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Jericho Recap

ericho walks down an alleyway, seeing the violence and brutality. He finally screams at two policemen to stop, clutching at his scarred throat. Jericho imagines that he sees three men in pig masks roasting a human leg over a fire, and he turns away from them and screams.

San Francisco, 2014

Waking up in his bed, Jericho takes off his earphones and texts, then goes downstairs to the kitchen where his mother Adeline is going through the mail. He says that he'll finish his homework in the morning, and says that he's going to meet his new friends from the record store. As Jericho goes, Adeline warns him to be careful.

At the beach, Jericho meets Dick, Donna, Dawn, and Hank. They talk about a new vinyl release, and he goes play football with Hank and Donna. Dawn tells Dick that she hates it, and Dick says that it's the only way and reminds her that Jericho is Deathstroke's son.

The others come back and Hank tells stories about when he was in school and resolved to never dance again. Dick asks Jericho about his tattoo, and he signs that it was a birthday gift from his dad. Jericho hesitates to talk about his father, and Dawn says that she understands. Dick tells him that he understands and they don't get to choose their fathers, and Jericho says that his father was a war hero and in the Army before Jericho was born.


The Army gives Slade experimental treatments and he screams in pain. Later he's captured and interrogated by Ukrainian terrorists, but they're unable to break him. Slade breaks free, takes one captor's gun, throws him across the cell, and shoots the other man dead. The former prisoner goes out shooting, easily killing anyone in his path.

One day, Slade arrives at his suburban home bearing flowers. His wife Adeline is waiting for him, and they kiss. Slade goes to see Jericho in the backyard, after Adeline advises him to go slow. He apologizes to his son for missing his birthday, and when Jericho says that it's no biggie, Slade tells him that it is to him. He gives Jericho his treasured wrist band as a gift and says that it kept him safe during battle, and it will keep Jericho safe. Slade hugs Jericho and after a moment, Jericho hugs him back.


Jericho tells the others that he and Slade don't talk anymore and he doesn't know where he is. He says that everything changed after Slade retired from the military and went into business with a buddy of his, Wintergreen.


Wintergreen arrives at the Wilson house and Jericho greets him at the door. Slade kisses Jericho goodbye and leaves with Wintergreen.


Slade claimed that he was doing risk assessment for an insurance company, and was never home.


One day Slade returns home and two masked men step out. One of them is holding a knife to Jericho's throat, and a third masked man brings out Adeline at gunpoint. Slade asks the leader what he wants, and the man asks who the buyer was in Brussels. In response, Slade says that the men made a mistake and tells Adeline that they're going to leave. He attacks and kills all three men, but one of them draws his throat across Jericho's throat before he drops.


Jericho says that he when he came home from the hospital, Slade was gone. Dick says that it's a rough story and says that he's sorry, and Hank offers a toast to fucked-up families.

The next day, the Titans go over a file on William Wintergreen, who was also a soldier and Slade's best man at his wedding. Slade works as an assassin and Wintergreen is his main contact. They have an address on him, and Dick figures they should move on him immediately. Hank warns that they should do recon first, and Dawn figures that they can cut ties to Jericho once they capture Wintergreen. Hank agrees and they go after Wintergreen.

The Titans break into Wintergreen's home but there's no sign of the man. Donna suggests that Jericho played them and suggests that they party with him again and see where it takes them. Hank sides with Dawn on refusing to involve Jericho further, but Donna figures they're doing Jericho a favor. She reminds them that Deathstroke killed Garth, but Dick wonders if they've taken it far enough with Jericho. Donna storms out, and Dick says that he'll tell Jericho.

Outside an abandoned factory, Wintergreen goes over surveillance photos of the Titans with Slade. He tells Slade that Titans tracked them through Jericho, and Slade tells him to leave Jericho out of it.

At the gallery, Donna finds Jillian with several Amazons. Jillian takes Donna to her office and tells her that Jillian was the target, not Garth. Donna tells Jillian that it's not her fault, and Jillian refuses to run back to Themyscira. She says that she'll handle Deathstroke and Donna is letting her emotions color her actions. Donna insists that she knows exactly what she's doing and leaves.

At the record store, a patron insults the clerk. Jericho temporarily possesses him, forcing him to apologize and buy a record, leaving a big tip. After Jericho leaves his body, the patron stares at him in shock and quickly leaves. Dick notices and asks Jericho what he did.

Dick takes Jericho to the Tower and Jericho demonstrates his power on Hank. As Hank, Jericho/Hank dances and explains that once he makes contact with someone, he can "possess" them and control everything they say and do. After returning to his own body, Jericho suggests that he got his powers from the drugs Slade took in the military. He told Slade that he has a power.


Slade drives Jericho to his lesson. When a truck cuts them off, the driver gets out and argues with Slade, taking out a bat. Jericho possesses the driver, drops the bat, and has him get back into his truck. Slade gets back in the car and realizes that Jericho was responsible. Jericho says that he was going to tell Slade and doesn't know where his power came from, and Slade figures that it came from him. Slade tells Jericho that he'll never be like him, and that Jericho can never tell anyone what he can do.


Jericho says that Adeline also knows about his power. Dawn talks to Dick privately and reminds him that he was supposed to break things off. He figures that Jericho needs them and they can help him use it the right way for the right reasons. Dawn insists that they can't get Slade at Jericho's expense, and all Jericho wanted was friends. She says that she wakes up and goes to sleep alone because Dick is never there. Dick insists that Jericho needs them so he has a place to belong, and Dawn points out that he has a saving-people problem. She insists that they tell Jericho the truth if he stays, and Dick agrees.

Dick and Dawn take Jericho to the costume chamber and say that's who they are. They ask Jericho to join them, and Dick explains that he contacted Jericho to get information about Slade from him. He says that Slade is a paid assassin named Deathstroke, and that Deathstroke killed Garth. Dick explains that they want him on the Titans for himself. Jericho says that he wants to know everything about his father.

Later at home, Jericho packs his things and starts to leave. Adeline stops him, saying that he can't trust anyone mixed up with Slade. Jericho insists that he trusts them more than her, and accuses Adeline of lying to him about her husband. Adeline admits that she lied to Jericho so he wouldn't learn the truth about the man he idolized, and Jericho says that he doesn't love Slade and tears off the wrist band. He tells Adeline that he's going to stop Slade, and Adeline warns him that no one can stope Slade and if Jericho's friends told him that, they're not his friends. Ignoring her, Jericho leaves.

Later, Adeline tells Slade what happened. She warns that the Titans know about Slade, and tells Slade to fix it. She reminds him that he destroyed their lives, and she and Jericho made a live for themselves. Adeline asks Slade to go away so they never hurt them again, and Slade promises to leave. She talks about how she preserved in Jericho what he needed to believe about Slade, and that she did it for Jericho because Slade doesn't deserve it. Adeline gives him the wrist band, tells him that it's his chance to make it right, and warns him that he won't get another chance before leaving.

Wintergreen approaches Jericho at the record store and tells him that Slade wants to see him. He warns that the Titans are losers and Jericho needs to know that they're feeding him lies. Wintergreen gives Jericho an address so that Slade can tell him the truth, and Jericho takes the address.

When Jericho tells Dawn about the meeting, Dawn tells Dick and says that Jericho is afraid Dick will be disappointed in him. She explains that Jericho needs Dick's approval, and he didn't want to lie to Dick so he's telling him about the meeting. Dick reminds Dawn that she told him to be Batman, and Dawn says that she was wrong and angrily walks off.

Donna is in her room and gets a text from Jillian saying that she has to return to Themyscira immediately. She asks Donna to come to the gallery, and Donna considers.

Having already killed Jillian, Deathstroke finishes sending the fake texts to Donna.

At the Tower, Dick tells Jericho that he thinks he should see Slade and Dick will stay out of it. Jericho hugs him and leaves.

Donna goes to the gallery and finds Jillian's corpse. She searches the gallery and Deathstroke steps out of the shadows, drawing his sword. Donna throws a statue at him and Deathstroke deflects it, and then Donna disarms him and throws him across the room. Deathstroke disarms her and slashes her with a knife, then stabs her in the shoulder. He puts a gun to her head and tells her to stay away from Jericho, and then leaves. Donna signals the others before passing out.

Dick gets the emergency signal and heads to the gallery.

Jericho meets Slade at the abandoned church.

Robin and Dove find Donna and she tells him that Deathstroke attacked her. Hawk confirms that the building is clear, and Robin tells them to take care of Donna before leaving.

Slade says that Deathstroke is who he is and what he's become, and Jericho reminds Slade that he's responsible for his scarred throat. He asks Slade if it was worth it, and Slade takes out the wrist band. Slade says that almost losing him to the Titans made him realize how he had failed as a father, and says that Jericho didn't make the same mistake that he did. After a moment, Jericho starts to take the wristband.

Robin enters the church and Slade hears him. When Jericho complains that Robin came there despite his promise, Robin says that Slade killed again and has to be stopped. Slade tells Jericho not to blame him and the Titans used Jericho. He says that he can see Robin's lies and manipulation, using a son's love for his father to complete his mission. Robin tells Jericho to step aside, and Slade pushes past his son. They both say that the other is a monster, and Slade tells Jericho watch what happens to Titans.

Slade dons his Deathstroke mask and the two men attack each other. Deathstroke taunts Robin, saying that he's too emotional and lacks control, and throws a grenade at Robin. It lands near Jericho, and Robin jumps forward as the grenade explodes, knocking him and Jericho down. Deathstroke stabs Robin in the leg and the shoulder, then kicks him into the pews.

Robin throws down a smoke grenade but Deathstroke is able to hear him and fires at him. Robin attacks him hand-to-hand, but Deathstroke defeats him. As Deathstroke draws his sword to finish Robin off, Jericho lunges forward and takes the blow to the chest.

Later at the closed-down Tower, Hank, Dawn, and Donna tell Dick that they're leaving. Dawn leaves with Hank, and Donna says that she'll be in New York if Dick ever needs a place to crash.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 26, 2019

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