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The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream Recap

Khalil practices his twenty-three implanted martial arts skills, taking down all of his opponents. The Voice notes that doing so is extreme, and Khalil says that there are no extremes in war.

Anissa returns to her apartment and Jennifer is there and waiting for her. Jennifer complains that she didn't have any other way to make sure she was fine, and Anissa points out that she sounds like Jeff. Anissa says that she was out with Jamilah and the next time she'll call Jennifer. They hug and Anissa goes up her bedroom to get some sleep.

Bill tours the center wearing protective gear and sees the imprisoned mentors. He sees King in a cell, and she says that there's an infection going around and people are getting sick. King says that she's sick and the ASA don't know what's wrong with them, and says that she couldn't tell Bill she was a meta because then he would have had to choose between protecting her and turning her in. She asks Bill to use a key in her service record to get into a safety deposit box with money, and says that she saw an opportunity. King asks Bill to give the money to her husband, and Bill reluctantly agrees. The former detective goes into convulsions, and medics run around and tend to her.

Odell visits Jeff and Lynn in their room. He says that they have a virus at the center and they need Lynn's help. The disease is only affecting metas and only the pod kids are dying. Odell promises that if Lynn solves the problem, he'll address their needs. Jeff doesn't believe him, but Bill says that they both want to save the metas. If they don’t find a cure then every meta in Freeland could die. Lynn agrees to help.

Jamilah reports from the perimeter on the ASA chasing Blackbird through the streets The reporter tries to get closer, and meanwhile Blackbird texts on her phone, then grabs a hummer and throws it at the pursuing chopper.

The next day at Garfield, Jennifer sees a new boy coming. The boy, Brandon, seeks out Jennifer and says that he was bussed there because of the occupation and was told to ask Jennifer for a tour. Jennifer reluctantly agrees, and Brandon asks why the guards are armed. She says that they're there to keep her safe.

Odell visits Jeff and says that Jace is outside the perimeter with Markovian troops. The ASA soldiers they sent were captured, and one of them dropped a tracking device before he was grabbed. Odell puts a box on the table in front of Jeff, and Jeff finds a watch inside. The agent invites Jeff to try it on and run some current through it, and it activates. Odell says that the watch can only be activated by Jeff's powers, and suggests that he run ten volts through it. Jeff does and a costume forms around him. Odell explains that they've been testing Jeff and hope to develop tech to let all metas live better. He says that the Markovians plan on capturing or killing all of the metas in Freeland, and if Jeff helps him then he can go home.

Bill looks on as the ASA soldiers test humans for the meta gene. A soldier tells Bill that he has orders to put him through the registration process, and Bill reluctantly does so.

A nurse tends to the rapidly aging Tobias, and Odell comes in. The agent orders the nurse out and notes that Tobias' is suffering from withdrawal from the serum that has kept Tobias virile for the last 30 years. Tobias figures that Odell killed Issa and admits that he would have done the same thing. He realizes that Odell killed Issa himself, and Odell says that it's Tobias' fault that Issa is dead. Odell promises that Tobias will be dealing with him from now on, and he promises that Tobias will tell him where he can get the information from the briefcase. The agent sits down and tells Tobias that he hasn't been out of his cell in over a month. He opens the roof, revealing a ray of concentrated UV light that burns the albino. Tobias's skin burns and Odell tells him to let him know when he's ready to talk.

Jennifer and Brandon talk about money and race as she shows him around the school. Brandon insists that things have gotten better, and Jennifer warns him that things work a little different at Garfield. Jennifer points out where the attacks on the school occurred.

Odell visits Khalil as he exercises and tells him that he needs him to gear up to hunt Markovians, and he should bring as many weapons as he can carry. Khalil talks about how he can disrupt a target's heart with one blow. When Odell says that he should add it to his repertoire, and Khalil says that he already has.

Bill and his wife Veretta go out on the streets, and he points out that the city is under martial law. A woman comes up and asks when it will stop, and Bill says that he doesn't know. She reminds Bill that he said he was going to look out for them, and things are worse now than when the white folk ran it. She slaps Bill and the police guarding Bill pull her back. Bill tells them to let her go and she walks off.

Odell visits Tobias and finds him meditating. The agent apologizes for losing his temper and took it out on Tobias, and it was unprofessional. Odell says that he needs to offer something of value in return and says that he'll let Tobias out and help him reclaim his own territory. In return, Tobias gives him the briefcase. Tobias tells him to come up with a bigger number as well as freedom, territory, and other considerations he hasn't thought of him. Odell tells him to reflect on his current condition, and Tobias merely says that he'll take it under advisement. After a moment, he says that the answer is still no. Odell leaves the cell and walks away.

Lynn is working in her lab and tells Odell that a manmade virus is targeting the metas. She created the virus, and Jace is the only other person who knew it. Lynn figures Cyclotronic was the delivery system, and for now the virus is contained in the center. She tells Odell that she's making progress, and Odell warns that the disease will eventually spread to Freeland proper. Lynn tells him to change the way he needs to talk to her, and Odell thanks her for her work and signs off.]

Bill goes to a home and Herbert King answers the door. The inspector gives Herbert the money and says his wife wanted him to have it, and drives off.

Jennifer returns home and finds Odell waiting for her. He claims that the Markovians killed Nichelle, and he wanted Jennifer to hear it from him first. Jennifer breaks into tears and Odell offers her his handkerchief, and says that they have surveillance footage of a known Markovian agent entering Nichelle's home. The ASA agent says that once the Markovians are gone, things will go back to the way they were before. He needs Jennifer to help them find a Markovian data farm using her powers. Jennifer asks him what she wants him to do.

That night at the Markovian camp, two of the guards spot a shooting star. It's Black Lightning, who slams down and shocks them unconscious. He frees the ASA soldiers and says that his mission was to rescue them. A soldier says that she was supposed to get taken, get eyes on Jace, and wait for Black Lightning to arrive. The soldier grabs a gun and says that they're going to smoke out Jace, and Black Lightning and the other commandos follow her.

Black Lightning and the commandoes infiltrate the Markovian compound and launch an attack on the soldiers. They interrogative a captive who says that Jace is in the back office, and the lead commando knocks him out. Black Lightning blasts his way into the office but there's no sign of Jace.

Anissa walks down the street to her car, and finds Grace waiting for her. Grace says that she missed her, and Anissa sits down with her and says that she doesn't care that she's a shapeshifter. Grace asks if she's sure, and Anissa insists that she is. After a moment, Grace turns into her old man form and says that she doesn't know who she is. Anissa asks her to change back, and Grace does so. She insists that what she can do is no gift, and Anissa tells her that she can't run her of. Grace explains that she stole drugs to keep her power under control, and there's no help for her problem. Anissa tells her to stop running and she's there for her, and they hug.

Later, Anissa goes to a club and tells Jamilah that she found her ex and she's in love with her. Jamilah says that it's just friendship and it's all good. Anissa tells her that she doesn't want to leave a trail of hurt people behind, and Jamilah assures her that they're good and buys her a drink. Afterward, Anissa gets into bed with a sleeping Grace and holds her.

Lightning flies over the forest and Odell directs her to the data farm. She finds it and he tells her to take it out. The Markovians fire at Lightning, and she dodges and blows up the data farm. Odell tells Khalil that they have the address and gives it to Khalil, who breaks into a house there and takes out the people inside.

When Jeff returns, Odell thanks him for his service and releases him to go home. Odell tells Lynn that he'll send a car to pick her up the next day, and Jeff figures that Odell is up to something. He advises them to go see their families and wishes them safe travels.

Jeff and Lynn return home and reunite with their daughters. They immediately leave to tend to their business, and Lynn tells Jeff that she's beat and goes to bed. Jeff turns off the lights and goes up to bed.

Tobias imagines Black Lightning visiting him and boasting that he put him there. "Black Lightning" says that Tobias is weak and stupid, and Tobias promises to get out, reclaim what is his, and kill everyone Black Lightning holds precious.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2019

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