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The End of the Beginning Recap

Alma removes the bandage from Morris' bullet wound and tells Morris not to kill Peter until they get hold of the manuscripts. She sucks out the pus and pours mouthwash on the wound. Alma says that Peter shooting Morris shows that he's desperate, and desperate people make mistakes.

At Finders Keepers, Jerome tells Bill that he was hoping to catch Peter after school, even though the police haven't found anything at the Saubers house. Bill says that he'll talk to Peter, and tells Holly that they leave for court in 20. Holly notices Jerome staring at her again, and he admits that finding her on the floor singing scared him. She insists that she's fine and snaps at him about suicide watch, and then apologizes to Jerome. Jerome tells her that she's fine, and Holly goes to Bill's office and tells him what she said. She figures that she offended by Jerome since his mother committed suicide.

Bill goes out and avoids asking how he is. Jerome is researching Rothstein's girlfriends, and finds one of Alma. Bill says that he knows Alma as a Bridgeton residence.

Later, Roland tells the jury that the law couldn't stop Bready so Lou did. He says that she was compelled to be there even though she was terrified, and says that Lou brought the gun to protect herself. Then Lou gave in to fear, terror, and the desire to eradicate evil, killing Brady.

Andrew pays Peter $75,000 for the one page of Rothstein Peter gave him. Peter wonders how he knows if Andrew didn't get more, and Andrew says that he should be taking more than 25% of the gross. The teenager asks who Andrew sold it to, and Andrew tells him that it's an illegal operation and he didn't keep receipts. He asks when he gets the manuscripts, and Peter says "real soon". Peter wants to be paid in advance so he can get back to his normal life. Andrew points out that Peter is fencing the manuscripts of a murdered author, and he'd be a suspect. Peter threatens to find a new buyer, and Andrew wishes him luck. He tells Peter that he'll increases his cut to 40% because of the risk. Peter tries to haggle but Andrew stands on 40% and advises him to think quickly on his offer. As Peter leaves, Morris watches him go.

In her closing statement, Sarah says that Lou's planning and execution was manipulative. She asks the jury to judge what Lou did.

Morris visits Andrew and asks what Peter had to offer. Andrew claims that Peter is just a book collector and comes in from time to time. Morris doesn't believe him, and Andrew figures that he killed Rothstein and lost the manuscripts. When Morris insults him, Andrew says that he's at his beginning and claims he got a lottery ticket. Morris threatens him, and Andrew says that he's fucking with him and he'll call the police and tell them Morris shot Rothstein if Morris comes in there again. Andrew dares Morris to say something, and Morris picks up a lamp as if to hit him, then puts it down and leaves.

Back at Alma's, Morris tells Alma what happened. She points out that Morris' track record of killing people hasn't worked well, and says that she'll pay Andrew a visit. Morris warns that Andrew will move the manuscripts fast so he can't read them, and insists that he took the risk to read them.

At the school, Ida tells Bill that Peter never showed up even though he's a model student. She figures Peter's paper on Rothstein was too bad, and Bill asks her if she thinks Peter has the manuscripts. Ida insists that Peter is a good kid but she has the sense that he's mixed up in something bigger than himself.

Jerome goes to Holly's apartment and discusses Lou's trial with Holly. She apologizes for what she said earlier, and Jerome assures her that it's okay. He admits that he was staring at her because he was worried she might hurt herself, and Holly assures her that she's never been better off. Jerome notes that there was no sign his mother was intending to kill herself, and she committed suicide out of nowhere. He explains that now it's hard for him to trust anything, and Holly figures that's why he can't handle Harvard so well. Holly suggests that they're all alone and friends are how they get past the loneliness.

Bill drives to the Saubers house and talks with Tom. Tom thanks him for bringing in Brady, and Bill explains that Peter isn't at school. They go in for coffee, and Bill warns that Peter might be in danger. Tom asks Bill to keep what he says confidential, and Bill says that he can't. However, he figures that Peter came across the stolen books. Tom says that he saw Peter with a manuscript, and he's been getting money sent to him anonymously since Rothstein died. Bill suggests that Peter come forward with what he has and knows, and asks to talk to Peter.

Alma visits the bookstore, locking the door behind her. He threatens to call the police, and Alma says that she'll tell the police that Andrew has the Rothstein manuscripts. She suggests that the play together and split the money, and Andrew tells her he doesn't have the manuscripts and orders her out. Alma demonstrates how to make a threat, telling Andrew to give her the manuscripts, takes out a cleaver, and cuts off the fingers on Andrew's right hand.

Marjorie wonders where Peter is, and Tom tells her that he doesn't know. She complains that he talked to Bill, and figures that something has happened to Peter. Peter calls from the club and says that he needs some time to think, and Tom tells him that the police know he has the manuscripts. The teenager insists that he doesn't have them. When Marjorie asks where Peter is, Peter hangs up.

Alma ties Andrew up and gags him. When he wakes up, Alma ungags him and asks if he thinks she's serious. Andrew says that he doesn't have the manuscripts, and Alma takes out some tools and describes how in Indian tribes, the women were in charge of torture. Andrew says that Peter has the manuscripts and sold him one page for $200,000, and gave the kid $75,000. The owner says that he doesn't know if Peter is going to bring him the manuscript, and admits that he doesn't know where Peter has them hidden. Alma says that she doesn't believe him on the last, noting that Andrew lied to Morris and first lied to her. She finally kills Andrew with a pick axe to the skull.

At the club, Peter puts the money in his backpack.

Bill hallucinates Rothstein with him, and Bill asks him why he's wearing a priest's clothing. Rothstein says that Bill's problem is that Rothstein is his hero, and figures that Bill wanted some of the same fame but failed. When Rothstein mentions the reward money, Bill says that he forgot it and Rothstein tells him that he's investigating his murder to prove that his life has value.

The next day, the reporter outside the courthouse reports that the jury deliberated for seven hours. Bill and Holly go in and Bernard calls the jury in. The foreman announces their unanimous verdict finding Lou innocent of first-degree murder... but guilty of second-degree murder. Roland asks for an immediate hearing for the sentencing, and Sarah doesn't object. Bernard says that they'll convene at 3 that afternoon and Lou breaks into tears begging the bailiff not to take her away. Her hallucination of Brady is waiting for her outside in his ice cream driver uniform,

Roland meets with Bill and Holly privately, and explains that figures that they do the sentencing immediately to take advantage of the outrage before it dies down. Montez comes in and tells Bill that something has come up. They drive to the book store and Bill says that he met with Andrew earlier. Mendez figures that there's a connection to Rothstein, and tells Bill that the killer took all of the security footage. Bill agrees to identify Andrew's body, does so, and they realize that the killer crammed one of Andrew's severed fingers up his ass. Two more of Andrew's fingers on a table, and "For the children" is written on the wall in Andrew's blood. The police have confirmed that Andrew was a registered child sex offender, but Bill figures that the murder was connected to Rothstein's murder.

Peter arrives and realizes that Andrew is dead, and quickly leaves before anyone sees him.

Alma tells Morris that she killed Andrew, insisting that they're running out of time. She figures now they can focus on Peter since they know he has the books, and they have to get something Peter wants to make a trade. Alma suggests that they grab Tom or Marjorie, and says that once they get the manuscripts they'll get out of town.

At 3, Bernard refuses to let counsel speak on sentencing. He asks if Lou wants to say anything, and she apologizes. Bill asks to speak, and Bernard reluctantly gives him 30 seconds. The PI says that the proceeding is upside down, and the law didn't protect them so they protect themselves. Bill tells Bernard that he's followed the law, and asks if he'll do justice because that will be the judge's legacy.

Once Bill sits down, Bernard asks if the victim's family or friends have anything to say. Lou finally speaks up, saying that as evil as Brady was, he wasn't all evil. Brady loved and was loved by his mother, and he loved and was loved by Lou. Lou insists that Brady wasn't all evil and there was some good in him as well. Bernard sentences Lou to 15 years in the state prison. However, he gives her credit for the nine months already served and suspends the remainder of her sentence. Many of the spectators applaud, and Bernard tells Lou that if she breaks the law again, he will rescind the suspension. He says that Lou shouldn't make him regret what he's doing, and Lou assures him she won't.

As Bernard leaves, he looks at Bill expectantly and Bill nods in agreement. Lou and Holly hug, and Roland and Sarah shake hands. Roland then tells Bill that his speech was great.

That night, Ida meets Bill at his home. She notes that he doesn't seem happy, and Bill complains about the anarchy of what happened. As they drink wine, Bill says that he's glad for Lou and complains about Roland's closing. Ida says that she's tired of talking about Roland and suggests that they talk about Huxley. She wonders how Bill became so literate, and Bill says that his father gave him books and plays. They share a toast to the "Brave new world" quote from The Tempest.

At the club, Peter sleeps and dreams of the police breaking in. The teenager grabs the manuscripts and his gun, then pops up and shoots at the officers. They gun him down... and Peter wakes up from his dream.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2019

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