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Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship Recap

During World War I, secretaries are typing and a man comes out and asks where Fraulein Mueller is. Mueller raises her hand and the Commandant confirms that she speaks English. He tells her to bring her typewriter, and Mueller goes to the Commandant's office. The Commandant dictates propaganda aimed at American black soldiers, asking if the enjoy the same rights.

Soon the Germans are dropping the fliers on the black soldiers. Will Reeves' father is one of the soldiers who reads the fliers, which say that Germany is open to blacks.


In the present, Will finishes reading his letter. Angela arrives and sees Judd's hanging body. She wheels the wheelchair-bound Will to her car and takes him to her secret lair, and then handcuffs him to his wheelchair. Angela searches him and finds a bottle of pills, She goes into the next room and screams in grief, then dons her Sister Night costume and mask.

Sister Night goes out to Will and offers him coffee. She asks who he is, and Will insists that he killed Judd all by himself. Will jokingly claims that he has psychic powers and asks for his pills. Sister Night asks what the pills are, and Will says that they help him get his memory. She gives them to him and he takes them, and asks why he strung up Judd. Will says that there is a conspiracy in Tulsa and he has to give it to her in pieces. He finally gives his name and asks who she is.

The vigilante's pager goes off, and Sister Night says that she'll be there. Will figures that they found Judd, and Sister Night puts Will's coffee cup in an evidence bag and takes it with her.

A newspaper vendor and his deliveryman are discussing politics when a young woman arrives. One of the men asks the woman if "she" reads them, and he says that he reads them but doesn't believe them.

Sister Night drives out to the tree past the reporters gathered outside the barricade. Looking Glass gets in the car with her and confirms that Judd suffered. He confirms that Judd was alive the entire time he was hung. Looking Glass asks if Judd was drunk or high when he had dinner with Regina and her family. Sister Night wonders if he's interrogating her.

Red Scare drops a photographer on the car hood and beats him until Looking Glass calls him off. Sister Night figures that they need to get Judd down, and the three detectives lower the body down.

Angela dances with Cal on Christmas Eve, and he says that he's going to open up her present to him in Midnight. She tells him that he has to wait, and then shoves Cal down as a Kavalryman breaks in and shoots at them. Angela manages to kill the man as the clock strikes midnight, but shoots her. Another Kavalryman comes in and prepares to kill her.

When Angela wakes up, she's in a hospital bed. Judd is there and says that Cal was there and he went home to change his clothes. Judd explains that the Kavalry came at forty houses and killed most of the policemen. He killed the Supremacist who came after him, but many of the other cops didn't make it in the "White Night" massacre. Judd explains that all of the surviving policeman are resigning, and Judd and Angela agree that they're not quitting. He tells Angela that it's okay to cry, and she says that she'll cry later. Judd apologizes for letting her down, and Angela takes his hand.

Sister Night and the others watch as the EMTs take Judd's body away. Red Scare wants to bust Kavalry heads until someone talks, and Sister Night says that they should stop and take a break. She agrees to go with the others into Nixonville when they push the issue.

Later in Nixonville, Red Scare announces over a bullhorn that they're all going to get into the paddy wagons. There are cops backing him up, and if any of them refuse they'll tear down their Nixon idol. One resident throws a bottle at Red Scare's feet, and he orders the police to move in over Sister Night's objections. She tells Looking Glass that it's unnecessary, and then takes out a supremacist coming after him, beating the man unconscious.

Silent Night gets into her car, gasping. Later, Angela takes Will's glass to a Cultural Heritage museum dedicated to the Tulsa Massacre, and has Will's DNA tested. The recorded message says that only survivors of the massacre and their descendants can apply at the facility.

Angela returns home and finds Angry on her porch. He says that she can't deprive him of his visitation rights. Angela pays him to leave, and they go in where Cal is playing with Emma and Rosie. She tells Angela that she got rid of Andy and says that Will is at the bakery. Angela figures that Will didn't kill Judd, and Cal wonders if they're safe. She confirms that her dead son's partner Topher is in his room, and goes to see him. As Angela goes, Cal says that Jane is having people over and Angela should go while he stays with the kids. He figures that Jane isn't fine... just like Angela.

In Topher's room, Angela asks the boy if they can talk. She says that she remembers what happened to her parents, and figures he remembers what happened to his. Angela tells Topher that they know the world isn't pretty, and says that Judd is dead. Topher figures that policemen die and say that Judd wasn't his real uncle, and asks Angela not to tell Emma and Rosie because he'll handle it. The boy angrily knocks away the model building he's working on and then asks to watch TV.

That night, Angela kisses Rosie and Emma goodbye, and leaves past Cal and Topher as they watch American Hero Story on TV.

Looking Glass is at home watching the same show.

Kavalrymen watch TV and work on a device.


On American Hero Story, Hooded Justice says that the body people believed was Rolf Mueller isn't his. In the following recreation, masked men rob a grocery store, and they tell the cashier to blow the safe or they'll kill a hostage. Hooded Justice jumps in through the window and kills the robbers.


Angela drives to the Crawford home and offers her condolences to Jane. Senator Joe Keene comes over and introduces himself, He promises Angela any resources she needs, and Angela says that she retired as a cop. Angela passes out, and Jane has her taken to a bedroom. She assures Angela that she's her friend and she's taking care of her, and tells Angela that Judd loved her. Jane then asks Angela to get whoever killed Judd.

Later, Angela uses x-ray goggles to scan Judd's room and finds a hidden chamber. Inside is a costume containing a KKK hood and robe. She goes downstairs and leaves.

Adrian rides across his manor lands, stops to pluck a soft fruit from a tree, and then returns home. Phillips and Crookshanks sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", and Adrian makes Crookshanks promise that she'll shed real tears. Phillips asks for the pocketwatch he gave Adrian as a prop, and Adrian tells him that he's a prop. Soon, Phillips and Vickers present Adrian's play, The Watchmaker's Son. It shows the creation of Dr. Manhattan, and Adrian incinerates Phillips and tells Crookshanks to cry. She does so, and a new Phillips descends from the ceiling as Dr. Manhattan. The play ends and Adrian tells them that they were fantastic. He has the crew remove the first Phillips' incinerated corpse, and asks one of the hands, Montrose, if he'd like to be the new Mr. Phillips. Before they take the body away, Adrian takes the pocketwatch out of the corpse's hand and says that it hasn't stopped but has only just begun.

Angela returns to her lair and finds Will free of his handcuffs. He's cooking eggs, and says that he got them from across the street. Angela says that she looked in Judd's closet and throws the KK robe at Will. She asks if Will tried to set Judd up, and demands to know what is going on. Will figures that she would have been rescued anyway, saying he has friends in high places. The phone rings, and Angela answers it. The computer from the heritage center says that Will was at the Race Riots, and Angela is his granddaughter. Angela hangs up and Will asks if her parents said anything about him. She confirms that they didn't, and asks why Will is there. He says that he wanted to meet her and show where she came from. Angela tells Will that he's under arrest.

The detective takes Will out to her car and lifts him into the front seat. Angela puts his wheelchair in the back, and a skyship drops an industrial magnet onto the car and lifts it away into the darkness. Will's note drops down, written on the back of a German flyer.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2019

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