiel shoots at her, she teleports behind him and attacks.

Dean dissipates the Woman and tells Balphegor to complete the spell.

Bloody Mary appears in the pond and grabs for the girl. Carla pushes her away, and Mary grabs Carla.

Balphegor completes the spell and casts it.

Castiel dissipates his ghost and then Sam's, and Mary crawls out of the pond. Sam shoots her, temporarily dissipating her.

Balphegor casts the spell and an energy wave shoots out. The energy wave goes over Sam and the others and creates a barrier line nearby. The four ghosts reappear, and Sam yells at the others to get across the line. Sam prepares to shoot the ghosts, then turns and runs. The group gets across the line and the ghosts are unable to cross. The Clown screams at Sam, and he tells it to shut up before leaving with the others.

Later, the Winchesters drive to the school and drop off Carla and her daughter. Sam says that they'll take care of the town, and Dean asks them not to tell people about ghosts and angels. The girl thanks Sam, and Sam takes her inside with Carla. Dean asks Castiel if he's okay, and then walks off as Castiel starts to speak. Balphegor asks Castiel if he wants to talk about it, and Castiel walks away from him.

When Sam comes back, he warns Dean that the real FBI will show up. Dean asks to see Sam's wound, and confirms that there's no exit wound. Sam says that it doesn't hurt much, and Dean takes out some rubbing alcohol and cleans the wound while telling Sam a knock-knock joke to distract him from the pain. Dean figures that Chuck has been playing them the entire time, and figures that they were just rats in Chuck's maze. Sam assures him that they still saved people, and Dean wonders what for. His brother figures that God left because he's bored and went to start another story. Sam says that now it's just them for the first time. When they win, God's gone and it's just them... and they're free. Dean says that he likes the odds of the two of them against every soul in Hell, and Sam agrees. They figure they've got work to do.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2019

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