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Legends of Today Recap

Caitlin and Harrison monitor Barry as he runs on the treadmill at S.T.A.R. Labs. Harrison realizes that he's not getting faster, and Barry agrees. Caitlin wonders how Zoom can be faster, and Harrison admits that it could be any number of factors. Barry leaves to meet Patty and Caitlin wonders what they're going to do. Harrison notes that they haven't tried everything.

At the docks, the crew leaves a freighter and the captain tells the harbor police chief that they captured a stowaway. The man has remained silent in the brig for three weeks, and had a coat filled with knives. The stowaway speaks up, saying that he's been waiting a long time for the hunt and will polish all of the knives in blood. He thanks them for bringing them to his prey, and the man tells the captain that he's wearing his handcuffs. The handcuffs appear on the captain's hands, and the stowaway ducks the chief's bullet. He then shoots the guard and recovers his coat, then kills the remaining three crewmen. Once he's done, the stowaway senses Kendra somewhere in Central City and says that soon the sacrifice will be made.

The next day, Barry, Joe, and Patty go over photos of the crime scene. Barry confirms from the blood splatter that one man was responsible, and has found traces of flint in all of the stab wounds. Patty tells Barry that she'll call later, and then says that they're trying to act professional despite their romantic relationship.

That night, Kendra brings Cisco to Jitters and shows him the meal that she's laid out. She asks if he's going to leave suddenly, and Cisco assures her that he'll be at her side. Kendra says that it's been great hanging out together and thanks Cisco, and they start to kiss. The stowaway--Vandal Savage--comes in and calls Kendra "Priestess Chay-Ara," and says that they've known each other for ages. He draws his blades and says that he's not leaving without Kendra, and draws one of the knives. Cisco secretly texts Barry, who superspeeds to Jitters.

Vandal tells Cisco to hand over Kendra and then he'll make his death faster. Flash runs in and knocks Vandal down, but he throws the knife and the speedster manages to grab it just before it can hit Cisco. Vandal takes advantage of the distraction to escape, and a relieved Cisco blurts out that Barry is Flash.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry confirms that the blade he recovered is the same one that was used at the dock murders. Kendra comes in with Cisco, and Harrison confirms that Chay-Ara is Egyptian. She has no idea why Vandal would want her, and Barry offers to take her to Star City and have their friends protect her. Out in the hallway, Cisco talks to Barry and insists that they don’t need Green Arrow's help. Barry figures that Vandal is mystical rather than a metahuman, and they don't have any experience with magic. Cisco agrees and Barry figures that Oliver and the others can't be too busy.

At A.R.G.U.S. HQ in Star City, Damien is killing a guard with his touch. Once the man is dead, he has his ghosts bring out a chemical bomb they're stealing. Green Arrow, Speedy, and Diggle arrive and Green Arrow disarms the Ghosts with a magnetic arrow. Damien walks away while his Ghosts attack the three heroes. Damien returns and grabs Green Arrow, and tries to kill him. However, Flash arrives and speeds Green Arrow out to where Diggle and Speedy are waiting outside. The speedster explains that he needs their help to protect a friend.

At the lair, Barry admires the new HQ and Felicity welcomes him. Cisco and Kendra arrive and Cisco complains that they didn't follow his plans. Kendra introduces herself and Barry does a superspeed sketch of Vandal. Felicity runs it through facial recognition and comes up with a match from a picture from 1975. Oliver confirms that Kendra was drawn to Central City and insists that she must know something. When Barry objects, Oliver points out that he endangered all of them. Felicity tells everyone to calm down and they can go back to their loft to have some drinks.

Caitlin checks on Harrison and finds him developing a formula to enhance a speedster's speed. He tried and failed five times, and Caitlin lends her biomechanical expertise to provide an oxygen-rich chemical like sodium chlorate. Heat will release the oxygen, and speedsters generate it in the form of lightning.

At the loft, Cisco offers to come up with a better name for Thea than "Speedy." Felicity tells Barry that she's now the CEO of Palmer Technologies, and he explains that he's seeing someone amazing. Barry then apologizes to Oliver for dropping everything on him, and Oliver apologizes for being snippy. He assures Barry that he's always there for him, and Barry is surprised that Oliver is so happy. Oliver says that being with Felicity has given him a sense of peace for the first time, and he was wrong about how guys like them never get the girls. As Oliver proposes a toast, Barry interrupts at superspeed and everyone drinks to being together.

Barry talks to Cisco privately and assures him that they'll keep Kendra safe. Cisco explains that he got a vibe from Kendra that she was dressed as a bird, and figures it's related to Vandal. He doesn't want Kendra to know about his powers and ruin their relationship. Kendra points at the window just as Vandal smashes in. Barry gets Oliver his arrows, and Vandal throws two handfuls of knives at them. Barry catches them but one takes him in the shoulder, and Vandal catches Oliver's arrows. Oliver fights him in hand-to-hand but Vandal knocks him over. Barry catches another arrow, and Speedy and Oliver open fire. Vandal is unable to deflect all of the arrows, and Thea shoots him in the chest. After Vandal falls off the balcony, Thea says that she ended it. Oliver goes to the balcony and confirms that Vandal is gone.

Back at the lair, Oliver makes a call to Quentin to have him find info on Vandal. Barry says that he knows where they can find some data, and Cisco tells Kendra that he has a vibe power. In his visions, Kendra could fly with wings. The lights go out and when they come up, Malcolm and his assassins are there. Thea explains that it's his father.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin finishes the speed enhancer. Jay comes in to Harrison's call and realizes that Harrison wanted him there to take the speed drug, Velocity-6. Harrison explains that they need Jay to test the drug, and they need science to stop Zoom. Jay warns that the Speed Force can be replicated or enhanced, and advises Caitlin to keep the drug away from Barry. Once he leaves, Harrison says that he's going out to get what he needs.

Malcolm explains that Vandal is an immortal, and warns that there's nothing they can do to save Kendra. She goes out to get some air, and Cisco goes after her. Barry tells Malcolm that they'll do whatever they can to keep Kendra safe.

In Central City, Patty gets out of an interview with a weapon expert and calls Joe to say that she's found something interesting. She sees Harrison putting supplies into his car and recognizes him.

In Star City, Cisco catches up to Kendra and she assures him that her problem isn't his power. She explains that her life just changed and she's not ready for it, and Cisco says that he felt the same when he gained his power. He assures Kendra that every day gets a little more normal. A winged man flies down out of the sky, grabs Kendra, and flies away.

The winged man takes Kendra to a rooftop and removes his hawk helm. He says that he's Khufu and Kendra has a flash of him in Egyptian clothing... kissing her. Khufu tells her to wake up, and she needs to stay at his side until she emerges.

Felicity locates Khufu and Kendra and gives the address to the others. Khufu hears them coming and flies down to intercept Green Arrow. The archer opens fire from his motorcycle, but Khufu--Hawkman--knocks the motorcycle down with a thrown mace. Hawkman lands and recovers his mace, and throws it at Green Arrow. The archer dodges and the two men fight. Meanwhile, Cisco tells Flash where the fight is going down. When Flash arrives, Hawkman grabs him and soars into the sky, and then drops him. Green Arrow fires a line arrow and Flash catches it and slides down.

Green Arrow says that they need to expose Hawkman's wings, and opens fire as he comes down for another pass. He swings and Green Arrow ducks, and Flash generates a vortex to hold him in the air. Green Arrow shoots him down and Flash generates a lightning bolt and knocks Hawkman out.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin insists that they can't use Velocity-6 on Barry. Harrison says that Jay is a coward, and warns that Barry isn't fast enough to take on Zoom. She warns that Harrison is starting to sound like their Harrison, just as Patty comes in and puts Harrison under arrest. When he tries to convince her he's not the Harrison Wells of Earth-1 and walks over holding the chemical injector, Patty shoots him. Caitlin runs over and tries to keep Harrison alive. She tells Patty to call Joe.

The team takes Hawkman to the lair and chains him up. When he wakes up, he insists that he's the only one capable of saving Kendra. Kendra comes in and insists that her name is Kendra, and Hawkman explains that he was Carter Hall in their current lives, but it's not who either of them are. Carter says that they are soul mates and partners for 4,000 years, and are drawn to each other in each life. When they die, they reincarnate and are drawn back together. Carter explains that Vandal has hunted them down and killed them 206 times, because his life force is tether to theirs. Each time he kills them, he becomes more powerful.

Barry suggests that they rid and get rid of Vandal, and Malcolm steps out of the shadows to warn that it might be harder than they think. He has learned that Vandal left Star City several hours ago, and believes that he's trying to locate the Staff of Horus to gain enough power to take on the entire team.Felicity goes to track it down, and Carter tells Kendra that she needs to emerge immediately. He asks her to let him show her how.

Joe arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and tells Patty to leave. Once she does, Caitlin explains that the bullet is in Harrison's lung and she needs Jay's help to remove it.

The team free Carter and Kendra to the roof and carter explains that he needs her to jump. She'll realize that she can fly and save herself. Barry points out that Oliver is the one who asks questions, but Oliver figures that it kind of makes sense. Kendra gets up on the edge and tells the others that she needs to try. Carter shoves her and she falls, screaming. Barry speeds down, catches her, and brings her back up to the rooftop. Carter figures that something is blocking Kendra's emergence, and Barry insists that they can stop Vandal.

Oliver talks to Barry privately and asks what's going on with him. He figures that Kendra has to have a part in saving herself, and Barry complains that the rules keep changing. Oliver assures his friend that he's kept Kendra alive, and now it's her turn. Oliver figures that Kendra is drawn to things that can destroy her, which means that the Staff of Horus is in Central City. Felicity confirms that the Staff was consecrated at St. Mark's eight months ago in Central City. Oliver tells Carter to stay there, and Barry tells Kendra that when he lost his powers, he got them back by focusing on who he was. He tells her to do the same and her true self will emerge. Felicity wonders if Oliver really wants to go up against Vandal with the Staff, and Barry assures them that they'll all be fine.

Jay returns to S.T.A.R. Labsand Caitlin explains that they can give Jay temporary speed with Velocity-6. If he does it then he can phase through Harrison's chest and remove the bullet: if he doesn't then Harrison will die. Jay injects himself and moans in pain, and then his hand accelerates. He takes out the bullet and Harrison starts to recover.

Kendra and Cisco go up to the rooftop, and Kendra says that now she knows why her life has felt so strange. Cisco offers to help her get through it, but Kendra warns that he can't and she contains hundreds of lives that she needs to know about... and she needs to do it by herself. She prepares to jump off the roof.

Flash and Green Arrow arrive at St. Marks and discover that the Staff is gone. Vandal comes out holding it, and says that Kendra's destiny is to die... as is theirs. He summons a force field to block the arrows and Flash, and then blasts at them as they take cover among the pews. Flash suggests that they get the staff, and then charges forward as Green Arrow provides cover fire. Vandal blasts Flash back.

Kendra says that something is holding her back, and she has to let go to become who she is meant to be.

Vandal blasts Green Arrow back and admits that he's never encountered anyone like them.

Kendra leaps off the building and falls... and sprouts wings.

Vandal senses that Kendra has emerged, and slams the Staff into the floor. The building explodes and Flash and Green Arrow get out just in time. They wonder if they've won.

Cisco watches as Kendra flies overhead. She lands and Cisco names her Hawkgirl.

Harrison wakes up and Caitlin assures him that he's going to be okay. Once she leaves, Jay says that the serum is out of his system and he won't take it again. As he walks away, Harrison thanks him for saving his life. Jay tells him to thank him by keeping the Velocity-6 away from Barry.

Oliver calls Diggle and says that he wants the entire team in Central City to deal with Vandal. Carter figures that together, all of them can take down Vandal once and for all. Felicity offers her private jet.

The next day at Jitters, the team gets coffee. A boy bumps into Oliver and drops his Flash action figure, and Oliver gives it back to him. The boy goes over to meet with his mother... and Oliver realizes that it's his former girlfriend, Samantha.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

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