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Closure Recap

Coulson and Rosalind go to her apartment and get some takeout. He notices a book of matches from the pub where they first met, and Rosalind insists that it's not a memento. Rosalind admits that she has told Banks all about them, and reminds him that he snuck two agents into her base. Coulson points out that he was right to do it, and apologizes. They sit down to eat and Rosalind asks if Coulson's team has found out anything new about Gideon. Coulson notes that Gideon has removed every Inhuman that Rosalind had in custody, and figures that he's mobilizing. They wonder why, and Rosalind says that she's going into the ATCU to find out. Coulson worries that he can't protect her, but Rosalind figures that Gideon won't know she's on to him. As she explains that she's meeting with Gideon, a bullet hole appears in the window. Rosalind falls to the floor, clutching at the bullet wound in her throat, and Coulson tells her to focus on his voice. Several blocks away, Grant looks through the scope of his sniper rifle.

Rosalind bleeds out, and the phone rings. Coulson answers it and Grant tells him that now Coulson knows how it feels to watch a loved one bleed out in front of him. As he puts away his rifle, Grant says that he killed Rosalind because it's personal. Coulson texts for backup as Grant explains that he was going to take the guy who kept sending people to kill him. He wanted to hear the panic in Coulson's voice, and Coulson promises that it's not over.

A Hydra agent breaks in and Coulson struggles with him. Another agent comes in and opens fire, and Coulson uses the first agent as a shield and then knocks out the second man. More Hydra agents approach, and Coulson rigs a makeshift bomb with an aerosol can and candles. He shoots the newcomers when they're distracted and heads out into the hallway, and is forced to leap out a window as more agents open fire. Mack pulls up and opens fire while Coulson gets into the SUV, and they drive off.

Back at the base, a blood-covered Coulson walks to his office as everyone stares. When Daisy starts to go after him, Melinda tells her to let Coulson go. Mack tells Bobby that Coulson told him to get the interrogation room ready. In his office, Coulson rips off his shirt and throws it on the floor, and his S.H.I.E.L.D. badge falls out. Down below, the others hear crashing noises from Coulson's office.

Later, Melinda meets with Coulson and offers her condolences. He says that they need to figure out how Grant thinks and identify any weakness. Coulson wants each of the original team members to tell him everything that they know about Grant, no matter how uncomfortable. He sits down with Melinda and asks Grant confessed any personal details when they were sleeping together.

Coulson continues questioning the original team, and Melinda figures that something had hurt Grant and was driving him. Fitz considered Grant a brother until he figured that Grant was using him to replace something that had gone missing. Jemma figures that Grant fancied someone else. Daisy takes Coulson's hand briefly, but he tells her to answer his questions. He wants to know how she fell for him.

Banks comes in and Mack takes him to meet Fitz and Jemma.

Daisy says that she and Grant both had messed-up childhoods and they could relate. She's sure that it wasn't an act and Grant never lied to her. That's why he thought Daisy could understand him. Daisy understands how Grant could be taken in by a powerful father figure, but insists that she will never forgive Grant. She tells Coulson that Grant kills because he feels too much.

Fitz shows Banks the badge from will's uniform, and Banks recognizes it as Distant Star Pathfinder. It was the program NASA was in the middle of when he and Rosalind joined. An independent contractor proposed the project and their facility shut down years ago. Gideon financed the project.

Gideon and his team are preparing for departure when Grant returns. He's unimpressed when Gideon reminds him that they want Coulson alive, and says that he wanted to put Coulson through his paces. Gideon figures that if Coulson dies then Grant gets closure, and he doesn't believe in closure. The Hydra director believes in moving forward, and shows Grant the five stones that were extracted from the monolith. They were supposed to be divided between Hydra's most powerful leaders. Gideon insists that they're the key to everything and now Grant is risking it for closure. Grant assures him that everything will play out as planned, because he knows Coulson better than he knows himself.

Coulson finds Hunter and slams him against the wall, and reminds him that he sent him to kill Grant and now people are dead because Hunter failed. Bobbi tells Coulson to calm down, and Coulson releases him. Hunter admits that Coulson is right, but Coulson notes that everything is on him because he picked Grant for the team. Gasping for breath, Hunter asks for another shot at Grant, and Coulson tells him not to miss. He has a way to track down Grant but they have to go off-book. When Bobbi objects, Coulson says that they need a pilot and she's going with them.

As Coulson packs in his office, he tells Mack that he has to cross some lines that the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. shouldn't cross. He wants Mack to act as acting director, because he's the only one who doesn't have a grudge with Grant. Coulson has sent Fitz and Jemma to the Distant Star facility with Banks and a team, and refuses to tell Mack what he has planned.

Later, Banks and the team enter the distant Star facility, and Jemma says that they can't open the portal and risk bringing back the Hydra Inhuman. Fitz says that they have to rescue Will, but Jemma refuses to put other lives in jeopardy. Banks suddenly shoots down the other team members and trains his gun on Jemma and Fitz. He says that it's not him, and the gun floats out of his hand, turns around, and shoots him in the forehead. Giyera steps out and says that Gideon is waiting for them.

Coulson, Hunter, and Bobby take a Quinjet out and Coulson explains that their target is in a public place. Hunter says that he has an idea, and Coulson warns that Grant is ten steps ahead.

The Hydra agents take Jemma and Fitz to the plane. Gideon and Grant are there, and Gideon asks if she saw the Inhuman. She snarls at him, and Gideon says that they need a way to get back through the portal. Fitz and Jemma refuse to help, and Grant suggests that they split them up. The agents take Jemma way.

Mack tells Daisy that Hydra has Fitz and Jemma, and Banks is dead. Daisy wants to head out, but Mack says that they can't waste resources on a dead trial. He calls Coulson and explains what happened, and Coulson realizes that Grant set them up again. Once he hangs up, he tells Hunter that his plan better work. They put on masks and break into a jewelry store, and Coulson knocks out Thomas Nash, the man working in the back.

Grant confronts Jemma and figures that his dropping her and Fitz in the ocean toughened her up. He assures her that he'd never do anything to hurt her, but he can't vouch for Giyera. Giyera comes in and Grant leave him to it. The Inhuman lifts a hammer and wrench into the air.

Next, Grant visits Fitz, who is tied to a chair. He says that here is a simple way to make Fitz talk, and says that he always knew Fitz had a crush on Jemma. Jemma screams in the next room, and Fitz says nothing. Grant sits down and says that they can just listen.

On the Quinjet, Coulson, Bobbi, and Hunter stare down at the tied and gagged Thomas. Coulson figures that there's one thing in Grant's past that he can never make right, and removes the gag. Thomas asks if his brother sent them, and Hunter says that Grant doesn't even know he's there... but he will.

Grant continues taunting Fitz, and gets a call. It's Coulson, who says that he's neverhurt anyone for selfish reasons... until now. He shows Grant live video picture of Thomas, and Grant figures that Coulson won't do anything to him. Coulson calls Hunter over to threaten him, and then hangs up. He tells Hunter that hanging up will really piss Grant off. Meanwhile, Bobbi gives Thomas some water and assures him that they don't want him hurt. Coulson explains that Grant hurt someone he cares about, and Thomas is the only person that Grant cares about. Thomas considers and then says that they'd better finish Grant off when he comes. He's well aware of what Grant has done because of their parents, and Grant protected him from Christian and their parents. After Grant pushed Thomas down the well, he swore to never let anyone hurt Thomas again. Ever since Grant burned down his house, Thomas has given him a wide berth. He begs them not to hand him over to Grant, and Bobbi suggests that she traced Grant's phone. They need to keep him on the phone long enough to get an exact location, and Thomas offers to keep Grant on the line.

Grant calls back and Coulson gives the phone to Thomas. He asks if everything Grant is saying is true, and Grant says that S.H.I.E.L.D. killed someone close to him. Grant says that he tried to find him, and Thomas explains that he assumed a fake name and went into hiding. He reminds Grant that he killed their parents and then Christian, and Grant insists that he did a bad thing for the right reasons. They get a trace and Coulson takes the phone. Grant realized that he traced the call, and Coulson says that he's coming to put him down.

Furious, Grant smashes the phone and tells Jemma that she's going to tell him exactly what he needs to do. In the next room, Fitz listens as Jemma screams.

Hunter confirms that Grant is at the English castle where they found the portal machinery. As they head there, Bobbi tells Thomas that a security team has been assigned to keep him safe. He wonders if Coulson was really going to hurt him, but she merely says that they'll be in touch.

At the base, Mack calls Melinda in and asks if she believes that Lincoln should join their new initiative. She doesn't know, and Mack brings up a satellite scan of the castle where the Hydra troops have gathered. He tells Melinda that Coulson warned Grant that they're coming, and Melinda tells Mack to make the call to send backup. Mack points out that they're outmanned and outgunned and wonders what he should do, and Melinda says that he already knows.

Giyera brings Jemma into the portal chamber, and Jemma warns that anyone who goes through will go insane. Gideon says that they finally have someone who will help them: Fitz, who agreed to go through to stop them from hurting Jemma.

Mack and Daisy meet with their new field agents: Lincoln and Joey. He tells the assault team that they're going to stop the Hydra team before they open the portal. Mack warns the Inhumans that they have powers that his other agents don't, and the odds aren't in their favor. He tells them to step up and do the damn job, or the bad guys win. After a moment, Lincoln and Joey agree.

The Quinjet heads for the castle, and Bobbi warns Coulson that he's emotional and obsessed. Coulson says that he's been keeping his feelings in check and Hydra is winning, and cuts off Bobbi when she tries to pursue the point.

Gideon tells Grant that it's time, and Grant says that he's getting ready to deal with Coulson. The Hydra director says that he wants Grant to lead his men to the other side. Grant wonders why he should give up his revenge, and warns Gideon that it isn't over until he kills Coulson. He knows that Gideon is manipulating him, and Gideon tells him to lead. The director wants someone to seize power with him, and Grant is the only one who can do it. If Grant crosses over then he will know that his faith in Hydra is real, and then Hydra can do whatever they want.

In the portal chamber, Jemma goes to Fitz and tells him that he can't do it. She tells Fitz to let them kill her, but he won't lose her again. Jemma begs him to come back to her, but to not bring the Inhuman back with her. Grant and Gideon come out, and Grant says that he's leading. The technicians open the portal.

On the Quinjet, the trio picks up the operational frequency and Coulson figures that they'll take Jemma or Fitz through and keep the other behind as insurance.

Grant sends his troops through to establish a perimeter. Gideon tells Grant that they'll turn the portal back on, and tells him to be the one to bring the Inhuman back. Fitz goes through and then Grant.

Coulson prepares to jump from the Quinjet, and tells Hunter that he's ending it. Hunter realizes that he's right and kisses Bobbi. Hydra opens fire with surface-to-air missiles, and Bobbi takes the controls. Coulson jumps before Hunter can stop him, and plummets into the portal before Gideon's people can shut it down.

On the alien planet, a sandstorm sweeps through the portal area. They hear something moving but spot nothing. Meanwhile, Coulson comes through the portal, falls down a slope, and hits his head on a rock.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

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